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Arcturus Survival Blanket Review

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In this article we’ll be reviewing the Arcturus Survival Blanket. Wondering what is the best survival blanket out there? The build quality on this Arcturus blanket is excellent. Seriously, Arcturus have outdone themselves with this one.


I’m 6 feet tall and one of the problems taller people face is the ability to fully wrap themselves with blankets. Seriously, if you can’t fully cover yourself and wind gets in, all that’s going to happen is the wind will get trapped between the blanket and you.


This means, rather than retaining warmth it will retain the cold air. So I was pleasantly surprised to see the Arcturus Survival Blanket fit me nicely.


The grommets on the blanket are pretty sturdy and the fabric is clearly very durable too. It could do with a few more grommet holes along the sides to help with building a shelter but it will do for now.

Now, the tarp does a fantastic job of keeping the heat in.

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Weather Resistant

Now with “heavy duty” in its name, you’d expect the blanket to work just fine in nasty weather conditions, right? Yup and Arcturus lives up to the name, the blanket functions just fine in bad weather conditions.

The blanket is both waterproof and weatherproof!


The Arcturus Survival Blanket manages to do all of this while being super lightweight. It weighs less than a pound! And it compresses too, you will have no problem putting this into your survival backpack.


One of the complaints I read about online was the chemical smell that came from the blanket. This is likely the coating the blanket has and may be worse for some than it is for others.

Simply hang the blanket outside for 48 hours and let the cold air get to it. This will lift that bad aroma off completely.

Now we mentioned previously that it has reinforced tie-down grommets. You can use these to build a shelter by either having a good floor mat or a waterproof roof.

There has been complaints that the blanket can rip easily but I’m not sure what the hell they were doing to do that.

Other Notes

If you place your phone inside the blanket, the aluminum lining will cause your phone to lose signal. This could be a useful feature to some.

It is also incredibly reflective, so if you’re stuck in a survival situation where you need to signal for help you could use this to help. Just an idea, one i haven’t tried but in theory you could use this to bounce light off of.

It is very loud, so if you’re wanting to keep a low profile this isn’t for you. Seriously, other campers will find it bloody annoying if you’re tossing and turning. It’s a survival blanket though!


This is an image of a folded green-colored survival jacket on a white background.

Okay when you weigh up all of the above, you’d expect something $30+ right? Well this reusable survival blanket is less that $30 and honestly it’s one of the most cost effective items we have reviewed.

We have written a best survival blanket review blog already, check that out if this one doesn’t quite offer what you’re looking for.

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