Author: Corporal Greywolf

Corporal Greywolf is a serving member in the British army. In his spare time, he loves to camp and spend his time outdoors.
Image of a thinking woman sitting in a red Chair at a camping site outdoors


Camping Trip Problems

Typically when it comes to camping trips, we tend to organise them to escape the hustle and bustle of city living. Which is exactly why we always hope that are very few hitches and the experience is as pleasant and as peaceful as possible. But this sadly isn’t always the case as even the most …...

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Image of a fire in a Campsite

Camping, Tents

How to Stay Warm in a Tent

You’ve managed to put up your tent (after hours of trying), and you haven’t forgotten any supplies – but when you try to get some sleep, you just can’t stay warm. Frustrating, isn’t it? It can be really hard to get a good night’s rest when you’re constantly shivering, and no one wants to spend...

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Close-up of golden compass.


How to Read a Compass

We’ve all been in a situation at least once in our lives where we will need a compass. Whether that is for hiking, walking, or any other kind of other excursion you might find yourself on – it is incredibly important as a general life skill to know how to read a compass. With today’s …...

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This is an image of a man, reading something in his tablet, sitting near a lake, wearing a brown backpack.


Best Survival eBooks Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

“Knowledge is power” right? Well by arming yourself with a ton of the best survival books, you’ll be the most knowledgeable survivalist in the land. Ok, a bit dramatic but you get my meaning. So, you’re heading out into the wilderness and you want to be prepared, wise move! Unfortunately, we’re not all US marines, …...

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This is an image of a man blowing air wit his mouth a Klymit Klymit Insulated Static V sleeping bag on a mountain top.

Camping, Sleeping Bags

Klymit Insulated Static V Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There are a variety of products and items that are designed to ensure you have a comfortable camping experience no matter the weather. Items such as a good sleeping bag can offer extra comfort if you choose to sleep outside, but few are as impressive as a well made sleeping pad. Today, we have reviewed …...

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A close-up image of the Leatherman Surge 21-in-1 Multi-tool laid on a table top.


Leatherman Surge Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to go from store to store looking for the best multi-tool that fits your needs? Then you gave up and went online hoping the internet will have your back? If you still have doubts in your mind, let us put those to rest by saying …...

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Man and woman wrapped in warm Arcturus Survival Blanket outdoor, hiking in mountains, bad cold weather with fog


Arcturus Survival Blanket Review

In this article we’ll be reviewing the Arcturus Survival Blanket. Wondering what is the best survival blanket out there? The build quality on this Arcturus blanket is excellent. Seriously, Arcturus have outdone themselves with this one. Size I’m 6 feet tall and one of the problems taller people face is the ability to fully wrap...

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This is a photo of the MyMedic first-aid kit laid around the kit bag at the center,on a white background.

Survival, Survival Kits

MyMedic First Aid Kit

Medical equipment is so important to have to hand in case a tragic accident occurs. That is the belief of MyMedic who launched their business after a family member bled to death while waiting 40 minutes for the EMS services to arrive because no one at the scene had access to a medical pack. MyMedic …...

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This is a close-up photo of the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX shoe for men in black and gray color.

Outdoor Gear

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you’ve got an exciting hiking trip planned, then you’re going to need the perfect pair of shoes for the job. Heading into the outdoors without a solid pair of walking shoes is not going to be a fun experience. This article will tell you all you need to know about the Salomon X Ultra …...

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