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Best 2 Person Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you heading out on a backpacking adventure? Need a new 2 person tent to take with you? To avoid a disastrous trip it’s essential to select the right model, weight, and size for your activities. Maybe you’re completely new to camping and you’re panicking because you’ve no idea how to choose the right tent.

Or are you a camping veteran looking to upgrade your current tent, but can’t decide which one to go with. With so many makes and models flooding the market these days, it can be confusing knowing which one is best for you. Outdoor camping technology is constantly advancing and the technical jargon can make your head hurt.

Good backpacking tents can really enhance your camping trip. They should provide a reliable and protective shelter and that’s why it’s vital that you pick the right one for your chosen outdoor pursuit. If you get your tent choice wrong, it could really ruin what should be an enjoyable, fun experience.

Which features would be best for you? What size and which materials are appropriate? All these questions are enough to make your head spin. If you’re on a budget, it’s easy to think that good quality, solid tents just aren’t attainable. That if you don’t have 1000 bucks to spare that you may as well forget about your exciting trip.

That’s where you’re very wrong, tents don’t have to cost the earth. Sure, there are some incredibly expensive ones on the market, but if you can live without the bells and whistles, there are plenty of budget-friendly tents out there. As long as your tent is comfortable, roomy, and strong, that’s really all you need to make your camping adventure a pleasant experience.

The best two person tents are comfortable, hard-wearing, and easy to set up. Don’t panic if your tent knowledge is very limited though, we’ve put together this useful guide to help you make your decision and to explain each model in simple, easy to understand terms.

From the dependable Copper Spur tent series to the tough and robust Hilleberg Anjan tent, there’s something for everyone. The Rei Co-Op makes a great affordable option for those on a budget. Whether you’re a hiker, camper or you’re going off-grid in the wilderness, you’re sure to find the perfect tent for you, so make sure you check out our great selection of the best 2 person tents below.

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We also know how hard it is to choose the correct gear. There are so many tent models on the market these days and new ones are being created all the time. If you’re not up on the technical tent terms it can be confusing and a bit intimidating trying to choose one.

We live and breathe outdoor adventure and would only recommend gear that we would personally use ourselves. Our reviews are completely unbiased and are based on us using the items and testing them rigorously. Our job is to test these outdoor pieces of equipment so we take it seriously.

We are proud owners of every product that we test which, unfortunately, isn’t very common, so rest assured our reviews are 100 percent reliable. We do our own extensive research and even travel across the country to industry shows and exhibitions to find out about new or upcoming product releases.

We consistently keep ourselves up to date with new technology and features that go into new equipment and we keep up to date with new products that are being released. Our guides will always be up to date so you know you won’t be getting old or dated information.

We see our customers as friends and our recommendations are treated as though our friends and family have asked for them. You’ll only receive brutally honest, reliable, and straightforward reviews and opinions. We don’t go easy on the equipment we test either, they’re seriously put through their paces in real life scenarios to see if they can stand up to the elements.

We’re also fully open to constructive criticism and advice. No one’s perfect and we’re all learning so if you think we’ve missed anything or there’s something in particular that you want us to test, let us know! We’re here to help and we want you to have the best backpacking experience possible.

2 Person Tent Buyers Guide

Here we’ve compiled a list of important factors you’ll need to consider before you purchase your new tent. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just picking the best looking one, if only it was that easy! Weight is an extremely important one, you don’t want to pick the heaviest possible tent if you’re going to be hiking loads of miles unless you want a serious workout!

Price is also important, as is the level of protection the tent offers and how much room you’ll have. If you’re on a 2 person expedition, you’ll need a slightly bigger tent as you’ll have more belongings and personal possessions between you.


Weight is probably one of the most important factors to think about when searching for your new tent. It will highly likely be the heaviest item in your camping pack. For this reason, it’s a wise idea to try and save some weight by picking a lightweight model, especially if you know you’ll be hiking a lot.

While you’re searching for a tent you may notice that the light and ultralight models are more expensive. Don’t be put off though, there are many budget-friendly tents available that won’t weigh you down on your trip.

If you choose a freestanding tent you’ll be hauling the tent body itself as well as the rainfly, poles, and stakes. However, if you’re camping with a buddy you’ll be able to split up the tent components to distribute the weight evenly.

With a freestanding tent, it’s easy to split it up, so one person could carry the rainfly and the tent body, then the other person could carry the poles and the stakes. An ideal weight to aim for is 2.5 pounds per campmate. If you’re going ultralight try to aim for around 1.5 pounds each.

When you’re doing your research, you may find that many retailers and manufacturers talk about packaged weight and trail weight. The packed weight basically means how heavy the tent is when you buy it. This includes the tent body, poles, stakes, guylines, and anything else that the price includes.

If you see trail weight on the product listing, this basically means the weight of the minimum components you’d need to set up your two person shelter. This will normally include the tent body, poles, and the rainfly. A good estimate of how much weight you’ll be hauling on your back will be roughly between the trail weight and the packed weight. If you have good quality stakes with you, the weight will highly likely be closer to the minimum weight.

If your chosen tent has a fast pitch weight in the description, it means it has a compatible footprint. With this, you can set the tent up in next to no time using just the footprint, the rainfly, and the poles. Keep in mind though that the footprint is usually sold separately.


When you’re looking to purchase your new tent, there’s a fine line between getting the best quality model possible and not bankrupting yourself. A tent is an investment and it’ll probably be the most expensive piece of kit in your pack. Spending slightly more on a lightweight tent could make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

Livability and less bulkiness should be your main priority, but with that said, don’t feel that you have to pay through the nose for your new tent. If you’re on a budget don’t think that you need to skimp on quality or heave an enormous tent around with you. Plenty of smartly designed and advanced tents exist from experienced outdoor equipment brands. The Rei Co-Op tent offers a technical, well-designed model at a great price.

You won’t be forced to resort to hitting the dollar store to find a poor quality tent that will prove to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Although buying a tent from a reliable specialist brand may cost slightly more than a common and poorly built one from Walgreens, the end result will mean you have a safe and comfortable trip with a tent that’s easy to carry around.

Another bonus to spending slightly more is that the tent is likely to last way more than just one season. If you buy a cheap version, it’s likely that you’ll have to keep replacing it every season and those costs add up quickly.

Paying a higher price for a superior quality tent means it’ll last and you won’t have the inconvenience of constantly replacing it, which also minimizes waste and helps to keep landfill usage to a minimum.

Shop smart though, make absolutely sure that you are paying for quality, strong and reliable fabrics, and that you’re not just paying the price for the name or any unnecessary features. As we talked about earlier, when you’re camping you could probably live without any fancy extras, and paying more for a tent that has them will just upset your bank account even further.

Be tent savvy and learn about the different specs, such as materials, weight, and floor space. Meticulously read reviews about the living area and how easy the setup is.


A backpacking trip can be made significantly more comfortable by having as much space as possible. You also need to remember that it’s not just you that needs to fit into the tent, your belongings will need a home too. Having sufficient space will help keep your equipment and possessions dry.

If you’re on a 2 person trip then it’s vital to ensure that both of your sleeping bags or pads will fit comfortably next to each other. It’ll be a bit of a nightmare if you trek miles to your camping location, set up your tent only to find that you can’t both fit into the tent.

Whether you’re backpacking solo or there’s 2 of you, you need to be able to sit up easily at the same time. If you’re fairly tall, this may be slightly trickier. However, The North Face Stormbreak 2 would be a great choice for you as it offers superior levels of head height.

Ample space is super important when you’re camping, there’s nothing worse than 2 smelly campers being squashed in a small area when it’s blowing a gale and raining heavily outside. You tend your tent to be comfortable, almost like a home from home feeling. Will you have the space to get a good night’s sleep? Or will you end up crushed against the side of the tent? Is the tent easy to get in and out of, or will you wake your camping buddy up when you need to get up to go to the toilet in the night?

The keyword here is livability. This refers to how easily you do other things such as sleeping in the tent. Can you read a book? Sit up comfortably and eat dinner? If not then it’s best to consider a different model, one that won’t make your whole trip a miserable experience.


The best 2 person backpacking tents are extremely durable. Durability is essential for an enjoyable camping trip, even if you’ll only be using the tent sporadically. In order to buy the right tent, it’s important to understand how different fabrics work and the different denier strengths.

Polyester and Nylon are probably the most common fabrics you’ll see. Polyester is quite a lot heavier than Nylon and it’s frequently seen in very cheap tents. Nylon tends to be lighter and provides better strength to weight ratio and it’s a very low-cost option.

However, it’s not without its negatives. It can overstretch easily which in turn can cause the tent to wrinkle and become out of shape. Nylon doesn’t fare well in UV exposure either. A lot of sun exposure can cause it to break down, so if you’re going camping in the middle of summer, stay away from Nylon tents. It can also absorb water very well on its own, so it relies on chemical treatments in order to stay waterproof.

New and more luxury fabric, Dyneema Composite is naturally waterproof, giving a much more superior level of protection. It also won’t break down under UV exposure which is why many tent manufacturers tend to use this fabric nowadays.

It’s highly advisable to buy a tent with bathtub style flooring. This will provide extra protection and help prevent any wetness from getting into your tent if the ground is wet. If you’re going to be camping out on rough ground then opting to purchase an additional ground liner would be a very wise idea. Although it will add to the weight, it will be worth it, for it will help prolong the life of your 2 person tent.

It’s also important to know how the denier of the tent. Denier refers to how thick the tent fibers are. So basically one fiber is 1 denier, the higher the denier, the stronger the tent will be. Quite a few tents have a stronger denier floor than in the walls.

If you choose a tent with a low denier count then the levels of durability will be poorer and the tent will be more at risk of ripping or being punctured. If you can’t afford a tent that’s more than 30 denier, be very careful of where you set it up. Avoid rough ground and don’t pitch it near rocks or anything sharp. A footprint will add extra strength to a low denier tent.

Weather Protection

If you’re going camping in extreme climates, weather resistance is not something that you want to skimp on. There are two things you need to consider: dampness from above and wetness seeping through from below. Unfortunately, some tents don’t come with fully taped seams and you’ll have to do it yourself.

For some other more expensive brands, this is an add on extra. Make sure you know whether your tent is fully weather and waterproof before you venture out in it, or if you’ll need to do a spot of waterproofing yourself.

At the very least your tent should be waterproof, meaning it comes with a waterproof rainfly that sits on top. Unless you’re camping in hot sunny weather, it’s strongly advised to set the tent up with the rainfly, even if it’s not raining, morning mist or dew can cause dampness to soak through the tent’s inner layer and make you and your belongings wet and very uncomfortable.

If you’re planning to camp in exposed areas like open parks or the mountains, you may find yourself battling strong winds. For this reason, it’s a very good idea to select a tent that has strong wind resistance.

The bottom line is, it’s important to choose the tent with the right level of weather resistance for your individual needs. If you’re camping in hot humid places, you won’t need a high waterproof level because you’re not going to be faced with much rain. In this case, excellent ventilation will be your best friend.

Whereas if you’re heading out in the autumn or even winter, you’ll need top notch water and wind resistance. If you’re looking for a serious weather resistant tent, the Hilleberg Anjan 2 GT would be a great choice. Heavy duty vestibule zippers, a bathtub type floor that protects from dampness, and an inner tent manufactured from tough nylon all come together to make an ultra durable, serious tent for serious backpackers.

Interior Space

Interior space is incredibly important when looking at 2 person tents. The interior space refers to the area where you’ll sleep, eat, and get changed in. The size of it will be the difference between you being comfortable or not. The size of the living space is also determined by the steepness of the walls and the ceiling’s peak height.

If your tent has slanted walls then this will result in less head and shoulder room and you may find yourself having to bend your neck uncomfortably in order to sit up. A tent with steep walls and a cross pole design means a better peak height, perfect if you’re tall or just want to be able to sit up without constantly scraping your head against the tent walls.

A good way of estimating the livable space of two person tents is by taking note of the floor area. This is usually given in square footage. However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a massively reliable way of knowing how much livable space the tent has. Two different tents could have the same size floor area but have very different livable spaces.

Increasing the peak height of the tent will make the tent walls more vertical and this can substantially increase the livable space, making your stay a lot more comfortable. For 2 person tents, 2 doors will make life much easier for both campers. Having the 2 doors means you won’t have to climb over the other person if you need to get up for any reason and you’ll each have your own area.

Having 2 doors does mean having 2 zippers and this does add extra weight. If you value comfort over weight then it won’t be a problem and we think it’s a small price to pay if it makes the trip more pleasant.

The best 2 person tents also have a vestibule. This will significantly increase the size of the interior because it can be a place to store muddy, wet boots and coats and it’ll also stop your living area from becoming drenched. A good tent vestibule will be at least 7 ft and 2 person tents usually have 2 vestibules, increasing space even more.

Interior pockets also contribute to a bigger livable area, as they allow you to keep belongings off the floor, leaving more space for you. Not only that but if you have any valuables you want to keep safe, interior pockets will prove to be extremely useful.

Season Rating

Backpacking tents tend to come in seasons. From 1 season through to 4 seasons. If you’re camping in the middle of winter, you’ll most definitely need a 4 season tent. However, the name 4 seasons is a bit misleading, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meant for year round use. For the majority of the time, they are meant for winter use only.

You might get away with using them in very early spring or quite late in the fall if it’s cold enough, but it’s definitely not advisable to use them in the middle of summer, you may find yourself melting into a puddle!

These tents are given a 4 season rating because the fabric is usually dual layered, incredibly waterproof, and strong enough to survive in a snowstorm. Because of these features, they do add quite a substantial amount of weight to the tent, another reason not to choose a 4 season tent for summer. You don’t want to be hauling a heavy tent in the sweltering heat.

Not many campers fancy camping winter though, so the most popular tents are usually the 3 season models. They are incredibly versatile and will allow you to go backpacking for the majority of the year. If you want the best value for your money, 3 season tents are where it’s at!

3 season tents are able to stand up to harsh weather, including rainstorms and strong winds while still offering great ventilation for muggy spring and summer days.

2 season tents however are very basic. Some models do come with a rainfly but even if that is the case, it won’t be able to stand up to harsh weather. Many retailers class 1 season and 2 season tents as the same because they are very similar.

What Tent Size is Right For You?

Unfortunately, backpacking tents tend to come in a 1 size fits all kind of design. If you’re over 6 feet tall you may have to consider that 3 person tents are going to be better for you rather than 2 person tents. If you’re camping alone then a 2 person would be plenty big enough.

Keep in mind, that 3 person tents will mean you have more weight to carry around. If you’re camping with a buddy and you can both fit into a 2 person, it may be worthwhile sticking with that model, rather than weighing yourselves down.

The bottom line is, that it’s up to each individual’s situation. If you’re going to be camping for a week or even longer, then opting for a bigger tent may be worth the extra weight. However, 2 person tents are ideal if it’s only for a few days or even just an overnight stay,.

Look for backpacking tents that have vestibules, as these add extra room and provide a great place for storing things such as wet boots or coats, keeping your living area clean and dry.

Best 2 Person Tents

Now let’s take a look at our top picks of the best 2 person tents. We’ve got options to suit different budgets and all levels of activities. Whether you’re a newbie in the backpacking world or a veteran looking to add to your existing camping kit, we’ve got some great brands such as Rei, MSR, Mountainsmith, and Hilleberg so you’re sure to find the perfect match for you.

1. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

Image of a dome tent, in different shades of brown, on a white background.

Weight : 3 Ibs 1 oz | Dimensions: 88 x 52 x 40 in

First up on our list of the best 2 person backpacking tents, is this fantastic tent, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL. Inspired by the features from the incredibly popular ultralight tents, this HV UL model boasts straighter walls and an increased living room. However, it still has the strength and the easy portability that this tent series is renowned for.

Not only do you get to enjoy a roomier interior with this tent, but it’s also super easy to enter and exit, thanks to the generous twin-zipper front doors. The individual seams create a modern and smart tent style. Double vestibules provide a convenient area for storing your belongings, keeping them dry and clean. The seams feature waterproof tape and the rainfly and the flooring are both super tough with an impressive 1200mm waterproof rating.

The sophisticated architecture of this tent makes it stronger and the interior space is larger when compared to older models. The rip-stop material also offers even more durability. You’ll benefit from tons of storage thanks to the huge roof pockets and the storm flaps on the vestibule zippers add even more protection.

Dual mesh pockets inside provide even more storage options. The two-tone mesh also gives you privacy whilst still allowing you to enjoy the view of the night sky. Your purchase will also be covered by a guarantee, for your peace of mind.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur series was born in 2008 when they wanted to create tents that were super lightweight and portable with features and functions that would provide a feeling of camping luxury. The end result was a tent with steep walls, extensive interior living area, and a rainfly that provides full coverage for maximum waterproofness – with a packaged weight of just 3Ibs 1oz.

Big Agnes has over twenty years of experience in the camping gear industry and prides itself on manufacturing functional products. Designed to inspire you to venture out into the great outdoors, they test all of their products in the mountains so you end up with amazing quality gear you know you can trust.

  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Spacious interior
  • Interior pockets offer lots of storage options
  • Great price
  • Not suitable for winter camping

2. MSR Hubba Hubba NX

This is an image of a dome-shaped tent in white and hot pink color, inside portion of the tent seen.

WEIGHT: 3.5Ibs DIMENSIONS (L x W X H): 84 x 50 x 39in

The best backpacking tent should make your camping trip even better. A good hard-wearing tent offers safety and comfort, giving you a home-from-home feeling. It should also make your life easier by being light and easy to carry. The iconic Hubba Hubba NX from MSR has been the best selling model since its release 15 years ago, and it’s easy to see why.

Continuously improved over the years with intelligent features and advanced technology, it remains the no.1 backpacking tent design. The MSR Hubba Hubba NX is the ultimate 3 season backpacking tent that offers the most comfortable living area in a freestanding design. The floor fabric is constructed from 30D ripstop nylon, with an Xtreme Shield waterproof coating that lasts three times longer than traditional waterproof treatments.

The Easton Syclone Poles are an innovative design. Created from combined materials, the poles are pretty much unbreakable. When faced with severe weather such as strong winds, the poles will bend and then spring back into shape, effectively ensuring that your shelter stays in place. MSR wanted to provide campers with an effective solution against the risk of poles breaking from awful weather.

The two large vestibules provide an extra 8.75 square feet of space on either side of the tent. This additional room offers an invaluable area for storing gear and equipment that needs to be kept dry. An adjustable rainfly features a vestibule that rolls up so you can enjoy the view of the stars at night.

Super easy to pitch, the tent boasts a unified hub-and-pole system and clips in a color-coded design. As well as the tent you’ll get Syclone poles, guy lines and stakes, a full-coverage rainfly, and a sack to make packing the tent away even easier.

While aluminum and other pole materials work well, Syclone poles offer resilience and peace of mind when you’re in the middle of nowhere. The Hubba Hubba NX also comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty, for worry-free shopping.

Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, as it’s commonly known, was founded in 1969 by Larry Penberthy. His mission of creating safer outdoor equipment for fellow campers led him to set up a ground-breakingly original mountaineering company that strives to manufacture high-performing, advanced outdoor equipment.

  • Revolutionary Syclone poles for a secure setup
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Quick and easy to pitch
  • Professional tent at an affordable price
  • This model sells out very quickly due to its popularity

3. Mountainsmith Bear Creek 2 Season Tent


WEIGHT: 4Ibs 3oz | DIMENSIONS: 92 x 56 x 48in

If you’re searching for an affordable but exceptional quality backpacking tent then check this one out from Mountainsmith. Bear Creek is an incredibly versatile tent that could be used for anything from festivals to backcountry camping. With 30.5 square feet of interior living area, this tent offers comfortable and safe accommodation.

Super easy to pitch, the Bear Creek 2 person camping tent offers a high-quality waterproof coating on the rainfly and the floor. A footprint is included with your purchase which not only provides an additional layer of weather protection, it can also be used on its own with the rainfly for lightning-quick setup. Perfect if you get caught in a rainstorm and need somewhere to shelter stat!

This tent may be small in size, but don’t underestimate it. You’ll have plenty of storage options with the interior storage pockets and the ventilation windows mean you’ll have good airflow. The No-See-Um mesh protects against bugs and the bathtub floor and taped floor seams ensure extra waterproofness.

Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by legendary mountaineer Patrick Smith. It was formed to create seriously tough and hard-wearing gear that could handle the extreme conditions of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The first product created was the pioneering wilderness ski sled that was used to carry huge loads through the brutal winters of Colorado.

Even today, Mountainsmith proudly continues its ethos of producing superior quality outdoor products for fellow mountaineers.

  • Affordably priced backpacking tent
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Incredibly affordable price
  • Not suitable for all 4 seasons

4. REI Co-Op Camp Dome


WEIGHT: 5Ib 6oz | DIMENSIONS: 88 x 52 x 40 in

Backpacking tents don’t come much better than this. The Rei Co-Op is affordable, lightweight, and extremely hard-wearing. Not only does this model have 2 doors, but you also have an awning, which provides protection from drizzle or harmful UV rays. You also get amazing ventilation thanks to the twin doors, perfect for summer camping.

Enjoy an easy setup with the Rei Co-Op tents tough aluminum poles and quick pole clip design. The polyester taffeta rainfly and the durable floor provides excellent water resistance and is resistant to breakdowns caused by prolonged UV exposure.

The mesh pockets offer valuable storage options, perfect if you’ve got small items you need to keep safe and off the floor. Included in the pack is a compression stuff sack, 4 stakes along with carrying bags, and 2 guylines.

  • Affordable
  • 2 doors for increased ventilation
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Doesn’t get restocked very often

5. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent

WEIGHT: 2Ib 2oz | DIMENSIONS: 88 x 38 x 38 in

This updated tent, the Big Agnes Copper Spur Ultralight is now made to an even better standard and is ultra-versatile. Featuring brand new vestibules that provide an even more spacious living area and useful storage options enabling you to keep your belongings safe. This new design is also manufactured from stronger but lighter weight materials and the advanced technology makes the setup even easier.

The new vestibule acts as an awning which is great for protection against rain showers or as a shelter against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Dual zippers mean you have numerous entry and exit options and it also reduces any rain or wind getting into the tent.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur Ultralight tent also boasts another brand new feature – the 3D “mezzanine” style bin, which provides storage off the floor so your belongings are kept safe and undamaged. On the roof, you have a large pocket for even more storage.

If you’ve ever tried to set up a tent on your own you’ll know how difficult and time-consuming it can be. Well, those days are over as the ingenious TipLock Tent Buckle system was created to make struggling to put a tent up, a thing of the past. The rainfly attachment, the tensioner, and the stakeout poles are all set up together to make the process seamless and effortless.

The incredibly lightweight double ripstop nylon material is extra resistant to tears and punctures without weighing the tent down. Thanks to the pre-bent poles and the angled hub, this camping tent is stronger and more stable, providing more protection against rain while offering maximum living space.

Because of the double vented vestibule doors and fly vent, you’ll benefit from less condensation and better airflow. You also have numerous loops inside to hang gear lofts and other accessories.

  • Updated and improved design
  • New mezzanine style bin for safe storage
  • New TipLock Tent Buckle system for a seamless tent setup
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lacking in color options

6. Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2


WEIGHT: 2Ibs 8.1oz DIMENSIONS (L x W X H): 84 x 38/28 x 39

The Tiger Wall UL is this brand’s most lightweight 2 door tent so far. A fantastic backpacking tent, this technical 2 man dwelling features a generously sized interior and an overall design that increases comfort and reduces weight and clunkiness. The Tiger Wall is a semi freestanding tent that’s engineered to be incredibly convenient, perfect if you’re a keen camper, backpacker, or hiker and you want to switch up your camping locations frequently.

This range is fast becoming a popular tent choice for a range of outdoor activities. Access your tent easily and quickly with the huge front door and enjoy multiple storage pockets inside for keeping your valuables undamaged and organized.

The ultralight design will be a lifesaver when traveling from one location to the next and the strong pole system manufactured from DAC Featherlite materials is sure to make this tent a wilderness favorite.

This 3 season tent is completely waterproof and features double-walls with taped seams for added protection. One end of the tent tapers off to give you more room when you sleep and can comfortably fit two people. The Tiger Wall UL2 prides itself on being convenient and easy to use. The straightforward pole system is color-coded and the rainfly simply clips onto the body of the tent.

  • Ultralight design
  • Semi-freestanding
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Affordable price
  • It may not be tough enough for very extreme weather.

7. Hilleberg Anjan GT 2 Person Camping Tent

WEIGHT: 4Ibs 10oz | DIMENSIONS: 86 x 51 x 39in

Going out camping in severe weather? Then you’ll need a tough tent to take with you. The weather resistance and durability of the Hilleberg Anjan GT can’t really be matched. Superior quality materials, easy to use poles, and a clever tunnel style tent body along with a huge vestibule make this model incredibly versatile.

The best backpacking tents are suitable for a range of activities and this tent certainly is, from week-long camping adventures to overnight hikes, this one does it all. It’s exceptionally good at keeping the elements out and has plenty of storage space in the generous vestibule.

Because it does have an excellent level of weather protection, it does come with a packaged weight of 4Ibs 10oz. However, it’s a small price to pay if it will protect you from extreme weather conditions. Extremely durable, the strong floor fabric and the hard-wearing metal and plastic fastenings mean this is a tent built for longevity.

The packability of it is hindered slightly because of its weight, however, we think this is something that could be forgiven for how weatherproof and durable it is. The tunnel shape offers maximum living space and can easily fit two people and their belongings.

Hilleberg the Tentmaker has over 45 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor tents. A family-owned business, they pride themselves on their lightweight, high-quality tents that are suitable for all year use.

Annoyed that most tents required the inner tent to be pitched first and then a flimsy rainfly put on top, keen outdoorsman Bo Hilleberg set out to create a tent that was convenient and quick to pitch. In 1973, with the help of his wife, Renate, the first tent with a simultaneous pitching design was born, and it became an overnight success. Even today, they still uphold their strong ethos of constructing reliable, tough, and hard-wearing tents for all seasons.

  • Perfect for extreme weather camping
  • One of the toughest 2 man tents on the market
  • Easy to use pole structure
  • Premium price point

8. The North Face Stormbreak 2 Two Person Tent

WEIGHT: 5Ibs 14oz | DIMENSIONS (L x W X H): 87 x 50 x 43in

If you need plenty of headroom in your tent, then the Stormbreak 2 from The North Face is what you need in your life. The cross poles open up at peak height to give you more room to comfortably sit up straight. Big storage pockets ensure that you have a safe area for valuables or small items.

The vestibule means you have protection from different types of weather. From rain showers and drizzle to hot and sunny conditions with harmful UV rays. Although it’s heavy, if that doesn’t bother you then you’ll be getting a great quality tent at a great price.

Redesigned and updated, this two-person tent is incredibly easy to set up and the new and improved vestibule makes camping in awful weather a bit more pleasant. Large front doors mean you have easy access to the tent and they offer an even clearer view of the beautiful outdoors.

It also boasts two doors with dual zipped vestibules and the high and low ventilation ensures you get a constant flow of fresh air which is a super important feature. Tents can become unbearably hot and stuffy, even in colder climates as body heat rises, so sufficient ventilation is essential.

Enjoy improved durability and waterproofness with the fully taped seams of the canopy and floor. The circular-shaped side doors can be opened up all the way and they conveniently fit into pockets on the side. The vestibules also provide an extra storage area, perfect for coats and boots, leaving more room for you in the tent.

The rainfly is easy to attach and the tent can be pitched in around 4 minutes, giving you more time to be getting on with your activities. The pole structure on this tent is nice and solid, so it’s able to stand up to strong winds and the rainfly reaches quite close to the ground, providing substantial protection from storms.

The North Face Stormbreak 2 is perfect for a weekend camping trip. Because it’s comfortable and it offers ample headroom, it’s ideal if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the tent rather than carrying it around with you. With its easy to set up design, numerous storage options, and durability, it’s definitely one of the best backpacking tents on the market.

  • Loads of headroom
  • Lots of storage space
  • Comfortable and incredibly durable
  • No other color options

9. Slingfin Crossbow 2 Two Person Tent

WEIGHT: 4Ibs 4.2oz | DIMENSIONS: 92 x 50 x 41.5in

Coming to the end of our list of the best 2 person tents is the SlingFin Crossbow Mesh tent. This is a strong, tough but incredibly lightweight tent. If you’re heading to a windy location and you want to camp safe in the knowledge that your tent isn’t going to be blown into oblivion, this is a perfect choice.

Thanks to Slingfins patented WebTruss, the pole architecture is super secure and the strength to weight ratio is well balanced. The WebTruss is also sewn along the straight grain to prevent stretching, this makes it easy to set up in high winds.

The CrossBow also features a system that means the poles can be set up and secured first before the tent body is attached. This makes it even easier to set up in strong winds, unlike pole sleeves which can result in the poles snapping.

The CrossBow can be strengthened even more with the compatible internal guy lines and the OutRigger attachment. This makes it even more useful in brutal winds.

The mesh body provides superior ventilation and makes the tent incredibly breathable. If you have your own poles you can use the OutRigger attachment to add even more strength to the tent. The CrossBow is also compatible with the Four-Season body for all year round usability.

The generously sized vestibules provide a great storage area for boots and other items and the toggles allow the rainfly to be attached to the poles for extra stability. The roof hangings allow you to hang various items and accessories and the four storage pockets offer room for keeping belongings tidy and organized.

SlingFin was founded in 2010, with a single ambition in mind – to create the toughest, strongest, and smartest outdoor gear ever. Founder Martin Zemitis’ 30 years of experience in the outdoor field and 10 years experience of working with The North Face and Sierra Designs, inspired him to create SlingFin.

SlingFin’s deep passion for innovative equipment has led them to create some of the most ingenious backpacking tents on the market today.

  • Incredibly easy to set up in windy weather
  • Innovative, modern design
  • One of the best 2 person tents on the market
  • Only limited stock available

10. Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Tent


WEIGHT: 2 Ibs 10 oz | DIMENSIONS: 88 x 50/45 x 40

Last on our list of the best 2 person tents is this ultralight model from Nemo. The Dragonfly is the perfect balance of easy packability and comfort in a tent. The spacious interior lets you sit down and spread out comfortably without feeling restricted, while the superior quality materials mean more durability without it being bulky or heavy.

The double vestibules add loads of space for storing your gear and equipment, keeping the interior of the tent dry and clean. The pre-bent DAC Featherlite poles increase the volume and peak height of the tent. The 20 denier nylon bathtub floor provides maximum waterproofness. The rainfly is constructed from premium 15 denier Ripstop Nylon and has been treated with a silicone repellent for tough weather resistance.

The concealed strut vents ensure that humidity can be released during storms and the color coded poles and webbing make for a super easy setup. The white No-See-Um mesh on the sides provides privacy and if you need to split the carry load with your camping buddy, the unique dual stuff sack makes it super easy to do. Your purchase is also covered with a lifetime warranty.

NEMO was founded 17 years ago by Cam Bresinger. After spending five horrendous hours in a poorly built tent in the middle of a storm, he realized there was a dire need for functional and durable backpacking tents. Today, the team at NEMO carries that passion for smartly designed and innovative outdoor equipment.

  • Ultralight design
  • Dual vestibules add more storage room
  • Constructed from premium materials
  • May be too short for people over 6ft tall

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