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Best 3 Person Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of family building their camping tent

Finding a tent that can comfortably fit three adults but still be a lightweight and compact backpacking tent can be a difficult task. Often, tents marketed as a three-person tent are just too small and may even be a challenge for two adults to use. If you start to look at larger, family-sized tents then you will find they are heavy and have an increased packed size, which can then restrict hikers, because it becomes impractical to carry the tent.

There is no need to continue struggling alone with your search for the perfect 3 person backpacking tent because we will take you through the best selling tents and show you that is possible to find the best 3 person tent that has a decent-sized interior space and is also compact enough to be carried in a backpack. Read on to discover five of the best backpacker tent reviews so that you can choose which one of these tents is best suited to your requirements.

Our Top 5 Best 3 Person Tents

1. Forceatt Ultralight Tent

Image of an assembled dome-shaped tent with fly extended, showing the screened D-shaped door.

Closure Type: Zipper | Stainless Poles | Season: Four Seasons

This Forceatt Ultralight Tent is one of the best 3 person tents available on the market for families or friends going on their first camping adventure. There is a lot to like about this compact tent with a roomy interior, which can comfortably sleep 3 adults, with its 84.4×72.7×47.2 inch base with plenty of extra wiggle room. When packed away, the compact tent will easily fit inside the small carry bag provided, and at just over 5 lbs in weight, this is a great option for every backpacker, especially if you want to take lots of hiking gear with you. This three-person tent is easy to put up in a matter of minutes and can be taken down in even less time, so you will never waste time moving campsites again.

This great value 3 person tent does not compromise on quality, as it features a thick 75 denier waterproof ripstock fabric that will protect you from most wet weather. It also features the best ventilation, with the mesh window and micro-mesh fabric keeping you cool in hot weather. Even the welded tent floor is designed to stay dry, by lifting it away from any wet ground. We also like that the light aluminum poles are stronger than you might expect, providing this tent with stability, making this the best budget backpacking tent available. This is a fantastic basic three-person tent that is the perfect weight for a backpacking tent.

Features we like:
  • Fantastic price
  • A top-quality waterproof rain fly
  • Quick to erect and pack away

2. BFULL Pop Up Tent

Image of an assembled tent, light mossy green shade with entrance that looks like an inverted letter U.

Closure Type: Zipper | Pole: Fiberglass | Type: Dome

If you are looking for a three-person tent that is easy to erect in seconds then the BFULL Pop Up Tent is the best tent for you. This popular dome tent features the latest automatic hydraulic system and even the sturdy fiberglass poles are already preattached. This means with a click of the button, the tent will ‘pop up’ and be ready for you to use. All that is left for you to do is to fix the tent to the ground, making this ideal for one person to quickly put up at the end of a long day of hiking. You will also be impressed with the interior size of this three-person tent with a 79×67 inch base and with a 41-inch peak height you will not need to worry about having enough space.

We love that the 210T waterproof flysheet is durable and that the seams have an additional tape seal to give you increased peace of mind that your tent will stay dry. This brilliant three-person tent also offers the best ventilation with double-layered mesh windows and doors, and an additional bullseye window for added comfort during summer. Whilst it is not the lightest tent at 7.4lbs, it is still a great weight for backpackers and offers a convenient one-step setup that gives this three-person tent a leading-edge that all the best tent reviews shout about.

Features we like:
  • Simple one-step setup tent design
  • Durable fiberglass poles
  • Generous internal size

3. Mountain Hardwear Shifter Tent

Photo of a dome-shaped blue-gray tent with screened entrance door.

Closure Type: Zipper | Type: Dome

This popular three-person Mountain Hardwear Shifter Tent is perfect for both first-time tenters and experienced backpackers, making this the best all-round backpacking tents on the market. We are impressed with the design of this great value tent that offers a decent three-person sleeping space and two separate large vestibules at the front and back, so there is plenty of gear storage space for all of your hiking gear. You might think that this tent could be complicated to erect with the separate living areas, but you would be mistaken, as the pop-up design makes it quick and easy to setup.

This is one of the best 3 person tents, as the half dome shaped internal space offers plenty of sleeping room, and the peak height is generous, making this tent a favorite with tall adults. As one of the few 3 person tents that offers two doors and complete mesh construction, it has definitely been designed to provide the best ventilation and a comfortable sleeping experience. This tent is all about gear storage, with its wonderful 43 square feet footprint, so there is plenty of space to store extra gear, and there is even a secrete gear loft above the sleeping area. This amazing light weight, three-person tent is fully waterproof and durable, so it will quickly become the best tent you have used and is one of our top picks.

Features we like:
  • 2 large vestibules
  • Lightweight design at 6lbs 9oz
  • Best ventilation system

4. Marmot Fortress Tent

Photo of a tent in orange-colored fly, gray inner, orange zipper highlighting the entrance.

Closure Type: Zipper | Season: Four Seasons

This Marmot Fortress Tent is one of the best 3 person tents for spring and summer use. It is a great quality tent that receives many popular tent reviews. We like that the tent body has been designed in an effective igloo shape that offers all-round weather protection, and also provides plenty of gear storage space. This impressive three-person tent also offers two large D-shaped doors and a large vestibule area that is ideal for the storage of dirty hiking gear.

This lightweight three-person tent weighs in at 7.4 lbs, so while not ultralight, it is still perfect for packing in your backpack alongside all of your hiking gear. With a packed size of 56x20cm, the tent will easily fit amongst your camping gear. This is the perfect tent for summer use, as it is water-repellant with additional UV protection against the summer sun. It is also a great tent for withstanding windy conditions, especially if you have the tent pitched at the perfect tension. You will love that the tent is easy to erect with color-coded press-fit poles, making this the best of the spacious 3 person tents available on the market, but don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the Marmot’s tent reviews to see how much other campers love it.

Features we like:
  • Large vestibule for storing gear
  • Summer UV weather protection
  • Can withstand windy conditions

5. Marmot Tungsten Tent

A photo of a tent in fatigue green color, poles extended. D-shaped yellow zipper highlights the door of the tent.

Closure Type: Zipper | Pole: Aluminum

The Marmot Tungsten Tent is the best ultralight tent available that every backpacker should consider. There are no downsides to this wonderful tent, as the interior space offers you all the space and headroom you could need for sleeping and the best overall hiking gear storage space you could imagine. At a tiny 5.5lbs, you will not notice the weight of this tent in your backpack, and it certainly won’t restrict the amount of gear you can take on your backpacking trips. Setting up the tent is also easy and quick with the press-fit poles, and the cleverly designed almost vertical walls will offer you additional interior space and perfect weatherproofing.

This wonderful tent is marketed as a two-person tent, however, we consider this to be overly generous and it would easily complete with every three-person tent on the market with a huge 51.67 square feet total area. The highlight of this tent is the two D-shaped doors, which allow easy access into the tent, and the two vestibules provide a large gear storage space. Many of the best ultralight tents will offer durability but this one is certain to come top for meeting all of your requirements.

Features we like:
  • Massive 51.67 square feet area
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Two vestibules for plenty of gear storage

What to look for in a 3 person tent?


If you are backpacking with your tent then a lightweight tent is essential, as you do not want to be carrying excess baggage with you. Fortunately, there is not much weight difference between most two-person tents and three-person tents, so you can enjoy the extra space that a bigger tent offers without needing to worry about how you are going to carry it on your hiking trips. If instead of backpacking you are planning on using your tent for car camping then the weight is usually less of an issue. Unless you are short on storage space for your hiking gear, when you may wish to have a look at our tent reviews to find the best compact and ultralight tent for you.

When choosing the best of the lightweight 3 person tents, you do need to be aware that with the low weight of the tent you might be compromising on stability and how durable your tent will be in bad weather conditions. This can be especially true for budget options, which can make brilliant starter tents but they might not be the best choice if you want your tent to last for many years. If you are happy to pay more money for your tent then there is a great selection of lower weight options that will also provide you with the knowledge that you will have the best protection against bad weather when camping. After all, no one wants their tent to fall down during an unexpected storm.

How Compact When Packed

It is essential that the best 3 person tent folds up compactly, as you will be carrying it with you throughout your trip. It needs to take up as little space as possible so that you can fit in all of your other camping gear alongside it. Often, once you unpack an item you will find that it is difficult to fit it back into the original bag after its first use. So when choosing the best tent you should make sure that it is easy to take down and repackage back into its compact bag. This will save you valuable time on your camping trip when moving sites.

When choosing which 3 person tent is best for your needs, you need to ensure that it will fit in your backpack and that there is still sufficient space for all of your tenting gear. To help save space, some people will divide up the tent poles and canvas so that two people can share the load of carrying the tent and still be able to fit in all of their hiking gear. Have a look at our tent reviews for our recommendations on the best 3 person tents to see which are the most compact tents that you can buy.

How Spacious

The big advantage of a 3 person tent is that it will come with more ground space and gear storage space than a 2 person tent. For this reason, some people will prefer to buy the bigger size, even if it will only sleep, 2 adults. Sometimes tents that are marketed as suitable for 2 people can feel restricted in size, so having the extra space from a bigger 3 person tent, it will allow you to be more comfortable and ensure that all of your gear can be kept safely inside the tent. You might think that a bigger tent will be significantly heavier but when comparing the weight of different 2 and 3 person tents you might be surprised to find that for many of the best brands there is not much difference. Our tent reviews compare the size and weight of some of the best tents for a backpacker, so you can find the best tent for you.

When deciding how spacious you need your 3 person tent to be, you might be best to look at how big the tent is once set up and how much interior space is available. Usually, the tent reviews suggest that the best tents on the market are the ones that offer a separate sleeping area and additional vestibule space, where tent gear can be safely stored. In addition, you need to check that the number of friends that will sleep inside the tent can all fit comfortably, alongside all of their hiking gear. You also need to consider that on wet and cold nights you might be restricted to your tent for a number of hours, so you want to ensure that everyone will be comfortable.


The best tents on the market will range greatly in price, so you need to decide on your budget and any necessary requirements before starting your search. This does mean that if you are looking at budget tents then the ones that meet your requirements may compromise in other areas, such as hiking gear storage. Often cheaper tents are ideal for summer camping trips but they might not be the best for withstanding extreme terrain, so you need to make sure whichever 3 person tent you buy will keep you safe throughout your trip. However, cheap tents can be the best starting option for people going on their first camping trip, so you shouldn’t let a budget price tag put you off buying a great bargain.

If the tent best suited to you is just out of your price range then you should read other tent reviews to see which other tents campers found best to use when backpacking. You might find a cheaper comparable tent that also meets your requirements. It may even come with a bonus extra, such as additional storage space for all of your tenting gear. If you don’t know where to start on your search for your best tent then have a look at our tent reviews for 5 brilliant tents that every backpacker will love.


The majority of 3 person tents that are suitable for backpacking will be durable enough for fair weather camping, but if you are looking for a tent that can survive extreme weather conditions then you might need to look for a premium 3 person tent that demonstrates that is top of the range for stability and has the best weatherproofing. Ideally, you should see the tent set-up before deciding which one is the best to buy, so that you can assess the features of each tent and compare which one will stand up to the conditions that you will meet during your trips.

All 3 friends will need to feel safe when using the tent so it is important not to compromise on durability. However, If you are looking for the best tent for durability then you might need to accept that it might be heavier than some of the other ultralight tents, but you can be certain that it will be reliable for every camping trip.


What is the best 3 person tent?

The 3 person tent that you consider to be the best will be one that meets all of your criteria without having to make any compromises. There are also a number of essential features the every best tent should include to ensure you have a comfortable holiday.

The best tent for 3 people must include,

  • Large ground space
  • Decent sized interior space for 3 friends
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Compact
  • Low weight
  • Durable for long-lasting use
  • Stable in extreme weathers
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for use during at least 3 seasons in the year
  • Plenty of hiking gear storage

A tent that meets all of the above criteria will often come at a price, so if it is out of your price range then you might need to compromise on certain features. In this case, you will need to decide which features are essential, so that you choose the best tent that will meet your requirements and still be suitable for any camping trip that you have planned. To get you started, have a look at our tent reviews for 5 of the best backpacker tent examples.

What is the best 3 person backpacking tent?

The best backpacking tents must meet additional criteria to other 3 person tents because they need to able to be packed inside a backpack, alongside hiking gear, and carried throughout the trip. These types of tents are popular with hikers who enjoy exploring new terrain, so they also need to be reliable and able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Hikers need to be able to trust their tent to keep them warm and dry because often you will be a long-distance away from other accommodation and have limited hiking gear supplies.

In addition to the best tent features, the best backpacking tents for 3 friends need to be,

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact so it can fit inside a backpack alongside hiking gear
  • Stormproof
  • Reliable

To be certain that the tent you like will fulfill these requirements, you should try to see the tent in action before purchasing it. However, if this is not possible then the next best step is to check out the tent reviews for your chosen brand.

Should I get a 2 or 3 person tent?

Even if there are only 2 of you to sleep in a tent you might want to consider a 3 person tent, as it can improve your comfort levels. Often you will get more living space in a 3 person tent, which will ensure that you get a better night’s sleep and there will be plenty of hiking gear storage for all of your camping gear. Even with the increase in size, 3 person tents are still easy to set up and pack away, so you will easily manage, even if there are only 2 of you. Have a read of some tent reviews to see if other campers agree.

However, a 3 person tent can be more expensive, especially if you are looking at a direct comparison to your chosen 2 person tent. You might also find that the bigger 3 person tent is slightly heavier, which can make a difference if you are backpacking with your tent and also need to carry a lot of hiking gear. So when choosing whether a 2 or 3 person tent is better for you, you need to decide which tent will offer you a more enjoyable trip.

Which company makes the best tents?

There is a great range of companies who make 3 person tents but they might not all be the quality that you need. When looking for a good tent-making company you should look for one that specializes in making tents. It can also be helpful to directly compare your favorite 3 person tents, so you can check out the qualities that each tent has and see if there are any areas where they don’t match your requirements or something one tent is missing. Once you have chosen a suitable tent have a look at the tent reviews online, as this will quickly give you a feel as to whether others have also enjoyed using each tent.

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