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Best 4 Person Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of campers lying down in a tent with their hands up.

Trying to find the right size tent for the entire family in preparation for your next big camping trip can be a chore. Whether it’s finding one that will fit 4 people or deciding between a bunch of them that all seem to be virtually the same. What exactly should you be looking for in the world of 4 person camping?

We have trawled through the multitude of amazing offerings available on Amazon today and compiled our list of the top best 4 person tents you can find. From the highly durable Night Cat Waterproof to the popular Coleman Sundome Tent, we are sure you will find the right tent for you. Towards the bottom of the article, you will also find a breakdown of what you should be looking for when it comes to getting the right Tent as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Gather the family and pack your camping backpacks as here are our picks for the best camping tents you will find available for purchase today!

Best 4 Person Tents

1. Toogh 4 Person Tent

Image of a triangle-shaped tent in yellow and brown color, entrance fully-open.

Max Occupancy: 2-4 People| Water Resistance Technology: 3000 milliliters | Seasons: Four-season

First up on our list of the best 4 person tents we have the incredible Toogh 4 person tent, a hexagonal offering that has more than enough room for the entire family. Using the highest quality Oxford cloth throughout, the workmanship featured in this tent is unsurpassable. The waterproof material is resistant to depths of up to 3000mm so even the wildest of rainstorms will barely make a mark.

Set up takes seconds thanks to a well thought out installation method, simply pull up the top of the tent and enter the post where required. This can save hours of effort when setting up your tent, minimizing family fallouts due to set-up complications. That’s not all, as all of this is covered by a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.

With such an array of durable and considered features, this 4 person tent is one of the most secure tents on this list. If you can appreciate a weatherproof design that offers a convenient set-up then the Toogh 4 Person Tent may just be the one for you.

  • High quality waterproof 210D Oxford fabric
  • The hexagonal design offers incredible wind resistance
  • Can be quite snug if there are more than 2 adults

2. Night Cat Waterproof

Image of a tent in green color, with ground mat and open tent sides.

Max Occupancy: 2-4 People | Water Resistance Technology: 3000 millimeters | Seasons: Four-season

With an advanced hydraulic set-up pressure mechanism that offers incredible convenience, the Night Cat Waterproof Tent offers an easy set-up method. With a minute set-up and a two-minute-long deconstruction, every family member can easily set this up giving you more time to explore your campsite.

210D waterproof oxford fabric makes up a majority of this 4 person tent structure offering 3000mm of water resistance. This is reinforced by a fiber glass pole structure that provides an extremely sturdy wind-resistant construction that keeps your tent standing tall no matter the weather.

Doors on either side of the vertical walls provide quick access to escape heavy rainstorms, you no longer need to mess around with tedious zippers. When it comes to quality at a low price it is hard to find a 4 season tent as great as this one. With highly durable fabric walls and enough space for a variety of people, this is an ideal four-person tent!

  • Sturdy fiber glass poles use in set-up
  • Hydraulic pressure mechanism offers speedy tent construction
  • Low availability as it sells out pretty fast

3. Moon Lence Instant Pop-Up

A photo of a tent in colorful, bright orange, windows and door open, exposing the tent's insides.

Max Occupancy: 4-5 People | Water Resistance Technology: 2000 millimeters | Seasons: Three Season

Pop up tents are usually far too small to fit a family inside, but the Moon Lence Instant Pop-Up is an exception. Small enough to carry in your backpack, this 4 person tent is surprisingly lightweight whilst still offering impressive durability.

Available in a multitude of different colors, you are certain to find one that the kids will fully appreciate. 4 large windows offer an all-encompassing view meaning you can watch the sunrise or set from the warmth of your tent. The 210D oxford fabric provides a decent 2000 mm water resistance protecting your belongings and prevents the water from seeping inside the tent during the night. It also comes with its own ground sheet, saving you from making an additional purchase.

Thanks to the pop-up design this tent takes seconds to seconds to be fully constructed which just adds another layer to an already all-encompassing design. If you are looking for an easy to set up backpacking tent that has a large amount of interior space and a choice of aesthetic options, then the Moon Lence Instant should be added to your wish-list.

  • A selection of colors to choose from perfect for the kids
  • Lightweight design is perfect for backpackers
  • Supplied groundsheet has slightly less water resistance than some expensive variants

4. ALPs Mountaineering Taurus

Photo of a white tent, brown lower part, poles attached through it.

Max Occupancy: 4 People | Water Resistance Technology: 2000 millimeters | Seasons: Three Season

A contender for the best 4 person tent available today, the ALPs Mountaineering Taurus is a wonderful option that covers most of your camping needs. Water-resistant polyester makes up most of this tent offering you all the benefits of polyester material. This means this tent offers superb UV protection and won’t dry out and shrink over time.

Inside this 4 person tent, you will find a selection of storage pockets alongside two large vestibules for additional gear storage. No longer will you need to leave stuff in the car or even outside the tent as you will find more than enough gear storage within the tent. ALPs also offer a choice of different color options so you will surely find the right one for you.

Zippered wire mesh adorns the top of this camping tent offering a stargazing function, or added breathability when needed. The ALPs Mountaineering Taurus is an exceptional weather-resistant instant cabin that we would highly recommend to families and backpackers alike.

  • A vast array of storage pockets and space
  • Freestanding fiberglass poles are sturdy and durable
  • Garish color options stand out, which may not suit some campers

5. OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Pop-Up

Image of an instant pop-up tent, blue and yellow color combinations.

Max Occupancy: 4 People | Water Resistance Technology: | Seasons: Four Season

As far as the set-up is concerned the OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Tent has it all, with an instant pop-up design that is ready in seconds. With a choice between either a blue or brown aesthetic and coming with its own carry bag, guy ropes, and pegs, this is an all-encompassing car camping package.

This high-quality tent uses seam-taped sewing lines to prevent any water leaking in through the night and offers full coverage at any time of the day. Your living space will remain dry and your belongings inside the tent will never be damaged by outside conditions. Once the easy to set up guy lines and pegs are securely in place, this four-person tent can withstand wind speeds of up to 35 MPH!

Both the front and rear door found on either side of this four-person tent feature a zipper window that offers an impressive view of the surrounding landscape whilst inside the safety of your tent. If you are tired of taking hours to set up your tent and are looking for a 4 person tent that is a little more convenient, then this could be the choice for you!

  • Instant pop-up set up makes this an ideal beginner tent
  • Seam-taped lines offer super interior space protection
  • Pre-attached poles mean this is fairly hard to store within a backpack

6. Core 6 Dome Tent

A image of a dome tent in gray and orange colors, D-shaped door. With chains supporting it.

Max Occupancy: 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: | Seasons: Four Season

When it comes to ensuring there is enough room within the tent for all your family, some four-person tents may just not cut it. If you are looking for a larger offering that has room for all your backpacker buddies, then the Core 6 Dome Tent is an ideal choice. With enough room for 2 queen-size mattresses and up to 6 backpackers, few tents offer the square feet of interior space that this one does.

Within this four-person tents structure, you will find a gear loft that hovers slightly about the floor area, offering a unique gear storage method that is protected from any water leakage. The vertical walls holding up this 72″ tent at peak height are constructed from the finest polyester. This ensures this 4 person tent is both weather resistant and can withstand constant UV light without taking damage.

This 4 person tent is reinforced with H2O block technology that is rare to find in a lot of camping tents. The size of your tent is a massive consideration when it comes to some users. If you are after a larger offering that will fit all your friends in at base camp, then this Core 6 Dome Tent might be what you are looking for.

  • Large floor area provides a large resting space
  • 72″ peak height means this is large enough to stand inside
  • 6 person capacity may be too large for some campers

7. Coleman Sundome Tent

Image of a dome tent in navy blue and gray, with rain fly attached, covering the entrance of the tent halfway.

Max Occupancy: 4 People | Water Resistance Technology: | Seasons: Four Season

Coleman is one of the biggest names in the world of backpacking tents, the Coleman Sundome Tent is just one of the many impressive 4 person tents that Coleman offer. Each seam of this four-person tent has been carefully welded to offer an all-encompassing waterproof design. Tent leaks are a thing of the past with this superb backpacking tent.

A supplied rain fly also provides added water resistance, durability and security are the hallmarks of Coleman tents. Measurement wise, this tent provides a 9 x 7 square feet floor area so you no longer have to worry about cramped sleeping conditions that are so prevalent in a lot of 4 person tents.

Car campers will also find a lot to appreciate when it comes to this tent as Coleman built-in an E-port connection that gives campers what they need to hook up any battery or other electrical system. Coleman has once again crafted an impressive four-person tent, at such a low price, and from a well-known brand, this is the ideal tent for any family of campers.

  • Large 9 x 7 square feet of living space
  • E-port provides an electric connection method
  • These tents sell out fast so purchase while you can

8. NTK Cherokee GT

Image of a tent in gray color with turquoise-colored rainfly.

Max Occupancy: 5 – 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: 2500 millimeters | Seasons: Three Season

Utilizing the latest nano-flex technology, the NTK Cherokee GT offers stellar durability without sacrificing portability. The fiberglass poles that make up this four-person tents structure are plated with gold chrome and provide the frame of the tent with a flexible design.

Convenience lovers will also be glad to hear that this four-person tent is incredibly easy to set up thanks to a pin-and-ring construction method. The 190 threads polyester has been laminated with polyurethane meaning this tent can withstand water depths of up to 2500 millimeters. This lamination is also present on the provided groundsheet offering an anti-fungal covering.

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to the NTK Cherokee GT, if durability is something you can appreciate in a 4 person camping tent then consider purchasing this tent today!

  • Nano-flex fiberglass poles offer a sturdy tent structure
  • Breathable micro-mesh wards off pesky insects and bugs
  • Lack of color variants to choose from

9. Zomake Pop-Up Tent

Photo of an apple-green colored-tent with entrance and both sides open.

Max Occupancy: 4People | Water Resistance Technology: | Seasons: Four Season

With an ultra-fast construction method and an extremely large indoor space, it is no wonder that the Zomake Pop-Up Tent is listed as an Amazon bestseller. On either side of this four-person tent, you will find both a mesh door and window to offer speedy access whilst preventing any bugs from getting inside your car camping tent.

The polyester that makes up a majority of this tents structure is silver-coated and thus has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating. This is reinforced by a 210D oxford cloth groundsheet that Zomake has provided to ensure your four-person camping experience is a pleasurable one.

Setting up tents can take hours if you haven’t practiced before setting off on your camping adventure, which can make easy to set up pop-up tents, such as this one, a godsend. With such high customer review ratings and an instant pop-up design, this test is ideal for any backpacker family out there!

  • Instant pop-up design ideal for family tents
  • Anti-UV polyester fabric construction
  • The deconstruction method can be finicky without practice

10. Coleman Juniper Lake

Image of a tent, white and skyblue in color, D-shaped door seen with extended compartment.

Max Occupancy: 4 People | Water Resistance Technology: | Seasons:

Last but by no means least, we have another incredible offering from the team at Coleman. The Coleman Juniper Lake is an all-season tent that offers everything you have come to expect from a four-person tent and more. One of the few tents on this list to consider the family pet, Coleman has provided a well-ventilated annex area for your dog to sleep in.

This spacious tent has a peak height of 50″ alongside enough room to lie down for a four-person family. Storage has also been considered as on either side of the tent you will find two large storage pockets that will easily fit most of your car camping essentials.

Four-person tents of this caliber are far and few between, Coleman have secured their name in the car camping world with this tent. If you are looking for what could be considered the best tent on this list then be sure to consider purchasing the Coleman Juniper Lake.

  • Ventilated annex area suitable for the family pet
  • Extremely spacious four-person interior
  • Extremely popular tent means it may sell out during sales

Considerations When Buying a 4 Person Tent


Before you start deciding on what tent you want and browsing the many 4 four-person tents on sale today, be sure to set yourself a budget that you want to stick to. This will help you filter out any additions you don’t fully need like a ground vent or a gear loft and will save you money in the long run.

If there are any specific considerations you are especially focused on then adjust your budget accordingly to ensure you are getting then tent that covers all your needs. Setting a budget is a great way to stop you from spending more than you initially planned and will even help you filter through products if needed!


Nobody want’s to be wrapped up in their sleeping bag late at night just for a storm to hit your tent and water to leak through the roof. Finding a 4 person tent with decent weather resistance shouldn’t be too difficult as high waterproof ratings are a necessity in the world of camping. Most artificial materials such as polyester and nylon will naturally feature decent water resistance whereas cotton canvas will need to be weathered before use.

In terms of wind, you should be looking for high-quality fiberglass poles and sturdy guy lines to ensure that your living space never collapses once it has been set up. Full coverage is needed for both wind and water resistance as you want your tent to endure the most extreme storms.

A more durable tent will rarely cost you too much extra so the price of added durable features will rarely push a tent outside of your budget. The bottom line is that the best tents will offer superb weather protection from all elements whilst still being available at a reasonable price.


As you are looking at a list of the best 4 person tents you can currently get, you may already have a rough idea of what size you want your tent to be. However, it is still worth considering every facet of size as it isn’t as straightforward as just looking for a 4 person tent. Measurements such as how tall a tent is and how small it can be condensed down too can play a large role in deciding between two very similar products.

Ideally, you want your tent to be small enough that it can be carried around by backpackers whilst still offering a full-sized 4 person structure when fully erected. Floor space should be enough that 3-4 fully grown adults can lie down comfortably without getting too close to each other, as we all know how cramped smaller tents can feel.

If you are looking for a taller tent that allows an average person to stand up while inside then you want to check out its center height measurement. Most four-person tents will be too small for a taller person to stand up inside, but there are a few exceptions. Tents that are larger tend to cost more so always consider this before deciding on whether or not you can purchase a taller tent. As long as it’s comfortably within your budget, then a larger tent is definitely worth the added cost.


When it comes to crafting the most durable and comfortable tents, there are a host of different materials you may come across. Each one with its own specific advantages which can make choosing the right one a fairly tricky feat. But worry no more as we have broken down some of the most common materials you may come across so you know what you are looking for.

Polyester: As the price of canvas materials has rapidly increased, the new popular choice in the world of tents is polyester. Polyester is a great material due to its built-in resistance and the fact that it doesn’t shrink when sitting outside for long periods of time. Due to it being man-made it is readily available and thus costs a lot less than natural-based materials such as cotton. You may also come across ripstop weave polyester which features added durability as well as increased UV protection making polyester a great but cheap option.

Nylon: Nylon and polyester are extremely similar, a lot of what polyester excels in so does nylon, however, there are some slight differences. Nylon has high weather protection whilst still being extremely lightweight. It is commonly coated to add extra water-resistance as well as UV protection for long periods of outdoor use. Unlike polyester, nylon is quite commonly affected by something known as laddering. This is where small rips spread across the entire surface area pretty rapidly. Thankfully, modern nylon-based materials offer ripstop weave designs that can help prevent this. Again, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to canvas or polyester, nylon can be a brilliant option.

Cotton Canvas: Probably the most traditional tent material, so much so that there was a time where 100% of tents were made using canvas. Due to its high production cost, however, its popularity has declined. The main advantages of cotton canvas are its incredible insulation and breathable factor. These keep your tent well-heated but also lower any potential condensation and cramped feeling within the tent. If you can find a tent that is made using canvas at an affordable price then snag it as canvas may well be the best material you will find.

Additional Features

Most purchases you come across will come with additional features that aren’t typically available in mass-market offerings. As competitors want to offer you the best tent to make a name for themselves they will tend to add things such as a gear loft or high-quality windows to offer an added incentive. If your budget is high enough for such features then they are without a doubt a wide range of additions to choose from. Do be warned however as some features don’t really add much and your family will probably be fine without them.

If you are unsure what features are included in your chosen tent be sure to check out the product specifications as they will usually break down exactly what a package offers. You can also check out customer reviews to see what people think of added features and deduce whether or not you should bother spending extra for them.


Is a 4 Person Tent Big Enough?

This depends exactly on how many people you are wanting inside your tent. Most 4 person tents are built with 2 adults and 2 children in mind, so if you are a part of 4 adults then you may want to consider purchasing a larger tent. If however, you are looking for a family-oriented tent then a 4 person offering will be large enough.

Always try to figure out exactly how many people you expect at max capacity so you can plan ahead and get a tent that is large enough for your needs. If you are worried that a 4 person tent may not be big enough then perhaps consider a six-person variant as this will be suited for even the largest families.

What is the Best 4 Person Tent?

Although it is hard to choose one specific four-person tent that can be considered the best tent you can get, there are certain features that you should look out for. The best tent will usually have a decent height alongside a roomy interior space. You also ideally want the tent to be constructed from canvas as this is one of the best tent materials you will come across. If you can find a decent sized tent, both height, and width wise, alongside excellent durability then you are on to a winner!

What are the best Qualities in a Family Tent?

One of the most important qualities that immediately comes to mind is the overall size of the tent. This is a mixture of both the width of the tent and the center height when inside the tent. The larger the tent is the more room and your fellow campers will have without pushing into each other’s personal space. Try not to go too far, however, as a larger tent will typically be less portable.

You also want to keep your eye on a tent’s durability with features such as waterproof ratings and whether it can withstand constant UV from the sun. High-quality tents are typically made out of cotton canvas, but if you are after a cheaper alternative then opt for something similar to nylon or polyester. As long as your chosen tent covers most of the features you are looking for you will be more than fine!

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