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Best 4 Room Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image of a family camping with a huge four room tent behind them.

When you plan a big camping trip, it is important to make sure everybody is comfortable and has enough space. The last thing you want is everybody crammed into rooms, soaked-through from the rain, having to face putting a complicated tent back into its too-small bag the next morning. What you need is something that helps you appreciate everything the great outdoors has to offer, without the fuss and with all the comfort.

Some of the tent models included in this review article are not just designed for sleeping in – you can also have some living space so everything is not crowded into one room. They are not just tents – they are homes away from home and soon you will find any excuse to pack up and get away for the weekend. Investing in a good tent is the best way to encourage families to get outside and have some fun in nature.

Here, we have considered some of the best 4 rooms tents and bigger that are currently on the market, from a range of sizes and prices. It is all about making the right choice for you.

Types of 4 Room Tent

Cabin Tents

A cabin tent is usually made in the style of…well, a cabin. It’s walls are straight like a house with large windows, so it almost creates a home in the middle of a forest. They usually have a greater height so are easier to move around in inside. We have some excellent cabin-style tents reviewed in this article.

A close-up image of a tent in green and golden colors with doors closed

Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are created with slanted windows and are built in more of a dome shape. This shape is good for keeping rain from coming into your tent, and can easily use room dividers to separate your living and sleeping space.

A photo of a dome tent with rainfly attached on top and D-shaped door

Top 15 Best 4 Room Tents

1. Trek Tents Family-Tents Cabin-style Tents

A close-up image of a tent in green and golden colors with doors closed

Max Occupancy: 4 – 5 People | Water Resistance Technology: Rain flaps and inside Storm flaps | Seasons: 3 Seasons

This is a 3 room tent, providing plenty of room for families, with dividers for maximum privacy when needed. The screens are also made with mesh that is No-See-Um quality. Inside the tent, you will find great storage pouches already pre-attached the fabric so you can make the most out of your rooms and floor area. The canvas floor is heavy duty, meaning that this tent is durable and will last you a long time. The front and back doors come with zippered rain flaps, and the large windows have internal storm flaps to help you stay dry in all weathers.

  • Durable flooring
  • Storm flaps ensure the tent is very waterproof
  • Four large windows for more light
  • Unclear instructions

2. Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle

This is a photo of an assembled blue tent with doors open on a grassy lawn

Max Occupancy: 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: WeatherTec system uses welded floors and inverted seams to keep the rain water out | Seasons: 3 seasons

This tent is perfect for a range of groups, from families to friends. You can choose to just take one tent big enough for three persons, or take the connectable tent bundle allowing for six persons, and invite the whole family along. The connecting points for each part of the tent are all enclosed, which offers privacy and freedom of movement from inside.

The Coleman connectable tent bundle also comes with great E-ports, meaning that it simple and easy to access electrics when you’re camping – all you need to do is remember to bring the extension cables. As this is a cabin-style tent, its tall walls and windows make you feel right at home once you are inside, with plenty of space and room. It is built with strong frames to withstand 35+mph wind.

  • Ports for electronics
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Tents can be used individually or together
  • Hexagon shape of first tent might cause some issues with fitting in beds; the two tents have roofs of different heights, so the doors need to be closed in the case of rain to avoid leakage.

3. UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tent

A photo of a blue tent on a white background assembled completely

Max Occupancy: 10 People | Water Resistance Technology: 185T PU1000mm resistant to water | Seasons: 4 seasons

This is a spacious camping tent designed for ten persons, with the dimensions of 18ft x 9ft x78in. This makes the UNP tent the most ideal for a trip with families. This tent is easy to put up, its design making it as simple as possible – no special skills are required. It is made of the highest quality material to ensure that your camping experience is waterproof and keeps all of the mosquitos out, whilst also maintaining great ventilation through its two mesh windows on the two doors.

  • Easy to set up
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
  • Large maximum occupancy
  • Some reviews have reported slight problems with zips

4. KTT Large Family Cabin Tents for Camping

This is an image of a tent with wide screen doors and pitched on to a grassy lawn, trees at the back.

MaxOccupancy: 10 People | Water Resistance Technology: double-layer 210D polyester and thick tent flooring to keep tent waterproof | Seasons: 4 seasons

This is a large cabin tent ideal for family camping. It can comfortably accommodate 10 people but the tent can be divided into two rooms to create separate bedrooms. This cabin tent also comes with an awning so that, even when it is raining, you can still open up the doors and enjoy some fresh air. The thick tent flooring is made with 180g PE polyester and the mesh windows are high-density. It is an extremely functional tent, with walls made of strong, waterproof polyester which can withstand strong winds and also keeps those pesky mosquitos out.

  • Strong, waterproof material
  • Can sleep 10 people comfortably
  • Thick floor
  • Added awning and poles does slightly raise the cost

5. NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent

A blue-green dome-tent assembled with supporting ropes on it.

Max Occupancy: 5 – 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: 2500 millimetres water column| Seasons: Three seasons

NTK is a trusted tent manufacturer and offers families all across the US with the most dependable outdoor products so you can make the most out of your weekend. This is another great family camping tent that is ideal for nine to ten persons.

Its spacious design gives you two rooms and a maximum height of 6.2 ft to ensure everyone can be comfortable. It is easily assembled, and comes with a full coverage rain fly to keep as much water out of your tent as possible.

A crucial feature this tent comes with is a mosquito mesh to keep those pesky bugs out of your living space. It is breathable material and can also offer privacy when the rainfly is not being used. The screen rooms provides separate rooms, so you can have space to chill before you head to sleep.

  • Ideal for taller users to stand up
  • Breatheable material
  • Sleeps up to 10 people
  • Only suitable for three out of the four seasons

6. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Photo of a brown long tent, doors closed and rainfly attached above in coffee color.

Max Occupancy: 7 – 10 People | WeatherTec system: leak-free seams, weather-resistant, polyester fabric, thick, waterproof flooring | Seasons: Three seasons

This Coleman product can comfortably fit around seven to ten persons, so is ideal for large groups or a whole family. It is a very spacious build, with room big enough to fit around three queen air beds. Its hinged front door allows for easy entrance and privacy can easily be found with the room divider, which allows you to make the most out of your space. Its centre height stands at a maximum of 6 ft 7 in, so it feels more like a house than a tent.

The angled windows are also perfect for letting in as little rain as possible. The mesh roof is ideal for creating breathable air ventilation, which is important during the more warmer months.

  • Windows don’t let rain in
  • Can comfortably hold several large air beds
  • Very high
  • Metal stakes can sometimes be difficult to manoeuvre.

7. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Image of a tent with D-shaped door, in orange and gray details.

Max Occupancy: 7 – 9 People | Water Resistance Technology: Uses H20 Block technology | Seasons: Three seasons

This 9 person dome style tent is the perfect tent for large groups and families . Make the most of your space by fitting in three queen-sized air mattresses for the whole family to sleep soundly on. A great feature of this dome tent is its electrical access points, so you can easily use any extension cables to access electricity – this points can also be fully closed when not in use.

It is well equipped to be set up quickly and easily, so you waste no time getting down to some family fun. It comes with a convenient carry bag, poles and a rain fly to make sure you can get the most out of your trip with as little hassle as possible. Its mesh ceiling panels means that you can get a great view of the night sky on a clear night without even leaving your tent.

This Core tent is well equipped to withstand any weather with its water resistant PU coated fabric, and all the seams are taped to reduce any possible leakage inside your tent. Both of these features are great for keeping all moisture on the outside of your tent. A small, but great, feature is its lantern hook, meaning you will have no trouble bringing light onto your night of fun and games.

  • Lantern hook to keep the tent illuminated at night
  • Electrical points
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • A group of 9 may not be as comfortable if they also bring lots of luggage – the floor plan does not take into account extra camping gear.

8. E-Z UP CC10SLSP Camping Cube 6.4

Photo of a square-shaped tent with pointed roof, big screen doors are in gray and with blue outlines.

Max Occupancy: 5 to 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: Waterproof flooring; will need to purchase shelter to ensure water resistance | Seasons: Three seasons

This cabin tent is designed to look more like a house than a tent, so has plenty of space to move around and stand up inside. Its large windows and mesh roof ensure that you get plenty of air ventilation during the hotter months. One of its more fun features is its pet door, unique to E-Z UP and ensures that the whole family can now come along on the trip, including your four-legged friend. It is important to note that this is an add on to the E-Z UP canopy, which you will also need to purchase if you want your tent to stay upright.

  • Spacious
  • Can stand up inside
  • Pet access door
  • This is an add-on product, which is just something to be aware of when making your purchase

9. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

This is a photo of a tent in black and beige color, rainfly attached on it with ropes supporting the tent.

Max Occupancy: 8 People | Water Resistance Technology: Rain fly, welded corners, inverted seams | Seasons: 3 seasons

Here we have yet another great Coleman product perfect for all of the family. It comes with a hinged door, which really gives the appearance of a comfortable home space rather than just a tent. It also makes it a lot easier to come in and out of the tent, especially in the dark or if you are having to look after young children.

Its roomy interior allows enough space for three queen-sized air mattresses. Its design makes it simple to set up and take back down again when you are heading home. Angled windows help keep the rain out while also maximising air circulation, and the rainfly is a great piece included to help keep the water out. The storage pockets are also a useful feature to help keep the whole family organised and maximises the space.

  • Designed for maximum airflow
  • Hinged door feels homely
  • Easy to enter and leave the tent
  • Stakes are prone to coming out of the ground during heavy winds; the rainfly can be tricky to use

10. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tents

A tent in green bottom and beige body with extended rainfly above the door, two poles supporting the both sides

Max Occupancy: 4 – 10 People | Water Resistance Technology: ‘WOG’ Stable-Vent’ material | Seasons: Four seasons

Wildcat tent designs are great for giving you and your family the premium camping experience. This tent has plenty of features and is built with the best quality to make sure it will last you and your family years.

It is extremely spacious and even has 6ft 11 in worth of headroom for maximum comfort. The Wildcat tent comes with plenty of features that ensure everyone can get the most out of time with their families, with mesh screens for privacy, entry ports to access electricity. It is also super easy to set up and take down again, so you waste no time in getting the fun and games started with your family.

The LYNX 640 comes with a divided sleeping space, which can also be used to create one larger space for sleeping or living, to ensure that you and your family get a truly luxurious camping experience. The material has tested to be completely waterproof, whilst also making sure you get great air ventilation.

  • Excellent headroom
  • Electric ports
  • Durable, quality materials
  • Expensive

11. TRAVEL LODGE FR Luxury Fully Equipped Easy-Pitch 5-7 Persons Camping Tent

Photo of a gray assembled tent, rainfly extended and supported by two poles

MaxOccupancy: 5 – 7 People | Water Resistance Technology: Tunnel tent, slanted windows to keep the rain off, fast-drying polyester fabric | Seasons: Four seasons

This travel lodge tunnel tent is perfect for families, as it comfortably fits in a group of five to seven. Whether you are heading for a ten day long excursion, or just want to take a group away for the weekend, this Jack Wolfskin product will ensure maximum comfort wherever you are heading.

These tents designed for a big group – but no matter who comes and how much gear you all bring, the tent’s handy storage pockets and pouches means nothing will get lost during your trip. The tent is equipped with mesh screens to keep out of the mosquitos, along with small roofs over two of the entrances to keep the rain well away. Partitions in the large sleeping space can be taken down to really maximise the space.

  • Mesh fly screens
  • Entrances have roofs to keep rain out
  • Storage pockets to keep belongs within easy access
  • Price

12. Ozark Trail 14′ x 10′ Cabin Tent, Sleeps 10

Dome-shaped tent with huge screened doors and ropes attached to a rainfly.

Max Occupancy: Ten People | Water Resistance Technology: 68D polyester fabric to protect against the rain; factory-sealed seams | Seasons: Four seasons

This cabin tent can comfortably fit in two queen-sized air mattresses, whilst also including a divider so you create separate rooms to make the most out of your space. Large windows makes this tent feel more like a home away from home, and the centre height gives a lot of room to move around inside the tent. It comes with great features, such as a rain fly to prevent water getting through to the mesh, as well as entry ports for electrical access. These can also be fully closed when not in use. You get all of this for a great, affordable price! It has excellent water resistance technology so everyone can stay warm and dry no matter what the weather brings.

  • Space for air mattresses
  • Large windows for maximum brightness
  • Affordable
  • Door zipper can snag on material. Stakes might also not be strong enough.

13. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Close-up photo of a white and yellow-green huge tent with wide screened doors and windows.

Max Occupancy: 4 – 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: Water repellent rain fly | Seasons: Three seasons

This Core 12 person tent can be put up in little more than two minutes so is great for people with young children who need a lot of supervision, and also who don’t want to be waiting around till they get really get down to some camping. 12 people can squeeze into this, but you might want to consider bringing fewer along to make the most out of the your inside space. If you really want to make the most out of the sleeping rooms and sleeping area, this tent is best suited for around 4-6. It also comes with electrical access ports which can be completely closed when they are not being used.

  • Large maximum occupancy
  • Very quick to set up
  • Electrical access points
  • Zippered door can snag in material

14. 20 Person Cabin Tent

This is a photo of a tent, D-shaped screen door facing the front.

Max Occupancy: 6 People | Water Resistance Technology: Water resistance polyester fabric | Seasons: Three seasons

This is another Ozark Trail product designed for large groups, with plenty of space to accommodate for furniture and gear to really help create your own personal oasis. This tent comes with an electrical port, so all you need to do is bring along an extension cable to enjoy access to electricity. This port fully closes when it is not being used. There are multiple storage pockets built inside the tent so help keep track of everyone’s smaller items, and also maximise the living room you have available. By doing this, you can keep a lot of your gear off the ground and bring even more people along on the trip.

This Ozark Trail tent comes with three room dividers that can be removed, so you can set up the ultimate living arrangement during the day and give everyone their privacy during the night. There are a total of eight windows to this tent, so you can really enjoy the outdoors even when the weather isn’t too fabulous. The roof of this tent is mesh, which is an important feature to have during the summer time to ensure you all get adequate air ventilation.

  • Plenty space for gear
  • Storage pockets for smaller items
  • Room dividers allow more flexibility
  • This tent is not always available online; potential problems with water resistance

15. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Image of a huge tent in blue and gold color, with screen door and windows, four compartments.

Max Occupancy: 14 People | Water Resistance Technology: Rain fly | Seasons: Three seasons

The Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 person tent is extremely spacious, giving you and your group four rooms to make the most out of. You will easily be able to fit in around 5 queen-sized mattresses, so you will have no trouble finding space for everybody to come along on the trip. Dividers that come with it can also be tied back so you can really enjoy all of the rooms and floor space this Ozark Trail Base Camp tent has to offer. There are also four separate entrances to the tent, ideal for groups including teenagers who might want a bit more privacy.

  • Dividers can be tied up for more space
  • Room for five queen air beds
  • Four entrances
  • Very heavy duty, so might struggle to carry around; not adequate for water resistance

Best Buy

We have covered a lot of different tents in this review, and when it comes down to picking one it is all about personal preference. We think going for a tent with the best water resistance technology will be the better investment for you – you will certainly be glad of this when facing a weekend of thunderstorms! We recommend the NTK Arizona GT Camping Tent or the UNP Camping Tent, two great tents that offer plenty of space for families whilst also containing great water resistance technology so you can all stay warm and dry.

Considerations When Choosing 4 Room Tents


When you are choosing a 4 room tent, it is important you decide what material will suit your needs best. Some materials might cause allergic reaction due to what it is made out of, so here you need to consider quality over cost.


Are you planning for large group excursions in far away forests? Perhaps you are looking for something to pack quickly for a short weekend trip. Either way, you want to ensure that you can maximise the space available to you. As you will probably be spending most of your time exploring outdoors, it is important that your sleeping area is comfortable and can accommodate everyone you bring along. Most of the tents included in the list come with dividers for the layout, so you can create one large living area, or divide it up into smaller sleeping rooms for the kids.

Consider tents that feature storage pockets so you can make the most out of the floor area without it being taken up by too much gear.


No matter whereabouts you live, buying a tent with weatherproofing facilities is crucial to your trip being a success. The wrong material can cause issues even in sunny weather! For the warmer months, great air ventilation is key so you should be looking for great mesh material in your camping tents. But anybody can find themselves caught in a storm, and weather like that shouldn’t put you off camping. There are plenty of tents that are suitable for all weather conditions. An important feature to look for is a great rain fly to keep the rain from your mesh roof, but also features such as slanted windows in tunnel tents which also help prevent the rain from getting in.

Another feature to consider are strong and sturdy tent poles to help keep your tent well-grounded in all sorts of wind. Anything flimsy won’t withstand even the smallest of storms.

Size and Weight

Are you looking for something you can quickly pack up? Perhaps your camping trip also involves a lot of hiking and exploring. In that case, you will want something that is easy to put up, pack away again and is also light enough to be carried long distances. Tents are great as you can divide all the different pieces between your group to share the load, but the more heavy-duty camping tents might need a car boot to get all the way to your camping spot!

If some of the members of your group are particularly tall, then the cabin-style tents might be more suitable – these are often the ones which offer the most height and are easiest to move around in inside.


How many people do you want to take with you on your trip? Are there young children – or teenagers? If youngsters are involved, especially the latter, you might want to consider the larger tents that offer a living room as well as sleeping rooms. Most tents that have multiple rooms will also come with dividers that will offer even more privacy. You might wish to take those dividers down during the day so you make the most out of what the room has to offer, and put them up again as if you were right back at home.

Extra Features

The price of the tent is a big feature to consider before making your purchase. In the case of tents, the price will often reflect the quality. If you are looking for something that guarantees durability and water resistance, then you might be looking at the more pricier options available. However, this is a product that is built to last you years so it is always worth the investment.


Thank you for taking the time to read about which 4+ room tents we believe will be best suited for you. There are plenty of options available to you, so it is important to find something affordable but will last you a long time, provide plenty of space for your group and keep you safe and dry from weather. If you have any further questions, have a look at the frequently asked questions below.


How to Make the Most of a 4 Room Tent?

4 room tents often come with great features to ensure you and your group can make the most of the rooms. A good quality tent will come with storage facilities so you can free up as much of the inside of the tent as possible. A larger tent might also come with useful dividers for the rooms, so you can create separate rooms for living and sleeping. These will also be able to be drawn back or taken down so you can enjoy all of the space inside the tent during the day.

What Size of Group are These Tents Suitable For?

This article has covered 4 room tents and bigger, so they are most suitable for large groups or families. If you are aiming for a more comfortable stay, consider all of the camping gear your group will be bringing with you (and how much space that will be taking up!) so you can plan for how many can come along. Make use of all the storage pockets the good quality tents come with so you can maximise space for the group.

How Much do These Tents Cost?

When people are looking for a good 4 room tent, there are a range of prices to be found, and usually the price does reflect the quality. If you are looking for something that is truly water resistance and wind proof, you will inevitably be looking down the most costly end of the tents on offer. It is important to choose a tent that will deliver all that you need, so it is better to aim for a more durable and sturdy build that will last you years, even if they are a bit pricier than the others on the market.

Are These Tents Waterproof?

Most tents are designed with horrible weather in mind as, no matter whereabouts in America you are, you never know when you might be hit with rainfall, or even a storm. When purchasing your tent, it is important to look at what water resistance technology it has. Brands like Ozark Trail, UNP and Coleman are great manufacturers to consider if a waterproof tent is especially crucial to you.

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