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Best Compact Flashlights Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you looking for a compact flashlight? Did you know that there are actually a lot to choose from? That is why I made it way easier for you to choose by providing you the list of the top 10 best compact flashlights in the market today. Also, I’ve already gathered up to the things that you need to look out for when purchasing. So, continue reading below to get all the information that you need when it comes to the best compact flashlights today.

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Compact flashlights are known to be small in size, as the name says. But despite their small size, they are definitely very reliable and ultra bright. They are usually equipped with Incandescent and LED. They also have other features, including pocket clips, keychain attachments, and belt holsters. A lot of people choose this kind of flashlight because it is not only very easy to use but can be carried almost everywhere.

Best Compact Flashlights

Below, you’ll find our top 10 compact flashlights – you’re sure to find one here you’ll love.

1. LRI Photon Freedom


This is an image of a keychain flashlight, in black color with metal keychain.

The LRI Photon Freedom measures 1.5 inches in length and is the smallest compact flashlight in the market today. This flashlight produces 4.5 lumens for a maximum of 12 hours using a single energizer lithium battery. The battery has the ability to last for several hours, even during low temperatures. There are four safety modes that the LRI Photon Freedom offers, including the Morse code and the signal mode. If you need an instant full power, all you need to do is use a single operation button. This of course includes a full brightness control.

This LRI Photon Freedom is one of the durable flashlights in the market. It features a LED that is unbreakable and an IUPX7 rating, which makes this flashlight virtually indestructible. It also ha a quick release key ring, which will comes standard with the flashlight. You can use this to replace any zipper pulls on jackets or bags. Another good thing about this compact flashlight is that it comes with a hands-free clip, which can also be use as a necklace if you don’t feel like using it as a keychain. Lastly, you can use between the 10 different LED beam colors, and as well as the three different body styles, which means that you can make this customizable.

2. MecArmy IllumineX-1


Imageof MecArmy mini eychain flashlights in silver color.

The MecArmy IllumineX-1 is a rechargeable patented super micro-sized flashlight. This compact flashlight is using a CREE XP-G2 LED, which can produce a maximum of 130 lumens for a maximum of 30 minutes. The flashlight can be operated using one hand since it can easily be twist and switch. The switch will also give you instant access to both low and high modes. Since the MecArmy IllumineX-1 is made out of high quality titanium alloy, you can be assured that it will last long. To ensure a high stability, there is a special circuit with a gold plated internal contact.

This MecArmy IllumineX-1 only measures 1.61 inches in length, which makes it the tiniest rechargeable USB flashlight in the market. It is powered by 10180 lithium-ion battery, m which is already included upon purchase. All you have to do is to unscrew the light’s headband plug in the mini charging USB cable. If you see the red light, it will indicate that the battery is charging. The green light will indicate that it is already full. The total time for charging the battery is one hour.

3. Nitecore Tube


Image of a blue Nitecore mini keychain flashlight with rugged design.

The Nitecore Tube is using a high performance LED, which produces a maximum of 45 lumens. It offers both low and high modes, and as well as a momentary feature. There is also a variable infinite brightness, which will let you choose the brightness level that you desire, which range from 1 to 45 lumens. This is an impact resistant compact flashlight that is lightweight and is also impact resistant. It also has a key ring connector that is made out of stainless steel. Its compact flashlight has the power to hold 77 pounds without breaking.

This Nitecore Tube is rechargeable and has a high efficient Li-ion battery, which can last for 48 hours of run time. To ensure that the battery will still stay protected from overcharging, Nitecore included an intelligent circuit protective technology with a light indicator. To ensure that it will illuminate the peripheral vision, the compact flashlight has a 100 degree wide beam. Lastly, you can operate this flashlight using one finger.

4. Manker LAD 219C


This is an image of a red mini Manker keychain flashlight.

The Manker LAD 219C is a compact flashlight can be carried almost everywhere and every single day. This measures two inches in length and can be attached to your keychain or inside your pocket. It has the ability to produce a maximum of 230 lumens which can last for a maximum of 30 minutes. Also, it has a strobe mode and brightness levels, which also features a 2x RED Straw Hat LED, which has the power to emit 1 lumen. This flashlight if perfect for outdoor and police use who are in need of a night vision.

This Manker LAD 219C can be operated single handedly and is controlled with a single click button. It also has formed integrally shape, which is made out of aluminum alloy with a builtin lithium polymer battery. You can charge the battery via a USB charging device, which also has a charging indicator. If the light changes to red, then this simply means that you need to charge the flashlight. Typically, the flashlight will need a total of 70 minutes for it to fully charge.

5. MecArmy SGN3


Image of a silver mini keychain MecArmy SGN3 flashlight.

The MecArmy SGN3 is using a Cree XP-g2 LED, which can produce a total of 160 lumens. This flashlight’s LED is paired with a MAX SMO reflector, which will provide you with a maximum beam distance of up to 40m. The white LED, which is the primary light is located at the center of the flashlight. The UV and the red, on the other hand, are on the side of the white LED light. For you to be able to single handedly operate this, this compact flashlight has a single switch design. The tail of this flashlight will let you attach it to a keychain or anywhere similar. To ensure the durability of this compact flashlight, MecArmy is made out of die-cast alloy shell, which can protect your flashlight from a 1.5m drop.

This MecArmy SGN3 is using a rechargeable 280mAh 410cd lithium polymer battery. You can simply charge this light by removing the cover of the USB port and inserting the charging cable. It also has a charging builtin indicator light, wherein the red light indicates that you need to charge the battery. A green light indicates that the battery is already full. Typically, it will take a total of 1.5 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

6. Olight i3E


Image of th OLight mini keychain fashlight, color black, with one AA battery beside it.

The Olight i3E comes in different colors, but the silver one has the best features. This kind of flashlight produces 90 lumens of light. But the run time for each of the colors will depend on the kind of battery used. If you are going to use an NiMH battery, it will provide you with an hour and ten minutes of runtime. The alkaline battery will last for 45 minutes.

This Olight i3E features a PMMA TIR lens and a LUXEON TX LED, which will let the flashlight produce a maximum beam distance of up to 48 meters. The silver model, on the other hand, has a maximum beam distance of 44 meters. One of the best things about this compact flashlight is that it is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum body with an anti-scratch coating, and a Milspec type-III anodizing. This flashlight offers a a great and smooth body so it won’t snag or rip your clothes.

7. Lumintop Tool

Image of a Lumintop flashlight, color black.

The Lumintop Tool may be compact and light, but it is also very powerful. It is powered by a single triple A battery but doesn’t support 10440 batteries. This flashlight is using lithium metal batteries, which is included upon purchase. One of the best things about this flashlight is that it can produce a total of 110 lumens, because it uses a CREE XP-G2 R5 LED. It has a maximum beam distance of up to 47m. There are also two tail caps, wherein the first one is for the tail switch push button. The other one is to help the light to stand or stick on an iron surface.

This Lumintop Tool is using a click switch which is located at the side of the flashlight. There are also three types of brightness modes to choose from. You may opt to use the tail cap or twist the head to help you switch from one mode to another. Just like the compact flashlights above, this is durable, wherein it has a 1.5 meters of impact resistant and an IPX 8 rating.

8. Olight S1A

Image of a the Olight mini flashlight held by a hand.

The Olight S1A is offering a double performance because of the TIR optic lens. The lens is paired with the CREE XM-L2 LED to produce a maximum of 600 lumens. The TIR reflector gives the light with a defined and big wide hotspot, which is ideal for a close up illumination. Its maximum distance is at 118m.

This Olight S1A is using an industrial silicone wide switch to help operate the light. You can simply operate the flashlight even if you are just using one hand or even while you are wearing your gloves. This compact flashlight is powered by 14500 lithium 3.7V batter, which is already included in the package. There are five different brightness levels of flashlight and a strobe mode. Lastly, there are builtin timers, wherein one would be three minutes, while the other is for 9 minutes.

9. Olight S Mini


This is a picture of the Olight S Mini Baton Copper-colored flashlight.

The Olight S Mini comes in different models, which are the brass, titanium, copper, and stainless steel. All of them are made out of aircraft standard grade anodized aluminum with a knurling. They are using XM-L2 LED to produce a maximum of 559 lumens. This flashlight is using a cool white LED with a high rate light transmutation TIR optic lens, which will give a broad and wide hotspot. The maximum beam distance of this flashlight is 110m.

This Olight S Mini can use a single RCR123A or a CR123. The CR123 is not rechargeable, so if you want one that can be charged then using the RCR123 battery would be best. You can simply control this flashlight using the side switch, which has four different brightness level, which includes a strobe. You can gradually fade the brightness because of the gradual brightness change that it has. This means that the compact flashlight won’t strain your eyes.

10. Astrolux S41

Image of an Astrolux S41 mini flashlight in black and copper colors.

The Astrolux S41 is equipped with an amazing flood light, which only measures 3 inches in length. This compact flashlight is using a four Niche 219B/XP-G2 LED, which produces a maximum of 1600 lumens. You have the option to choose from two different mode sets, wherein each of them are well spaced. This flashlight comes with a mode memory, but you can turn it off id you want to. You can easily cycle through the different modes using the soft push button which is located at the tail switch. If you need to increase the level of brightness, ten it would be best to press the switch quickly.

This Astrolux S41 is powered by 18650 or 18350 battery, which are both not included upon purchase. The 18350 only offers a short runtime, while the 18650 has the power to increase the runtime. Now, if you use the 18650 then you will need an extended tube body. Lastly, the Astrolux S41 has a rating of IPX-8 and is also shockproof, which means that it is perfect for outdoor use.

These are all of the best compact flashlights in the market today. For this review, the clear winner would be LRI Photon Freedom. The reason behind this is because it has a steady lumens of up to 4.5, which can last for half a day when using a lithium energizer battery. There are also safety modes in this, besides the morse code and the signal mode that it has. Another good thing about the LRI Photon Freedom is that it has an IPX7 rating and a LED that is unbreakable. This simply means that this compact flashlight is durable and will last for a long period of time. To make it easier for you to carry it, you can attach it in your keychain or clip it on your clothes or use it as a necklace clip. Lastly, it has ten different LED beam colors that you will surely love.

Choosing The Best Compact Flashlight

As mentioned above, there are tons of compact flashlights in the market today. This means that choosing the best compact flashlight can be challenging. But what are the things that you should actually look for? Well, we will all find out below.

Performance Of The Flashlight

One of the most important factors when it comes to shopping for a compact flashlight is its performance. Typically the newer models are dependable and powerful than the old ones. The manufacturers are testing their products before selling them out to the public. The details of the tests will be included in the flashlight’s data.

Brightness Of The Flashlight

Of course the brightness of the flashlight is also important when it comes to choosing a good compact flashlight. You need to choose a flashlight that has advanced circuitry, bulbs, and as well as a battery. Don’t be fooled that only the pricey flashlights give out the most power, but there are also affordable ones that can be as powerful as the expensive ones.

Switching Off and On

You need to choose a compact flashlight that can easily be turned off and on. A compact flashlight that won’t give you any headaches in switching it from off to on would be best. It would be great to choose a flashlight that can be switched off and on while it is still inside the bag to when you are wearing your gloves.


Another essential feature that you need to check is the lumens of the flashlight that you are purchasing. The lumens means the light intensity measurement. There are a lot of flashlights with different lumens, so choosing the brightness that you need would be best.

Type Of Bulb

As you all know, LED lights are one of the greatest innovations today. The reason behind this is because they are not only bright, shock resistant, and as well as energy efficient. Also, they can run for long periods of time. So when purchasing a compact flashlight, it would be best to choose one that uses LED lights.

Start looking for that compact flashlight that you’ve been searching for, and make sure to check out the best above to narrow down your searches.

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