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Best CR123A Flashlights Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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When it comes to flashlights for EDC, a lot of people prefer AA flashlights. AA batteries are affordable and you can find them pretty much anywhere in the world. So this tends to make them the number one choice for a lot of preppers. However they leak and won’t last long term whereas Cr12a batteries will. If you’re looking looking for the best cr123a flashlight, then you’ve came to the right place.

What is a CR123A Flashlight?

There are a number of different variations of flashlights available on the market. Each provides a specific function with advantages and disadvantages when compared with others. The cr123 flashlight uses the cr123a battery which has a much longer lifespan than the regular AA battery. The downside to this is that the cr123a battery is usually more expensive and harder to find. For this reason, for an everyday carry flashlight people often opt for an AA flashlight.
This is where the different functions of a flashlight come in. The cr123 flashlight provides a super-powerful light that lasts much longer than your average AA flashlight. This makes the cr123 flashlight more suitable for emergency situations. The best cr123 flashlights can last for days and in some cases even weeks.

The 9 Best CR123A Flashlights

1. The Surefire PX2


Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED 15/500 Lumen Black Flashlight - P2X-B-BK


The Surefire PX2 series offers a super strong light that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This flashlight comes with two types of light modes. One reaches a high of one thousand lumens and a lower output of 15 lumens. This is useful when you only need a small amount of light allowing you to save the battery power.

This cr123a flashlight is very easy to use with a simple button to turn on the light. The same button is used to cycle through the various light modes to suit your needs. This flashlight is sturdy with an aluminum body that makes it extremely durable. This makes the Surefire PX2 flashlight ideal for both an everyday day pocket light and for outdoor exploration.

On the lower light setting the Surefire flashlight has a battery life of around 46 hours. This makes it useful as an emergency backup flashlight that you can trust to provide visibility for longer time periods. This cr123a flashlight weighs an impressively light 5oz making it easy to carry around in your pocket or through in your rucksack.

Another useful feature of the Surefire PX2 is the fact that it is water resistant. This comes in handy when your outdoor adventures involve crossing small bodies of water. It also protects against the chance of rain pouring down and breaking your equipment including your flashlight. This is important as you don’t have to worry about losing visibility at night due to water damage.

2. The Streamlight 88030 PROTAC1L


Streamlight 88030 ProTac 1L 275 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe w/1 x CR123A Batteries - 275 Lumens


Number 2 on the list is the Streamlight Protac 1L series. This flashlight provides an output of around 275 lumens which is more than enough to light up the night. On the highest light setting this flashlight can last around 2 hours. On the lowest setting the Streamlight flashlight can last around 14 hours. This is more than enough time to get you through the night if you find yourself on a night expedition.

Similar to the previous cr123 flashlight, it has various light modes that adjust to the levels of light you require. However, unlike the Surefire, the Streamlight has an additional light mode which is the strobe light mode. This is super useful for emergency situations where you are trying to gain someone’s attention.

Again, the Streamlight flashlight is made from aluminum which makes it very durable. This is ideal for outdoor trips that increase the chance of dropping equipment on hard surfaces. Another impressive feature of this cr123 flashlight is its water resistance. The Streamlight flashlight is waterproof in 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes. This is extremely useful for situations that require you to travel through water especially at night where you need visibility.
Another benefit of this flashlight is its weight. The Streamlight Protac 1L weighs only 2 oz meaning you will not even notice the extra weight in your pocket. This is advantageous for those who travel light and want a flashlight that is effective but discrete.



Olight S1R Turbo S rechargeable 900 Lumens CREE XP-L LED Flashlight EDC with RCR123 Li-ion battery, flex magnetic USB charging cable and EdisonBright CR123A Lithium back-up Battery bundle


If you are looking for a truly blinding light, then the Olight Turbo S might be the one for you. This cr123a battery-powered flashlight can provide an output of a whopping 900 lumens on max light settings. This flashlight has a variety of light settings that allow you to save battery whilst still providing a bright output of light.

The other light settings include a lower 500 lumens which are still more than enough to light up the night. The Olight Turbo S requires only one cr123 battery to power it which is also rechargeable. The battery is charged via USB using a USB charging dock. This makes it easier to take with you whilst you go on your trips outdoors. You will not need to worry about bringing spare batteries as the charging dock is all you need to power your flashlight.

In the lowest setting, this cr123 flashlight has a battery life of around 33 hours which is impressive. Especially when this flashlight weighs a mind-blowing 1.27oz making it one of the lightest on this list. If you are looking for a lightweight flashlight that offers a super-powerful light, this might be your best option. On top of all these features, the Olight Turbo S is also water-resistant and has one of the highest water resistance ratings on this list.



Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight, 1000 Lumen, Black, 5.5 in


The Fenix Flashlight is another excellent choice that offers a variety of innovative features for those keen for hardcore adventure. With this cr123 flashlight, you can expect an output of around 1000 lumens which is extremely bright.
One of the impressive features with this flashlight is the number of different light modes available. The Fenix flashlight has six light modes that adjust for the levels of light you require for any situation. There is a low light level that has a battery life of 29 hours which is plenty of light to get you through the night.

The Fenix Flashlight also has a strobe setting which is useful for emergency situations and trying to attract attention during the night.

There is a tactical mode and outdoor mode which is unique to the Fenix flashlight. The tactical mode turns off the side switches and uses the end of the flashlight to operate the different modes. The outdoor mode utilises the side switches for the light modes and the tail switch for turning the light off/on. Finally, much like the other cr123 flashlights on this list, the Fenix flashlight is waterproof. It has one of the highest water resistance ratings on this list making it ideal for extreme outdoor exploration. With this flashlight, you will be able to travel through any conditions at any time of the day. The weight of the Fenix flashlight is 3.1 oz which is very light making it easily carried. Throw it in your outdoor bag or keep it in your pocket so it is readily available.



EagleTac D25C Clicky Cool White XM-L2 LED Flashlight


The EAGLETAC D25C is another cr123 flashlight that offers a powerful light whilst maintaining a super compactable shape. This flashlight offers 4 levels of light mode allowing you to adjust the intensity of light to fit your needs. It also has a strobe effect which is an important addition to emergency situations.

On the lowest light setting the Eagletac flashlight has a battery life of 10 hours. This will be more than enough to get you from sunset to sunrise with clear visibility. On the higher light setting, this cr123 flashlight can reach around 453 lumens. This will provide enough light to expose any trail at night or potential dangers that lurk in the shadows.

The Eagletac flashlight is one of the lightest on this list weighing in at only 1.29 oz. This makes it super easy to carry around in your pocket without causing any discomfort or inconvenience. Another benefit to this flashlight is that it only requires one battery to power it. This means that you aren’t wasting money on flashlights that drain batteries way too quickly.

The Eagletac is made with an aluminum body making it very durable increasing how well it handles damage. It also comes with a keychain allowing you to connect it to your bag, so it doesn’t take up space. Finally, the Eagletac is very water resistant meaning that you will not have to worry about it getting wet hanging from the outside of your bag.



TerraLUX TT5R-EX Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight - 885 Lumens


This pick can be described as a multifunctional cr123 flashlight. It can be used as an everyday carry flashlight. It can be used for your outdoor survival adventures. And it can be used in emergency situations. This all-rounder provides up to 400 lumens of light which more than enough to give you vision during the night.

The Terralux has two different light modes with a slightly lower light mode that preserves the battery and high mode. The higher mode will be sure to illuminate any forest you find yourself in allowing you to stay on track. In addition to these light modes, this cr123 flashlight has a strobe effect which helps to protect you. If you are to become vulnerable this strobe light might be one of the only lifelines to attract attention.

One of the downsides to this flashlight is its battery life which is only 7 hours on the lowest setting. This is however easily managed as the battery is rechargeable so once it runs out you don’t have to try and find a replacement. Simply recharge the battery for another 7 hours of powerful light output. The Terralux is also water-resistant allowing it to be used in all conditions that you may be exposed to. This allows you to use this flashlight whether it is pouring rain or if you find yourself crossing bodies of water.



SureFire 6PX Series LED Flashlights


This is another flashlight from the reputable Surefire collection. Much like the other Surefire flashlights on this list, this cr123 flashlight comes with two light modes. In the lowest setting, the lumen output is around 15 lumens which increase the battery life drastically. One of the highest settings this cr123 flashlight can reach around 320 lumens which will provide plenty of vision at night.

The body of the Surefire 6PX is made from aluminum making it a super sturdy option for hardcore adventurers. This cr123 flashlight will allow you to withstand the most extreme conditions whilst you explore the outdoors. On top of its durable structure, the Surefire 6px is also water-resistant. This means that not only is it protected against dropping onto hard surfaces, it is also protected against rain.

This cr123 flashlight is a great option for those looking for a bright flashlight that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with outdoor adventuring. After weighing up all the pros and cons for this device it can be said that the Surefire 6PX is great value for the money.



Eagletac D25LC2 Tactical 1200 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight, 2x CR123A Batteries and LumenTac Keychain Light


This is the second Eagletac flashlight on this list and we thought it had to be included. This model is similar to the other Eagletac flashlight however offers a much greater strength of light. On the highest setting, this flashlight can reach up to 1200 lumens which are extremely bright. It offers 2 other light modes to adjust for various levels of light that will allow you to save battery.

One of the other benefits of this model is the battery life. On the medium setting, the Eagletac D25CLC2 has a battery life of around 20 hours. This is a big difference compared to the other model that offers only 10-hour battery life. This cr123 flashlight is also waterproof which is useful for environments that have unpredictable weather.

This Eagletac has a durable body with a threaded pattern that allows for a firm grip when it becomes wet. It weighs merely 2oz which means it will hardly be noticeable whilst carrying in your pocket. If you are looking for a simple flashlight with a powerful light, then this is a good option. It has one of the highest lumen outputs ensuring your ability to see at night whilst on your explorations.



Nitecore EC11 900 Lumens Brightest Mini Cree XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight with 2x Nitecore Rechargeable IMR 18350 batteries, UM20 charger, and a Lumen Tactical Keychain Light

The Nitecore EC11 flashlight can really only be described as having it all. This cr123 flashlight can reach outputs of around 900 lumens which is more than enough to light up the campsite. It also boasts five light settings that help accurately adjust to the levels of light that you require. This means that whether you need a low light to see around your tent or a light that can illuminate a forest, the Nitecore EC11 flashlight has it all.

On top of these five light settings, there is also a strobe light setting which is useful in emergency situations. If you find yourself disorientated out in the wilderness at night, use the strobe light to alert your fellow campers.
The Nitecore EC11 has a battery life of around 8.5 hours which at first glance isn’t as strong as some of the other flashlights on this list. However, what a lot of the flashlights on this list do not have is a rechargeable battery. With this cr123 battery-powered flashlight you only need to recharge your batteries with the included UM20 charger.

The body of this flashlight is made with high-quality aluminum making it super durable and compact. This reduces the chance of breaking the flashlight whilst outdoors or at the bottom of your bag. The Nitecore EC11 flashlight also has one of the highest water resistant ratings on this list. This allows you to take it on any adventure you please knowing that your flashlight will withstand the unpredictable environment.

What are the advantages of having a CR123A flashlight?

Increased Voltages

One of the main advantages of the CRr123A flashlight is the type of battery that powers the light. The CR123A flashlight uses a lithium-cell battery instead of the common double AA battery. With the cr123a battery, a much higher voltage can be obtained. This in turn means a much more powerful light and increased lumen output. The result is a flashlight that will last for a lot longer with a much more powerful light.

The significance of a much brighter flashlight that lasts for longer is important especially for emergency situations. The cr123a battery has twice the voltage output than a regular AA battery. With a CR123A flashlight, you can rely on the flashlight providing a strong output of light. You will be able to see clearly in the dark whilst not worrying about running out of power.

Increased Capacity

When you compare the capacity of a cr123a battery with a regular AA battery, the cr123 battery wins again. The cr123a battery has a capacity that is twice the capacity of a regular AA battery. This means that the lifespan of the battery is a lot longer meaning that it will power a flashlight longer.

This is important for emergency situations where you need to have a light that can last a long time. It is also just advantageous to have a flashlight that will last longer before you need to replace the batteries. It means that you will not have to worry as much about carrying spare batteries around. This makes it ideal as an everyday carry flashlight as well because you have no reason to carry less is good.


Another advantage of the CR123 battery is that it weighs less than the AA battery. This makes it easier to carry around in your everyday bag or pocket. It also makes it easier to carry spare batteries in your outdoor bag when going camping. The lighter load also allows you to add the cr123 flashlight to your emergency kit bag as a backup. Having a backup flashlight is important in case you find yourself in a stressful situation. This last thing you want to be worrying about is your flashlight running out of battery with no backup.

Less Bulky

The CR123A battery is notorious for providing a much more compact battery. It can be for an everyday carry flashlight or part of your emergency kit. The cr123a battery reduces the bulkiness of the battery whilst providing a much more powerful light. For those looking for a super bright searchlight, the cr123a flashlight is what you are looking for.

Temperature Resistant

Unlike a lot of the regular batteries like the AA battery, the cr123 flashlight is resistant to high temperatures. This means that for those living in environments of extreme heat or cold, the cr123a battery is your best option. The lithium battery is able to withstand these extreme temperatures without becoming damaged, reducing function and lifespan.

With the cr123a flashlights, you can rely on your flashlight functioning in all types of weather. The lithium battery will not become damaged like a lot of regular batteries. This means that the places you can carry your CR123A flashlight is truly limitless. Whether that’s on your next hike up a snowy mountain or a walk in the desert, you can count on your cr123a to provide light.

Shorter Batteries

The shape of the cr123a battery is a lot shorter than the regular AA batteries. This means that you have a much easier time carrying around a flashlight that takes up a lot less space. This is useful for flashlights that you are wanting to carry in your pocket. Having a smaller battery makes the size of the flashlight more variable allowing you to choose many portable flashlights.


As you can see from the list above there really is a wide range of cr123 flashlights available. This allows you to pick and choose from what features you want the most. Whether that’s a super bright light or an extra-long battery life there is a flashlight for you and if you haven’t seen one you like here, then check out the best flashlights.

It should be clear by now that the cr123a batteries provide much more power and battery compared to the ordinary AA alkaline batteries. cr123a flashlights can be used for everyday carry in your pocket as well as a survival tool. When it comes to choosing between an AA battery-powered flashlight and a cr123a battery-powered flashlight it should really be a no-brainer.

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