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Best Drop Leg Bags Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of a man wearing brown drop tactical leg bag

Drop Leg Bags are the new trend, and you heard it here first – they suit everyone! They are suitable for travellers and college-goers alike. No matter the occasion, if you want one for a short business trip or a weekend away in the countryside, this bag is a worthy investment you don’t want to miss. Drop leg bags come in different variations, offering so much choice for you as a buyer.

With so many brands on the market today, we recognise the difficulty in picking the best drop leg bag for you. How do you know if the quality is good or not? If you find yourself in this position, this article will be worth checking out. Our team have created a list of what we believe to be the 10 best drop leg bags on the market – making your decision easier! Continue reading this buying guide to choose what could be your next best purchase for you.

10 Best Drop Leg Bags

1. Bag Pack Thigh Bag For Men

A photo of a brown drop-leg bag with front flap with zipper

Size: 5.9 x 2.4 x 11.4 inches approx. | Weight: 350 grams

This military style bag could be the perfect investment for those who want a bag without drawing attention. This drop leg bag comes thigh high, and can be used no matter what the occasion – work, hiking, cycling or more! Coming in a range of dark, neutral colors, you will find the one that best suits you and your style.

  • Material: This drop leg bag is made of canvas material, quitted with top-quality zippers and a durable clip-on strap. A clear sign of excellent workmanship, offering a contemporary design suitable to men all of ages.
  • Multi Pockets: Although the bag has a minimalistic design, it comes with multi-pocket compartments, offering ultimate storage space. The main zipper pocket offers high quality space, big enough to carry up to a 7.9 inches iPad mini. This is perfect to slot in for a long commute. The front top zipper pocket is the ideal side for holding watches, keys, lighters etc. The fanny pack design is perfect for travellers to feel safe with their items as the thigh belt keeps the bag secure.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Big Pack offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee warranty as well as friendly customer service. If you are unhappy with the item for some reason, do not hesitate to contact them.
  • Previous users have commented on the fact that the bag sometimes struggles to fit. This can be amended by adjusting the straps to the fit that fits best for you.

2. Luckin Packin Bag For Men

Image of a black leg bag attached to a waistband, buckle lock front flap

Product Dimensions: 6.2″W x 11.8″H x 9.4 inches | Weight: 1.3 lbs

Coming in a range of different colour, Luckin Packin have designed a new brand of drop leg bag suited mainly towards men.

  • Design: This drop leg bag is made of from a nylon material, offering great conditions for your bag. As well as this, the material is durable and water-resistant. It comes with top-quality zippers and a strap clip that works no matter what adjustment. The drop leg bag also comes with a breathable sandwich pad, this protects your thigh from becoming hurt if you have weighty things in your bag. The widened waist strap and shoulder pad act in reducing pressure to these areas.
  • This product has had many ratings – and virtually none of them have been negative. Users of this drop leg bag have been happy with quality of the product, finding no real reason to give it a negative review – making our job that much easier!

3. Tookie Drop Leg Bag

Image of a man wearing a black leg bag with zipper-closure front pocket

Product Descriptions: 5.9 x 2.7 x 10.2 inches | Weight: 290 grams

Tookie have released a drop leg bag that sits on the waist, but can be worn as a front wearing bag also.

  • Waterproof Oxford Material: The bag is made from Oxford fabric which makes the bag solid, durable and more importantly anti-scratch. The material doesn’t fade and deform even after a wash. There are multi-pockets included within the design, perfect for storing wallet, keys, and cell phone. The size of the big pocket of the leg bag is 24x17cm. More importantly, the material is waterproof. Perfect for any excursion you might need this bag for.
  • Perfect Size: The sizing for this product ranges from 15cmx7cm. It has one long adjustable strap, meaning you can alternate between fanny pack to an on the shoulder bag also. It also enables you to fix the bag to sit on your thigh, suitable for every preference.
  • There have been few negative reviews of this product, making it hard to produce an actual ‘con.’ Previous users have commented on the flimsy nature of some of the zips – but none have resulted into any long term problems that have made them completely unsatisfied. Tookie have worked hard to create one of the best drop leg bags out there!

4. Le’aokuu Mens Genuine Leather Bag

Image of a leather leg bag with vertical and horizontal zippers on front

Product Description: 5.9 x 1.37 x 8.6 inch | Weight: 0.35 kilograms

Le’Aokuu have released a genuine leather drop leg bag for men – and we believe it is one of the best on the market. It comes in a grand total of 27 different colors – leaving you full of options to find the one that suits your style!

  • This bag weighs about 0.35kg. It is the ideal messenger bag for those who are looking for a casual yet sophisticated look. The design of the bag means its adaptable to sit on either your waist or leg – whichever your preference. This location makes access simple should you be walking, climbing, riding. Whatever.
  • Le’Aokuu have made apparent to their customers to be mindful before purchasing that the leather is suceptible of getting scratches on it’s surface.
  • Previous users have commented on the colour fading from the bag quite easily and that in some cases, the quality of the zippers hasn’t been ideal.

5. Fansport Drop Leg Outdoor Bag

This is an image of a black outdoor leg bag with diagonal zipper on front

Product Dimensions: 11.42 x 10.63 x 2.76 in | Weight: 7.05 Ounces

Tactical for any sporting trip, camping trip, fishing trip or more – Fansport have released a fun and sporty drop leg bag that could be the next best purchase for all of you exercise fanatics!

  • Multipurpose use: This drop leg bag can used as a drop leg bag, thigh pack, waist pack, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, fit very well for man, children, boys, girls, college students, etc.
  • Material: This drop leg bag is made from nylon material as well as polyester. It comes equipped with adjustable straps as well as a quick release buckle. This material is durable, promising a wear-resistant using experience.
  • Practical: The bag is designed with a reflective band, adding extra safety for your travelling in the dark. This is a particularly good asset for those who go late night running, cycling etc. Ideal for all outdoor use.
  • This product has received few negative reviews, making it difficult to create a con. However, some have commented on the material being not 100% durable.

6. Jueachy Drop Leg Bag

Image of a leg bag attached to a waistband with front flap, buckle closure, and side pockets

Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.9 x 5 inches

Jueachy have released a new drop leg bag designed specifically for men, coming in a range of neutral colors.

  • Design: This drop leg bag is made from a firm nylon material, coming with a buckled waist strap, having a firm, high quality waist belt. The design also includes a water bottle pouch, the perfect addition for hikers or travellers alike. You can use the shoulder strap or wear it as a waist bag, whatever your preference might be. comes with a breathable sandwich pad which protects your thighs from being hurt. You can widen the waist strap and shoulder pad to reduce pressure also.
  • Previous users of the bag commented on the great longveity of the bag, and that it is good quality. They did note that after a year the fabric of the bag starts to fray – but this is dependant on how often you use it. The quality is still satisfactory to many!

7. Sealinf Canvas Waist Bag

A brown canvass legbag with two horizontal zippers on front

Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 12.6 x 2.4 inches | Weight: 11.68 Ounces

Sealinf have brought out a new waist bag, a great military tactical drop bag.

  • Design: This bag is made from 100% eco-friendly, high quality canvas material. Multi-pockets design with compartments for holding all your daily necessities such as wallet, cellphone etc.
  • With two adjustable straps, one waist strap and one leg strap – offering high quality comfort
  • This bag is unisex, suitable for all!
  • Previous users have commented on the bag falling down on them. However, this can be amended if you adjust the leg strap properly to a style that best fits you!

8. Genda 2Archer Drop Leg Bag

A leg bag in leather with horizontal zipper on front

Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 7 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 0.4kg

Genda 2Archer have released a range of cotton bags in beautiful colors. It has a retro, unique design, making it a drop leg bag that would style up any of your daily outfits!

  • Design: adjustable waist belt for waist size up to 56″, adjustable thigh belt for thigh size up to 34″. This bag comes with an adjustable waist belt for waist sizes up to 56″, with an adjustable thigh belt for thigh sizes up to 34″. There is 1 main compartment, suitable for holding wallet, keys, credit cards, or the room for an iPad mini. There is also one front zipper pocket suitable for storing smaller items. This is secured by a magnetic closure buckle.
  • Quality: Every product is tested before being sent to customers, and if you are unhappy there is a 6-month warranty period.
  • Previous users have commented that the metal clasp sometimes became loose. This could be rectified by not overstuffing the bag.

9. VBG VBIGER Drop Leg Bag

Image of a black leg bag, two front zippers seen

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches | Weight: 240 grams

VBG have released a canvas bag aimed specifically for men – this item could be the best canvas bag could be for you.

  • Professional Design: This bag is incredibly versatile. It features adjustable straps for the waist and thigh, with a quick release buckle, meaning you can change how you wear the bag, on the move.
  • Customer Service: If for any reason you are unhappy with the bag, contact VBG for a 24 hour response.
  • Previous users have commented on the pockets in the design weren’t as big as they hoped. This bag is ideal for smaller, travel-size items on the go.

10 Antartica Military Bag

Image of a military man wearing a leg bag in brown color, buckle locks, side pockets seen

Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.5 x 5.1 inches | Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Antartica have designed a waterproof, tactical drop leg bag, perfect for mountaineering, vacations and cycling!

  • AMPLE CAPACITY: This bag comes with 3 main compartments, 2 side pockets and 4 hidden pockets, enough space to hold smartphones, power packs, wallets etc. and even first aid kits. All you could need!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of 900D high density Oxford material, it is both waterproof and wear resistant. In addition to the main back, there is a detachable water bottle bag.
  • PROFESSTIONAL DESIGN: Adjustable quick release buckle and high quality zipper with parachute cord head, external Molle expansion system for extra room. There is an adjustable waist strap which is detachable. Also included is an adjustable leg strap to provide more comfort while you are on the move.
  • There has been customer satisfaction with this product, with few negative reviews. Previous users have commented on the size. This bag is bigger than a standard drop leg bag, which makes this bag more suitable for camping, hiking or a fishing trip.

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Drop Leg Bags

Below are some things we believe you should take into consideration when choosing the best drop leg bag for you!


The design of drop leg bags is to reinforce portability. Many of the products reviewed in this article are known for being lightweight – making your journey from one place to another incredibly easy. No complaints are usually made when it comes to the portability of a drop leg bag. Unlike others, these bags have no issues with portability as their versatility sets them apart from a regular handbag.

Durability and Material

All of the drop leg bags discussed in this article have been designed with durability at it’s centre. Many are made from a nylon material, perfect for a camping trip, or a bike ride, or any kind of occasion. These are bags that are designed to last. Their functionality is surrounded by their range of pockets, both zip and velcro. After our analysis, we are confident in recommending that the ideal drop leg bags for durability are those that are made from a canvas or nylon material. If you want something that will be both strong and secure but has more of a professional edge, we recommend to you the genuine leather bags as they are both durable and waterproof.

Size and Weight

The choice of size varies from one person to another as a small one will work for some, whereas the others might have to shop a large one. It is quite obvious that the price will increase with the size, so decide appropriately.You will find drop leg bags in different sizes for ensuring that everyone can find the compatible one.

The weight will vary depending on what you want the purpose of your drop leg bag to be. Some might use it for smaller, lighter, miscellaneous items, whereas someone else might need it to tactfully transport their iPad from meeting to meeting in style. The variety of design within drop leg bags will alter the weight but the majority mentioned are light-weight and effective.

Weather Protection

Despite nylon and cotton being nice materials to look at, they aren’t waterproof. Most materials used for drop leg bags might not be the best at protecting you from the rain – unless you decide to select a genuine leather one. This is something worth keeping in mind when making your decision.


What is a drop leg bag?

A drop leg bag can be known under many different names. They are essentially a style of messenger bag that can sit on your waist, thigh or over your shoulder. They are a small, portable and durable bag existing for those who don’t want the hassle of carrying a huge on the shoulder bag, but want more stability than carrying a small clutch bag. They are some of the most comfortable bags in the market today, and also the most effective. They appeal to travellers greatly, as they are secure enough that you never have to worry about your things being pick-pocketed like a normal style of bag might allow.

How do you wear a drop leg bag?

The great thing about drop leg bags is that how you wear them can vary. Many of the bags that have been reviewed in this article all feature adjustable straps, meaning you can change where the bag sits on your person to make it most comfortable for you. Many come with waist belt and leg straps, meaning the bag can be worn for any waist size with ease. The options are endless, as so many different types allows the capacity for full reign. Drop leg bags are perfect for allowing movement, as they aren’t design to obstruct you in any way.

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