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Best Family Tents with Rooms Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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When it comes to camping, not all tents are the same, and they for sure don’t meet all the needs that each person wants. A traditional tent and a family tent are very different, and those of us who thought otherwise soon learned the errors of their ways, and probably at the worst of times.

A real family tent has been designed with both adults and children in mind, with a shared tent scenario being one of the prevalent features. A more practical and smooth camping experience is being given to families with all of the intricate features that have been subtly integrated into these specific tents for families.

When you don’t have these special features, it will soon become apparent that your trip has turned into more of a hassle than a welcome break. Camping with families should be fun and stress-free, so get a tent that is going to accommodate this way of living,

We know that the tent market is an easy place to get lost in. With so many options, it is hard always to know what your priorities are. It is important to find out all of your main needs before you start splashing the cash.

If you take some time and read through our extensive guide, you are sure to become a tent master and have a better understanding of what you need for your next camping trip. We are going to explain some of the key features that every tent needs, along with some added extras that some companies bring to the table that helps your tent be perfect for all families’ needs.

The Top 10 Family Tents with Separate Rooms

1. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Max Occupancy: 12 persons | Fabric Type: Polyester

The 12 people instant cabin family tent is the perfect choice if you want to have a night or weekend in the wilderness on your family camping trip. It is made completely from polyester and will not leave the kids bored waiting for you to build it as it has an instant setup and will be ready to use within 2 minutes. The poles are all pre-attached to this 12 person tent, unpack, unfold, lift the legs into position and extend until they click into place. Then there you have it, the perfect tent for your entire family to enjoy.

It is comfortable, with a water-repellant rainfly that is completely removable in warmer weather. When removed, a mesh ceiling is revealed perfect for looking into the stars for beautiful panoramic sights gazing into the stars on those clear summer nights. An advanced ventilation system uses an adjustable air intake vent that has been specifically designed to bring in cool air from the ground while the mesh ceiling lets hot air escape through the top. This system keeps you comfortable for the whole season, no matter what the weather.

There are three room options inside with two entryways. You can use the D-Door that is placed on the side of the tent, or the T-Door, which is on the other side. It features two attachable room dividers that give you the freedom to create separate living and sleeping areas, and also for older kids, make them have their own private room, an easy and convenient way to sleep. These multiple rooms can also be great for storing your belongings that you don’t want to take up lots of space in your sleeping areas.

The bag contains a pop-up tent with poles already attached, a rain fly, extra awning poles, two-room dividers, tent stakes, and a carry bag that keeps everything organized and secure when you are not using the tent. There is a 1-year warranty that comes with these 12 person family camping tents ensuring you are delighted with your purchase and all the features that it contains.

2. Coleman Montana Easy Setup Tent

Max Occupancy: 8 persons | Product Dimensions: 27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches | Item Weight: 22.3 lbs

Coleman has developed the Montana tent that is perfect for the outdoors and has an easy setup making it a great family camping tent. No longer will the kids be waiting for an hour, becoming bored and impatient waiting for you to complete the tent. The 8 person tent comes in 3 different colors and is completely weatherproof.

This weatherproofing is made from the welded corners and inverted seams that help keep water from getting inside the tent and soaking any of your belongings. There is also a rainfly that offers extra weather protection when faced with more extreme conditions. The frame has been made out of extra strong material that is extremely durable. It has been tested to withstand winds over 35MPH, making it the perfect choice for even in more extreme camping conditions, something not usually associated with a family tent.

For easy access or exit to the tent, there is the patented, hinged design. This design is great and saves lots of time without the need to roll and clipping the door panel up so you can get in and out easily. There are also angled windows that allow you to open even when it is raining. This allows extra air circulation even in those humid rain spells and still prevents you from getting wet.

On the side of the tent, there are storage pockets that are great for keeping any valuables and gear that you have brought with you organized, safe, and off the ground, in case you have a water spillage. If you want to bring some power into your tent, there is also an E-port conveniently placed that allows you to run an extension cord through to an outlet, bringing some electrical home comforts to your camping trip.

This tent has been built to last. The poles are strong and durable, and the fabric is double thick to handle all the elements no matter what the season is. The conventional build time is 15 minutes after you are familiar with the set-up, and inside there is a spacious interior. The center can fit up to 3 queen-sized airbeds giving you and your family more than enough space for yourselves and all of your equipment or gear.

There is only one room for the entire cabin tent, but the space you are given makes this not much of an issue. These tents come with a convenient carry case that makes storage easy, plus a 1-year limited warranty is included ensuring you are secure with your purchase.

3. Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

Product Dimensions: 30.31 x 10.23 x 10.23 inches |Item Weight: 31.0 lbs

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 person tent is perfect for the whole family. It has lots of space and 2 separate rooms that can sleep up to 10 people easily and comfortably. This is thanks to the 17 x 9-inch floor plan with a 6ft4 center height. There are two doors that future the patent-pending hinge technology that provides you with a more convenient way to enter and exit the tent. This feature is great for families with children who are potentially running in and out of the tent numerous times.

There is a convenient electrical access port on one side of the tent that lets you connect to an outside power source bringing your home comforts of phone charging or even powering a tablet or laptop inside your cabin tent. Inside the tent, interior gear pockets help keep your items safe and organized, not just thrown around the tent floor, ready to be lost.

It has an easy setup that is both quick and simple thanks to the two color-coded pole system that matches the continuous pole sleeves. The poles are made from shock-corded fiberglass that makes them extra strong, plus the exclusive pin-and-ring design and InstaClip attachments make for easy setup. There are straightforward instructions sewn inside the convenient carry bag, which allows you to compactly tidy away your tent and poles when you are not using them.

Coleman’s WeatherTec System is curated by multiple different features working together to keep the weather outside of the tent at all times, exactly where it belongs. These features consist of the Leak-free Seams that, in addition to the fully-taped rainfly seams, there is a rainfly cover on the doors and windows. This is all fully accessible with an easy-to-use Velcro frame attachment.

The Weather-resistant fabric that compiles the tent’s main surface is a coated polyester fabric that has been combined with anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers, all designed to keep you warm and dry. There are inverted floor seams that increase the weather resistance dramatically. It does this by hiding needle holes inside the tent, keeping them away from the elements outside.

The flooring is completely waterproof, too, with welding technology features that strengthen this 10 person tent’s floor, eliminating needle holes. Zipper cuffs add protection from weather coming in through the camping tent door, and the overall structure of the frame has been engineered to be more responsive when tackling strong winds. It does this by using redesigned poles and guy-out triangles that anchor the tent, increasing its performance.

All of this comes with Coleman’s limited 1-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring you are completely protected if you come across any performance troubles while you are out on your family camping trips.

4. Vango Capri XL Family Tent

Max Occupancy: 6 persons | Product Dimensions :236.22 x 149.61 x 82.68 inches | Item Weight: 50.11 Pounds

If you have been looking for a more spacious and comfortable family tent, the Vango Capri XL tent is a perfect choice. It is deceptively large and has a great division of space inside. There are Pre-Angled beams that help to create a bright and airy living room area. This space is complemented by the front extension that is generous in size.

An ideal tent for any family with lots of home-from-home features. There is a TBS that provides stability through the internal connection points. The connections make different angles that help to brace the pole or beam from any strong winds. It overall stops movement from becoming too extensive in more extreme weather conditions. When not required, unclip and roll away.

The inner tent is amazing. It has a darker fabric that helps to ease the morning light from waking you up too early when you’re camping in the peak summertime. Just because you’re sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean that you have to have an early start to your morning, after all, it is a holiday!

The internal space created is more useable than you would find in regular multi-room tents with key features such as the pre-angled sections fitted on the beams as opposed to a continuous arc. The shape of the tent also keeps the tent sturdy in strong side winds. Maximize your light and visibility with the diamond clear windows that are quick and easy to inflate.

The tent has a great waterproof rating; this is thanks to the 70D 4,000mm Polyester flysheet.

5. Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent

Max Occupancy: 12 persons | Pole Material Type: Steel

Ozark Trail has designed their connection 2 person cabin tent. It is a large family camping tent with a strong and sturdy design. It does take a little longer than some of the other models on our list, but the waterproof rating, space, and practicality of this tent for your family are more than worth the build time.

It has been made from a traditional all-steel design with a single gable entrance found in the center of the front side of these Ozark Trail tents. Inside the tent, there are two strings of LED lights that hang conveniently to illuminate the tent’s inside when it becomes dark outside. These are powered by AA batteries that aren’t included in the purchase.

A great feature that isn’t found in tents very often is the two 2-inch deep closets with large mesh hanging organizers that sit inside. These are great for storing clothes and different belonging you have brought with you to ensure they are safe and organized. The closets are built into the tent’s fabric, instantly ready to go as soon as you build the tent. There is also a gear hanger made from mesh with four carabiners. Storage solutions have never been so effortless with the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 12 person tent.

On top of all this, there are two hanging corner organizers with two integrated mesh pockets and a tablet pocket for your smart devices if you are choosing to take them on your family camping trip. For multiple rooms and maybe separation of kids sleeping areas or have an area where you can keep all of your belongings, two removable room dividers are perfect for creating any separate living areas you may desire. This is absolutely perfect for larger groups sharing this massive multi-room cabin tent.

One of the room dividers doubles up as a movie screen with the silver-coated fabric, making it the perfect backdrop for any projection. This projector can be powered using the E-Port hole that is featured in the tent’s structure, letting you feed a wire or power supply from an outside source straight into your tent.

The poles are made from fiberglass steel, which is then covered in a polyester material providing the best waterproof system. In your purchase, you will also receive a mud mat and a rolling storage duffel bag that brings lots of additional conveniences for storage solutions.

6. Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Family Tent

Max Occupancy: 5 persons | Item Weight: 15.9 kgs

Multi-room tents are the perfect choice for families. They help to provide separate sleeping areas and are also great for keeping cooking and other camping gear in one dedicated area. The Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Tent for Families is a perfect choice. It has two XXL blackout bedrooms that block 99% of sunlight from seeping into the room. This is a great feature as it allows you to sleep in for longer periods in the morning, not being woken up by the morning sunlight. The blackout material is also great at stopping extensive heat, keeping each room 5°C cooler than a standard tent.

The tent is tall, with full head height being given through the entire tent. Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to pitch, this tent won’t leave your family waiting for hours for you to complete the build. Neither will you have the unfortunate occurrence of the tent falling on top of you in stronger winds. The poles are made from flexible fiberglass that guarantees a great response to windy conditions.

As well as the 2 XXL sleeping areas, there is a large living space. This is great for families as there is enough space for taking family chairs and tables inside when it gets a little cold or rainy. In the living area, there are large PVC windows with covers that offer the ultimate balance of both light and privacy. Access is easy with the full-length door that is situated in the living area.

Multi-room tents like these are great for families as the waterproof rating will keep you dry even in the worst conditions. Taped seams keep water on the outside, and the fully sewn-in groundsheet will keep you completely dry. This material also has a UVGuard that provides high SPF 50 protection from the sun’s rays.

A massive tent that will accommodate lots of different families and their needs; everything you need is included, such as poles, pegs, and the tent itself.

7. Ozark Trial Base 14 Room Cabin Tent

Max Occupancy: 14 persons | Max Height: 78 inches

Ozark Trail is fast becoming one of the best camping suppliers for families around. They have cheap alternatives to all of their gear, but that doesn’t mean they are compromising on the quality. These multi-room tents are perfect for your entire family, along with everyone who lives next door. If you want a tent with space, then this is the one for you.

The Ozark Trail Base 14 Room Tent has 3 sewn-in room dividers; there is lots of space for all of your belongings and for everyone to sleep comfortably. There can be 4 different rooms set up within the tent, and each space has its own exit/entry, ensuring you are not going to wake everyone up in the tent when you need to go to the toilet at 3 o’clock in the morning.

There are 12 windows situated around the entire tent giving lots of ventilation and visibility, which is sometimes lost in some of the larger tent models. The floor size is 20 x 20-inches in height, and it can comfortably sleep up to 14 people.

With the larger tents, it is expected that the setup time is going to be a lot longer, especially for a tent as big as this one. But the Ozark Trail boasts a 20 minute set up a time when you’re fully comfortable with the process. This is great for not letting anyone get bored waiting for you to pitch up the tent completely. There are taped fly seams that prevent leakage even in more extreme weather conditions.

Three-room dividers create four separate rooms, and these room dividers can be tied up to make one large room. Inside, the tent can fit up to 5 queen-sized air mattresses, which is more than enough space than is needed. E-ports provide a great way to keep the tent powered. Use an extension cord to bring the room to light if you want to use a laptop or charge your phone from inside your tent.

8. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 7+ persons | Item Weight: 38 lbs

Suppose you’re looking to really relax in comfort than the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 person tent is the choice for you. There are choices to be made with this tent. You can turn one large room into a 2 room tent with detachable divider curtains. These are great for a little extra privacy if you have older children who want their own space and don’t want to be seen sleeping in the same room as mum and dad.

The walls are near vertical, something not always seen in tents for families, but they are a great feature bringing style and creating extra space in this cabin tent. This extra space is perfect for cots and airbeds.

Eureka has a zippered E power port feature that allows you to bring electricity into the tent. This is great if you want to charge your phone or you’re watching a film on a laptop. We do prefer keeping camping as natural as possible, but sometimes electrical home comforts go a long way.

On the exterior of the tent, there are 6 generously-sized zippered windows. These windows provide 360-degree views and cross-tent airflow, which will be wanted if you have a full tent of 12 people inside. For privacy, these need to be shut again.

The tent itself features 2 doors, 6 storage pockets, and two gear lofts. The gear lofts are a good size measuring 14 x 12 feet across the floor and 7 feet in height. Eureka is a humble company founded in 1895 that is still providing top-quality camping supplies to a range of different families’ needs. If you’re looking for a tent at a good price that is going to perform very well and even has the option to create multiple rooms or stick with one, then this is the tent for you.

9. Robens Midnight Dreamer Multi-Room Tent

Max Occupancy: 4 persons | Item Weight: 13.7 kgs

The Midnight Dreamer multi-room tent is a top-class four-person tent with screen by Robens. It has a lot of sophisticated features that make your camping experience even better than you imagined. Up to 4 people can stay inside this tent comfortably.

The interior is both spacious and luxurious in design, making it the perfect choice for families and groups. There is a communal area that has a sewn-in base. This feature is a great option as it makes the two-room tent easier to assemble.

For optimal air circulation and light exposure, there are large windows and air openings. When you have a full tent, this is a feature that you will be glad you have. The actual sleeping area is darker so that that you’re not exposed to as much light in the morning. A great feature if you like to have a camping trip with a lie in the morning.

There is a practical organizer fixed inside of the tent, perfect for your more valuable items so that you always know where they are.

The windows include curtains blocking out any unwanted sunlight as well as the darker sleeping area. For the more extreme weather conditions, there is a wind stability system in place. This has been tried and tested and will always keep your tent above your head.

10. H Hannah Space 6 Person Multiple Room Tent

Max Occupancy: 6 persons | Pole Material Type: Fiberglass | Package Dimensions: 25.79 x 11.1 x 8.9 inches | Item Weight: 29.25 Pounds

The H Hannah Space 6 Person multiple room tent is a great option for lots of different families. It has an extra-strong external construction that will handle the pressures of even more extreme weather conditions. There are two bedrooms left and right of the small living space. This vestibule area has two side entrances, and there is also a full opening door that provides partial ventilation. Always a great option when the tents are feeling a little stuffy.

To prevent condensation, there are four air vents and two windows in the upper area. This will keep your tent dry inside even on colder nights. Inside there are two convenient pockets for storing gear inside the tent in a safe and secure place.

The outer PU coating will keep you dry even on the wettest of days. This is helped along with the 3,000mm polythene flooring. The poles can be modified to create an entrance shelter on the door. These fiberglass poles are 11/9.5 mm in size and provide lots of firm protection that can withstand heavy wind conditions.

The H Hannah Space Multi-Room tent has been designed and tested in the Pilsen Czech Republic area. There are a limited 2-year warranty and lifetime warranty given to the poles. This is great for families with large volumes of use. If you’re looking for a 6 person tent that is durable and easy to set up, then this is the one for you.

Considerations for Buying Family Tents


No matter if your tent has one massive room that is going to fit 10 people in, or it has multiple sleeping rooms that are going to divide living and sleeping sections, capacity is always a big consideration. A good rule to follow is to double the tent size for the people. A 4 man tent is going to enough size for a family of 4 as children are a little younger, but it’s going to be a bit of a tight squeeze if four adults are using the one tent, especially with all the gear you want to bring with you.

Amount of Rooms

The amount of rooms camping tents have is similar to the capacity. A small tent could have multi-room but all just in a compact size. Having multi-room tents can be a great way to keep storage and your belonging together, out of the space you’re using to sleep in. If you have older children having a multi-room tent is also great so that they can have their own private sleep area. Multi-room tents are perfect for the family and should definitely be considered.


Just because you’re buying a new tent, you don’t have to spend lots of money. There are a few tips you can take in order to keep the price down. Buying in the offseason is a great way to really bag yourself a bargain. Tents are always going to be more expensive when it comes to camping season. Be prepared and think about your summer camping trip early in order to get the best deals. It is worth spending a little more on your tent overall, though, especially when you’re planning a trip with the whole family. A wet leaky tent isn’t going to be fun for anyone, which could be the case if you buy cheap.


When buying any camping gear, especially a tent, you want the durability to be long-lasting. A family camping tent is going to be bigger in size than a 2 person tent, but it is also going to have to take a little more wear and tear. Having young children camping for the first time can be a daunting task when you have a new camping tent worth hundreds of dollars. Extra seals and stitching are good things to look for when getting a tent. This will give you a strong indication of how much wear and tear it will take.

Extra Features

Some camping tents are kitted with extra features that are going to make your family trip that little bit better. Multi-room tents are great for older kids, while a pop up camping tent is perfect for preventing your kids from getting bored waiting for you to build your tent. Some instant cabin tent even has doors containing hinges that prevent wear and tear on the fabric if your children are running in and out of the tent all day long. These little added features can be perfect in giving you a better camping experience overall.


1. What are the best tents for family camping?

If you’re looking for the best tents for camping with the wife and kids, you want something that is going to be easy to set up and have enough size to fit you all in comfortably. There are some tents with extra durability in the connections, poles, and beams. These are great for more extreme weather and even for durability over the years. The best tent will depend on your own personal needs. Always try and find a few options and compare them with each other to see which is going to be the best for you.

2. What are the best family tents with separate rooms?

When it comes to multi-room tents, there are two kinds of options that you have. The first one is a tent with a set amount of rooms with fixed dividers. These tents are great for ease of use and can be set up in no time at all. The dividers are fixed into the inside layer of the tent and, most of the time, will offer enough space for anyone using them. The second kind of tent is a more expensive option but offers a customizable room divider. This can be used in lots of different ways or even not at all. It all depends on your need for a certain camping trip, but having options is always a plus point. A tent-like this can adapt to the kids as they get older, making it a great choice for many years.

3. Are tents with separate rooms easy to set up?

Tents with separate rooms can be just as easy to set up as single room tents. With a multi-room tent, space is usually built-in, so when you attach the inside layer, the rooms are automatically set up. This is great but sometimes a little restricting. There are some more advanced tents that allow you to customize the spaces. Wall sections can be moved around the tent creating multi-room in different sizes as and when you need them the most.

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