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Best Family Tents With Screen Rooms Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Big blue family tent pitched in a spring meadow with wildflowers, next to birch trees, on the edge of plain in the New Forest , United Kingdom .
Premium Pick

This is the image of a LARAMI family 10-person capacity tent in blue and gray colors.


10 Person Tent, 100% Waterproof

Best Small Tent

Photo of a square-type in orange, gray and white color combinations,Core 4 Person / 6 Person Tent.

Core 4 Person / 6 Person Tent

Spacious, 4-6 person tent, well designed

Best Budget Tent

Image of an assembled Ozark 9 Person Tent, with neon green outlines and gray body color.

Ozark 9 Person Tent

7-9 Person Tent, Durable In Strong Weather


Are you planning your next family camping trip and looking for your ideal tent with screen room? Tired of camping holidays spent cramped up in a tiny tent, with water leaking in through the floor? Well, luckily for you we’ve put together this list of our absolute favourite family tents, cabin tents, instant tents and more so that you can find the perfect tent with screen room for you!

Here, we’ll take you through what to look for in a tent with a screen room, such as size, weather protection and how easy they are to set up. Then we’ll give some of our top picks for the best tents with screen rooms, so that your next holiday will be one to remember (for the right reasons!).

What is a tent with screen room?

A tent with screen room is usually a tent that is made up of a main sleeping compartment and a screen room area, such as a screened porch. The screen rooms usually constructed from. a mesh material, so that you can sit in there during the daytime, but still be cool and protected from bugs. A screened porch is also useful for storage, and any screen room area can be used as an extra sleeping space if you’re in a large group.

What to look for in a tent with a screen room?

There are few key features that you’ll want to look out for when you’re buying your next tent with a screen room. The first is the size of the screen room. Having a good sized screened porch can really take a tent to the next level. Whether you want a screen room for storage or for relaxing in during the daytime, you should be sure to take the dimensions into account when looking into tents with screen rooms.

Tent Capacity

The next consideration is how many people the tent is made for. Whether your taking 6 people, 8 people or 20 people, you’re going to want to be looking at tents with screen rooms that are made to fit your group size. You don’t want to be packed in like sardines, but equally you don’t want to be spread around the tent. If you do want extra space, go for a tent that is suitable for two extra people than your group size.

Weather Protection

Another thing to consider is the weather protection that your tents with screen room are going to give you. Look out for tents with PU coated materials, as these will provide a solid barrier against rain. Inverted or taped seams, bathtub flooring, and included rainflys are also things that some tents with screen rooms include, and are all excellent at keeping you dry.


You’ll also want your tent to be easy to set up. Instant cabin tents are by far the easiest to set up, and are great for family camping. Having said that, it can be fun and satisfying to construct everything yourself. Just think about what will be best for you when considering tents with screen room areas.

Tent Weight & Mobility

The final thing you should think about is how much the tent weighs when its packed away. If you’re driving to your campsite, then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you’re hiking or walking some distance with the tent, you really don’t want to be carrying around a ridiculously heavy bag. Most tents use fiberglass poles and other lightweight materials to reduce the weight of their tents.

Read on to find out what we think are the best camping tents that you can get right now.

The 27 Best Screen Room Tents For Camping

1 – KTT Large Tent 4~6 Person,Family Cabin Tent


Max Occupancy: 6 People | Water & Wind Resistant | Seasons: Three-season

The first tent with screen room on our list is the KTT Large Family Tent. KTT are known for making some of the best tents around, and this is no exception. The tent is very spacious and can house 4-6 people, perfect for a group or family camping trip.

The tent comes with a spacious mesh room that opens up completely using the 3 large tent doors making the tent easy to use and manage, whilst providing fantastic ventilation.

The tent is constructed using double-layer Oxford Polyester, high density mesh. The floor is constructed using super thick with PE coated polyester.

The perfect solution for keeping a family of happy campers.

  • Easy to set up with clear instructions
  • Very well made
  • Instructions are hard to read but set up is easy


2 – CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent


Photo of a square-type in orange, gray and white color combinations, 4 Person / 6 Person Tent.


The CORE Straight Wall Instant Cabin is a 6 person tent that is a great option for your next family camping trip. The tent is spacious enough for most adults to stand up straight in. This is quite rare, and any seasoned camper will be aware of how annoying it is to be constantly crawling around in a tent.

Like all CORE tents, this instant cabin 6 person is built using CORE’s H20 Block Technology. This helps rain run straight off the tent, and stops any moisture being absorbed into the fabric and making its way into the interior cabin. This technology is combined with well sealed seams on the doors and windows, meaning you can be confident about keeping your gear dry .

This 6 person tent features an interesting and clever venting system, that is designed to draw in cool air from the ground and allow hot air to pass through micro vents in the ceiling. Air circulation is pretty important when camping. Keeping your tent cool and comfortable is essential, especially when you’re sharing the tent with 6 people.

This 6 person instant cabin tent with screen room is extremely easy to set up, and will ensure that your holiday gets off to a calm and stress free start!

  • Being able to stand up inside the tent is a great feature!
  • Included gear loft lets you hang your belongings off the floor
  • Sells out quickly so you have to buy when you can


3 – Coleman Instant Cabin Tent


Image of the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, tent frame visible, body colors are in coffee brown and black.


Advertised as being able to be fully set up within 60 seconds, this screen room Coleman tent is the definition of an instant cabin tent. This is possible thanks to the pre-attached fiberglass poles that provide a means for super quick pitching. This really takes away the part that everyone hates about camping, the set-up!

The sleeping area is divided into two rooms for added privacy, and with 6 feet 7 inches of headroom, most people can stand up comfortably inside the tent. This screened tent is built for up to 10 people, but Coleman also offer a 4 person and a 6 person tent version for smaller groups and families.

The tent has a unique feature called Dark Room Technology. The tent material blocks out 90% more light than Coleman tents without the Dark Room feature, meaning you won’t be rudely awoken by the 5am sunrise. This technology also blocks out more heat and assists the ventilation system in keeping the tent at a reasonable temperature.

This screen room Coleman tent is completed with welded corners and inverted seams to protect against the elements. The inverted seams is a particularly good defence against that pesky rain that runs down the edges of the tent. We definitely recommend this screen room Coleman option.

  • Very fast and easy to set up
  • Features a unique hinged door for easy tent access
  • This 10 person family tent is too big for very small groups

4 – NEMO Wagontop


Photo of the Nemo Wagontop 4P Camping Tent in neon green-colored body top, gray-colored lower tent body. Above it is a folded version of the tent.


The Wagontop from NEMO is an 8 person tent with screen room with a unique shape. NEMO’s innovative pole structure provides standing room at all areas inside the tent, making walking in and out of the tent a breeze.

If you’re camping in a picturesque location, you’ll be in awe of this 8 person tent with its huge panoramic windows. Don’t let big windows be a worry though, they’re constructed to provide optimal ventilation and weather protection, so won’t be leaking any moisture into the tent.

The new and durable 300-denier floor fabric will keep the cold out from underneath you at night, whilst still providing a comfortable temperature during the day time. There’s nothing worse than a tent that is freezing at night and too hot to sit in during the day!

This 8 person tent with screen room is lightweight, but designed to provide complete protection from the weather. This is possible thanks to NEMO’s commitment to innovation and technological development. Their shelter materials are cutting edge and undergo rigorous testing to make sure they are up to standard.

The Wagontop is a high quality and fun family camping 8 person tent, guaranteed to serve you well on your next camping holiday.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Fantastic interior standing space
  • Quite pricey for an 8 person tent

5 – Gazelle T4 Plus GT450SS


A photo of an assembled Gazelle T4 Plus Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent, with the lower part of the tent in gray shade and the upper in orange.


The Gazelle T4 Plus GT450SS is a huge 8 person instant cabin tent, with a big screened porch area and separate sleeping space. The screened porch is one of the best features of this tent, and offers plenty of room for relaxing or sheltering from an incoming rain storm.

This tent with screen room is undoubtably a family cabin tent and you’re sure to have a good camping experience if you purchase one. The tent includes a waterproof rainfly to protect everyone from the elements, and the taped elements only improve its water resistance. The Gazelle is also suitable to be a summer camping tent, with good breathability and air flow.

The front porch also offers a nice bit of storage space, but can also be converted into a second screen room for sleeping when you’ve got to house a few more people. The pop up design of this instant cabin tent is very sturdy and up to withstanding strong winds, which is not always the case with pop up tents.

The rugged polyester removable floor is held in place by a thick strip running around the interior of this 8 person tent. The benefit of a removable floor is that it can be taken outside to shake off any dirt and sand, keeping the interior clean and comfortable for living in. The tent zippers are also very durable and won’t be snapping off when you need them most. One of the best family tents around.

  • Good size for 4-8 person
  • Well built and durable
  • Removable floor instructions are tricky to read


6 – Outbound 8-Person Dome Tent


Image of the assembled Outbound 8-Person Dome Tent with Screen Porch in gray, blue and white color combinations.


This 8 person family dome tent with screen room by Outbound is another solid option, offering an easy set up and good protection from wind and rain.

The tent’s durable fiberglass poles are simple to use and you’ll have no issues getting this tent set up and ready to go. The fiberglass poles also ensure that the tent is lightweight and easy to carry around on a long hiking trip. The heavy duty rainfly comes included with the tent, and the built in bathtub-style flooring system ensures there is no chance any moisture can sneak into the sleeping area.

The tent has a large D-shaped door that leads into a small screened porch area and the two interior zip windows provide good air ventilation. The middle of the tent is 6 feet 4 inches high, so a lot of people can stand up comfortably inside the tent.

This 8 person family tent is very affordable, so is great for families or groups who are after an exciting camping experience, but are keen to do it on a budget. Don’t be fooled by the tent’s low price though, it’s still built to a high standard and offers features that you’d usually expect from much higher priced tents.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Best used as an 8 person tent, not for couples

7 – Wenzel Eldorado


A photo of the Wenzel Eldorado 10 Person tent, rectangular assembled shape, yellow-green and white combination of colors.


The Eldorado is a classic cabin style tent with screen room. Its straight wall design provides excellent standing room inside the tent. Like the Gazelle T4 Plus, the tent features a convertible screen room, that can be altered to act as another private sleeping area, or as a communal screened porch room.

This 8 person family tent is perfect for summer camping, with plenty of meshed walls and panels that ensure the tent is well ventilated and cool, whilst providing protection against bugs and any light rain showers.

The tent floor is fully sewn in, designed to provide a means to protect against early morning ground moisture that can seep upwards into the tent. The central divider is also sewn in, giving unrivalled privacy and options for sleeping arrangements.

The Eldorado is said to be an 8 person family tent, and this is probably accurate. Note that you’d only be able to fit 8 people in by converting the screened porch into a second sleeping area, so you’d have to think carefully about where to store your stuff. If you’ve come camping in a car, then you can easily store any extra gear in there.

  • Great tent with excellent breathability
  • The convertible second room is a great feature at this price point
  • Best for summer

8 – Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6-Person Tent


Image of the Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6-Person Plus Fiberglass Pole Tent, assembled, in fatigue green color.


This tent with screen room for 6 person from Chinook comes in two versions, one with lightweight fiberglass poles and the other with aircraft quality aluminium poles. For most people, the fiberglass poles will be more than sufficient, and have the added benefit of being much lighter than the aluminium poles. Having said that, if you’re wanting to set up camp in extreme weather high winds, definitely go for the aluminium poles. They’ll provide much more stability and security.

Aside from the poles, this 6 person tent has a super durable nylon floor that is sewn into the tent bathtub style. The mountings are all double sewn and invertible seams provide extra protection from water running down the outside of the tent. The included rain fly is also a great addition, and uncommon for this kind of family tent. Again, this is probably down to the fact that this tent is built with extreme weather conditions in mind.

This 6 person tent with screen room has a sleeping area and a screened porch for extra comfort and storage space.

As family tents go, this offering from Chinook is up there with some of the best tents with screen, and comes in with a cheap price tag.

  • Great price for what you get
  • Never leaks or lets water in
  • Instructions are a little confusing to follow

9 – Pacific Pass 6 Person Tent


Image of the Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family Dome Tent with Screen Room & Removable Rain Fly, in navy blue and off-white color combinations.


This Pacific Pass 6 person tent with screen room is another large and roomy instant cabin tent that is perfect for a medium to large sized family or group. The tent is around 6 feet tall in the centre, so you won’t be feeling cramped when inside.

This 6 person tent doesn’t have a screened porch area, but the large cabin size gives you plenty of room to work with. The durable tent fabric can withstand 1500 mm of rainfall, keeping you and your gear dry and warm whatever the weather throws at you.

The Pacific Pass instant cabin tent has great breathability and airflow, thanks to the 4 zippered mesh windows and large D-shaped door. It’s also really easy to set up and lightweight when packed up, perfect for taking on a long hike.

There’s also a very useful hook to hang up a lantern that’s attached to the centre of the tent, whilst the tent is equipped with a mesh bag to store and protect valuables. The bag isn’t a great size though, and the limited storage options let this 6 person tent down slightly. Having said that, it’s still a good option.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Large main cabin
  • Not suitable for a very large group

10 – Coleman Evanston


A photo of the Coleman Dome Tent with Screened-inside porch, green and white tent body colors.


This tent from Coleman is a large dome tent with screen room, that features a screen porch area for bug protection and as an extra sleeping area for warmer nights. This is a 6 person tent, so suitable for a medium or large family.

The Coleman Evanston 6 person tent is impressively weatherproofed, with sturdy welded corners and inverted seams to keep out any rainfall. The screened room or porch area is roomy and offers enough space for two or three people to sit in during the day. A great place to rest whilst being protected from bugs.

This is an excellent family camping tent for 6 person, with a spacious main room and 5 foot 8 inches centre height. Not as tall as some of the tents on this list, but definitely tall enough to be very comfortable. Another great feature are the window awnings, which allow you to leave the zippered windows open for extra air circulation even whilst it is raining.

There are plenty of interior stash pockets to store your things, keeping them safe and off the ground. The floor won’t be getting damp at all though, since the floor is constructed using welding-inspired technology, that ensures a super tight seal around the seams.

This screen room Coleman tent is a great option and will undoubtably serve you well on your camping trips. The Coleman Evanston is highly recommended.

  • Screened porch area
  • Unique ventilation system with window awnings
  • Sells out quickly in Europe

11 – Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent for Camping


Image of the Coleman Dome Tent for Camping, with screen-porch in black net, neon-green colored upper body tent.


Here we have another Coleman dome tent with screen room, this time a 4 person version. The tent features a large screened porch room, which backs onto to a large and comfortable main sleeping area. The sleeping area itself has enough space for a queen-sized airbed.

This tent also features Coleman’s innovative DarkRoom technology, which blocks out 90% more light and heat than tents without the feature. This is a real selling point: not being woken up really early by the sunrise will really improve your family camping trips, and put everyone in a good mood at the start of the day!

Another innovative feature is Coleman’s WeatherTec system, which includes tub-like flooring and patented corner welds to keep out any ground water. The tent’s strong frame and poles are built to withstand winds of more than 35mph, so don’t worry about this tent blowing away!

The tent’s E-Port allows you to run electrical power into the tent safely, from a generator or from your car. This unique addition will be sure to be a hit amongst your children, and will make family camping that little bit less stressful. Bringing music electronics into the tent will keep everyone occupied.

  • Lots of unique and innovative features
  • Can be set up in 15 minutes
  • A little bit pricey

12 – Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent


Image of the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent with Built in Cabin Lights for 10 persons, gray tent body with orange outlines.


The Ozark Trail tent is an instant cabin, 10 person tent with screen room, suitable for your next, big group camping holiday. The tent comes with a rain fly included, to keep you dry and protected from the elements.

This Ozark Trail tent is huge, with a footprint of 14 by 10 feet. Having said that, the tent is extremely easy to set up. You won’t be wasting time messing about with the tent when you just want to get out into the outdoors. The screen in tent divides the tent into two rooms, which can either be used for two sleeping areas, or as space for storage if your group isn’t too large.

Interestingly, the tent has lights built into the cabin. This is a very unique feature, particularly for an instant tent at this price point. Of course this just gives you one less thing to worry about, no need to go and purchase an expensive camping lantern for this tent.

This tent with screen room has huge, panoramic windows that can be opened to expose all the wonderful views around your campsite. Don’t worry about rain protection though, the big windows zip up securely and don’t let water in through the seams. This is a fantastic 10 person instant cabin tent.

  • Great size
  • Cool features such as interior lighting
  • Might need to shop around to find a good price

13 – Wenzel Grandview


A photo of the assembled Wenzel Grandview Tent - 9 Person in olive green and white color with screened-porch.


This 9 person dome tent with screen room is another great option if you’re in the market for family tents. The best feature about this tent is the huge screened porch area at the front of the tent. As screened porches go, you’re probably not going to find a better example than this one from Wenzel.

The tent lives up to its name, as the large windows will give you access to those breathtaking views that really make camping special. The tent sleeps 7 people in the main compartment, and you can squeeze an extra two into the screen room if you’re in a big group.

The frame is constructed out of a combination of fibreglass and steel to maximise the strength and durability of the tent. This fiberglass pole tent is easy to pitch and take down, thanks to a simple design.

There’s ample space to store you things, with several dedicated storage pockets located around the main cabin and in the screened porch. This is essential if you’re going to have 9 people sharing this tent. The tent also comes with a rainfly included, even though it’s not advertised on the Amazon page.

  • Large screen room
  • Room for two queen size air mattresses
  • Quite hard to find it in stock at retailers

14 – Timber Ridge 8-Man Log Cabin Tent


This is the image of an assembled Timber Ridge 8-Man Log Cabin Tent in a forest with a man standing beside it.


Take your homely log cabin anywhere with this unique and stylish tent with screen room from Timber Ridge. Complete with a log and stone print, this 8 person instant cabin will make you stand out from the crowd on your next camping trip. The tent is truly like no other, and will make your holiday all the more memorable.

The tent isn’t just aesthetically pleasing though. It has a huge screened porch that drastically increases the space you have to work with. Furthermore, the thick and durable rain cover that goes over the top of the tent won’t be letting any water in at all, and it extends past the edges of the tent so you don’t get any moisture leaking through the walls.

The tent is rainproof for up to 800mm of rainfall, and the tub style flooring and industrial strength seams only help to protect you from the weather. If you’re lucky with the weather, the tent makes use of a clever ventilation system that draws cool air from the ground and passes warm air out through a vent in the roof. The screen room is also a great place to sit and relax on a hot day.

This log cabin tent with screen room lets you go glamping anywhere, with its attractive design and large compartments.

  • Really interesting and cool design
  • Large and comfortable
  • The design might not be for everyone

15 – Wenzel Klondike


Image of the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, with screened-porch, white and brown tent colors.


The Wenzel Klondike is another 8 person tent with screen room that we’ve decided to recommend to you on this list. The front porch of this tent is particularly impressive. The size of the screen porch is one of the largest that we’ve seen, and will give you loads of options during the day and can also act as a second sleeping compartment at night. The porch provides sun and weather protection, whilst the tent screen also keeps out any pesky bugs.

The tent has a removable rainfly, which is a nice feature since you can take it out in hot weather to keep the tent that extra bit cooler. This probably won’t be necessary though, given the tent’s excellent air circulation with mesh roof and ground-level vents.

This is a fiberglass pole tent, so has the advantage of being super lightweight when packaged up. The poles are also strong and able to withstand severe winds and rainstorms with ease. The tent is suitable for 3 season camping, that is Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • Huge screened porch
  • Comfortably sleeps 8 people
  • This tent with screen room is very popular, so you have to be quick if you want to buy

16 – Coleman WeatherMaster 6


Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room


The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 person tent with screen room is another large family cabin tent with screened room. The tent is very spacious, with room for two queen sized airbeds, and the 6 foot 8 inches center height gives plenty of room for everyone to be able to stretch out and be comfortable.

Coleman’s patented hinge door technology makes another appearance on the WeatherMaster 6 man, providing easy access in and out of the tent, whilst the screened porch gives you a bug-free and extra ventilated area for lounging.

The WeatherMaster 6 Person tent also features a clever E-Port, which allows you to conveniently run an extension cord into the tent. From this you can charge your phone and devices safely and easily. No more worrying about your kids’ tablet battery when you just want some peace and quiet.

The WeatherMaster 6 person tent has plenty of storage pockets on the interior of the tent. It also is built with WeatherTec features such as protected seams and zipper covers to remove any chance of leakage.

This WeatherMaster 6 person tent with screen room is an excellent family tent, with great features and a brilliant layout to make your trip as stress free as possible.

  • Hinged door is a big plus
  • E-Port is one of Coleman’s best designs
  • Better for family holidays than hiking trips

17 – Ozark Trail


Image of the Ozark Trail 11-Person Instant Cabin with Private Room (Green).


The Ozark trail is a 12 person instant cabin tent with a large screened porch area. This tent with screen room is quite different to others since the screen room runs along the long-side of the rectangular tent, maximising space and acting more like an awning area than a screened porch.

The tent is huge, and more than ample size for a large group. The Ozark Trail is also ideal for smaller groups who crave a bit of extra space and comfort on their camping expeditions. This instant tent is impressively easy to set up considering its large size.

The screened porch opens up into the main compartment and provides loads of room for relaxing and reading. The Ozark Trail is well weather proofed, with strong seams and linings that are solid enough to prevent any dampness inside the instant cabin tent.

This instant cabin tent is one of the best camping tents around if you’re after spacious living. It holds up well whatever the weather and is absolutely a great choice for a lot of different situations.

  • Big screen room
  • Very large
  • Maybe too large for a couple

18 – Ozark Trail Spring Lodge


This is an image of the Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent, in cream and olive green combination colors.


Our next tent with screen room is another from the Ozark Trail range, but this tent is even larger than the last! It sleeps up to 14 people and is suitable for beginners or advanced trekkers and campers.

The main sleeping cabin is divided into two rooms by the privacy curtain. Room dividers are always useful when you’re in a group and the additional screen room can be used for people to sleep in or as a space for extra storage. The screened porch area itself is very large and spacious, with high quality mesh walling that prevents bug attacks and keeps good air ventilation through the screen room.

The main compartment is also well ventilated. It features air vents and windows that can be opened in good weather. This tent is well sealed to keep out water and the polyethylene floor won’t be letting any moisture seep up through the flooring.

The tent packs away easily into the included bag, and comes with solid poles and tent pegs to keep the tent grounded during windy weather.

  • Great for a large family or group
  • Multiple sleeping areas
  • Set up instructions could be clearer

19 – Tahoe Gear Family Cabin Tent


This is an image of the Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent, with g reen-colored roof, cream body and brown bottom colrs.


This tent by Tahoe Gear follows on from our last recommendation and is another 14 person tent. The tent is conveniently divided into 3 rooms, that all lead into the giant screened porch area. This is a lovely, sociable layout, and is probably ideal for festivals or fun family holidays.

The tents screen room really is impressive. It stretches between all three sleeping areas, offering space for socialising and as an additional sleeping room. The center height of the tent is a generous 7 feet, so everyone can stand up and walk around comfortably. You will definitely not feel cramped in this tent.

The durable polyester rain fly can withstand 1000mm of rainfall and is paired with taped seams and a polyethylene binding floor for extra protection.

The 14 person tent with screen room is equipped with easy-up poles and solid plastic stakes. If you want extra wind defence, peg out the guy ropes to really hold the fabric down.

  • Sociable layout
  • Great size
  • Might be overly complex for a small group

20 – Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent


Photo of an assembled Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Bonus Screen Room, Green


This Ozark screen room tent a 9 person instant cabin tent, perfect if you’re after a stress free camping experience. Like a lot of the other tents, the screen room is a screened porch area that really maximises the space available. This, paired with a high centre height, make this porch tent one of the most comfortable cabin tents on this list.

This is an instant cabin tent, so extremely easy to set up. The poles are pre-attached to the tent, so it’s just a case of pegging it all out correctly. The fact that there is no assembly required is a big advantage, and is particularly great when you’re in a large group, you really don’t want to be wasting time messing about with a complicated set up!

The tent has room for two queen sized airbeds in the main sleeping compartment, and this compartment itself is spilt into two separate rooms by a room divider. The tent has large mesh windows to take in the surrounding views, and to improve ventilation and airflow. The tent also features an entry point for an extension lead, safely providing electricity to the tent.

This 9 person tent with screen room is made out of polyester, and the included rainfly is effective with factory sealed seams and high quality construction. In the carry case you get a gear organiser as well as plenty of heavy duty tent pegs.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Large screened porch area
  • More suitable for a family trip than a hike

21 – CORE Instant Cabin Tent


Image of the rectangular Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with screen doors and windos, neon-green and white tent body combinations.


This huge 12 person instant cabin tent by CORE will offer a fantastic family camping experience. This tent is truly an instant cabin tent, and can be set up in less than two minutes! Like the last tent we looked at, the instant nature of this tent means you won’t be wasting any of your valuable holiday time struggling with the tent.

The tent has an interesting structure, with two separate entry points. Enter through the large D-shaped door at the front of the tent, or use the T-shaped door on the side. You also have a lot of freedom to set up the interior of the tent however it’s comfortable for you. This is because the tent includes two removable room dividers, so you can choose how you want to arrange your living and sleeping spaces.

This 12 person instant cabin tent with screen is protected from the weather by CORE’s H2O technology, which combines water resistant PU coated fabric with taped seams to ensure a great seal and prevent water leaking through any needle holes. The large vents at the base of the tent draw cool air through the ground and pass warm air through the roof mesh to keep the tent at a comfortable temperature.

The screen room is very large and a great place to relax at night and in the mornings. Set up a camping table in there to play cards and you’ll be sure to have a great time.

  • Customisable layout
  • Very waterproof
  • Too large for small groups

22 – CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent


Image of the Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room, orange, gray and white color combinations.


Next we have another of CORE’s range of large family tents. This 11 person family cabin tent is a great option, and offers a number of useful features. The first of these is the big screened porch at the front of the tent. This screen room is of ample size for spending time in during the daytime, and can be used as a secondary sleeping area if there’s not enough room in the main compartment.

Having said that, the main room is pretty huge. It has enough space for three queen sized air mattresses, and an 86 inch centre height only makes the tent feel even more spacious and comfortable. Like the last tent, this 11 person instant cabin tent features CORE’s H2O technology, meaning well designed materials and seams to keep out the rain.

The tent has plenty of storage pockets to keep your gear tidy and off the ground, whilst the lantern hook in the centre of the sleeping room is a surprisingly useful feature. The electrical port is also included here, and as always is really helpful.

The screen room is one of the best parts of this tent, and this screened porch will provide great protection from bugs and the sun during the day time.

  • Effective H2O technology for weather protection
  • Screen room is particularly impressive
  • The instructions for packing away the tent are quite small

23 – ALPHA CAMP 10 Person Instant Cabin


An assembled ALPHA CAMP Instant Cabin Tent Camping Family Tent, with orange rainfly and mudmat.



This 10 person instant cabin tent by ALPHA CAMP is an excellent, and pretty huge tent made by a great company that a lot of people haven’t heard of before. You would expect a 10 person tent to be large, but this instant cabin tent is extremely spacious, and could probably sleep around 12 people if needed.

The screen porch at the front of the tent is also of a generous size, offering bug free lounging and provides a shaded, cool area during those hot days. As family tents go, this 10 person offering is one of the largest we’ve seen, and is absolutely ideal for energetic family camping, where you won’t be feeling cramped and on top of one another.

The D-style door of this 10 person tent is big enough to have open during the daytime for extra ventilation. Air flow is also helped by mesh windows and vented walls and floor to make sure the tent and the screen room don’t get overly hot on warm days.

The tent comes with a carry bag as usual, but this bag is particularly special since it has wheels, which is what you want for this 10 person tent as it is obviously quite a heavy package. The bag also comes with guy ropes for windy days, and strong tent stakes to keep the tent held down securely.

  • Great size for a 10 person tent
  • 80 inch centre height
  • This is family cabin tent, probably not the best for a 2 person hiking trip

24 – Northwest Territory


A photo of a large, brown, assembled 10 Person Family Cabin Tent w/Front Porch, Room Divider and Rear Door in the meadow with a nearby lake seen.


This is another 10 person tent, this time an option from Northwest. This 10 person instant cabin tent measures 18 by 12 feet, giving plenty of space that feels more like a house than a plastic tent. A divider panel can be implemented for privacy between the two sleeping compartments. This is ideal given that this is a 10 person tent, it’s likely you’ll want a bit of privacy at some point during your holiday.

Perfect for families, this 10 person tent features a lovely screen porch room, that opens straight onto the outdoors. This is a great space to move in and out of during the day. Head out if you want to play some sports outdoors, and retreat into the screen room for some shade and protection from pesky bugs. This tent with screen room really is one of the bests tents for families.

This tent with screen room is complete with a fully enclosed floor, which can be easily removed for cleaning, keeping this 10 person instant tent dry and free of dirt. The peaked roof compliments the tent’s spacious feel, and provides an impressive 7 foot 6 inch height in the middle of the tent.

This 10 person tent with screen room is a great option for fun-loving families or even for a big group at a festival. Either way you’ll be sure to have a lovely time with this family cabin tent.

  • Ideal family cabin tent
  • Impressive centre height, especially for a 10 person tent with screened room
  • You have to look out for this tent as it sells out really quickly

25 – Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent


Image of the Ozark Trail 12-Person, 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent in gray body color with red outlines.


The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent is suitable for 12 people, offering a spacious and interior and large screened proch area for maximum relaxation potential. This 12 person tent with screen room has a straight wall design which means the tent has a great height, and everyone can stand up in it, and also means water can run straight off the walls.

The screened porch is an excellent screen room. It’s a great size, and has plenty of room for sheltering from the sun or rain, and for extra sleeping space if you’re getting to the top end of the 12 persons capacity. The screen porch runs along the long side of the rectangular tent, maximising space.

The sewn in room divider separates the main compartment into two sleeping rooms, which fit up to 4 queen sized air mattresses. The E-port provides an access point to get electricity into the main room. Great for charging up phones and devices overnight.

The ceiling is around 7 feet high, and the main room is 14 by 12 feet. This is made even bigger by the screened porch, which extends out another 4 feet.

Overall the Ozark Trail instant cabin tent is a fantastic family cabin tent for a large family, and one of the best tent with screen room offerings on our list.

  • Great for family camping
  • Front porch is a great size
  • A little pricey

26 – ALPHA CAMP 12 Person Tent


This is an image of an assembled ALPHA CAMP 10-12 Person Tent with Screen Room in blue and white color combination.


This ALPHA CAMP tent is very similar to the 10 person version we recommended earlier on in this list. Like that tent, this one is a tent with screen room, and the screen room is a giant screened porch. This front porch is a lovely space, and really makes the tent feel like a welcoming home. It could more accurately described as an awning, thanks to its excellent sun protection.

Perfect for a large family, this 10 person tent is very spacious, particularly for a 10 person tent with screen room. There’s room to squeeze in a few queen airbeds, and if you need extra space, there’s no harm using part of the screened porch screen room. Its fibreglass poles keep tent lightweight when it’s packed away, and mesh windows and roof sections also cut down the weight.

This tent with screen room features a bathtub floor, which keeps the base of the tent dry, whilst polyester with polyurethane coating provides excellent weather resistance. When your looking for tents with screen room, it’s important that the manufacturer doesn’t sacrifice on water resistance in favour of extra features, but that’s definitely not the case for this tent with screen room.

This 12 person family tent with screen porch is another option that we recommend.

  • Screen room has big D-shaped doors for easy access
  • Included tent pegs are high quality
  • Included instructions aren’t the best, but easy to set up without them

27 – Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent


Photo of the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent with 3 Room, gray and navy blue colors.


Our final recommendation is another tent from the Ozark Trail range. This tent with screen room is actually divided into 3 different screened rooms. Although there’s no screened porch, each of the three rooms is actually a screen room, so you have the freedom to use each one how you want. We’d recommend using the two outer screen room s as sleeping areas, and the centre screen room in place of the screened porch.

This tent with screen room has an interesting weather protection feature called Enhanced Weather Armour, which is sure to keep you dry in even the most torrential downpours. This is helped by the large tub style floor and inverted, taped fly seams, ensuring there’s a good seal around the edges of this 10 person family tent with screen room.

This tent with screen room also features an E-port, so you can have electricity inside the tent. This is great for family camping, and means you can charge your devices overnight. No need to worry about packing portable chargers.

This is one of the best tents for family camping, and will serve you well on your next exciting trip.

  • 3 screened rooms make the tent versatile
  • Very good rain and wind protection
  • Too big for a couple

Buying a tent with a screen room FAQs

Where to buy CORE tents?

CORE produce fantastic camping tents, and featured heavily on our list of the best camping tents with screened rooms. If you want a tent with a screen room made by CORE, you might have found that they’re quite hard to get hold of. This is because they are pretty popular and their tents are high quality and affordable.

To get you hands on one, keep checking their Amazon pages as often as you can, and keep an eye on eBay. CORE tents often pop up on eBay, new and secondhand, and you can always get them at a good price.

What is the best screen tent

There are loads of great screen tents out there, but we’ve gone through the best ones and put them in a list in this article. Whether you’re looking for a dome tent, cabin tent or screen porch tent, we’ve got you covered. Scroll up to have a read of our best tents with screen rooms picks.

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