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Best Flashlights Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Before I begin the introduction I just want to preface this post by saying there’s no such thing as the best flashlight. What do I mean by this? Everyone has their own preferences and budgets, what might be the best flashlight for a camper might be totally useless for someone doing search and rescue missions. The former often uses a flood light to illuminate large areas while the latter uses a long but focused beam. Another example would be a runner, if I gave him the strongest flashlight ever he’s not going to have any use for it, as all runners use headlamps and not handheld flashlights. With that out of the way, here’s my take on the best flashlight.

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The best flashlight in my opinion

best flashlightThe best handheld flashlight might just be an ideal one, but there are some choices that can be very useful and suitable for your needs. Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High Lumen Flashlight is one of the most trusted brands in the market. Although it might not be as fancy as other flashlights in the market, Streamlight is the better option, not only because of its quality, but it comes at affordable price. Thus, it lights your way, without hurting your pocket. The best flashlight excels in all areas, and this is exactly what the Streamlight Stinger does. I’ve yet to come across a flashlight that is as versatile and affordable as this one, rechargable batteries, high lumen output, perfect size, good looking, the list goes long. This is truly the best flashlight money can buy.

Streamlight75458 Stinger comes with 120-Volt AC/12-Volt DC PiggyBack (NiMH) Charger. It can provide a maximum illumination with a wide beam covering a huge area when flashed. The high lumen flashlight could provide 640-lumen with 297-meter of beam distance. Imagine illuminating an area as wide as your view, this flashlight is 10 times much brighter and wider compared to industrial flashlights.

The many features of my favorite flashlight

Streamlight has 3 lighting modes and a strobe depending on what you need and how much light you need. You may push the High button for if you want to beam high-lumen and super bright white light. This is helpful, especially for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Most of the time you will be illuminating areas where light does not bounce unlike indoors. You may also choose medium with a much lower bright, but still covers a wide area. A low option might throw less intense beam, but it could save battery energy. Strobe option, however, is another cool feature that allows your flashlight to flicker to give an emergency warning signal. Strobes are usually used by police officers when holding checkpoints and signalling other officers for any signs of an emergency. If you are a biking enthusiast, you may use the strobe light to signal passing vehicles of your presence. This has also been called the best flashlight for policemen and other authority jobs because of it’s versatility.

Awesome deep-dish reflector

It also has a deep-dish parabolic reflector can provide a blast of the concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. The reflective surface of paraboloid transforms the passing plane wave travelling along the axis into spherical waves that are converging in the direction of the focus. This, the reflected light is propagated as a collimated beam along its axis. Parabolic reflectors are also being used in satellite dishes to amplify the waves that it delivers.

Amazing lifetime and durability

The best flashlight wouldn’t be anything with some impressive stats. The C4 LED technology guarantees 50,000 hour lifetime plus a shockproof feature so it does not get easily damaged when accidentally dropped. Additionally, its lens is made up of polycarbonate which is unbreakable and scratch-resistant at the same time. Light-beam gets reduced when your lens has so many scratches on the surface. Polycarbonate materials that are used in engineering are proven to be strong and tough materials. Polycarbonate material showcases a balance of useful features such as temperature resistance and impact resistance. This makes the product more durable and guaranteed to last long. If you go on camping or adventure activities, Streamlight flashlights will not be easily damaged no matter what kind of environment you are in. the Polycarbonate material will protect the battery and the electrical components inside.

Great battery

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery can be repeatedly charged for up to 1000 times. However, the battery compartment can also fit Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) battery. NiMH batteries have higher energy density when compared to NiCds. Most cell phones and other gadgets use this kind of battery because it features no toxic metals compared to other batteries. Even laptop computers these days are equipped with NiMH batteries to ensure that there will be no toxic chemicals coming out of the battery especially when being maintained or repaired. NiCd, on the other hand, is toxic because it contains Cadmium. Most cadmium-based batteries are discouraged to be dropped in landfills.

However, with proper maintenance, this battery could last longer. Some gadgets are equipped with NiCd because it charges fast with little stress to the device. If you are going on a trip make sure to bring extra battery packs with you in case you might need one in one of your trips.

Comes with a sleek looking carrying case

The case is made up of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum and it comes with a rubberized grip which functions as non-slip and anti-roll rubber ring layer. This feature can be very useful especially during the rainy season. It is also water resistant. Aluminum is known for its anti-rust feature. Hence, you would not worry if your flashlight gets wet in one of your adventures because it does not easily rust.

It’s very lightweight and small

The flashlight only weighs 2 pounds which make it very light and easy to bring. Since it is lightweight it will not stress your arm even if you are holding it for long hours. And you could place it anywhere in your bag and it would not even add much weight to your bag. This flashlight is ideal for travelling since you can carry it always with you.

The flashlight dimensions measure 8.8 x 3 x 3 inches which are suitable for mobile people. It easily fits any bag and it could even be placed in your pocket. The best feature of flashlights is that you can carry it anytime, but not bulky enough to bring wherever you go. Because of its size, it is ideal for camping, travelling, and even during your business trips. You will never know when you will need one.

Comes with a three year warranty

The product also comes with a three-year warranty. It warrants being free of defects for a lifetime of use excluding its battery and bulbs, abuse and normal wear. The company will repair, replace, or refund according to the product’s purchased price once the company determines its defects. Depending on the case, the company will shoulder the replacement of the product once you return the product. However, there might be a waiting time before the replacement of the product. The limited lifetime warranty does not include the replacement of rechargeable batteries, chargers, switches, and electronics. However, these parts may still be replaced or repaired before its 2-year warranty expires.

Once you present the damaged item, make sure to present the proof of purchase along with it. Although there might be some cases that the manufacturer would not honor the replacement. It usually depends on various factors such as the use of the product or the store where the product is purchased. Make sure to review the warranty very carefully, and if you have questions contact the manufacturer directly.

It’s cool but first and foremost, made in the US

It comes in black, for a more professional outlook. However, some flashlight models of Streamlight might come in various color types. However, most of their products are usually painted in black. Streamlight 75458 Stinger also has a lot of cool accessories. However, these accessories like nylon holster are purchased separately. Streamlight is assembled in the United States of America. Most of the products made in the U.S. are made with quality.

Word of advice, check shopping rates before you buy!

Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High Lumen Flashlight comes in a box and weighs 2.8 pounds. Make sure to check the shipping rates and policies where you buy the item. Also, make sure that you buy from outlets that are operating legally or check out those reputable websites that are known for selling items. Remember that your product might not be replaced if bought from unrecognized outlets. If you are buying from Amazon, make sure to check out their shipment policy. Usually, the Amazon provides free shipment on eligible orders. Amazon ships products globally; however, fees may vary depending on the address of your order. Amazon ships items in some countries in Africa, Middle East, Americas, Asia and Pacific, and Europe.

Streamlight as a brand – Love it!

Streamlight does not only have one kind of flashlight, they value your lighting needs by providing you with three different series; these are the tradition series, high-performance HP series, and their high lumen HL series. Each of these flashlights is designed for the use in various applications. Hence, they come in a different balance of distinct attributes.

Their tradition series are made for regular everyday use. It projects the broadest range of lighting applications at a very reasonable price. It also features an optimal balance of its candela and lumens and the longest regulated runtime compared to other products.

Streamlight high performance or the HP series is best for illuminating long distances and down range applications. The high candela beam provides distant lighting combined with a bright outlying beam. This is best for outdoor activities and wide areas.

Streamlight’s High Lumen of HL series provides a wide range of illumination that covers a very wide area for maximum awareness. The HL series provides astonishing high brightness in an extensive light form. This could help you see more in smaller areas where you do not need a very stretch of light for maximum illumination.

My conclusion about the “best flashlight”

Having the best flashlight simply means choosing the one that is suitable for your needs. Since the conception of battery powered flashlights engineers have been improving the quality and features of flashlights. Market competition has even intensified its development by adopting various features to suit people’s needs. If you try to search online for the best flashlight review you mid find endless of examples and choices. Now different kinds of flashlights have been sprawling across stores and Internet outlets. But before you decide to buy one, at least know its value and various advantages.

Good for self-defense

For most people, a flashlight can be used as self-defense. In many cases, flashlights have been used in combat situations and not just to provide illumination. Like Streamlight’s products, the aluminum component of the flashlight makes it more durable. Hence, some would even consider of making it as a striking tool against attackers and criminals. For ladies, a Streamlight flashlight might be the only durable equipment they have in their bag to protect themselves…well, aside from the other thing that vibrates. But, anyway, holding an aluminum flashlight can also make your fist more devastating. It is so devastating that it could break windows and faces…but of course, for self-defense purposes. Moreover, since these flashlights beam so bright, they could temporarily blind your attacker for a few seconds – enough time to escape.

Good for survival

Aside from self-defense, flashlights are used for emergency and survival. Possibly, having a flashlight might save your life. This is also the reason why most of the emergency bags and even life vests have a flashlight with them. The best and brightest flashlights have been an integral part of humanity’s survival and companion in various calamities and disasters. In many search and rescue operation, flashlights are used to find people lost in the wilderness. Even police officers rely on flashlights to fight crime in dark alleys and to find evidence in dark areas. But, one of the most dramatic uses of flashlights in emergency and survival situations is using it as a communication device. It is called the “flashlight morse code”, which have been used in naval communication between ships when their radio communication is down. However, this can also be used in emergency situations when all communication devices are down. Like the morse code, a unique series flicker of light carries a code letter and may form into short phrases.

Helps you find stuff

People lose things most of the time, either under your couch, under your bed, in the basement, or behind the tables. It is this times that we are glad to have a flashlight around. This small device might be small but very valuable. It has saved lives in many difficult situations and help people find stuff. Hence, all flashlights are useful no matter what type. It is just that there are newly developed ones that can do more than just illuminating things and places.

So which flashlight is the best one for you?

With people’s ever-changing lives and technology, even flashlights too have to keep up with the change. Over the course of time, flashlights have proven its worth as useful companion of mankind. You must have asked yourself like,what is the best flashlight or what is the best led flashlight for the money? The best flashlight can be any flashlight you want, but for me it’s the Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL.


Even during the primitive period, humanity has a need for a handy light source. Back then electricity has not been discovered and people would use a torch, oil lamps, and kerosene. However, these light sources are very dangerous as they pose a potential danger to many households and buildings. Back then, the fire has been used to illuminate the dark areas. But not until the discovery of light the bulb and dry battery by the end of the 19th century, this revolutionary invention brought about the birth of flashlights.

A flashlight is one of the most useful and very important pieces of equipment for everyday use. Although its importance might have been often overlooked by many, a flashlight is one valuable tool for everybody. Many would say that it is only useful at night and most of the time people never use it. However, if you try to consider and put it in another perspective, it is not only at night that flashlights are useful and most of the time we use it. For example, if you try to fix boilers in the basement or fixing your engine underneath your car, you will need a flashlight to see through every nook and cranny of whatever you are working on.

Since the development of the first battery operated torch in the year 1899, people have been using flashlights with rechargeable batteries. The dry cell battery was the only suitable power source for electrical devices because it used a paste electrolyte that does not spill nor break when used in any orientation compared to the liquid type. The mass production of dry cell batteries at that time promoted the invention of portable electric lights. It was David Misell, a British inventor, who first obtained U.S. Patent, which was assigned to an American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company in the same year.

Today, they come in various sizes, styles, and design. Some have even added solar panel features to make the best led flashlight components. The development of the equipment is continuously progressing and it is ever changing because of its practicality and usefulness. Many forms have been devised for special purposes, such as headlights for miners and underwater torch for divers among others. The modern designs basically have similar parts and they function just the same as the old models. The most popular are the incandescent flashlight that uses glass bulbs and a tungsten filament. The bulb is incorporated with argon, krypton, or xenon. Later it developed by using halogen lamp which was useful in thick fog environment. Later on, power white-light-emitting diodes (LED) are now being mass produced to replace the incandescent bulbs. A less common type is the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp which is more powerful than incandescent bulbs but uses the same amount of electricity.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate flashlight, there might be some considerations before we could say that there really is. This is because the best flashlight can be relative, like for example, the best led flashlights for you might not be the best flashlight on the market for me. Therefore, we need to look into more details before we could define one.

Types of flashlights

In reality, there are various choices of flashlights in the market and each torch could be considered to be the best flashlight if you ask the right person. Your choice would always depend on your specification. If you are just using it for emergency purposes, you might not need the huge ones. Instead, you may opt for the small ones that can easily be stored but not so small that is hard to find, otherwise, it loses its purpose. However, if you are using it usually at night, then you might want to choose rechargeable flashlights so you could just charge its battery during the day. So it all boils down meeting your requirements when looking for the right flashlight.

Whatever is your purpose of using a flashlight, it will always come in handy no matter what kind of dark place you are in. This is the reason why you should always have a flashlight in case of emergency, such as power outage. If you are going for an adventure in an isolated place or remote areas like jungles and far away islands, you will need one to keep you safe in the night. But whatever you do, you need to have a flashlight that comes handy. Some of the types that you might want to consider are the following:

Regular Utility Flashlight

This is the most common and can be found almost everywhere in your house. Most often, this type of flashlight is the ones kept in your drawers with dead batteries and most of the time its switch is not working for the last year. Yes, regular flashlights are the ones that are easily damaged especially when not in use. Despite the fact that these types of equipment are easily broken, they come cheap and most people who do not value them usually left them in tool boxes and drawers. Because they are very cheap, they produce weak beam and comes in a cheap plastic case.

Industrial Flashlights

These are commonly used by policemen and security guards, you know the once they tuck in their utility belt. Companies and other huge businesses use this type of equipment because they last longer and produce enough beams for their personnel to see clearly in the dark. Even government enforces use this flashlight in one of their operations because these are considered as heavy duty equipment. These flashlights have better casing components, better incandescent light bulbs, and better light output, but still susceptible to being easily damaged when dropped.

Work Flashlights

Like the heavy duty flashlight, work flashlights are also being used in some business and government agencies. Although they can be very expensive, these types perform better and more reliable than the industrial flashlights. Most often these flashlights are water resistant and its battery last longer.

Tactical Flashlights

These types might be the one that you have been looking for. Tactical flashlights are usually small, come in black, but provide higher light output compared to the ones mentioned above. These are the modern representation of an effective portable lighting far more improved than the others. These are popular in military tactical applications and highly regarded for its durability and efficiency.


Another common type of flashlight are the ones you mount on your head, also known as a headlamp. Even though they are not as strong as handheld flashlights they can be plenty powerful. They are very popular among runners who do a lot of night running in the forest, as they offer an easy and comfortable way to illuminate your trail while still giving you free hands. Most of headlamps available today are mounted on your head through straps, but there are some models that clip onto a hat or similar. Some headlamps can also be powered by an external battery pack, while others have all the batteries mounted behind the actual LED.

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