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Best Headlamps for Fishing Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

man shining his headlamp and Setting up a fishing line, Russian River, Alaska

Fishing during the night is quite possibly the most entertaining way to partake in the sport of fishing. Because it is in fact nighttime there is usually very little noise around to disturb your activity. This makes night fishing extremely peaceful and gives plenty of time to relax from an increasingly stressful lifestyle.
One of the most fundamental parts of night fishing is the ability to actually see your surroundings. This makes picking the best headlamps for fishing essential if you want to make your night fishing experience as enjoyable as possible. For that reason, I have decided to compile a list of my favorite headlamps for fishing from the current market.
What you will find below is a comprehensive list and review of my top picks of headlamps for fishing. I will provide the benefits and added features of each headlamp to weigh-up the pros and cons of each design.

Top 12 Best Headlamps for Fishing

1 – The LED Lenser SE07R Head Torch

Image of a headlamp in colors blue, sky blue and white combination.

The LED Lenser SE07R Head Torch is a popular pick amongst expert night fishers. It incorporates being super light without sacrificing battery life. This is a super reliable pick that allows you to focus purely on fishing without having to worry.
You especially do not have to worry about battery life as this pick comes with a rechargeable battery. At max battery charge this headlamp should easily allow you to go on a week’s fishing trip.
This headlamp uses special OPTISENSE technology that has been engineered in Germany. This technology can detect the levels of light around you and emit light based on the levels. This means that the headlamp will automatically adjust to the levels of brightness around you. This leaves you more time to concentrate on your fishing instead of worrying about adjusting light levels to suit you.
The additional benefit of this feature means that you will not be wasting battery. This prevents you from keeping your headlamp on max setting and draining your battery for no reason. The LED Lenser has specially designed light focusing systems that maintain the strength of the light being emitted.
This allows a much more power level of light to be emitted with a lot less battery usage. This fancy technology also reduces eye fatigue allowing you to have clear vision. This is effective for up close and long distance making it one of the top contenders for best headlamps available.

2 – Fox Halo AL350C Rechargeable Head Torch

Photo of a headlamp in brown color with attached black colored lamp case, and a USB cord beside it.

Next up on the list is another well respected and highly reviewed headlamp for fishing. I am of course talking about the FOX HALO Rechargeable head torch that is popular amongst anglers. A constant theme in the reviews of this headlamp boast about how comfortable it is to wear.
The Fox Halo has a simple design with an adjustable strap. The lamp itself comes with three light settings that can be described as low, medium and high. On the highest setting you can be sure to see far into the distance making sure nothing goes unnoticed. The lower settings allow you to remain discrete whilst hunting the catch but also have clear vision of your target.
The battery of the Fox Halo headlamp is charged via USB which is located at the back of the headlamp. There is a charging light that turns red when battery is low and turns green when it is fully charged. This makes it super simple to know when to plug your headlamp in and when its ready for fishing.
The added benefit of having a rechargeable battery is that there is no need to carry around extra batteries. A simple power supply kit can be used to plug the USB into the headlamp for an hour or so. This will give more than enough power to last the night if you forget to charge your headlamp beforehand.
The camouflaged design allows you to maintain your stealth whilst out in the field. Just make sure you remember where you place it down because you may struggle to find it again.

3 – Ridgemonkey VRH300 USB Rechargeable Head Torch

A close-up photo of a black headlamp with two LEDs.


At first glance you may think that the Ridgemonkey headlamp looks a bit bulky. However, once you pick it up you realize that it is actually extremely light. One of the most impressive features is the ability to fully charge the headlamp in just four hours. This also means you do not need to carry around batteries to replace dud ones. You simply have to plug it in before you go on your trip. The Ridgemonkey should then provide enough light for any keen fisherman’s trip.
An additional unique feature of this headlamp is the ability to switch the light to a green color. Most headlamps focus on having either just a white light with different settings or a red LED setting. The green light is useful as it causes the least strain on eyes. This is beneficial for those keen fishermen that spend a lot longer fishing than the average joe.
The Ridgemonkey doesn’t explicitly say that their headlamp is completely waterproof. However, a number of reviews have expressed how impressed they were with its ability to withstand heavy rainfall. This only adds to the level of durability that you first notice from the strong block design. This is definitely a no-nonsense choice for keen fishermen looking for some unique features.

4 – Trakker Nite Life Head Torch 580 Zoom

Image of a khaki-colored headband, with product name printed around the band.


Like a few of the other headlights mentioned on this list, this head torch comes with a rechargeable battery. However, unlike other headlamps on this list this head torch can be powered using batteries as well. This makes it more flexible when it comes to going on out of the blue fishing trips. You can shove some batteries into the headlight and away you go. With those headlights that have only a rechargeable battery you would have to wait until you had enough charge.
Additional features of the Trakker head torch include the ability to change between five light settings. These usually alter between the brightness of the white light which has a maximum emission of around 580 lumens. This is actually a pretty powerful light and will provide plenty of vision whilst out fishing during the night. The Trakker head torch also comes with a red light setting which is useful for maintaining stealthy but aware.
Finally, if you are to use the rechargeable battery it will only take you around 2.5 hours to fully charge. This is a lot quicker than most rechargeable batteries take to fully charge. The Trakker Nite Life head torch also boasts being completely waterproof. This means that you will be able to get as we as your heart desires. Now you can focus your attention on catching the best prize instead of worrying about getting your gadgets wet.

5 – Petzl Tacktikka RGB Hunting Headlamp

This is an image of a headlamp in camouflage color on a white background.

This headlamp is the classic does what it says on the tin and it means business. The small size of this headlamp may lead you to believe that it lacks power. This is where you would wrong. The LED of this hunting headlamp pumps out a whopping 250 lumens of glaring light. This will give you plenty of vision whilst out trying to bring home the biggest catch of the night.
Along with this impressive power comes three modes which can be switched around with the simple press of a button. The lamp is powered with three triple A batteries and comes with an adjustable strap. This makes the Petzl Tacktikka a favorite for those who want a simply yet effective headlamp.
In addition to the various white light settings, there are a number of RGB color modes. This enables you to continue fishing late into the night without ruining your chances of bringing home the prize. With the Petzl Tacktikka you can guarantee simplicity with your choice of headlamp that is coupled with reliability and effectiveness.

6 – Fox Halo 300 Multi Colour Head Torch

Close-up photo of a headlamp's LED attached to an orange and black colored headband.


Now we are going to take a look at another model of head torches from the reputable Fox brand. This headlight boasts a blinding 300 lumen output with 4 different settings of white light. Not only this but other settings involve a Red LED that comes in useful when trying to maintain stealth on the water.
The design of this head torch is super simple making it really easy to use. There are two buttons on the top of the headlamp to cycle through the different light settings. The light itself can be angled to adjust to wherever you want the light to focus. This comes in handy to reduce neck strain trying to maintain light on a particular spot.
The headlamp is supported by a stylish black and orange strap that can be adjusted to fit anyone. This is useful as it becomes a one size fits all so that everyone in the family can make use of it. This is one of the headlamps that doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery. This isn’t much of a sacrifice when you are saving money on a cheaper than average headlight. Plus, you just need 3 triple A batteries and you are good to go.
The Fox halo head torch is also super light. It weighs in at around 68 grams which is hardly anything when it comes to headlamps. This again helps to reduce strain on the neck allowing you to focus on fishing late into the night.

7 – Petzl Tikkina 150 Lumens

Image of a headlamp in all-around maroon color.

If you have come to this list looking for the best value for money look no further. The Petzl Tikkina 150 lumens is the cheapest by far without sacrificing anything major. At only £17.99 this headlamp offers a great product at an even greater price. Much like the other Tikkina headlamps this product will give you plenty vision for fishing at night.
This headlamp offers a simplistic design with a button to turn the flashlight on and cycle through various light settings. Unlike the Multicolor model this headlamp does not offer different colour settings. However, this really isn’t a big deal as you still get three different white light modes. This will allow you to interchange between a dimmer low setting and blinding high setting.
A low setting is more useful when working up close and personal like putting bait on the fishing line. The higher setting will provide a lot more vision allowing you to look far into the distance. This will allow you to be much more away of your surroundings.
Another benefit to this model is the fact that it is completely waterproof. This means you will not have to worry about getting to close to water. Now you can completely focus on bringing home the biggest catch instead of caring about damaging your headlamp.
Finally, the Petzl Tikkina 150 lumens is powered using three triple A batteries. These batteries come included with the purchase, so you don’t have to worry about searching around for batteries. This allows you to get straight on with your trip with no time wasted waiting for batteries to charge.

8 – Fox Halo 6000MAH Multi Light Charger

Image of a headlamp with multicolored headband, three LEDs, one big and two smaller surrounding the big one, facing the front.


I thought it might be a good idea to include something that’s a bit out of the ordinary and unique. Well, it doesn’t get much more unique than the Fox Halo Multi Light lamp. Now strictly speaking this isn’t really a headlamp but it will provide you with an insane amount of night vision.
This nifty piece of equipment is simply placed next to your feet and will light your surroundings with one button. One of the useful things about this gadget is that it can be used in conjunction with a headlamp. This allows you to have both the focused light on something specific with your headlamp with the added visibility.
A lot of anglers use external lighting for taking those photos at night leaving you asking how it’s so clear. Well here’s the answer. If you are looking for something to light up the night so you can get that unforgettable photo its here. The added lighting provided by the Fox Halo light will improve your photos, so they are sharper and clearer.
This device is charged via USB and has a rechargeable battery meaning you don’t have to carry spare ones. Simply give it a charge before you go on your trip and it should be good for the entire duration. The reason for this being that the Fox Halo light comes with a solar panel on the back of the light. All you have to do is flip it during the day to allow the solar panel to charge the battery. This is a super useful addition in case you forget to charge the battery beforehand.

9 – Cobiz 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight

Image of a LED lamp in rectangular shape with black borders.

The Cobiz 6000 headlamp is another great addition to this list that can be described as an all-rounder. This headlamp allows hands free operation which allows you to focus on your fishing with both hands.
The headlamp comes with 4 different light settings. These range from the intensity and focus of light with an additional strobe light setting. There are settings that increase the focus of light on a specific target. Another setting increases the spread of light which is useful for setting up tents at night. The strobe light setting is useful in emergency situations when you are trying to grab someone’s attention.
Another benefit to the Cobiz 6000 headlamp is that it is completely waterproof. This means that the light will function perfectly in unfavorable conditions whether that’s pouring rain or full water immersion. This clever piece of technology also comes with a switch that actually increases the safety whilst using it in rain.
This headlamp has been described as super comfortable with two adjustable straps that go over and around the head. This allows the headlamp to be fixed securely in place so you can move about as much as you want. The headlamp also sits on a rotatable axis that allows the light angled where you want. This means you don’t have to strain your neck trying to shine a light on a specific spot.

10 – HeroBeam Fishing Headlamp

This is a photo of a green camouflage color headlamp and headband.

This is one of the only headlamps on this list that has been designed specifically with fisherman in mind. This headlamp boasts a variety of different intensity of light settings as well as a red light setting. The different light settings allow you to switch between a dimmer setting for up close action and a higher setting. The higher setting is useful for increasing your visibility at night where you want to see far into the distance.
The red-light setting is useful for fisherman especially as this enables you to gain vision of your surroundings without disturbing them. This is super important for trying to remain stealthy allowing you to have the greatest chance of catching a prize.
This headlamp has additional hands-free technology that enables you to turn the light off and on without touching it. This comes in super handy for fishermen that have wet and slimy hands from fishing. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the headlamp off and on.
Another benefit for this option is the battery life. This headlamp is charged using a USB and a rechargeable battery. Once fully charged this headlamp has around thirty hours of battery life which is an insane amount of time. Especially when the time to fully charge the HeroBeam is only around four hours.

11 – GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes LED Headlamp

Image of a headlamp with wide LED lens, and in multi-colored headband.

The GRDE headlamp is one of the most versatile lights on this list. This option boasts super high light intensities as well as an extremely long battery life. The GRDE headlamp has reach light intensities around 1800 lumens which is just insane headlamp. With this option you will be sure to light up the night sky whilst out fishing at night.
You would think with such a high intensity of light that the battery life must be super low. This is where the magic comes in. This headlamp has a lifespan of around 100,000 hours which is just mind blowing. You just need to fire some batteries into this impressive gadget, and you will not need to think about replacement any time soon.
As well as the features mentioned above this headlamp comes with multiple lighting settings. These include a dimmer low light, a medium-light and a strobe setting. Much like the HeroBeam this headlamp also offers hands-free operation which is super useful for nighttime fishing. The different light settings come in handy when switching between up close action and long-distance fishing.
The strobe setting is mostly a safety feature that allows you to grab attention when your voice can’t be heard. With the long lifespan and strong casing this headlamp is a super durable option and one that will last.

12 – Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp

Photo of a headlamp with LED emitting a red and white beam, black-colored headband with brand name printed on it. Three batteries are seen below it.

If you are looking for a well-made headlamp that functions much like many on this list but at a cheaper price, this could be the one for you. The CREE headlamp offers five light settings that can be easily switched between using the two buttons on top. This is particularly useful for fishermen who often have their hands full and need simple controls to operate.
This headlamp is also waterproof and has a battery with a long lifespan. There really isn’t much to not like with the Ultra Bright CREE headlamp. The light can be angled to where you need the light to be focused. This is thanks to the axis that the light sits on enabling it to turn 45 degrees either way.
Another impressive feature of this headlamp is its weight. At only 73 grams this headlamp is lightweight enough for you to not notice it on your head. The adjustable straps also help to improve comfort to allow you to focus on your fishing.

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