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Best Running Headlamps Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you enjoy night running or jogging, you are going to need a good headlamp for running. You need to be sure that you can see where you are going to and you can get a good look at your trail when it is dark. The last thing you want really is to be jogging around at night with one hand occupied with holding a flashlight steady. Think of how inconvenient that can be for you. This is why headlamps are very useful.

Lamps like these can range from the inexpensive to the high-performance ones that can cost quite a bit. It does help a lot though that you take the time to check out which is the Best headlamp for running if you are out in the market looking for one. There are certainly several things that you need to look into before you decide. Below, we list down our tops picks of the most impressive headlamps in the market that could be considered among the best headlamps for running. We are hoping that these running headlamp reviewswill help make it easier for you to decide which ones to get.

Running Headlamps

1. HL1200 Headlamp


This is one of the Best running lights that are sold in the market today, what you are getting is a rechargeable headlamp that is perfect for those streets to trail excursions that you may have in mind every time you get out of the house to enjoy some jogs. This is a lamp with a band that is made from 100 kinds of cotton and is excellent for those runners that want to get that fore-aft balance while making sure that they are able to keep a low profile at the same time. The sturdy headband makes it non-slip and is lightweight while extremely durable.

The light is coming from a LED source with a max setting of 1200 lumens (Extremely bright). It is effective at projecting a very strong and ovalized beam to make sure that you get ample lighting on the path that you are treading ahead. Thanks to the PowerTap Technology that the unit is fashioned, the user can easily enjoy the simple and fast transitioning between dimmed and full power in the proximity and distance modes, making it one of the Best running headlamps out there.

The device which is one of the best trail running headlamps in the market currently is powered by a battery made from lithium polymer. It is rechargeable and is able to pack up juice through the USB cord and wall adaptor that it comes with making it easy to charge by the computer or wall. The setting for this headlamp includes dimming, full strength, lock, as well as strobe. It is also a fully waterproof headlamp, it is protected against any splashing of water from any angle which makes it a really perfect choice for those outdoor walks and runs that you love doing when darkness falls.

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2. Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

Image of a headlamp for running in black color, with red light coming from the LED

Certainly one of the best headlamps for trail running, Princeton Tec offers two types of bulbs made from LED in this unit. It has four modes for intensity as well. At 100 lumens for its maximum setting what you are getting in this headlamp is versatility towards making sure that you have effective lighting on your nighttime excursions.

The light has the Maxbright LED setting which is effective at getting you a concentrated beam of light that can be used to illuminate up to 70 meters ahead this is a perfect tool to have on when you want to be sure that you are stepping on a clear trail ad that you are not going to accidentally end up trampling a poor nocturnal animal as you go about your jogging business.

The other mode is the Ultrabright LED which is handy if you want to make sure that you have a beam that can be used for wide-angle lighting. What makes this one of the best-running lights for runners is the fact that it has 200 hours of burn time. The pack includes 3 AAA batteries made from alkaline. This is one waterproof headlamp too, which makes it the perfect companion for your outdoor nighttime runs as you know that you can be exposed to the elements and still have a handy light on along the way.

3. Petzl – NAO 575 Lumens

White headlamp with three LED bulbs seen

One of the most important indications that you are getting the best headlamps for running at night is when you find something that will not only keep your path lighted while you are doing your evening runs but one that will allow you to wear it with such comfort and stability too. Not a lot of people are fond of the idea of donning on a headlamp since there are some that are designed to be a bit cumbersome and are quite heavy on the head.

Not this one, though. As one of the best lights for running at night, it can be worn by the runner without having to constantly worry that it might be slipping as you job around. The unit has twin emitters of LED lighting with a bulb that is located atop the torch that acts as a sensor allowing the light to adjust to whatever intensity the emitters are set for.

This is a unit that is powered by as rechargeable battery made of Lithium-ion at 2600mAh that is included in the pack. It is charged through a USB cable and the charging time will usually take around 5 hours. This is a headlamp that uses reactive lighting and comes with a software that will allow you to customize the minimum output flight that you are getting when it is set to the reactive mode.

4. Streamlight 61400 Enduro


One of those headlamps in the market that have been scoring high in many trails running headlamp reviews, this is one headlamp hat is compact and lightweight and is very much known for its high performance. The unit is ergonomically developed and is very light at only 2.75 ounces.

What makes it one of the best trail running lights out there is the fact that it is very easy to use and handle. The light weight means that the wearer will barely even notice that it is on their head and it does not exert such uncomfortable pressure on the wearer. It is highly durable too as it is made from high-quality materials, which makes it a really worthy purchase for those that are hoping that they are getting something that can be expected to remain in good condition for a long time.

The ABS case for the unit is impact resistant too. The lens is made from a polycarbonate material which means that it is unbreakable. The unit has a super high LED bulb in high flux and is expected to have an hour life of 100,000. For its run time, the low bean at 25% can last up to 24 hours and the high beam which shines at a hundred percent can last to six hours.

This is a waterproof headlamp too. So expect that you will still have a handy reliable light to keep your path illuminated even when you decide to go for a jog on those rainy nights.

5. LED Headlamp Yalumi

Photo of a black headlamp for running with wide big LED on front

This is another headlamp for running at night that you would not want to miss out on. It uses an optical lens that is quite sophisticated that gives out an enhanced beam with five modes. There is the white light with the high brightness, economic, and strobe, and there is the red light with the strobe and the constant modes.

The white LED has an output of 105 lumens. It also gives out a beam length of 90 meters. When in economy mode, the light has a burn time of 187 hours and when used in its brightest mode, it has a burn time of 95 hours. The headlamp also boasts of the highest quality CREE and high power LED XPE lights. The package that the provider is offering comes with 3 batteries that are AAA sized.

The headlamp comes with an adjustable headband. The illumination for the lamp can actually be tilted in different angles as well. There is also a lock mode to ensure that that the wearer will avoid those instances where the battery might end up getting drained when getting the lamp stored in the pocket or in the pack.

This is compact and this is lightweight so one will have an easy time donning it and then running around. It is water resistant too so one will not have to constantly have to worry that it might end up bogging down on you because you got moisture or water in it.

6. Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp


This is one headlamp that is constructed to be fully waterproof, which so perfectas you expect to use it whenever you will be doing your running excursions, especially at night time. The headlamp gives off an incredibly bright light at 160 lumens. This is simply a powerful lamp that can be used in all conditions.

The PowerTap technology allows one to use the unit to be adjusted quickly as far as the brightness that it is giving off goes. All that needs to be done is tap the housing on the side. It is touch sensitive so you will not have a hard time getting the necessary adjustments done. It also features a beam that is precise and bright that will be most ideal to use when finding your route after dark. This means that you can also easily have the light switched to the different modes that the light comes with. There are the dimmed and full power in distance or switch with the proximity modes as well.

The band is made from a hundred percent cotton, which makes it really comfortable to wear around. If you are going to utilize the night vision mode for the red light, it comes with the strobe and the proximity settings. It can activate without any need for you to have to cycle through the white mode.

This is a good choice for people that would prefer a headlamp that is low profile and is sleek. For power, it uses four batteries that are AAA size. To make sure that you are aware of the battery life of the unit, there is a power meter with three levels that can be monitored for this purpose. The settings for the unit include the full strength in both the distance and the proximity modes, the strobe, the dimming, the lock mode, and the red night vision.

7. Fenix HL30


This is a headlamp that can really illuminate the scene with such clarity and unmatched consistency. This can be a useful fixture that can be used in camping, for your hobby, or for your work situations. The unit is powered by two batteries that are AA size. The unit also happens to deliver an output of 230 lumens and can be expected to run for 150 hours when it is use don low mode.

There is an integrated red light that is used to help protect the lamp’s night vision. This means that map reading is made easier even when one has to do so in adverse conditions. There are four digital brightness levels for the lamp. There are red light flash and red light modes as well.

8. Petzl – TIKKA R+


One of the most notable things about this unit is the fact that it has reactive lighting. This means that the light that it gives off can adjust instantly thanks to the light sensor that is equipped on the headlamp. It is also able to put out a maximum of 170 lumens which means that this is on every bright headlamp that you can carry around if you so wish to get it to its full light mode.

The light output for the unit is automatically optimized to ensure that the burn time you chose will be exactly what is picked when using it. If you want to experience stable lighting that will not diminish, then there is the constant lighting mode.

People will love the fact that the unit is compact. It is very easy to use too. There is a push button that is used for quick and easy lighting mode selection. It has a washable band which ensures that you can keep it clean and in the best state at all times no matter how many times you choose to wear it. The unit also offers three modes which are the standard, max autonomy, and the max power.


The best thing about these headlamps is that they allow you to have your hands free as you run or walk around while at the same time, they ensure that you have enough illumination to see the road. The Best running headlamp is most effective to have around as part of your night gear since they ensure that there will be proper light hovering on the ground for you. These kinds of headlights have been used most notably by many enthusiasts in trail running, long distance runners, as well as participants in triathlons. These are lamps that are most useful for those casual joggers as well who like the idea of hitting the road after dark.


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