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Best Hiking Headlamps Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This is a photo of a headlamp for hunting with black-colored headband

If you are into outdoor activities, you will certainly want to have the right tool and equipment that will allow you to do the things that you d even when darkness falls. You need to make sure that you are able to keep your hands free too while you are able to walk around with ample lighting to guide you where you are heading to. This is why you should start shopping around for headlamps.

Of course, you will certainly want to find the Best headlamp for hiking. With so many choices that are available for you, it pays to make the time to really find out as man details as you can of your choices. Being aware of what to look for before you decide which ones to spend your good cash on is very important.

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp


If you are looking for the Best hiking headlamp that is fully-featured, waterproof, precise, and powerful, then this is a very convenient headlamp that you should want to have around you. It offers 200 lumens and has the PowerTap technology which makes to possible for you to easily adjust the lamp’s brightness.

It has a handy lock mode. This ensures that you can keep the headlamp lighting without having to constantly worry that the battery will accidentally get drained when the lamp is kept in your pack. The power tap makes it possible for you to get the transitioning from dimmed to full power in such a fast and simple manner.

There are the strobe and proximity settings for those for red night vision. It can activate without any need for you to have to cycle through the white modes. It is sleek and it boats f a low profile design.

This is a water proof headlamp. This means that it is properly protected in the event that it may get immersed in water for up to 30 minutes, thus making it the Best headlamp for backpacking.

Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp


This is one powerful Headlamps for hiking that you would certainly want or have around when you are out of doors. It is versatile and it is chargeable as well. This makes it the perfect companion when it comes to hiking, camping, climbing and any such other activity that you might find yourself doing while you are still out in the dark.

The ReVolt is the Best headlamp for camping and is able to spot an anchor that will allow you to rappel n the dark. If you are hiking down the trail, then you will be able to use the proximity lighting to allow you to have a large light. There is also a diming feature that should make it easier for you to successfully choose just the right amount of light to aid you in the task that you are doing.

If you want to check the power level of the batteries, then you will certainly be able to by looking at the power meter that will show up for three seconds the moment that the headlamp is turned on.

Petzl – TIKKA + Headlamp

The best headlamp for backpacking that will certainly be able to meet your need for versatility when it comes to doing those outdoor activities. It offers lighting for travel at 45 meters and at 160 lumens, it offers proximity lighting too. There is a Boost mode that allows one access to the maximum power. You may also choose to signal your presence with the use of the strobe mode and the red lighting, making it the one of the Best camping headlamp.

The lamp has a lumen output of 160 and can offer constant lighting. This ensures that the brightness will not gradually decrease even when the brightness of the battery actually decreases gradually. There are different lighting colors and several modes that can be used to adapt to each situation. If you need lighting for close range vision, there is the proximity mode. There is also the movement mode that will allow the user to comfortably move around.

It is powered with three AAA batteries. It is water and weather resistant too, which makes it an ideal outdoor companion.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp


If your goal is to find the Best headlight for backpacking there is, then you will not need to look any further. This is the most powerful headlamp for the climbers, the adventurers, and the professionals. This is perfect for these users that demand to have high output lighting. It has a QuadPower LED that is capable of shining a 350-lumens output.

The lamp has the strobe settings along with a red mode for night-vision. It is able to get activated to these modes without the need for one to have to cycle through the rest of the white modes. The settings include a full strength lighting both in distance and in proximity modes. It also has the strobe, the dimming, the loc, and the red mode in night vision.

The headlamp has three levels of power meter that will allow the user the remaining life of the battery for about three seconds the moment that you will switch on the headlamp. It is durable and it is waterproof as well so this will make it the erect choice for these outdoor excursions you have planned.

Coast HL7 LED Headlamp

A headlamp with black-red striped headband for hunting


If you like the idea of having a headlamp with an efficient knight dimming and focus functions that are adoptable this is certainly one choice that you would not want to miss out on. The HL7 has a new technology for beam shaping that allows you to get more usable light in the process

Whether you are using it as a flood light or a spotlight, this is certainly one headlamp that can be expected to produce superior beam quality and light output thanks to its new optics. It has a Bull’s Eye pattern too that can give you a great spot that is focused with a maximum distance f 357 feet. The outer ring of the lamp will allow you to see a much boarder area thanks to its side vision.

The unit happens to have a very handy dimming function. This makes it easier for you to get the light adjusted towards just the right level to suit your specific application. When run on high, it has a run time of up to an hour and thirty minutes. But when it is run in low, it has a total of 70 hours runtime. It has unbreakable LED material and is resistant to impact too, making it a very durable companion to have around.

Fenix HP25 Headlamp

Image of a headlamp in yellow and black color combo, two LED bulbs are seen in the case

If you want to know what is the best headlamp for camping, this offering from Fenix will not disappoint. What you are getting is a lamp that is designed to activate the latest potential when it comes to LED technology. You get multiple modes that will allows you or successfully get the most out of the batteries. To ensure the ease of use for the user, there are controls that are easy and simple to use. This means that switching to the different modes of the headlamp is going to be very easy.

The headlamp is able to give out a maximum output of 340 lumens it is also powered with 4 batteries that are sized as AA. It has flood and spot combinations that will allow ones to have multiple options for its light output. The runtimes on how lighting can reach up to 205 hours and the light can reach about 525 feet.

For those that would expect to use the lamp of a regular basis in various settings, it is possible to do so since it is going to be waterproof. It is durable as well so if you are hoping for a headlamp that you can expect to use for a long time, this is certainly one f the finer choice that the market has to offer.

Petzl – NAO 575 Lumens

Photo of a white headlamp, three LED bulbs at the front

This headlamp from Petzl is powerful, compact, and it is rechargeable too. It offers reactive lighting technology which makes it a really suitable choice when used for these technical dynamic tasks. This means that the brightness of the lamp will adapt instantly as well as automatically to the kind of environment that it is being used on.

Maximal brightness is provided by the lamp from 7 up to 575 lumens. Expect longer burn time too as well as fewer interventions manually and greater usability as well. If you expect to use the lamp frequently, then you will love the fact that it comes with rechargeable batteries. It has light sensors too that should make it very easy for the brightness of the headlamp to be adjusted in accordance to the lighting needs of the wearer.

What the lamp offers is adaptive and comfortable lighting. This also means that the user can easily keep his hands free from having the need to hold the lamp when walking around. It is also known to easily optimize its energy source.

Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp

Headlamp image in black and gray color band, one big Led bulb at the front


This headlamp features 150 hour of burn time and is capable of a maximum of 275 Lumens. It can be sued at its brightest or its max bright setting and it can be expected to light the path well even brighter when compared to other high-end lamps.

It is able to provide a wide white beam of light which makes it a perfect tool to use around when you need to be walking in dark campsites and other settings where light is limited and you may need to find bits and pieces of camping tools or hiking tools that you may need. It is quite effective for this purpose since the light it shines is indeed very bright.

The white spot which is high power can shine for more than a hundred meters. It weighs a total of 279 grams. It is also powered with four batteries sized AA. Do take note though that it has a regulated power burn time of only one hour. Expect that the brightness is going to spike after the power on the batteries will run out. So, bringing a spare when you are expecting to camp or hike for several days will be helpful.

Petzl – e+LITE Headlamp


One of the Best hiking headlamp 2016, what is considered to be the most standout characteristic of this lamp is its being ultra light at only 25 grams. It is very compact as well thanks to its retractable ZIP cord. It is always ready to use and can be stored in a vest along with its batteries even for ten years. Thus, making it an ideal choice for those who are planning to build an emergency kit.

It is known for its long life. It is a headlamp that is ready to be used ay time. It is portable thanks to its lightweight. It is even less than 5 centimeters in its total length since it has a retractable cord. This is a very durable headlamp too. It is built to be water resistant and is also designed to be resilient to different temperatures ranging from 30 t sixty degrees Celsius.

Movement has never been easier with this headlamp too. Thanks to the bright white light that it emits, users can now move around very easily in the dark. There is also an emergency beam that can be used which makes it possible for the user to be easily seen for 30 hours from a 300-meter distance.

Energizer Vision LED Headlamp


This lamp has five modes that can be used for a variety of tasks. The digital focus allows to transition gradually from full spot towards full flood light. There is a memory recall feature that makes it possible for the light to return to the last setting that its focus was put on. It has a powerful beam that is four times brighter when compared to the usual standard in LED technology.

It happens to mount quite comfortably on the head. It can also be securely mounted on a hard hat. It has straps that are comfortable and are adjustable at the same time. It also pivots to direct the beam of light to where you need it to be directed to. This means that you get to have your hands conveniently free if and when you need them to. It has a push button switch that is designed for easy operation. The construction is also impact-resistant making it a very durable light fixture to have around.


We are hoping that the information we have detailed above should help make it possible for you to pick the right headlamps. We know that you have several options to sect from and we are hoping that listing down all these features will allow you to pick out the ones that you think is going to suit your needs very well.

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