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Best Hunting Gifts For Dads Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This is a photo of a man with his hunting dog hunting in the woods.

Oh man, dads are awesome, right? If their birthday or Christmas is coming around you’ll be glad you read our blog on 35 gift ideas for dads who love to hunt.

After all they’ve done for us we want to make sure our appreciation is shown by gifting them something they actually want rather than the bog standard deodorant set and new pair of socks.

And one way of showing the old man that you really care is to buy him something hunting related. Plus by doing your research here first not much can go wrong. We’re hunters, survivalists, EDC and preppers. We’re also dads, brothers, uncles, and even grandparents.

So we can be a great help and guide you to buying a super-thoughtful hunting gift!

Top 35 Gifts for Hunting dads

1 – Starscope Monocular

Image of a monoscope lens facing front, in black color on a white background

The Starscope Monocular will give your dad the ability to gain a 10x view with this 50mm wide lens monocular telescope. It’s an amazing gift for your dad if he enjoys hiking, mountaineering, bird watching and hunting.

For gifts under $100 this would certainly work well. The build quality on the Starscope Monocular is great. The optics housing is made with tough ABS plastic. The lens is manufactured with real optic glass and is fully coated.

You can hook your iphone up to this lens too which will allow your dad to take photos from far away.

2 – Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches

Image of a tetra pack with repair patches inside in circle shape.

These Gear Aid tape repair patches can repair anything from a ripped jacket to a broken tent. These repair patches can be a real lifesaver if something gets ripped. Imagine your tent gets a tear in it and there’s heavy rain later that night? These patches are waterproof and very durable.

I have a camouflage Gore-Tex rain suit for hunting and ripped it recently. Luckily I had a few of these repair patches that I could just peel and stick and they did the job perfectly!

3 – MosquitoBlock

Photo of a mosquito block bracelet in black strap and white-colored trap.

When hunting you’re prone to being attacked by mosquitoes. This bracelet emits special sonic waves at a frequency that bugs hate. It will prevent your dad from being bitten or even getting a deadly disease. Plus it looks like a smartwatch, so it’s not the most horrible looking thing in the world.

Now do these actually work? The bracelets try to mimic the ultrasonic flight sound of male mosquitoes. Females want to avoid male mosquitoes after they have mated. So they are not 100% effective but they do ward off some.

Having some protection is better than none. My personal experience with this watch has been good. There are over 80 species of mosquitoes, so obviously you’re not going to find a one size fits all kind of repellant.

For the price, I’d say this is a nice gift that your dad would appreciate if he’s a walking target for swarms of mosquitoes!

4 – Scent Crusher Ozone Go Vehicle Air Cleaner

Image of a cute air cleaner, white color, with wide square body and a narrow tip.

When it comes to hunting you really need to mask your scent. Deers for example can smell a human’s scent for up to 10 days after they have left. If your dad is driving for a few hours to go hunting, he will be sitting soaking up all that human aroma in his truck.

An air cleaner for the car really can help. The Ozone Vehicle Air cleaner will destroy all odors within 30 minutes. The fresh air will deodorize your clothing before the big hunt.

I’ve used this and it works like a charm. It will eliminate any smell from your car / truck.

5 – Survival Flashlight

Image of two tactical black flashlight on a white background.

If your dad likes to hunt, I’m almost positive he’ll appreciate a survival flashlight. You never know when you need it and well when you do you’ll be glad you’ve got one that does the job.

I’m a big fan of the TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight. It is a very sturdy light that can produce a powerful beam. It’s been stress tested for durability and has come out on top! To give you an example of how much stress they put it under, here’s some of the tests they performed:

  • Dropped it from space
  • Boiled it
  • Submerged it in freezing temperatures

So you can be rest assured that it will work time and time again. Now why does your dad need one? Well he might get back from the hunt late and have to dig around his truck for something. He could get a flat tyre on the way home and have to pull over and fix it up. Maybe a tree has fallen on the road and he has to clear a path in the dark.

6 – Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

Image of an orange lighter inside a black tetra pack.

The Zippo Flint is a really low cost purchase if you’re looking for a cheap gift. Dad will appreciate this item because he knows how important it is to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

It’s always a clever idea to carry a lighter because you do not know what you’ll run into. Lets say he’s tracking an animal and next minute the sun has set. Or imagine he got hurt and needed to camp up until help arrived.

The Zippo Flint includes 5 lightweight paraffin wax-coated cotton tinder. They can burn for up to five minutes.

This fire kit can also float in water.

7 – Baby Wipes

An image of a box containing baby wipes as per label on front.

Throw this in there to beef out his presents. It will be amusing to see his confusion when he sees the baby wipes. They do however serve another purpose! When your on a hunt you’re bound to get dirty and baby wipes could be used for a number of reasons.

It could be you have blood on your hands after dressing an animal or maybe your dad will want to wipe his mucky hands before he eats. Either way he will genuinely appreciate these if you know why he would want them.

8 – Survival Blanket

Image of a folded green survival blanket on a white baackground.

I recommend picking up some Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets. These dual-sided Myler blankets work in all weather conditions. They are incredibly useful as each blanket provides protection against the wind and the rain. They are waterproof and moisture-proof AND there reusable.


These blankets can retain up to 90% body heat so they will stop you from getting hypothermia or shock. Incredibly useful and could save your father’s life if disaster ever struck.

9 – Proper Rain Gear

An image of a black rain jacket with hood on a white background

Your dad will want to make sure he’s dry and comfortable. Choosing rain gear that is made from the right materials will ensure that the moisture is quickly wicked away. You do not want to get wet and be sitting in damp / cold clothing. This will affect your ability to hunt and make it a very unenjoyable / uncomfortable experience.

10 – Paracord Survival Bracelet

Image of a paracord survival bracelet with accessories below it

When it comes to survival you need to be prepared. Ever heard the saying failing to prepare is preparing to fail? Well one way of preparing is by having some paracord to hand.

Paracord has a number of uses and every survivalist / hunter knows how useful it can be. An easy way of ensuring you’ve always got some Paracord on you is by wearing it around your wrist.

It is wrapped in such a way that several feet of paracord can fit around an 6/7/8 inch wrist. Plus this is a cheap purchase so it makes a nice addon gift.

11 – Books

Image of the book American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains in green cover

Some great books are:

  • If You Didn’t Bring Jerky, What Did I Just Eat: Misadventures in Hunting, Fishing, and the Wilds of Suburbia
  • The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook
  • ‘American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains‘

We’re creating a blog dedicated to hunting books very soon! Stay tuned.

12 – Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

Image of a foldable solar panel, in black color.

We all know how annoying it is when our cell phones run out of charge. When you’re hunting your away for extended periods of time and there’s no opportunity to plug your phone into a socket to charge.

This solar powered cell phone charger is peferect as it will store enough power to charge an iPhone or Samsung 3-4 times. And even after that you can leave your phone in direct sunlight to charge it even more.

13 – Outdoor Edge Field Butchering Kit

Image of a knife set , five different variations

This field butchering kit comes with three high quality stainless steel knives, a bone saw and a knife sharpener. Only hunters know how difficult it can be to dress an animal in the field.

It is a vital process that prevents bacteria from growing on the animal. It can be an extremely messy process and you have to be careful not to contaminate good meat while doing so. This can be accomplished much easier by using good sturdy tools.

Plus this makes it much easier to carry a dead corpse (less weight inside the carcass)

Trust me, this is a gift your dad will find incredibly useful if he has a good shot!

14 – Coleman Triton Propane Stove

Photo of a portable stove with aluminum cover.

There’s nothing better than a good meal after you’ve spent all day hunting in the cold woods. Food tastes 1000 times better! This is a great reason to have a Propane stove as it will cook the food much faster as opposed to building a fire.

These Coleman Triton Propane Stoves are great and come with a weather guard to ensure the stove is ok in windy conditions.

This is also a great gift for campers too!

15 – Blood Tracking Light

Photo of a blood tracking light with black-colored body

Some hunters prefer hunting at night as they can be extremely productive. It is also extremely difficult and anybody who’s attempted this before will tell you it is more challenging.

Getting your dad a blood tracking light will mean he can track the blood drops from an injured animal. This will allow him to chase in the right direction. The light uses a special lens that highlights blood drops.

16 – Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Image of a headlamp in black and orange color, LED facing front

The Black Diamond Storm headlamp is a fantastic piece of kit. Its reliable waterproof, really durable, easy to use and comfortable! This is a fantastic hunting gift because it allows you to shine light on whatever while having both hands free.

This is a 350 lumen headlamp.

This gift will be useful for other things like fixing something under the hood of the car to fixing the plumbing under the sink.

17 – Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

This is an image of a pair of earmuffs in green and black color.

This gift will protect your dad’s ears. These electronic earmuffs will protect your dad from loud noises that will damage his hearing but at the same time they also amplify quiet noises too.

This means your dad could literally hear a twig break nearby while not being affected by a shotgun being shot a couple of feet away from him.

I have used the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs a few times and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and performance of them. Your dad will love them!

18 – Stealth Cam G42 Trail Camera

Close-up photo of a trail camera in rugged design, gray color.

Trail cameras are a very useful tool for hunting. Whitetail deer hunters especially. There has been a tonne of improvements over the years too which make trail cameras lighter, smaller, higher quality and less expensive.

One camera that does all that is the Stealth Cam G42 camera. It retails for less than $100 but honestly it’s seriously underpriced. It has a fantastic detection range and produces really high quality photographs / video.

19 – Bug Repellent Sun Hat

This is an image of a man wearing a mosquito cap with net covering his neck and face.


Anybody that spends time outdoors knows exactly how annoying bugs can be! This hat repels bugs and more importantly mosquitoes. USHAKE Mosquito Hat is ideal for keeping your dad safe from the elements.

It even has a hidden mesh net under the top of the hat that conceals a full head mosquito bug guard!

20 – Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag

A duffle bag in brown and orange color laid on a white background.

Remember we spoke about how bad scents are? Well Scent Crusher have a scent crushing gear bag too! This bag gives you the ability to eliminate smells and odors from before and after your hunt. This is what every hunter has been looking for! The ability to quickly destroy odors and bacteria is essential for a good hunt.

Zip the bag up and the Ozone Activated Technology will effectively eliminate all odors on your gear. Look at the reviews on Amazon. Every smell will be gone in 30 minutes!

21 – Global Vasion Heated Scoks

A photo contains a pair of heated long socks in gray color.

These electric rechargeable heated socks are amazing for people who have ridiculously cold feet. There are three settings, high, medium and low. The socks are absorbent and really breathable so it won’t get too sweaty. Could you imagine the smell when trying to hunt?

These Global Vasion Heated Scoks are very comfortable too. The padded reinforced heel and toe is very appreciated.

22 – Orion Cooler

Image of a big blue cooler with metal buckle locks.

Every hunter needs a good old cooler. What’s a better brand than Orion for coolers? These are heavily insulated and well built coolers that can take a dunt or two. They’re perfect for keeping a hunter’s food cool for a WHOLE week.

These are also bear resistant and have a reinforced top so your food will be safe if a bear comes sniffing for food. Plus these are USA made coolers. They are hand made in Tennessee.

23 – Leupold BX-1 McKenzie 8x42mm Binoculars

An image of a pair of binoculars, geay body color, lens emitting a violet-colored reflection.

These are the least expensive roof prism binoculars that Leupold sell. Still, they are not cheap and are far from being low quality. These binoculars are solid in terms of build quality. The glass alone is of a higher quality than binoculars that are sold for twice as much.

24 – Canada Hunting Trip

There’s no better gift than an experience. Canada is actually bigger than the USA but only has about 10% of our population. There’s so much free land over there where animals roam. This is why there are quite a few hunting destinations that people like your dad will love.

Your dad might be looking to hunt bigger game, that’s why he’ll appreciate this gift. In Canada, he has the option to hunt the Alberta Black Bear.

This is obviously not a cheap gift though. The 3-4,000 trip will allow your dad to hunt a 300-pound bear that measures 6 feet +.

25 – Zippo Hand Warmer

A photo of a small rectangular-shaped metal hand warmer.

This sleek, thin hand warmer is small enough to fit into the smallest of pockets. It’s rugged, durable and the metal construction will do well against the toughest of conditions. Plus no need to worry about smells, the cold hunting trips won’t be affected by any chemical smells.

I myself got this gift as a birthday gift and I was pleasantly surprised. My hands get cold really easily, so this was a blessing. Even for things like walking the dog, its nice.

Just take your time filling this up as i’ve found its way too easy to spill. I’ve found that 6 hours worth of Zippo fluid managed to work for around 12 hours.

26 – Engraved Leather Wallet

A photo of engraved brown wallet with accessories inside

I know it’s not exactly a hunting gift but we can guarantee he will appreciate a good leather wallet. Plus if you get it engraved? Well that’s something he’ll chat about over a beer.

27 – Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Photo of a vacuum flask in mint-green color with silver cap.

This Vacuum Bottle by Stanley is great for keeping fluids hot or cold. It’s made with premium insulation so your soup, coffee or tea will remain nice and hot! Perfect for leaving in the truck for after a good hunt.

The leak-resistant lid makes it a great buy to store in your backpack too. The lid can also double as a cup too. Plus the bottle comes with a “built for life” warranty.

28 – Socks

Image of three pairs of black long socks on a white background.


Look dads and hunters can’t have too many socks. This is something we can appreciate quite a bit to be honest. Especially on a hunt, you do not want your feet getting cold!

29 – Fishing Set Tools

An image of a fishing tool set that includes fishing pliers, fish lip gripper and a sheath.


If your dad enjoys fishing, this fishing tools set comes with a fish gripper, fishing pliers, crimp sleeves and remove hooks. He’ll find it useful!

30 – Hunting Boots

Image of a pair of brown boots with one sole facing the front

Hunting in extremely cold weather isn’t the most enjoyable if you don’t have the right gear. In fact it’ll most likely discourage you from even going out if you’re not equipped properly. These Hunting boots are up there with the best that you can buy.

They are designed for cold weather hunting. The design is pretty cool and they’re lightweight. Built with sturdy materials you can trust these boots to do you well when you’re on a trail.

31 – Vortex Crossfire Red Dot Sight

Image of a black laser sight with mounting clamp.


Vortex is a well known brand in the shooting community. They have a good reputation for producing quality gear. All you need to do is read the amazon reviews to see how well made this optic is.

32 – Plow & Hearth Fire Starter

A photo of a box full of fatwood fire starter.


If you need to start a quick fire, this firewood will certainly help. It’s very flammable and has a lovely wooden smell. This will save your dad from hunting for broken twigs, branches and sticks.

33 – LifeStraw

Photo of a tetra pack with three blue life straws in it.


These life straws allow you to clean out water from lakes or rain fall. They can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water. It will remove 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites.

34 – Coleman Folding Chair

Photo of a blue foldable chair with armrests and side pockets


We all need a sit down, especially after a long day on the hunt. Picture this, your dads had a successful hunt, he’s set up the campfire with his buddys and is waiting for the meat to cook. His folding chair will give him somewhere comfortable to sit.

35 – ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

Image of a chair with tripod type base, no armrest, brown color.

You could take it one step further, this chair will certainly give your dad something to chat about. It is a really comfortable 360-degree rotating chair. The large foot pads ensure the chair doesn’t sink into the ground and each leg is adjustable. So if you’re sitting on an uneven surface you can adjust the legs to suit.

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