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Best Hunting Headlamps Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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The hunting season isn’t that far away, so there really isn’t a better time to invest in some new gear. There are a few things to think about, does anything needs replacing? Are there any other pieces of equipment that might be worth purchasing before hunting begins. Can you really say I own the best hunting headlamp? or is yours 6 years old and outdated?

Take a basic stock check, so that you’re fully prepared for this season well in advance.

Of course, the essentials include a GPS for hunting that is accurate and reliable. Sturdy boots are another must to tackle uneven terrain in difficult conditions. We need to keep our feet as dry as possible, right?.

You should also have a knife for hunting that is strong and sharp. This should be coupled with an excellent headlamp that will fulfill your need for clear visibility in the woods. The better the headlamp the better your hunting experience will be with higher chances of success as well as comfort.

Safety too, its dark out there and you can get a pretty nasty injury pretty easily without proper visibility.

The Top 15 Best Headlamps

1. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp


This is an image of a headlamp with black and orange-colored headband on a white background.


This headlamp challenges the darkness that comes with nightfall and produces a gleam of light that highlights trails and woods.

The housing of the headlamp is created to account for the dangers that come with nighttime. It has a strong structural design that increases the durability of the head torch.

Of course, the headlamp is waterproof and dustproof which means there is no limit to where you can venture. You will have clear sight if you are hunting or camping during the night.

This headlamp has a run time for around thirty minutes underwater before the power runs out. This is thanks to the sturdy casing that prevents anything from leaking into the inside of the lamp.

The light of this headlamp has a beam distance that can reach eighty-five meters meaning that you will not be surprised by anything creeping nearby. With this headlamp, you will no longer be stumbling over branches and can remain stealthy and alert.

The Black Diamond Storm Headlamp utilizes smart technology that supports hands-free use through power-tap mechanics. This means that you can quickly alter between various color options and brightness levels to adapt to your ever-changing environment.

This headlamp has eight modes of lighting that cover both close-up lighting as well as further distances. In addition to this comes various color modes such as red and green night-vision modes plus strobing for each variation.

No need to worry about carrying a lot of weight either, this model weighs in at 90 grams meaning that you will be able to move with ease in the night.

If you’re after the best hunting headlamp, I’d seriously consider this one.

2. EverBrite 2-Pack Headlamp


Photo of two headlamps with bluish-color headband, six AA batteries are seen below it


The EverBrite headlamp will be useful for those going on adventures with another thrill-seeker. This headlamp pack really is the most value for your money. The bundle is priced at around the cost of two well-made headlamps with a variety of useful features. First of all, the power of the light is immense. With eight LEDs, this headlamp will illuminate even the darkest parts of the forest.

There are three modes of lighting that activate two, four, or all eight bulbs. This makes it useful at all times of the day from sunset to sunrise. In addition to these lighting features, a strobe light has been added as a setting in case of an emergency. The headlamp comes with two straps that go around the head and a supporting strap that goes over the head. These straps can be adjusted to fit any head size so that everyone can experience the same comfort.

The EverBrite headlamp has a lifespan of around five hours of continuous use. This means you should have plenty of visibility on a hunting trip before needing to change the batteries. The headlamp weighs in at around 200g which considered lightweight and will not hinder mobility in the wilderness.

3. Kohree CREE 80000 Hunting Headlamp


Image of a brown cap with attached headlamp, LED facing the front.


If you are looking for a duel function for a headlamp look no further. This classic design positions a bright headlamp onto the front of a camouflaged hat. This classical design allows you to remain stealthy in the field whilst providing clear vision of your surroundings. With this headlamp your ability to hunt effectively whilst remaining hidden will be optimal.

To operate the light, there is a simple anti-clockwise switch that allows light adjustment with ease. There are also three different light color options that come in red, green in white. The three strengths of light are low, medium and high which is useful for adapting to the time of day. On the highest brightness setting, this headlamp has a lifespan of around six hours of constant illumination.

This headlamp literally goes the distance with a light that reaches over 270 yards into the distance. With this torch you will be able to see everything in front of you regardless the time of day. The housing of the lamp is supported with aluminum to increase the durability in tough conditions.

It is also waterproof which allows you to dive straight into whatever weather is thrown at you. Once the power of the light runs out, it can be simply charged via the rechargeable lithium battery pack. This makes your hunting gear simpler as you won’t be rummaging around your bag for spare batteries.

4. Luxolite LED Hunting Headlamp


Image of a black small headlamp lens facing the front on a white background


If you are looking for a robust reliable headlamp look no further than the Luxolite LED hunting headlamp. This headlamp has possibly the most durable casing that will allow you to find your way around the camping site during anytime of the night. This headlamp weighs in at around 90 grams meaning that you will not be feeling any strain on your neck. The Luxolite lamp can also be rotated ninety degree. This means you can angle the light to focus on any direction you want.

The Luxolite lamp can be altered from a bright white light to a red light suitable for hunting at night. Not only are there options for color, the strength and type of light can be chosen. This light has 4 modes for the white light which are low, medium and high as well as a strobe function.

Additional features of this fantastic headlamp is the fully waterproof casing that protects the lamp. This means that you will be able to withstand rain showers whilst hiking at night or even crossing a river. Full water immersion will still allow this light to function at maximum performance meaning possibility of adventures is limitless.

Finally, this headlamp comes with a lifetime warranty meaning that you can trust the ability of this lamp. If you are unsatisfied you can have your money back no questions asked.

5. Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Trident Hunting Head Lamp


Close-up photo of a headlamp, with big lens facing the front, black color.


If you are looking for a traditional classical headlamp design look no further. The Streamlight BuckMasters Hunting head lamp incorporates options for both a green and white light. With the simple push of a button you can switch between simple bright white light to green night vision mode. This makes this headlamp simple to use even in the middle of winter when wearing thick gloves.

To power the lamp, three triple A batteries are required. The lamp has a variety of ways to signal that batteries are low. These include a red LED that flashes that power is low. Additional features of this lamp include the ability to angle the light 90 degrees. This means you will not have to hurt your neck trying to direct the light in a specific direction.

The battery lifetime of the lamp is around 5 hours for the white light and 20 for the green light. The headlamp also comes with a flexible strap that can be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit any head size.

6. Internova Best Ultra Bright LED Hunting Head Lamp


A photo of a brown-colored headlamp laid on a flat shiny surface.


The Internova Bright Hunting headlamp is another popular option that has a similar traditional design like the Streamlight headlamp. This headlamp also powered by three triple A batteries that enable around 16 hours of constant light. This makes the Internova headlamp have one of the longest lifespans on this list.

This headlamp is ideal for those going on long expeditions through the night that require constant light. Especially for those keen hunters that have little time to switch out batteries whilst out in the wilderness.

Like many other of the headlamps listed, the Internova Lamp has multiple light settings. There is a low setting which is for simple hiking making sure you can see where you are walking. This light setting helps to prevent tripping over branches and other obstacles that are common to fall onto trails.

The high light setting is useful when it comes to setting tents up at camp and the sun has completely set. Other modes include a red LED setting which is useful whilst hunting and a strobe light. The strobe light is a useful setting in a time of emergency to alert others to your location.

7. Browning Nitro Hunting Headlamp


A photo of a brown headlamp on a white background, with LED and a black knob beside it


This Browning Headlamp is on of the most versatile headlamps on this list. On the surface you may mistake this clever piece of technology as a standard light. This is where you would be wrong. This lamp has a lithium-ion battery which allows the light to be powered for a lot longer. And by a lot longer we mean a lot. This lamp has a lifespan of around a decade meaning you will not have to find a replacement until 2030.

This headlamp comes with an adjustable strap to maximise comfort for all types of head shapes. This means every member of the family can have a Browning Nitro Hunting headlamp. The lamp also has the ability to change angle to fit your hunting needs without hurting your neck.

This lamp has two settings for white light which is the standard high and low. It also comes with a red and blue setting which comes in useful for hunting at night. One of the most impressive features of this headlamp how astonishingly light it is. The headlamp weighs in at only a few ounces meaning you wont even notice it on your head.

8. Petzl Tacktikka RGB Hunting Headlamp


This is an image of a headlamp with military-style print, LED case in color gray and brown combination


This headlamp is the classic does what it says on the tin and it means business. The small size of this headlamp may lead you to believe that it lacks power. This is where you would wrong. The LED of this hunting headlamp pumps out a whopping 250 lumens of glaring light.

Along with this impressive power comes three modes which can be switched around with the simple press of a button. The lamp is powered with three triple A batteries and comes with an adjustable strap. This makes the Petzl Tacktikka a favorite for those who want a simply yet effective headlamp.

In addition to the various white light settings, there are a number of RGB color modes. This enables you to continue hunting late into the night without ruining your chances of bring home the prize. With the Petzl Tacktikka you can guarantee simplicity with your choice of headlamp that coupled with reliability and effectiveness.

9. Petzl STRIX without Headband


A photo of a headlamp without headband on a white background


With the Petzl STRIX headlight there really is no messing around. This headlamp offers a robust mean looking lamp with all the extras that come with it. The battery sits just underneath the headlamp making it a lot more compact and stronger than other headlamps.

The lamp sits on a mechanical swivel that allows the lamp to turn both directions. This means that you can adjust the direction of the light to suit your needs with little restriction.

This lamp focuses on providing up-close and personal light for those tasks that demand that type of light. Don’t get it wrong, this lamp will provide ample red light to sneak around targets without giving the game away. However, this might not be the best option if you are looking for a light that will illuminate a forest.

Nonetheless this lamp an impressive design with military overtones that is made for hardcore adventurers. With this headlamp people will know you mean business.

10. Lightess LED Motion Sensor Headlight


This is an image of a headlamp with yellow and black-colored headband with coiled wire connected to the LED


This headlamp looks overloaded with features and gadgets that are intriguing to anyone who lay their eyes on it. You might expect that this headtorch has been taking straight out of the 90s however this headlamp offers modern features.

This includes the advertised contact free activation of the light which we don’t think is completely correct. To switch on this headlamp, it still requires a hand that activates the motion sensor to turn on the light. This is still pretty unique for headlamps and will be sure to come in handy. Especially in situations when you are in a rush and don’t have time to find the button on the lamp.

The Lightess LED hunting headlamps comes with adjustable head straps that go both around and over the head. This helps to optimize comfort whilst assisting in remaining hidden with the camouflage design.

Another impressive feature of this headlamp is that even with the motion sensor, this lamp only weighs in at 3.1 oz which is surprisingly light. With this headlamp you get the added technology without having to sacrifice comfort or risk neck strain from added weight.

11. Lightess LED Motion Sensor Headlight


This is definitely one of the most unique designs of headlamps on this list. This headlamp is incorporated onto the front of a beanie with a camouflaged design. With this two in one design, you can keep a warm head during the cold night whilst lighting up trails.

The beanie has two LEDS that shine 48 lumens of light each which is a surprisingly strong. Especially for how small and discrete the lights look on the front of the beanie. This beanie is perfect for lighting up trails to prevent you from tripping over branches and other debris at night.

The lights of this beanie are powered by cell batteries that provide around 43 hours of constant light. These batteries are hidden in the band of the beanie which is also where the switch is located. The carefully thought out design of this cap allows the hat to have duel function without sacrificing style.

12. Bushnell TRKR 325L Multi-Color Headlamp


Image of a headlamp with black headband and white square prints on it


If you are looking for a power light with a variety of colors to choose from then this choice is for you. The Bushnell headlamp offers 325 lumens of light with its power LEDs. With this lamp, even the darkest parts of the forest will be illuminated allowing you to see your entire surroundings.

This lamp comes with a variety of RGB colors including red, green, and blue. The red LED option comes with a dimming option that comes in useful for hunters. Other additional features include the blood tracking mode that utilizes the blue light and syncs accurately with it.

The Bushnell comes with adjustable straps that go around the side and over the top of the head. This helps optimize comfort whilst maintaining a firm grasp to prevent the lamp from slipping off whilst moving quickly. The casing of the light is designed to withstand unfavorable conditions making it popular for hardcore hunters.

Finally, the lamp is powered by three triple A batteries which comes with the package when you purchase the lamp. This means the headtorch is good to go as soon as you get it. You don’t have to waste time searching for batteries.

13. 77Outdoor Headlamp


This is an image of a headlamp with two LED bulbs and a black and white color headband


If you thought the headlamps mentioned on this list were powerful then you have seen nothing yet. With the 77Outdoor Headlamp, the specially designed LEDs can provide up to 1200 lumens. This headlamp will truly light up the night in front of you.

It’s well understood that this level of power will not always be required so there are five light modes. From low, which outputs 70 lumens, to medium 1, which outputs 120 lumens, and medium 2, which outputs 300 lumens. Then there is the high setting which outputs 600 lumens and finally turbo which reaches 1200 lumens.

It is also important to mention that this headlamp doesn’t use replaceable batteries. Instead, this lamp comes with a rechargeable battery that is connected using a USB. This makes it a lot easier to recharge the battery without having to constantly find replacements.

The housing of this lamp is made from high-grade aluminum making it extremely durable. This is accompanied with adjustable straps that provide comfort and prevent the headlamp from slipping. Even with these features, the lamp is still surprisingly light meaning that it’s easily worn for long periods of time.

14. LE LED Headlamp Flashlight


Image of a headlamp laid on a white background, LED bulb turned on, with black and mint green details on headband


This is another headlamp with a slightly unique design that intrigues many at first. This lamp comes with 4 various lighting modes. These include three types of white light with various level of brightness and a red mode. The red mode flashes and is useful in times of emergency when you are trying to attract attention.

The light can be angled to suit any direction of light you require which reduces the strain on your neck. The headlamp comes with two adjustable straps that go around and over the head to maintain a steady flow of light. This also helps to prevent the headlamp from slipping off. It is battery powered with 3 triple A batteries which are included with the package.

15. Cobiz LP014 Ultra Bright Headlamp Flashlight


Image of a headlamp with multi-colored headband with a storage pouch above it


This headlamp is lightweight and comes with 3 modes of LED lighting. This makes it popular for nighttime or early morning joggers as it doesn’t feel heavy on the neck. The light modes are easily switched with the press of a button on the side of the light. This makes it super simple to cycle through the options to find the one you need.

This LEDs are powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts around six hours and is charged via a USB port. Once charged the power output of the LED is around 600 LM which is regarded as very powerful. The headlamp comes with two adjustable straps that fit around the head to ensure the light is secure. The light can be rotated to aim in a specific direction and also be focused to target a certain area.

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