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Best Instant Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of a tent pitched on the mountain

If you’re looking to buy one of the best instant tents around, but don’t want to splash out too much of your hard-earned cash, then you’ve come to the right place. Choosing a new instant tent can be difficult – there are loads of different brands, sizes, and types and it can get pretty overwhelming. Don’t fear though, we’re here to show you the best instant tents on the market.

Whether you need an instant tent for your next family camping trip or are heading to an exciting music festival with your friends, there is bound to be something in this list that is perfect for you. We cover a variety of different budgets and include options for every type of camper.

Read on to discover your next instant tent that is bound to make your camping experience all the more enjoyable and comfortable.

The Top 15 Best Instant Tents

1. CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent

This is an assembled tent in green, gray and white rain fly. D-door and D-shaped windows are seen.

Maximum Occupancy: 9 persons | Closure: Zipper | Weight: 32.25 Pounds

The first tent on our list is the CORE 9 person instant cabin tent. This tent has a classic cabin shape design, with an extremely spacious interior for sleeping and storage. The tent comes partly pre-assembled, with most of the fiberglass poles pre-inserted into the material. This removes that annoying procedure of trying to thread the poles through to the other side.

CORE are one of the most reputable tent manufacturers around, and consistently produce high quality and durable tents. This instant cabin tent is no exception and although it is reasonably priced, there have been no sacrifices made on material quality and features. It is an excellent 9 person instant cabin tent.

Key features

A lot of tents claim they they are ‘instant’ but are often much more difficult to put up in reality. This CORE tent breaks that pattern though, and can actually be erected in around 60 seconds. The only thing you’ll have to do after that is peg it in at the corners.

The tent has plenty of space inside and can comfortably sleep up to 9 people. If you are in a smaller group, you can also divide the tent into a main sleeping compartment and a storage room to keep everything organised. Both rooms also have pockets and hooks to keep valuables raised above the ground.

This tent features CORE’s unique H2O block technology which effectively repels water from the sides of the tent to prevent any from seeping through. This is complemented by the durable flooring that stops any moisture coming up from below.

For ventilation, the tent has an adjustable vent in the floor that draws cool air from the ground, and passes it out through vents in the ceiling. This vent can also be closed in cold weather making the tent a great year-round option.

Another interesting feature is the electrical cord access port, which allows you to bring power into the tent in a safe way. This means everyone can charge up their devices in the tent and you won’t all have to be relying on one person’s portable charger to get through the weekend.

What we like:
  • A true “instant” cabin tent
  • Fantastic ventilation
  • High quality and durable materials

2. MOON LENCE 4 Person Instant Tent

Image of a blue dome-shaped tent with open windows and door.

Maximum Occupancy: : 4 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 10.25 Pounds

The MOON LENCE 4 person instant tent describes itself as a “pop-up” tent, and this is pretty accurate. It sets up within 1 minute which gives you more time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and explore around the campsite. This tent vastly outperforms its very modest and reasonable price tag, and we guarantee it will feel like you are in a tent double its price.

Although advertised for 4 people, this tent will comfortably sleep 5 if you have to. There is only one main compartment, but this simplicity can be nice compared to tents where you have to climb through multiple doors to reach your bed. This tent is ideal for festivals and overnight events but is definitely appropriate for family camping trips as well.

Key Features

This tent is of a generous size for 4 people, measuring 290 x 308 x133cm. This is amble room for a couple of queen-sized airbeds, and you’ll probably be able to fit another sleeping mat in there as well. This is why we reckon you could easily have 5 people sleeping in this tent.

Thanks to its simple and no-frills design, this tent is extremely lightweight, coming in at only 4.65kg which includes all the pegs and poles as well. This tent is perfect for carrying on long hikes and isn’t going to weigh you down too much compared to other similar tents.

The huge mesh windows that run along each of the 4 sides of the tent provide excellent ventilation, and this is complemented by the double zippered front door. This door can either be opened fully or half-opened so that there is a mesh covering across the door. This protects you from bugs, whilst still letting the cool air in.

As far as rain protection goes, you will be staying bone dry in this tent. The clever 190T PU covering on the tent stops moisture settling on the outside of the tent, and the thick groundsheet also keeps you dry from underneath. Staying dry definitely won’t be a concern with this instant cabin tent.

What we like:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Impressive tent for the price
  • Excellent rain protection

3. Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Image of a brown tent with screened doors and tent poles attached to it.

Maximum Occupancy: 4 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Instant Pop-up

Coleman are a very well known producer of tents and other outdoor equipment, and you can be sure any product you buy will be high quality. They also have an excellent customer service team who will help out with any problems or queries that you have. This particular tent is another great option if you’re looking for a top quality instant cabin tent for 4 people.

The tent has a simple and classic cabin style design and is effectively just one large room. The room really is large as well, measuring 8 x 7 feet around the base, with a decent center height of 4 ft 11 inches. This extra space makes the tent feel comfortable and spacious, which is pretty important when you are sharing with multiple people.

Key Features

This 1 room instant cabin tent has a number of interesting and unique features that set it out from the competition. The first is the inclusion of taped seams that run along all the edges which are most susceptible to leaks. This ensures that there is a tight seal in the tent and there is no chance of any sneaky moisture getting through.

This tent has also clearly been constructed with durability in mind. It has a double thickness fabric which is great for wind protection, and also provides slightly more warmth on those cold winter nights. This fabric is very unlikely to tear or break and is bound to last you for years. This tent is definitely not one that you should be throwing away after one night at a festival.

Despite the thick fabrics, the tent is surprisingly lightweight and can be fully set up in a matter of minutes. This is partly down to the poles that are integrated into the tent design, which don’t have to be removed every time the tent is taken down.

Finally, Coleman throw in a 12 month warranty when you buy an instant cabin tent. This protects the buyer from any manufacturer faults or any problems that weren’t their fault. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to make use of this service though, since Coleman products are so reliable.

What we like:
  • High quality and thick materials
  • Taped and inverted seams
  • 12 month warranty

4. Marmot Crane Creek 2 Person Tent

Photo of a green dome-shaped tent with door open, exposing the tent's mat.

Maximum Occupancy: 2 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 4.8 Pounds

The next option of this list of the best instant tents for camping is this 2 person tent from Marmot. Marmot are a stylish outdoor brand that have recently started producing some high quality tents that are aimed at backpackers and campers. This tent is super light, has a low center height to stay out of the wind, and is generally one of the best options if you are planning to carry a tent on a long hike.

The tent has large doors on two sides of the tent which give you stunning panoramic views of your surroundings. This is yet another reason why this tent is perfect for backpacking and hiking.

Key Features

The tent has a 32 square foot base, which is definitely ample for a couple or 2 friends. You can easily fit a queen size airbed in there, or a couple of sleeping mats if you are keen to save on weight. Although the center height is indeed pretty low, it is not going to make you feel cramped or uncomfortable. Besides, it’s there to keep the wind from blowing into the tent, especially if you’re at a high altitude.

The Marmot 7000 aluminium poles are used for even more strength and protection. These poles are still very lightweight though, and when everything is packed up into the useful carry bag it really doesn’t weigh you down at all.

An interesting feature is the two vestibules on the inside of the roof of the tent, which act as useful extra storage space. They keep your gear well away from the floor, but also give you extra space to work with inside the tent. This upper storage space is something we haven’t really seen on similar products, so to have it here is definitely a selling point for the Marmot.

What we like:
  • Stylish and high quality tent
  • Solid protection from the elements
  • Roof storage vestibules

5. Pacific Pass 4 Person Dome Tent

Image of a tent, U-shaped, blue and white color, with rainfly attached.

Maximum Occupancy: 2 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 5.7 Pounds

This dome tent from Pacific Pass is an ideal option for your next family camping trip. The tent has room to sleep 4 people comfortably and has been designed to be convenient and easy for a family to use. For example, the tent is extremely easy to set up and can be done so in around 5 minutes.

It has all the features you’d expect from a solid family tent, without any frills that sometimes get in the way of your experience. This also makes it a great expedition tent. Having said that, it does make use of some innovative ideas to keep the tent ventilated, warm, and dry.

Key Features

As we already said, the Pacific Pass dome tent is built with a family of campers in mind. To that end, it has a large square base that measures 83 x 83 inches, which is plenty of space for a couple of air beds and sleeping mats. The center height isn’t huge but it is sufficient enough so that the tent feels spacious inside.

The tent has a removable rainfly that goes over the tent and keeps everything inside nice and dry. The fact that is removable is pretty cool and if you’re going somewhere with guaranteed hot weather, then you could leave the rainfly at home to save space. We probably wouldn’t recommend taking this risk though!

As for ventilation, there is large window that is designed to encourage airflow through the tent, and the large D-shaped door can also be opened to let in some extra cool air. Opening the door also allows everyone to take in the views, and it is beautiful to watch the sunset and rise through this door.

What we like:
  • A great family dome tent
  • Spacious interior
  • Removable rainfly

6. CORE 6 Person Dome Tent

A photo of a tent in gray and orange color, gray rainfly attached, D-shaped door with screen.

Maximum Occupancy: 6 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 12.72 Pounds

Another tent that we highly recommend is the CORE 6 person instant cabin dome tent. This tent has the classic dome design that is always reliable and gets the job done. Dome tents are a great option if you are camping somewhere with high winds and want to stay low and out of harms way.

This is a pretty large tent and there is plenty of space for a large family or team of 6. Although this is a dome tent, there is plenty of room inside and the high center height means that most people will be able to stand up inside. CORE also include a one year warranty so that you are protected if there are any manufacturing faults that cause problems with your product.

Key Features

Firstly, this 6 person instant tent features CORE’s innovative H2O Block Technology, which have already mentioned on a tent further up this list. H2O Block is an extremely effective design that repels water off the sides of the tent so that there is none sitting on the material and trying to seep through.

The tent also includes a cool gear loft which elevates your stuff above the ground. This is also combined with hooks for lanterns and clothing to give you plenty of storage space. This is turn means that you have more room to sleep in on the ground.

The carry bag includes loads of tent pegs, as well as a removable rain fly for those really wet holidays. The fact that the rain fly is removable is useful because you can save weight by leaving it at home if you know you are going to be getting nice weather.

What we like:
  • Lots of space for 6 people
  • Cool loft storage feature
  • 12 month warranty

7. Coleman 10 Person Cabin Tent

A picture of a rectangular tent with pointed roof, double D-shaped entrance and windows in colors blue and green.

Maximum Occupancy: 10 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 42 Pounds

The next option is the Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent, which is built with the large group holiday in mind. This tent is massive with loads of room for sleeping, storage and relaxing during the day. In fact the tent has a base that measures a whopping 14 x 10 feet and a huge center height of 6 feet 7 inches.

Despite the size of this tent, it is still extremely easy to set up. You can get this tent fully set up in around 1 minute, which is pretty staggering considering how big it is. It is also relatively easy to pack away. All of this makes this tent quite the attractive package for your big camping holiday.

Key Features

Maybe the best feature of this tent is Coleman’s Dark Room technology. Everyone knows how annoying it is to be woken up by the 5am sunrise, and camping tents are usually terrible at blocking out any light. That’s completely different with this tent though, the Dark Room tech blocks out 90% of light.

Not only does this stop you getting woken up ridiculously early but it also prevents the tent heating up during the day time. Camping tents can be huge heat traps and climbing into a sticky tent is really not a pleasant experience.

Aside from the Dark Room technology, the tent is also well weatherproofed thanks to its welded corners and inverted seams. There is also a rainfly included to keep out heavy rainstorms. This Coleman cabin tent also has reflective guy ropes so that no one is going to be tripping over them in the dark.

What we like:
  • One of the best tents at blocking out light
  • Reflective guy ropes
  • Huge size

8. Bushnell Shield 6 Person Tent

Image of a tent in brown color, screened door, cream-colored attached rainfly.

Maximum Occupancy: 12 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 27.4 Pounds

This 6 person instant cabin tent is another product that we recommend if you’re looking for one of the best instant tents for camping. This is a high-quality tent that is clearly built to last many camping trips. If you want to get a tent that you can just throw away after one night at a festival, then this one probably isn’t for you.

It is super quick to set up thanks to the preassembled poles that are sewn into the tent material. Threading poles through a tent is probably the most annoying part of a camping trip, and Bushnell has completely taken this away for us. As well as being quick to set up, it is also very well weather protected and is bound to keep you dry whatever the weather decides to do.

Key Features

Bushnell have clearly thought carefully about ventilation when designing this 6 person instant tent. Specifically, the has a large vent built into the groundsheet which draws cold air up from the ground and circulates it around the tent. Warm air leaves the tent via vents in the roof panels. You can also close up this air vent if your camping in very cold locations.

The tent also has a heat shield coating that prevents excess heat absorption by the tent. This keeps the interior cool during the day, and also reduces the amount of light that gets into the tent in the morning. You’ll be able to sleep in longer and not get woken up at the crack of dawn.

The walls and roof of the tent have a weather shield built-in which makes them strong enough to hold up to high winds and storm. This shield also helps water run straight off the tent walls so that moisture cannot seep through to the sleeping area. The fabric itself is also very durable, coming in at 150 deniers.

What we like:
  • Multiple “shields” to protect from the elements
  • Fantastic ventilation system
  • Quick set up

9. Timber Ridge 6 Person Instant Tent

An image of an assembled tent in cream and light brown shade, rainfly above it in color green, entrance open exposing a white-colored tent mat.

Maximum Occupancy: 6 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 25.75 Pounds

Here we have another 6 person instant cabin tent, this time made by Timber Ridge. Timber Ridge are well known in the outdoor community for their high quality products, and this tent is no exception. It is constructed to a very high standard which means you can count on it to be durable and effective.

This tent is built with comfort in mind and has a huge 10 x 10 feet base to provide plenty of space for 6 people. You’ll easily be able to fit a couple of airbeds and some sleeping mats into the tent. This tent is perfect for a family holiday, or for anyone who doesn’t want to feel cramped on their camping trip.

Key Features

As well as having a large base area, the tent also has an impressive center height measurement of around 78 inches. This means most people will be able to stand up inside, which is always a feature that is well appreciated. Even though it is large, the tent is very easy to set up – it can be fully assembled in under 10 minutes.

For ease of access, the tent has one huge O-shaped door that is really easy to climb in and out of. There’s nothing worse than having to squeeze through a tiny door to get into your tent. This door also gives great panoramic views from inside the tent, so be sure to position the tent so that you’re facing the nicest landscapes.

The tent has plenty of storage space, including a mesh pocket for valuables. This is really useful and will make sure you aren’t constantly misplacing your phone and wallet amidst all the sleeping equipment. Overall this is a very versatile tent that will be suitable for a variety of different camping trip types, as well varying weather conditions.

What we like:
  • Very versatile tent
  • Easy set up for a large tent
  • Lots of storage space

10. OT QOMOTOP 4 Person Instant Tent

Image of a blue tent with D-shaped entrance and inverted U-shaped windows.

Maximum Occupancy: 4 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 16.75 Pounds

This 4 person instant cabin tent by OT QOMOTOP is suitable for your next family camping trip, or for a couples who want a little more space on their romantic break. This tent has fantastic ratings which is likely down to its high build quality and features that outperform its relatively low price tag.

The tent is also available in 6, 8 and 10 person instant cabin variations if you don’t think the 4 man is suitable for you. The tents all share a similar structure and features but differ in base area and center height. If you are buying for a group of 4, then you could even go up to the 6 person tent if you think you’ll be a bit cramped.

Key Features

Like most of the options on this list, this tent is extremely easy to set up – it can be fully erected in under 60 seconds. This gives you chance to enjoy all the best bits about camping and not to get weighed down by the annoying set up period.

For protection against rain, the tent features PU taping around the rain fly seam and any zips or corners. These are the places where water can sometimes sneak in, so it’s good that this has been taken care of. As well as the PU taping, there is also a tub style floor sewn into the tent which has welded corners to keep everything bone dry. You can be sure you won’t be getting wet inside this tent!

The interior is pretty spacious for a 4 person instant tent, coming in at 8 x 8 feet. There’s enough space to get an airbed in there, alongside some sleeping mats for the other occupants. The space is made to feel even bigger by the generous roof height as well.

Finally, there is an electrical cord port which allows you to run power straight into the tent, in a safe and secure manner. There’s nothing worse than having to go out to the car every time you want to charge your phone up, and is this tent you can juice up your devices without leaving the comfort of your airbed. Everything packs up small into the included carry bag.

What we like:
  • Secure weather protection
  • Quick set up
  • Electronics port

11. Outdoor Products 8 Person Hexagon Tent

Image of a hexagonal-shaped tent in maroon upper part and orange lower part, D-shaped entrance and windows with screen.

Maximum Occupancy: 8 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 41.35 Pounds

Our next instant cabin tent option is a pretty unique one. The hexagon tent from Outdoor Products is exactly what it says it is, a hexagon. This six-sided tent takes a novel approach but still includes loads of great features to keep you dry and comfortable on your camping trip.

The hexagon shape isn’t just a gimmick, and is in fact designed like this in order to maximise space. There are no wasted crevices that you can’t reach and the lack of a slanting roof means there is no space wasted. This shape of this tent doesn’t make it ideal for hiking in windy areas, and it is best for family trips or for fun at a festival.

Key Features

Apart from the tent’s striking design, it also has loads of great features that make it a brilliant all-rounder. Firstly it can be set up almost instantly thanks to its pre-attached poles design. The poles also have LEDs that light up so you know exactly where they need to attach together.

The light-up poles also make it much easier to spot your tent in the dark, and you won’t be tripping over guy ropes and poles as you try and get in. The tent has large windows on each of the six sides, that are covered with a mesh that keeps out bugs whilst providing essential ventilation. Ventilation is taken further by the adjustable ground vent that pulls cool air from the ground.

This tent is one of the ones on the list that we think you’ll have the most fun in and will be desperate to use again for another camping trip. Being comfortable when camping makes everything better, and this hexagonal tent really does that. Plus, since it is an 8 person instant tent, you can go on a trip with loads of your friends.

What we like:
  • Perhaps the coolest instant cabin tent on the list
  • Light up tent poles
  • Excellent ventilation system

12. Ozark Trail 11 Person Hexagon Tent

An image of a tent in white and gray shade, double screen zippered door and an extended tent flap above it.

Maximum Occupancy: 11 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 42.75 Pounds

Here we have another hexagon-shaped tent, this time the Ozark Trail 11 person instant cabin tent. This tent is huge and will put all the others on the campsite to shame. Not only is it massive but it looks great too, with a unique and striking design that is bound to catch some jealous eyes.

As with the Outdoor Products hexagon tent, space is absolutely maximised by the design structure. You can get into all the corners of the tent which gives you loads of extra storage and sleeping space. This tent is another that is ideal for a big group holiday and would fit right in at a festival. If you don’t need such a big tent, then you can also get an Ozark Trail 6 person instant tent, or any other size that is appropriate.

Key Features

The tent has an included rainfly that is very effective at stopping any rain getting into the tent and is one of the best we’ve seen. The rainfly has sealed seams to cover any potential weak points . The rainfly is pre-attached to the tent, along with the poles, in order to minimise the set up time. This does mean that you can’t take the rainfly off in hot weather but to be honest it’s not a problem to always have it just in case.

There are 2 large air vents on the side of the tent that create a nice bit of airflow through the tent. This is helped by the extra-large windows that are also made of mesh to keep out any insects. The doorway also has a mesh layer that you can leave shut during the day, creating a cabin tent with screen room experience.

What we like:
  • Huge air vents
  • Solid rainfly
  • Interesting hexagonal design

13. CORE 12 Person Cabin Tent

An image of a cabin tent in multi-colors, big screened windows and D-shaped entrance. Compartments seen inside.

Maximum Occupancy: 12 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 43.02 Pounds

The next option on our best instant cabin tent list is another CORE tent, this time their 12 person, 2 room version. This tent has a long rectangular design that can be easily divided into multiple rooms for sleeping and storage. You can also reserve a section as a screen room porch if you need somewhere to relax during the day.

As we’ve mentioned before, CORE are a very reputable brand that you can always rely on to produce quality camping equipment. Their customer service team is also second to none, so don’t be afraid to contact them if you run into any problems with a CORE tent.

Key Features

The size of this tent makes it an extremely comfortable instant cabin tent that is more than ample enough for 12 people. It’s also ideal for a smaller number of people who want to be spaced out and have a more relaxing experience. Smaller groups will also be able to better make use of the tent’s separate room system.

The tent also has two doorways which is pretty useful if you want to access the different rooms and don’t fancy crawling across all the sleeping bags to get to your gear. You could also set up a one way system through the tent so that everyone is trampling mud all over the tent.

What we like:
  • Huge size
  • Can split the tent into separate rooms
  • Double doorway system

14. Outbound 8 Person Dome Tent

Image of a dome tent in double D-shaped tent door with red outlines and a red-colored rainfly.

Maximum Occupancy: 8 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Weight: 19.85 Pounds

The penultimate option on our list is our first Outbound product feature, specifically their domed 8 person instant tent. A dome tent always has the best protection from the wind and elements thanks to its streamlined design, and are usually the ideal choice if you’re going out hiking or into some harsh environments.

The Outbound fiberglass ‘Easy Up’ technology means this tent can be set up very quickly, in a time that competes with any other instant tent on this list. The fiberglass poles also increase the durability of the tent even further.

Key Features

This tent can be divided into two rooms which can be used as separate sleeping areas or for gear storage. Being able to divide your tent into sections is always useful and prevents everything getting mixed together in the same room.

The tent has a heavy-duty coating that can stand up to 600mm of rainfall comfortably. It also has a rainfly with a built-in canopy that stretches out over the front of the tent, so that you can still enjoy relaxing in the fresh air even if it is pouring down.

The tent is lightweight and everything can be packed away into the included carry bag, including the rainfly. This means the tent can easily be transported and is light enough to throw in your backpack for a hiking expedition.

What we like:
  • Lightweight fiberglass construction
  • Can stand up to rainfall
  • Perfect for a hiking trip

15. Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent

Image of a dark brown tent with screened doors and tent poles attached to it.

Maximum Occupancy: 6 Persons | Closure Type: Zipper

The final tent on our list is yet another Coleman product, this time a 6 person instant cabin tent. We’ve already spoke about how great a brand Coleman is and how well known they are for producing some of the best camping equipment in the business. You really can’t go wrong with any Coleman products.

Key Features

The tent has a classic cabin design, so we already know that it is going to be super spacious, tall and have plenty of areas to store your stuff. In fact, this tent has a 10 x 9 foot floor base and an impressive 6 foot center height. You can easily fit two queen-sized air beds in here with room to spare.

The tent also has an extremely effective ventilation system that is one of the best around. It achieves this through the integrated rainfly that allows space for large vents below it, so you have plenty of protection from the rain without the tent getting stuffy inside.

Like some of the other Coleman options on the list, this tent has a 12 month warranty which protects the buyer from manufacturer errors.

What we like:
  • Spacious interior
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • 12-month warranty

Considerations for Buying Instant Tents

When you are buying a new instant tent, there are a few key considerations that you should be making before parting with any hard-earned cash. There are plenty of tents out there that are all designed for different camping experiences, so it’s very important that you end up with one suitable for you. You don’t want to be camping in the snowy mountains with a summer tent for example!

Make sure to work your way through the following list before buying any instant tent. That way you can be sure that what you buy is going to be right for you and won’t be letting you down when you need it the most.


One of the biggest thing to consider when you’re buying a tent is how big you need it to be. Tent sizes are usually measured by the number of people that can sleep in them. You’ll often see terms such as 4 person or 10 person tents, which refers to the maximum number that can sleep in there at any one time.

Tent sizes range from a 1 or 2 person instant tent, all the way up to a 20 person instant tent, so there will definitely be something suitable for all group sizes. If you want the maximum amount of comfort in your tent, then it’s always recommended to get a tent that is one or two sizes bigger than what you need. If you want a relaxing camping trip, we’d definitely recommend sizing up.

The center height of a tent is another way that companies determine their tent sizes. The center height measures from the base of the tent up to highest point in the center of the tent. This can also vary dramatically. There are very low tents to stay out of the wind, and very tall ones for maximum comfort. Again it comes down to what you need the tent for, but the taller people in your group would likely be very grateful for a tent with a generous center height.


Another consideration you should make is how easy the tent is going to be to set up. Unfortunately ‘instant’ tent doesn’t always mean what you might think. In fact, it is rare to find a high quality tent that does actually pop up straight out the bag and is instant. At the very least you are probably going to have to insert some extra poles and fix in the tent pegs.

If you are going on a family holiday you might not be that concerned about the tent set up time. The set up is one of the most fun parts of the trip and is a great chance to get your kids involved. On the other hand, a group going to a music festival is likely not to be bothered about the setup, and just want something that will go up quickly and keep them dry at night.

Before you buy definitely read some reviews about how easy the so-called ‘instant tent’ was to set up, what they report might be quite different from what the manufacturer claims. Having said that, the tents on our list have been well tested and shouldn’t cause any problems or stress during the set up. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully and don’t be afraid to take your time.


The next factor to take into account is tent durability. If you’re heading into the mountains during winter, then obviously you will require an extremely durable tent that can stand up to high winds and snowstorms. Most campers won’t be doing this though, so durability shouldn’t be as big of an issue.

However, everyone needs their tents to be waterproof and able to withstand decent levels of wind. The main thing that will influence durability is the materials that the tent is made out of. Lots of tents will have a rain fly, inverted seams, or coated walls to increase their protective ability.

The other part of durability is the life span of a tent. Very few people buy a tent just for one trip. Many hope it will be something they can use for a long time, so are happy to make the investment in a quality product. Of course, if the product is not up to scratch then this goes out of the window. The best instant tent will last for years, and won’t be leaving you stranded with snapped poles or tearing materials.


The final consideration to make is your budget. First of all, you need to work out how much you are going to be using the tent. We mentioned above that it’s good to make an investment in something that you are going to be using for years, but if you do just need a tent for a one-off event, like a festival, then there’s not much point buying an expensive tent.

The truth is that there is a tent for every budget. There are some very affordable tents that will only withstand one or two nights in the rain, and there are extremely expensive tents that will be like a mobile palace. You really don’t have to spend loads to get a quality tent though. Our list of instant tents caters for lots of different budgets, and you are likely to find something for you there.

Don’t be put off or worried if you have a small budget to work with. Camping is great fun however much you spend! It can actually be more enjoyable to not have all the stuff that makes camping easier, and everyone ends up getting pretty creative when they don’t have their usual appliances to hand.

Extra Features

The extra features are the things that set a great tent apart from a standard one. Lots of brands have their own unique patented designs which they will use on nearly all of their tents. This could be a rigid door that is easier to climb in and out of, or even special pockets and hooks that can come in extremely useful.

Be sure to read through all the extra features of a tent before you buy. It might be these features that mean you choose a certain tent rather than another one. It is also good to look at customer reviews as they will often talk about the extra features and how useful they actually were during their camping trips.


Now, we’ll take you through of the most asked questions about instant tents. If your question isn’t answered here, then we most likely went over it in the main article above, so be sure to read through that if you want to learn more about instant tents.

1. What are the best instant tents?

There are loads of great instant tents out there, all with different characteristics and at different price points. Different people need tents for different reasons. Maybe you’re going on a family camping trip, or maybe you’re going on a romantic break with your partner. It’s important to think about why you need a tent if you want to find the best one for you.

The best tent for you will be one that is the right size for your family, durable enough for the location you will be camping, and within your budget. This makes it difficult to say what exactly is the best instant tent since it will vary from person to person.

What we can say though is that all the tents featured in our list are great all-rounders, that will be bound to serve you well whatever kind of trip you choose to go on. We cover a range of different budgets and styles, so be sure to read through the list if you want a good idea of what kind of options are out there.

2. How long does it take to set up a tent?

Anyone who’s been camping in the past probably knows how long it can take to set up. There’s loads of waiting around, the poles always get stuck in the material, and the tent pegs always seem to bend. Luckily for us, tent technology has got quite a bit better in recent years, and the rising popularity of instant tents has made everything a lot easier.

Instant tents aren’t always instant and do usually require some additional setting up. But they are way more simple than the old style of tent and often have integrated poles so that you don’t have to do any annoying threading through.

If you’re really lucky, you might be able to get your hands on a tent that truly is instant, and pops up straight out of the bag. These particular instant tents do usually sacrifice on durability and quality but they are great for music festivals and one-off events. All you have to do is peg them down and you are good to go.

3. Are instant tents durable?

Although the words ‘instant tent’ don’t conjure up thoughts of a durable product, many instant tents are actually built to last and are suitable for a range of outdoor pursuits. Many are built out of high-quality materials and have strong fiberglass poles to keep them sturdy.

A lot of instant tents are built by the most reputable brands in the business and the high build quality means that these instant tents are going to last a long time. This makes them perfect for regular family camping trips. Definitely don’t worry too much about durability when buying your next instant tent, since it is very unlikely that you are going to run into any issues relating to it on your camping trips.

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