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Best LED Headlamps Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you wondering about the different LED headlamps that you can choose? Did you know that this provides the convenience of the hands-free illumination that it has? Get to know the top LED headlamps in the market today.

As you probably know by now, LED headlamps are hands-free equipment that can provide you with the illumination that you need. Due to the amazing technology leaps of the headlamps today, it has become more and more popular all over the world. These headlamps are beneficial for almost everyone. This is the reason why more and more people are looking for the top LED headlamps that they can purchase.

If you are one of the many who wants to know the top LED headlamps, then the information below will surely help you out.

Best LED Headlamps

1. Black Diamond Spot


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Black Diamond Spot weighs 3.1 ounce and has 300 lumens with a maximum of 80 meters beam. People are raving about this LED headlamps because of the unbeatable price of $40, great functionality and its amazing brightness. To ensure that you can quickly adjust the brightness, the headlamp has a housing that is touch sensitive. All you have to do is to tap the headlamp’s side. You will surely be able to swap between dum to full brightness. Another good thing about this headlamp is that it will give you a good lighting option from the red LED, soft proximity, and the QuadPower LED, which can be used around the camp.

Yes, there may be a lot of headlamps in the market. But if you are looking for something that is durable and can be used outdoors, then Back Diamond Spot is the one for you. What’s more about this headlamp is that it has a rating of IPX 8, which means that it can handle being under a meter of water for half an hour. This means that it will give you the feeling of security when it starts to rain while you are hiking.

2. Petzl Actik Core


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Petzl Actik Core weighs 2.9 ounce and has 350 lumens with a maximum of 95 meters beam. It is lightweight and has a battery that can be recharged. This means that you can bring it anywhere with you because of its reliability. The battery has a standard power of up to seven hours and can be charged using the micro USB. Now, if you run out of batteries and you’re nowhere near an outlet. Then you can use triple A batteries to handle your lighting needs.

The Petzl Actik Core costs $60 may be a little expensive than its competitors. But they assure you that they will be able to keep up with every lighting needs that you have. Compared to the LED headlamp above, the Petzl has a low IPX 4, which offers no water protection when it gets submerged.

3. Coast FL85 Headlamp


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Coast FL85 Headlamps weigh 4.5 ounce and has 540 lumens with a maximum of 172 meters beam. This simply means that it has a bright beam, which will surely help you see from meters away. With just a single beam, this headlamp can produce 540 lumens. It also consists of a ring that can easily be adjusted between distance and proximity modes. If you don’t need too much light, then worry no more because Coast FL85 has a lower power mode.

If you don’t mind carrying a 4.5 ounce headlamp, then Coast FL85 is the one for you. Also, if you are going to use the headlamp at its full power, then you might end up burning the battery fast. If you are someone who needs light most of the time, then you no longer need to look no farther because Coast FL85 Headlamp is here.

4. Petzl Tikka Headlamp


LED Headlamps

Petzl Tikka Headlamp weighs 3 ounce and has a 200 lumens with a maximum of 60 meters beam. The headlamp has a center button that can easily access and operated. The beam is perfect for cooking at night or setting up the tents during the dark. One of the good things about this headlamp is that it is compatible with a rechargeable battery. The downside is that you need to separately purchase this.

The only issue about the Petzl Tikka is that it doesn’t have any dimming capabilities unlike the other headlamps. But if you think that the features above is enough for you, then by all means, you can go for the Petzl Tikka Headlamp.

5. Black Diamond Storm


Image of a gray headlamp with white lamp case

Black Diamond Storm weighs 3.9 ounce and has a 350 lumens with a maximum of 85 meters beam. This headlamp is waterproof and definitely bright, which will help you to see during the dark. Whatever light feature you need, you will surely be able to find it at Black Diamond Storm. This headlamp features three night vision colors of green, blue, and red. It also has proximity lights, and a spot lamp. Some of the other features of this headlamp is that the light is sealed against water and dust. It can also be dimmed easily and has a mode for lockout to avoid it from turning on accidentally while it is inside the bag or the pack.

The only issue about this headlamp is that you will need to use 4 triple A batteries. This means that you need to bulk up more and add in weight to your things. This can also mean that it is less versatile and comfort. The headlamp is a little heavier adding in the batteries, which will make your headlamp a little heavier. But overall, the Black Diamond Storm is definitely worth it.

The above are the top LED headlamps that will surely keep your dark nights lit up. Choose among the different headlamps above and choose the one that has the most features that you need.

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