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Best Police Flashlights Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Police Flashlights

In today’s modern world, almost everyone is using a flashlight because of how useful it is. This includes law enforcement, wherein they are using flashlights during operations and such. But with the many police flashlights in the market today, it can be daunting to choose the best. That is why I’ve gathered the best police flashlights in the market so you can narrow down your options. Let’s talk more about it by reading the information provided just for you below.

Best Police Flashlights
A police flashlight is typically made from anodized aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, or polymer. The reason behind this is because they are not only light, but they are also very durable. These materials can withstand wear and tear, which police officers truly needs. But one of the best material to choose is the titanium one because of how lightweight and strong it is. Just be ready to spare a little extra dollars, because it comes with a high price.

Best Police Flashlight

Below, you will find what we believe are 10 of the best flashlights used by the police.

1. Streamlight Stinger C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Lumens: 800 | Beam Distance: 297 M | Weight: 12.4 oz

The Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight is equipped with a polycarbonate that is unbreakable. The lens is also known to be scratch and shock resistance, which makes this police flashlight perfect for action-packed tasks. Another good thing about this flashlight is that it has a simple on and off switch. It also comes with three different settings, which are the strobe, low brightness, and the high brightness.

This Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight has a combination of LED technology and rechargeability. These produce the lowest cost operation compared to any other flashlights. This flashlight is made out of 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum, with a comfortable non-slip rubberized grip. It also has an anti-roll rubber ring. Lastly, this police flashlight measures 162 inches in diameter, 8.41 inches in length, and 12.4 ounces in weight.

2. Nightstick TAC Xtreme Lumens Polymer Multi-Function Tactical Flashlight

Lumens: 800 | Beam Distance: 205 M | Weight: 4.9 oz

The Nightstick Xtreme Lumens is compact but non-rechargeable polymer flashlight. It uses a Cree LED wherein the lumens are rated at 500 and perfectly works with high-efficiency deep reflector parabolic. It also has a useful beam which is rated for up to 150 meters. The tail cap switch will give you a constant or a momentary on functionality. When it comes to the housing, it is made out of nylon polymer which is glass filled. The power of this flashlight comes from the CR123 lithium batteries, which comes in the package.

This Nightstick Xtreme lumen has a total candela of 5597 and an IPX7 water rating. The best flashlights can run for as long as 1.5 hours. When it comes to the measurement, its length s 5.5 inches, while the handle diameter is 1.035 inches. Lastly, it only weighs 4.4 ounce, which is a good thing because as law enforcement, you surely don’t want to bring anything that is heavy.

3. SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight

Lumens: 600 | Weight: 4.4 oz

The SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight focuses on the value, performance, and the power. This flashlight features a precision reflector, aluminum heads, rugged polymer bodies, and its lightweight. One of the best things about this flashlight is that due to the precision reflector, the light of the LED can turn into a perfect beam. This means that it can be a surround light and can provide ample of reach.

This SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight has a single output. It may be compact, but it sure is powerful with its polymer body. This police flashlight has a maximum output of 320 lumens and a total runtime of 2 hours. It also has a maximum distance of 183 meters and is constructed in nitrogen and aluminum, which will ensure that it will last longer. The SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight is powered by two 123A lithium batteries. Lastly, this flashlight measures 1.25 inches in diameter, 5.2 inches in length, and only weighs 4.4 ounces.

4. Pelican Tactical L.A.P.D. Flashlight

Lumens: 999 | Beam Distance: 182.88 M | Weight: 10.4 oz

The Pelican Tactical L.A.P.D. Flashlight has a unique collaboration between the Los Angeles Police Department and Pelican brand. This flashlight is made explicitly for L.A.P.D. officers. It is equipped with a dual technology switch, which officers can easily activate using a tail mounted tactical switch or body mounted patrol switch. This means that you can grip this light in different kinds of position while still controlling the light’s activation.

This Pelican Tactical L.A.P.D. Flashlight is compact and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is already included upon purchase. The switch has a constant on and off and a momentary on switch. It can produce a total of 160 lumens, and its beam can reach for up to 254 meters. It has a sting clip, so you can attach it to you when needed. Lastly, this Pelican flashlight measures 8.65 inches in length and only weighs 10.4 ounces.

5. SureFire 6PX Flashlight Tactical LED Black

Lumens: 200 | Beam Distance: 187 M | Weight: 5.2 oz

The SureFire 6PX Flashlight Tactical LED Black is made out of hard anodized aluminum. This means that this flashlight is resistant to corrosion and scratches. One of the good things about this flashlight is that it is sculpted to give an excellent grip any time. The tailcoat switch can be twisted for constant on or for momentary on. Another good thing about this flashlight is that it has 200 lumens, which will provide a bright light a runtime of up to two hours.

This SureFire 6PX Flashlight Tactical LED Black is also waterproof, which means that you can use it no matter what weather you are currently in. To ensure that the light output and the runtime will be maximized, SureFire added an indestructible virtual LED emitter. Lastly, this flashlight measures 1.25 inches in diameter and 5.20 inches in length, while it only weighs 5.2 ounces.

6. EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight Kit

1200 | Beam Distance: 300 M | Weight: 7.10 oz

The EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight Kit comes with durable box storage, battery charger, and two rechargeable batteries. This flashlight has a zoom lens, which will let the user focus the beam on the area that is targeted. It is useful when it comes to targeting a specific distance. The EcoGear FX Tactical Flashlight Kit is consist of 5 different light modes, which can be accessed by pressing the button at the tail cap.

This flashlight has a strobe light option which can be used for self-defense. 18650 lithium-ion battery powers the flashlight, wherein it if you fully charge it, the CREE XML T6 LED will let the flashlight reach a maximum of 900 lumens. You can also use the zoom feature for up to 1200 lumens. Lastly, since there are two batteries included, this means that you will have a backup battery in case the other one runs out during operation.

7. Solaray Pro ZX-1

Lumens: 1200 | Weight: 5 oz

The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is a professional tactical flashlight that provides 1200 ultra-bright lumens. It has five light modes, plus the SOS emergency signal mode, and a strobe, which can be used for self-defense. The zoom lens is adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This flashlight is made out of the high-quality lens, and an aircraft grade aluminum body that’s water resistant. The tail switch is made out of premium materials, which means that it can be used for an extended period of time.

The Solaray Pro ZX-1 is equipped with a rechargeable 3.7v 3000mAh 18650 lithium-ion batteries. To ensure security, a protected circuit board is embedded in them. Another good thing about the batteries is that they can be charged for up to 500 times. Due to the size that this flashlight has, it is perfect for you to carry almost anywhere. Lastly, if you need any help, then worry no more because their customer service is always available to cater to your needs.

8. SureFire X300 Ultra LED Weapon Lights

Lumens: 1000 | Weight: 4 oz

The SureFire X300 Ultra LED Weapon Lights is equipped with TIR Lens, which gives a tight and smooth beam. It also provides just enough surround light for your peripheral illumination, which will correctly work for different applications. The flashlight has a one finger ambidexter, which can help you to switch the lamp continually.

This SureFire X300 Ultra LED Weapon Light is made out of the aerospace aluminum body that is exceptionally durable. It is also Mil-Spec hard anodized and is waterproof as well. The brightness of this flashlight works well, which may be the reason why the battery has a shorter life. Lastly, to ensure that you can easily attach and detach the SureFire X300 Ultra LED Weapon Lights from your handgun, SureFire included a rail lock mounting system.

9. QuiqLiteX Hands-Free Pocket Concealable Flashlight

Lumens: 75 | Weight: 3.53 oz

The QuiqLiteX Hands-Free Pocket Concealable Flashlight is equipped with different LED color options. This is perfectly designed for modern age, wherein it can also be mounted easily on your shirt. Actually, you have the option to clip is anywhere you please because of the 360-degree alligator swiveling clip that it has. This will help free up your hands so you can do other things, instead of holding the flashlight.

This QuiqLiteX Hands-Free Pocket Concealable Flashlight has a 400mAh lithium-ion battery, which can last for up to 20 hours with 150 lumens, to provide the brightness that you need. But you can also make the battery last for 40 hours if you use 75 lumens. Another good thing about the QuiqLiteX Hands-Free Pocket Concealable Flashlight is the micro-USB quick charger that this has, wherein it can be charged for 2.5 hours. Lastly, this flashlight has five modes with three modes each. If you need the strobe mode, all you have to do is hold the button.

10. SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights

Lumens: 600 | Weight: 4.2 oz

The SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights is consists of a strike bezel. To ensure that it can provide a long range and high-density beam, the LED emitter has a TIR lens. This means that the flashlight will help provide a surround light to help with your peripheral vision. The maximum light that the SureFire flashlight can produce is 300 lumens, but if you want to save the battery, you can stick with 5 lumens.

Another good thing about the SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights is that it has a tail cap switch. You can click so you can get a constant high level of light. Turn it off again, so you can select the lower level if you want. To ensure the durability of this flashlight, the body is made out of aerospace aluminum and a hard anodized Mil-Spec. Of course, this flashlight will not only help you get the light that you need but can also act as a self-defense tool. With this great value, this flashlight is a sure win for many.

These are all of the best police flashlights that you can purchase in the market today. But for this review, I would say that the best flashlight would be the Streamlight Stinger LED Rechargeable Flashlight. The reason behind this is because it is made by an industry leading and trusted brand. In fact, police officers are swearing by this brand. This specific model of flashlight has a lens that is unbreakable because it is made out of polycarbonate material. It also makes the flashlight shock resistance and scratch resistant. This means that if you are going to have an action-packed day or night, your police flashlight will surely be able to work on it.

Choosing The Best Police Flashlights

When choosing a police flashlight, always remember that not all of them are the same. That is why it is important to pick something that will work the way you want it to work. If you are usually out patrolling at night, then a flashlight with a high lumen would be beneficial. This will help you to get through the night without missing your target. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best police flashlights. That is why I am here to help you out.

Budget Of The Police Flashlight

The first thing that you need to consider is your budget for the police flashlight. Typically, the price ranges from $20 to $400, depending on the model and the brand. So ensuring that you have the right budget for the flashlight is ideal. This will also help narrow down your searches that is within your budget.

Size Of The Police Flashlight

Since what you’re looking for is a police flashlight, it would be best to choose something that is small. You can keep the flashlight on your belt, even while you are seated in your car. It would also be ideal to choose a size that you can comfortably pin under the arm so that you can do your jobs simultaneously. If you are going to write a ticket, then you can do that while keeping the light on the ticket.

Bulb Of The Police Flashlight

It would be best to opt for a police flashlight that uses LED blue since it is energy efficient. Another good thing about LEDs is that they don’t easily break, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Brightness Of The Police Flashlight

For people who don’t know, the lumens are the measurement unit on how bright your flashlight’s LED light is. Of course, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. You should choose a flashlight that has at least a hundred and twenty lumens. The reason behind this is because it will be bright enough for your attacker to get disoriented.

Power Source

There are three different power sources that a police flashlight can have. These are the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, double A and triple A batteries, and disposable CR123A. Typically the CR123A is often using in flashlight because of the great amount of power that it has. The battery is also durable enough to provide the lumens that you need. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are also equipped with high power. The least potent batteries would be the double A and triple A batteries.

Ease Of Use

Majority of the modern police flashlights today have different features, but this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice its ease of use. You need to make sure that the flashlight is still user-friendly, no matter how advanced the flashlight is. As a police officer, it is always good to have a flashlight that you can easily and quickly handle anytime you, please.

Waterproof and Durability

You need a police flashlight that is waterproof and durable, wherein it can handle a beating and any severe weather situations. If you want a durable flashlight, then it would be best to choose one that is made out of hard anodized aluminum. The reason behind this is because it is not only sturdy, but very much light. Lastly, ensuring that your flashlight is waterproof would be best, so it can withstand any elements, including wet conditions, snow, and as well as rain.

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