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Best Rain Pants Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

An image of a man wearing a coat and rain pants on a beach on a rainy day.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best rain pants – because let’s face it, you never know when you may get caught in a shower! Rain pants can be extremely useful for long walks and other outdoor activities where you could get wet.

Whether you have a big ol’ hike planned and you’re looking to get prepped with some weatherproof clothing or, you need a pair for walking the dog, we have you covered. Below, we take a look at the best rain pants so you’ll no longer have to deal with soggy trousers or drying them out on the radiator.

Sick of finding yourself with rain dripping down your legs? We understand! Read on to read our reviews and find the best rain pants for your needs. There’s a pair out there to suit just about everyone, so save yourself the hassle of drying yourself out with a pair of rain pants.

Types of Rain Pants

We’ll start the article off with a splash! We’ve compiled information on the different types of rain pants so that you can get an idea of which ones are most suited to your own needs. From breathable pants that aren’t going to make you sweaty (rain and sweat is not a pretty combination), to pants designed specifically for colder climates. Here’s all to know about the different types of rain pants available on the market. Who knew there were so many to choose from?

Breathable Rain Pants

As the name indicates, breathable rain pants allow your skin to breathe while walking…This can be a particularly good option if you are going to be carrying out an intense activity such as a strenuous hike or another type of sport. Hiking pants come in all different shapes and sizes, but the best rain pants don’t just keep you dry from the rain, they also stop you from sweating too.

Below, you’ll find details as to which rain pants are breathable so that you can narrow down your selection and choose a perfect pair of rain pants.

Cold Weather Rain Pants

When heading out in both wet and cold conditions, you want to feel warm at least! With cold weather rain pants you’ll get the best of both worlds as you can keep dry at the same time as feeling cosy enough. There are lots of rain paints that are designed specifically for colder climates that you can choose from. In our list of the best rain pants below, we’ve been sure to mention which are suitable if you’re planning a walk in a colder environment.

They’re generally more suitable as they have a layer of insulation that is integrated into the rain pants, which helps to retain heat. It’s a win-win situation as you can be assured that you’ll be both dry and warm at all times.

Ultralight Rain Pants

Some rain pants are designed to be ultralight, you’d barely think you have pants on at all! These types of rain pants are great for hiking and sports activities such as cycling as they won’t prevent you from moving freely. Waterproof pants don’t have to be heavy or weigh you down as you’ll come to see. In fact, there are so many designs that offer a lightweight option if you have a sporting activity in mind.

If you’re on the hunt for some rain pants that are going to be light enough to wear when moving, be sure to lookout for pants that are described as ultralight.

Top 15 Best Rain Pants

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top 15 rain pants to help you decide which are the best for your adventures (in the rain) ahead! You’ll find pants that are suitable for both genders and from reputable brands such as The North Face too.

1. Frogg Toggs Pro Action Waterproof Rain Pant

Image of a black rain pants with product tag on the upper left front side.

Waistband Type: Adjustable elastic | Side Zipper: No | Fabric: Synthetic

Froggs Toggs are proud manufacturers of budget rain pants, and this pair of Frogg Toggs pants certainly tick all the boxes. Both highly waterproof and comfortable, you’re guaranteed a quality product for an affordable price. These full length rain pants are great for just about any outdoorsman and they’re used widely for hiking activities.

Composed of a soft synthetic material, the rain pants also come with an adjustable elastic waistband to enable a customized fit. In addition, the extended 4″ back rise allows the pants to fit well under a rain jacket for maximum coverage. You won’t have to worry about keeping dry with these fantastic pants that feature oversized leg openings to allow a comfy fit over rain boots or hiking shoes.

These rain pants do not come with any hand pockets, however, nobody needs to be reaching in their pockets in the rain anyway!

  • Affordable option for those shopping on a budget
  • Versatile enough for a range of outdoor activities
  • Fit comfortably especially over the legs thanks to oversized openings
  • Some of the colorways may not be to everyone’s taste

2. Mountain Warehouse Pakka Waterproof Rain Pants

Image of a waterproof rain pants in moss green color, garterized waist, on a white background.

Waistband Type: Adjustable elastic| Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Nylon

This pair of Mountain Warehouse Pakka rain pants are marketed for men, though they’re certainly suitable for any gender. Offering a great pair of trousers for everyday wear and suitable for hikes too, they are one of the most versatile in our list. With pockets across them and handy ankle openings, you can easily wear these rain pants over your trousers. The taped seams make the trousers completely waterproof and the Mountain Warehouse IsoDry fabric’s breathable membrane is a welcomed feature.

You won’t have to worry about any water creeping in through the ankle area thanks to the physical barrier in place. From the waistband to the bottom of the pants, every inch of these pants are designed to be water resistant. These are among the best pair of rain pants available not only due to their price but their neutral design which makes them great for just about anybody.

If you’re seeking a full-length rain pant that is guaranteed to keep you dry, look no further than this pair of rain pants that are sure to satisfy!

  • Feature full-length zippers
  • Have taped seams so they’re completely sealed
  • Made of IsoDry fabric
  • Only available in 3 colors

3. Acme Projects Rain Pants

Image of a rain pants in black color, garterized waist with product logo on one side.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: No| Fabric: Nylon

Next on our list, we have a great pair of rain pants brought to you by Acme Projects. With a 10000 waterproof rating, all seams on these waterproof Acme rain pants are fully sealed so that no water ever leaks through. They’re also made to be extremely breathable thanks to their membrane that keeps water out and you dry on the inside. With a highly functional design, these pants also feature a draw string cord to keep you secure and allow you to customize the fit around your own waist.

They feature 2 hand pockets to allow you to pack all of your essentials securely and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a pair of rain pants for fishing or hiking, these versatile trousers are sure to serve you well. They also are available in a kids size too and come at a really affordable price, perfect if you are looking to save a bit of money on your outdoor clothing wardrobe.

We think that these pants are one of the best options for waterproof needs. If you are looking for rain pants for hiking, these are a solid choice!

  • Has a drawstring for extra security
  • Lots of pockets to carry essentials comfortably
  • Available in a kid’s size too
  • Slightly bigger sizes than averages

4. Jessie Kidden Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants

Photo of a man wearing a rain pants in gray color with his one hand inside the side pocket.

Waistband Type: Button closure | Side Zipper: No | Fabric: Nylon, Spandex

While these rain pants from Jessie Kidden are designed with men in mind, they’re also great for women too. Composed of a range of materials including nylon, spandex, and polyester, the pants are machine washable and highly waterproof. They feature a button closure which allows you to easily put them on and take them off, while they also guarantee keeping the rain out to keep you dry.

They have a warm inner layer made of fleece which makes them ideal for colder environments. However, you won’t have to worry about overheating as the moisture-wicking fleece will certainly keep you sweat-free too. With a side elastic waist, you’ll be completely comfortable at all times and the rain pants come with 4 large pockets and 2 back pockets too. You can easily store away all of your valuables including your wallet and mobile phone with complete confidence that they too won’t get wet.

Overall, these are one of the best options if you are looking for a high-quality pair of rain pants that are suitable for outdoor winter activities.

  • Unisex
  • Button closure makes these easy to put on and take off
  • Plenty of large pockets
  • Not long enough for taller men

5. Marmot Women’s Minimalist Rain Pants

An image of a women's minimalist pant with snap closure and side pockets.

Waistband Type: Elasticized with Snap Closure | Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Polyester

If you’re seeking a minimalist pair of pants that are suitable for women, the Marmot rain pants could be for you. Designed with quality in mind, the waterproof pants are lightweight and one of the best for comfort when taking part in outdoor activities. Using a wind-blocking hydrophobic membrane, the weight-minimizing fabric is also PFC-free and highly waterproof.

The pants feature leg zippers from the ankle upwards to keep the rain out and you dry. Whether you’re planning to walk in snow or need a reliable pair of rain pants for hiking, these trousers will not let you down. Overall, they have a really attractive design too with a clean, modern look which isn’t often found in hiking pants. The seams are 100% taped and even the hand pockets come with a water resistant zipper too.

For extra comfort, the pants also feature an elastic waist that won’t dig in when you’re moving about as well as a snap closure and zip fly.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Windproof
  • Leg zippers
  • Sizing runs small

6. Little Donkey Andy Lightweight Waterproof Pants

Image of a blue rain pants with snap closure seen, on a white background.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: No | Fabric: Polyester

Despite their cute name, the Little Donkey rain pants for hiking are highly effective and do exactly as you’d expect – keep the rain out! Available in a range of stylish colors, the pants are composed of 100% polyester and they’re designed to be breathable at the same time. The DWR finish means that pants are resistant to even the heaviest rain and wind with a waterproof rating of 3000mm.

The comfortable partially elasticated waist ensures a comfortable fit for both men and women and the leg openings are adjustable with a draw cord. For closure of the rain pants, you can use the hook snap button with ease which will keep them in place at all times. Worried about where to store items? For those that are looking for rain pants for hiking, these pants comes with two slant pockets and a back zipped pocket too as well as two thigh pockets.

Whether you have a day of mountaineering ahead or simply want a reliable waterproof pant for everyday activities, these pants are exceptional.

  • Affordable option for those shopping on a budget
  • Versatile enough for a range of outdoor activities
  • Fit comfortably especially over the legs thanks to oversized openings
  • Some of the colorways may not be to everyone’s taste

7. Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Rain Pants

Image of a man wearing a black rain pants with garterized waist.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: No | Fabric: Nylon

When it comes to finding a quality pair of rain pants for hiking, there are a few essential boxes that need to be ticked. The Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer pants are great for hiking and among our top picks as one of the best products available in this category. Composed of 100% nylon, the pants feature OMNI-tech protection ensuring they are breathable and waterproof at the same time.

For the price you’ll pay, these pants are top quality and are sure to meet all of your needs for outdoor activities. When it comes to the comfort factor, these pants are one of the best thanks to the elastane comfort-stretch fabric. No matter what activity you have ahead, you will be fully protected with this pair of pants.

Coupled with a rain jacket, these pants are going to provide a high level of water resistance while being breathable. All in all, they offer excellent value for money and are among the best hiking pants for rainy days.

  • Extremely high-quality and guaranteed to last
  • Excellent value for money product
  • Made of comfort-stretch fabric
  • Don’t have pockets for carrying items

8. Helly-Hansen Waterproof Rain Pants

A black waterproof rai pants, garterized waist, with product logo stitched on one side.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: No | Fabric: Polyester

You may have heard of the well-known outdoor clothing brand Helly-Hansen, but did you know they make some of the best waterproof pants too? Offering a great fit alongside both waterproof and breathable fabric, these pants are going to keep you dry at all times. In addition to keeping dry, you’ll also be warm at the same time without being weighed down. Helly-Hansen has designed these pants with a lightweight design in mind making them perfect rain pants for hiking.

The pants also offer a sealed fit around the ankles, so if you’re wearing wellington boots or hiking boots you won’t have to worry about any water seeping in. As far as price goes, Helly-Hansen offers a higher price for this piece out of outdoor clothing but it’s totally worth it. In fact, you will never need to buy a new pair of pants for the rain again!

These Helly-Hansen pants are fully water resistant and top quality, so while you’ll pay a bit of a higher price, they’re top-tier in this category of rain gear.

  • From a reputable brand for outdoor gear
  • Fully sealed for complete peace of mind
  • Great accurate fitting and true to size
  • Only available in black

9. The North Face Resolve Insulated Pants

An image of a pant with front pockets, garterized waist, product logo stitched on the knee-part.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Polyester

Next on our list, are another pair of pants from a BIG brand. These The North Face rainproof pants offer extreme comfort and a durable, waterproof design too. The outer layer of these pants are paired alongside a polyurethane-coated inner layer that allows water vapor to escape freely. With an elasticated waistband and a quarter-length side zipper to help stop any rain from seeping in, you can rest assured that these pants are absolutely waterproof!

In addition to the secure zipped hand pockets and quarter length zip, the full-length hiking pants also come with adjustable ankle cuffs too. This means that you can tighten or loosen them depending on your desired fit, and whether you’re wearing wellies or boots, you can fully protect yourself against the elements.

The North Face is one of the best known outdoor clothing brands with a fantastic reputation and these high-quality pants are no exception of their expertise in the area.

  • Guaranteed quality from The North Face
  • Feature a quarter-length zipper
  • Won’t make you overheat thanks to the inner breathable layer
  • Only available in a single color

10. Arc’teryx Zeta SL Pants

Image of a long rai pants with snap closure on a white background.

Waistband Type: Snap Closure | Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Gore Tex

For those that are looking to spend a little less but still need reliable rain gear, look no further than these Arc’teryx full-length rainproof pants. suitable for a range of weather conditions, they are designed using waterproof breathable fabrics to offer wearers a full protection. Great for both hiking and backpacking, the pants are minimalist in style but high performing when it comes to their weatherproof properties. They’re also designed to be super lightweight so as to not weigh you down when on the move.

While they are marketed for men, they are without a doubt uni-sex and the brand has placed emphasis on the comfort of these pants too. You won’t have to worry about crinkly annoying fabric, or over-heating when wearing the pants. In stead, your body heat will be able to escape easily and you’ll be able to move freely and confidently.

These are one of the best pants available when it comes to being prepared for outdoor activities. They’re durable enough to be used as mountain hardwear yet versatile enough for casual walking. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

  • Fully breathable pair of pants making them ideal for long walks and hikes
  • Minimalist and stylish to wear
  • One of the best pants options for comfort
  • Quite tight-fitting which may not be to every buyer’s taste

11. Marmot Lightweight Waterproof Full-Zip Pants

Image of a long rain pants with garterized waist and a full-zipper on both sides.

Waistband Type: Elasticated | Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Nylon

Next on our list, we have a fantastic option if you specifically are seeking lightweight pants from Marmot. Composed of 100% nylon fabric and machine washable, the pants are probably the best in terms of their weight which makes them suitable enough for all sorts of outdoor activities. The use of NanoPro fabric provides fantastic protection in heavy rain and even snow making these pants reliable and robust.

Featuring full length zippers and a bonded storm flap, the pants can be easily layered for complete rain protection. In addition to the zippers, they also come with an elastic waist for a comfortable and flexible fit. You’ll appreciate the various pockets on the trousers which are ideal for storing all of your essentials while on the move. When on the search for a pair of trousers that are made of waterproof breathable fabric, the Marmot pants are a solid choice.

These trousers are a great piece of rain gear that offer complete coverage even in heavy rain and snowy conditions. You won’t be disappointed with the affordable price tag either making them ideal for anyone buying a pair on a budget.

  • Highly affordable for those with a lower budget
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Composed of NanoPro fabric which is even snow resistant
  • Only available in black

12. Marmot PreCip Eco Pants

A photo of a rain pants, with garter on waist part, black color.

Waistband Type: Elasticized | Side Zipper: Yes | Fabric: Nylon, Polyester

Our final pair of pants in this buying review guide are the Marmot Eco pants which are made of nylon and polyester. Designed for tackling just about any outdoor activity, these pants have full side zippers which provide a standard yet comfortable fit. Using NanoPro fabric constructed without PFC, the trousers are breathable and waterproof at the same time. What’s more is that the pants are engineered to last, so you won’t find yourself replacing them in a hurry. The fully taped seams ensure that moisture is kept out in all circumstances, making these pants good for the wettest environments.

A fully-elasticated waistband provides a secure fit and they come with a storm flap too. The snap button closure allows complete ease when it comes to putting the pants on too. These are one of the best pairs of pants available on the market for their waterproof properties. Using some of the best waterproof technology seen in a pair of hiking pants, you’ll be satisfied with all they have to offer when adventuring in the great outdoors.

The Marmot Precip pants are also highly affordable which makes them great value for money. These high-quality pants allow total freedom of movement while being completely waterproof.

  • Extremely high in quality thanks to nylon and polyester mix
  • Comfortable to wear with an elasticated waist
  • Feature fully taped seams for complete waterproofness
  • Do not have as many pockets as some of the others

Considerations When Choosing Rain Pants

If you’re looking for a pair of rain pants for your outdoor activities, there are a few features that you should pay attention to. As you’ve come to see from the list above, there are plenty of fantastic options to choose from, however, distinguishing between a good pair and an average pair is key. Below, we’ve listed the different rain pant factors to keep in mind when narrowing down your selection.


When it comes to outdoor clothing, comfort should be at the top of your priorities. AND, just because you’re in need of a pair of rain proof pants doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be comfortable at the same time. The best pants in this category perfectly balance practicality and comfort to ensure you’re kept dry while not being uncomfortable. Look out for breathable fabrics to ensure you’re not left overheating in the pants. Pants are made of many different materials including nylon, but usually a product description will highlight a waterproof breathable design.


Deciding on a budget for your new pants for wet weather is going to help you refine the options available. There are different price marks for hiking pants that are waterproof, and the great news is – some are super affordable. No matter how much you are wanting to spend on the pants, you should be able to find a pair of quality rainproof trousers that you can afford. Think of a budget and stick to it when choosing your new pants, you may not be able to afford gear from big brands such as The North Face but overall, there is still going to be plenty of choice as seen from the list above.


Durability is an important consideration when choosing the best rain gear for your needs. You may be looking for a pair of pants you can wear a few times a week on dog walks, or may need some super tough ones for climbing mountains. Whatever it is that you have in mind, durability should always be reviewed when deciding between rainproof pants. Most rain pants are made to be water resistant due to the different layers as you’ll find with the trousers above.


Waterproof pants feature different types of zippers inclusive of a half zip and full-length zippers too. It’s a good idea to set out with an idea of the type of zipper that you want on your new pants. This can help you to not only refine your selection but also decide on the type of zippers that you require on your trousers. A full zip can provide you with the complete coverage needed and many people enjoy them


Many rain pants are designed to be compact and light enough to carry in a rucksack when hiking for example. However, if you are looking for a super compact pair of waterproof trousers, your best bet is to go for a lightweight design. The compactness of pants should be a consideration when you look at gear reviews as this can help you to make a definite decision on the ones that are best for you.


Do you still have some questions surrounding which pant design you should go for? If so, we have put together answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

Do Rain Pants go Over Regular Pants?

Most people choose to wear their rainproof trousers over their regular pants and while many think this may restrict freedom of movement, it is not the case at all. Rain pants can be worn comfortably over your regular trousers and usually if they are worn on their own, they don’t have enough ventilation to allow your skin to breathe.

How do You Waterproof Rain Pants?

Rain pants are already designed to be waterproof, therefore, there is no need to make them even more waterproof. The manufacturers of such pants make them waterproof by

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