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Best Rangefinders Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Whether you’re hunting, long-range shooting, or even golfing on the green, you’ll know that accuracy and aim are critical for success in your chosen pastime. Even if you are pretty accurate at estimating the distance between you and your target, the slightest miscalculation can cost you big time. This is why a high-quality rangefinder is such an excellent investment. A rangefinder will take out the guesswork, giving you the accuracy and precision you need in order to wow your buddies and become the best shooter, hunter, or golfer you can be.

We understand that knowing you want to invest in a rangefinder is only half the battle. With so much choice and so many brands claiming to be “the best”, it can be overwhelming. Few people have the time to sit down and compare brands for hours on end, but you don’t want to rush in and buy something that’s low-quality or too difficult to use. Fortunately, that’s why we’re here – we’ve done the legwork and scoured the internet for the best quality rangefinders available. Stack the odds in your favor by investing in any of the rangefinders listed throughout this article.

Below you can find our comprehensive list of the top ten rangefinders we’ve collated for you. We’ll also give you a short bullet-point summary of the features we like best for each model. Additionally, we will equip you with a handy buyers’ guide so you’ll know precisely what specs to look out for when you go out and buy your own. We will finish with a few frequently asked questions to clear up any uncertainty you might have about rangefinders.

Keep on reading to learn more about our favorite rangefinders and find the perfect product to supplement your hobbies!

The Top Ten Best Rangefinders

1) Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11

Photo of a rangefinder with two buttons on top and a brand name embossed on one side

Size: 3.6″x2.9″x1.5″ | Waterproof | MaxRange: 550 yards

If you’re looking for an extra-portable, compact rangefinder, this Nikon model may be the one for you. Its dimensions are 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches, meaning it’s essentially the size of a smartphone and easy to slip into a jacket pocket or range bag. Its screen is easy to read and clearly displays ranges in 1 meter/yard intervals. It’s operated by a single button which makes it simple to use even for rangefinder newbies, and its reasonable price won’t break the bank.

It comes with Nikon’s premium multilayer coatings. These will provide ultra-high light transmittance across the whole of the visible light spectrum and minimize loss of light as a result of reflection and will guarantee a view with even better clarity.

The ACULON is programmed using the handy Distant Target Priority Mode. This means if you’re aiming your rangefinder at a group of targets, it will calculate the range of the furthest one. This is extremely handy especially if you’re aiming at a target that’s partly obscured by plants or bushes.

Features We Like:
  • Easy-to-use single button operation
  • Ultra-portable
  • Multilayer coatings
  • Very compact frame
  • Easy-view display
  • Distant Target Priority Mode

2) Sig Sauer Kilo2400BDX

Image of a black rangefinder with two holes on front, big hole at the top and small one at the bottom.

Size: 4″ x 2″ | Magnification: 7x | Max. Range: 2600 yards

Sig Sauer manufactures firearms and firearm accessories for the military and law enforcement, as well as for commercial and recreational use. They’re a well-renowned, high-quality brand. The Kilo24000BDX (BDX is short for Ballistic Data Xchange) rangefinder is here to give you all the added accuracy needed for you to hit your target with ease.

This super modern laser rangefinder can be paired with the Sierra3BDX riflescope and your smartphone using the Sig BDX app (available via the iOS or Android app stores). As the rangefinder is BDX Ballistic Data Xchange capable, it can send ballistic drop data using Bluetooth connectivity and provide the riflescope with an automatic illuminated holdover dot as well as wind hold.

Features We Like:
  • Extremely Clear OLED Display
  • Sturdy Design
  • Use of Lightwave DSP with an added scan mode

3) Bushnell G-Force DX

This is an image of a rangefinder in brown rough outer cover, two holes at the front.

Size: 3.4 x 1 x 2.9″ | Magnification: 6x | Max Range: 1500 yards

Next on our list of the best hunting rangefinders on the market today, we have the exceptional Bushnell G-Force DX. Featuring a Bullseye, Bush and Scan mode this useful gadget can figure out distances extremely quickly and with impressive precision. An internal turbo processor calculates your distance to the target with insane accuracy.

This excellent rangefinder comes with an impressive bow mode, suited for those of you who enjoy bow-hunting. Allowing users to word out the true horizontal distance needed to shoot their bow with precision.

Rifle hunters can also rest easy as the superb rifle mode offers everything you would expect from a device such as this. Providing its users with bullet drop and holdover measurements for ease of use. With a maximum deer range of up to 600 yards and a tree range of 900 yards, this Bushnell Pro XE hunting rangefinder is exactly what you needed for taking down your next prey.

Features We Like:
  • Bow and Rifle mode
  • Class 1 Laser
  • 2nd generation turbo processor

4) Vortex Optics Ranger

A photo of a green rangefinder with green-glow emitting at the front lens, a metal clip is attached on its side.

Magnification: 6x | Max Range: 1800 yards

Featuring an easy to read LCD and a highly accessible menu, this Vortex Ranger 1800 is amongst the best rangefinder models on the market today. An intuitive HCD mode determines the distance to your target using angle compensation rangefinder technology to provide you with the accuracy you crave.

With a potential range of up to 1800 yards, this laser rangefinder keeps your line of sight clear and is best suited to rifle hunting. Long-range shooters can rejoice as this is reinforced by a LOS mode giving you the means to calculate extremely large distances and high angled shots with incomparable precision.

Users of this laser rangefinder will find it’s excellent non-slip grip to be extremely handy, especially during rainstorms and other adverse weather. Textured rubber armor also provides a water-resistant design preventing malfunctions from ruining your rifle hunting. The Vortex Ranger 1800 is without a doubt a contender for the best budget rangefinder you will find on sale anywhere!

Features We Like:
  • Non-slip textured rubber grip
  • Incredible range of up to 1800 yards
  • Scan feature suited to different light conditions

5) Bushnell Bone Collector

A photo of a rugged-looking rangefinder in brown color with three holes of different sizes at the front.

Size: 3 x 5 x 5.5″ | Magnification: 4x | Max Range: 600 yards

With a stunning HD quality screen and an incredible model design that has been built to last, this Bushnell Bone Collector is an incredible rangefinder product. With a clear line of sight, this product provides the user with compelling magnification for distances between 1 yard to an impressive 600 yards.

Crystal clear optics provide you with exceptional clarity that makes it easy to spot your target and determine range with precision. With 4x magnification and an objective lens, ascertaining the distance to your target has never been as easy – or as pleasant. The class 1 laser ensures your precision is as high as it can be, so you never miss a shot again.

The rangefinder model itself houses a cr2 battery power source with a water-resistant design suited for a host of outdoor weather. Lovers of camouflage will appreciate the rugged camo look this hunter rangefinder has gone for. With a simple single-button design for ease of use, hunting rangefinders have never been as enjoyable to use as they have with the Bushnell Bone Collector.

Features We Like:
  • Clear optics provide eye relief
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Impressive objective lens
  • Durable design is built to last

6) Leica Rangemaster 2800.COM

Image of a sleek black rangefinder with one big lens at the front

Size: 4.5 x 2.25 x 1.25″ | Magnification: 7x | Max Range: 2700 yards

Those of you looking for a sturdy, well-built hunting rangefinder will instantly fall in love with the Leica Rangemaster 2800. Measuring ranges up to 2700 yards, this is without a doubt one of the longest reaching budget rangefinders feature in this article today.

With a paired easy operation app, ballistic output values are intelligently calculated using a myriad of different factors. Taking the caliber, trajectory, weight, and even the bullet type into consideration, hitting your target has never been as well thought out. All of this is encased in a water and dustproof casing crafted with the finest materials.

This Leica hunting rangefinder utilizes a red LED screen that features automatic brightness settings providing the shooter with the clarity you will need to hit a target at any range. Working in tandem with an exceptionally fast scan mode, that displays the range in decimal numbers, rifle hunters have never had as much power in their hands. Those of you looking for an impressive rangefinder that can quickly ascertain your distance to the target will struggle to find any products as powerful as this.

Features We Like:
  • Highly resistant AquaDuras lens
  • The additional app is a joy to use
  • Red LED display is clear and easy to use

7) Simmons Volt & Venture

This is an image of a gray rangefinder, three lenses from the opposite side of the rangefinder facing the front.

Size:6 x 5 x 2 ” | Magnification: 4x | Max Range: 600 yards

Utilizing a hand-crafted laser to accurately determine range and distance to a target, the Simmons Volt & Venture is one of the finest rangefinders on the market. With a single button design and an extremely easy to attach neck strap, rangefinders have never been as accessible.

The aluminum casing is reinforced by a non-slip rubber grip preventing this finely crafted rangefinder from slipping out of your hands during use. This also offers an extremely sturdy design that can withstand more than a few bumps and bashes. On top of this, the casing has an IPX4 water resistance rating which prevents internal damage during any rainstorm.

A unique tilt method of use allows the shooter to quickly determine the true horizontal range by taking into account the trajectory of your bullet. As this is a laser rangefinder the speed at which it can determine a targets range is unparalleled and is comparable to some of the best products on the market.

If you are looking for one of the best overall rangefinders available today then this could very well be the one for you. With a remarkably sturdy design and equally impressive functionality, you will struggle to find a rangefinder quite like this.

Features We Like:
  • Long-lasting CR2 battery
  • Tilt method of use for insane accuracy
  • IPX4 rain-proof housing

8) HALO XL600-8

This is an image of a rangefinder in gray and black color with word writings on its body.

Magnification: 6x | Max Range: 600 yards

Determining the distance of a target can be extremely difficult without the right products or gadgets to aid you. If you are looking for such a product, then look no further as this Halo XL600-8 rangefinder is one of the best you will find.

This incredible rangefinder features an ergonomic design so you can handle it with ease and quickly get an accurate reading on the distance with minimal fuss. Rubber grips on either side of the rangefinder reinforce this, preventing you from accidentally dropping this sturdy gadget. Rangefinders with such a high level of craftsmanship are far and few between.

Alongside this incredible design, you will find one of the best scan modes on this list. What makes this scan mode stand out against others is it’s the ability to mark multiple targets at different distances with a single press of a button. This is extremely rare to find in rangefinders of this price and is without a doubt an incredible bonus.

With a maximum range of 600 yards and its incredible array of extra features such as a multiple target mode and an adjustable eye piece for added eye relief; this is one of the best rangefinder products you can get.

Features We Like:
  • Sturdy rangefinder design
  • Useful multi-target distance finder mode
  • Adjustable eye piece changes magnification levels

9) Leupold RX-1600i TBR

Photo of a rangefinder with bumpy outer cover,

Size: 3.1 x 4.25 x 4.75 ” | Magnification: 6x | Max Range: 1,600 yards

Unlike some other products features today, the Leupold RX TBR rangefinder provides an array of different reticule options and aesthetic designs for you to choose from. Customization like this may not necessarily improve a product’s functionality, but it does add another layer to an already impressive rangefinder.

Users of this rangefinder will instantly fall in love with its scan feature that constantly keeps your target in its line of sight, measuring the distance on the fly. The 6x magnification level offers a compelling field of view.

Added TBR-W, True Ballistic Range with Wind technology, considers a bevy of different factors when determining the distance of a target. Things such as the angle of the object, the ballistic specifications of your bullet, and the incline are used to accurately determine the distance. Features like this are usually reserved for the more premium rangefinder products out there, so be sure to snag this one while you can.

Due to its vast range of features and its compact but sturdy design, could this be the best rangefinder you can find for such a low price?

Features We Like:
  • 6x magnification offers a superb field of view
  • Scan feature keeps targets in your line of sight
  • Choice of aesthetic options
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

10) Vortex Optics Impact 1000

This is a shiny green rangefinder with lenses facing the front, light reflection seen emitting out of it

Magnification: 6x | Max Range: 1,000 yards

Last, but by no means least, we have the remarkable Vortex Optics Impact laser rangefinder. Utilizing multi-coated optics to offer comparable performance in a host of different low light settings, night-time hunters will love this rangefinder.

The HCD display takes the angle into consideration offering an accurate distance measurement that is incredibly useful to any type of hunter. This is reinforced by a LOS display that provides precision across far longer ranges and an impressive field of view. No matter the range of your target, expect to hit it precisely with this amazing rangefinder.

That’s not all this rangefinder can offers as it’s 6x magnification levels ensure targets are kept in your line of sight. Which is offered thanks to a finely crafted diopter located within the eye piece that can be adjusted to suit a range of different eye types.

The Vortex Optics is without a doubt one of the best rangefinder products you will find at this price. With a variety of different well thought out features and impeccable functionality, this rangefinder will happily add a whole new dimension to any hunters tool kit.

Features We Like:
  • Multi-coated objective lens
  • Dual HCD and LOS display
  • Waterproof and shockproof rangefinder design

Buyer’s Guide to Rangefinders

Trying to find a suitable rangefinder that will cover all your needs can be fairly tricky, especially if you aren’t used to using them. Whether it’s ensuring your chosen product is durable enough to withstand outdoor elements or checking the quality of its lens. Below you will find a brief breakdown of the main factors you should consider before purchasing your new laser range finder.


As rangefinders are used predominately in outdoor areas, you will want it to be fairly durable. A good rangefinder should be able to withstand a variety of different weather types such as wind and rain as the outdoors can be unpredictable. The durability of a pathfinder is mainly based on the materials used during its construction, with some metals naturally being tougher than others.

The cost of your rangefinder may change depending on its durability as the more durable materials tend to be slightly more expensive. Out of most of the factors listed here, durability is perhaps the most important one as a better durability means a longer-lasting rangefinder. This essentially means you will be saving yourself money in the long run.

Ideally, you should be willing to spend a little bit more for a more durable product, however, always try to keep your budget in mind.


The main use of a rangefinder is to do just that – find the range of an object – which makes this factor one of the most important ones by far. There are a variety of different ranges on the market, each built with a specific task in mind. For things such as long-range shooting, you will want to invest in a longer range finder, such as one that measures between 5 and 15km. Ideally, for closer range tasks, you will want one that covers up to around 2 – 3KM (2200 – 3300 yards).

In terms of cost in relation to the maximum range of your finder, the price of your product will tend to increase as the range does. As military grade finders tend to feature the best range but the priciest materials, you should expect to pay the most for such rangefinders.

Always try to determine how you will be using your rangefinder to best figure out how much you should spend in this category. The best golf rangefinder will have less range than the best shooting rangefinder for example so this is a great way to ascertain what range you will expect from your rangefinder.


Similar to a good pair of binoculars, you want to be able to magnify far objects with ease and clarity when using your rangefinder. Most rangefinders sit somewhere in the range of 5 to 6x magnification, with some stretching to 8x or higher, which is ideal for long-range targets. If you are however planning on using your rangefinder for close objects, such as during golf or even some hunting tasks, then you won’t require as high levels of magnification. The best golf rangefinder will tend to have a lower magnification than the best shooting rangefinder, so always keep that in mind.

The price of your rangefinder will typically increase if it offers a higher level of magnification, so always keep that in mind when browsing the many products available. Much like the range, try to work out what your distance to the target will be so you can decide on what magnification is best suited to the task at hand.

Quality of Lens

As you will be looking down the lens of your rangefinder quite often, you will want to ensure that the quality of your rangefinders’ lens is up to scratch. The quality of the lens will vastly differ between products based on your set price range. This is due to the lens itself being fairly pricey to manufacture and thus higher quality lens’ will hike the price up pretty quickly.

Regarding durability, you also want the lens to be sturdy enough to withstand a few bumps and bashes as you will be using outdoors quite frequently. This also means you don’t want the lens to fog up too much during use as this can rapidly decrease its functionality.

Prepare to spend slightly more on your rangefinder if you are after the highest quality lens. It isn’t uncommon to see the price of your product is directly linked to the quality of the lens so try to figure out what you will feel comfortable spending on a better lens. Some closer range tasks just won’t require the quality of the lens that things such as long-range shooting such as shooting, so again, figure out what you plan on using your rangefinder for.

Extra Features

Additional features and add-ons to your rangefinder can help it stand out amongst a crowd of excellent products. Bonuses such as a night-vision function or an LCD display screen can vastly improve a rangefinder’s functionality and turn it into a far more tempting purchase. It isn’t uncommon to see manufacturers toting the extra features they have added to their rangefinder as this can vastly increase sales, but it also tends to hike the price of a product up too.

As tempting as a lot of these features are, they will rapidly increase the price of your chosen rangefinder which means determining what you can live without has never been as paramount. Some features stand out more than others such as an additional laser range target or a water-proof design whereas others such as an LCD screen aren’t too necessary.

A good idea is to sit down a make a list of the features you are looking for and what you wouldn’t mind your rangefinder having. This will prevent you from being tempted to spend more than your budget will allow and will save you a fair amount of cash.


Once you have decided on the factors you are looking for in your rangefinder and what you could probably live without, you should set yourself a budget. Preparing a budget beforehand and determining how much you can spend will prevent you from making an unnecessary purchase.

All the factors listed in this guide should be based on your set budget and will help you figure out what rangefinder you can expect to get. As with all online purchases you should always check out reviews or trial the product where you can. This will stop you from purchasing a rangefinder that will let you down and will help you make sure your budget is adequate.


How does a rangefinder work?

There are a variety of different types of rangefinder that work in varying ways. One of the most types you will come across however is laser rangefinders. These work by sending out a laser towards the target you want to work out the distance for. The time taken for the laser to reach the point and return to the rangefinder is then recorded. The distance can then be calculated by using the time taken and the speed the laser should travel.

The other common form of rangefinder you will come across is an optical rangefinder. These work by using triangulation to superimpose two images on top of each other. Users of the device will then be required to turn a knob or a dial to remove the blurriness and create a clear image. Once this has been done, the range can then be ascertained using a method known as the principle of parallax.

What is the best rangefinder for the money?

Due to the rangefinder market being so competitive, the selection of rangefinders you will find are incredible. This makes it extremely difficult to find a specific rangefinder that can be called the best overall one for the money. There is however a range of features you should look out for to ensure your rangefinder is the one for you.

Additions such as an easy to read LCD display and a long-lasting CR2 battery will massively enhance a rangefinders longevity. You also want to find a rangefinder that offers a range of different magnification levels so you can adjust it on the fly and ensure you have the correct setting for the target you are seeking.

In terms of how you plan on using your rangefinder, be sure to purchase one that suits your task. For example, a golf rangefinder won’t be suited to hunting and vice versa, due to their different levels of range. If were to recommend three finders we would perhaps put forwards the Vortex Optics rangefinder, Bushnell Bone collector finder, or the Bushnell Pro XE.

Where can I buy a quality rangefinder?

There is a range of different places you can find that will offer you a highly rated rangefinder. Sites such as Amazon and other online retailers will usually have a decent range of rangefinders suited to a variety of different tasks. You should also be sure to check out any manufacturer sites as they will sometimes have their own online store you can shop at.

Where possible, however, we would recommend that you check your local hunting or sports stores to see if they have any finders in stock for you to trial. By testing the product you will be able to best determine which one is suited to you and any tasks you may need it for. Once you have tested a rangefinder you can then search online to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere if needed.

Keep all of this in mind and you will easily be able to find the best rangefinder to suit your individual needs!

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