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Best Rechargeable Lanterns Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you familiar with the top of the best rechargeable lanterns? Did you know that there are actually a lot of rechargeable lanterns in the market but with different qualities? Get to know the best rechargeable lanterns in the market are by reading the information below.

One of the most enjoyable activities that a family can do is camping. The reason behind this is it’s not only enjoyable, but it is a good way to get closer with each other and the nature itself. But in order for everyone to get the most out of your camping activity, it would be nice to have a rechargeable lantern. In this way, the area will be well illuminated for your night time activities and such.

Some may say that there are different lights to choose from, but if you a light that can illuminate the entire area, and something that is pretty flexible, then choosing lantern will do. There are the traditional lanterns and there are also the rechargeable lanterns. But the most popular kind of lantern is the rechargeable ones, because there is no need for them to add fuel in them. All you have to do is recharge them and all will run smoothly yet again.

If you are one of the many who is looking for the best rechargeable lanterns, then the list below will surely help you:

Best Rechargeable Lanterns

1. Suaoki LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern

An image of a collapsible lantern, white color

The Suaoki LED boasts up to 300% brighter than any other products of today. The batteries have the ability to last for five hours. Its magnetic base is useful if you have a metal that you want to stick it on. The hook that this lantern has is retractable, which simply means that you can hang this inside your tent or anywhere else.

  • Provides 5 hours of battery life on one full charge
  • Hooks let you hang it up wherever you want
  • 300% brighter than any other lanterns that are in the same range
  • Design may be good for hanging, but it isn’t for carrying
  • Due to the tiny size, this lantern may not last long

2. Etekcity portable Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

`Image of a black hanging lantern with foldable handle

The Etekcity portable Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern has 15 LEDs and 6 LEDs that are in red, which will help illuminate every single direction brilliantly. The lantern is powered by two 18650 batteries that are rechargeable or three double A batteries. If you need to charge your devices, then you may do so because of the USB port that this lantern has. Now, after using it, you can just collapse the lantern and keep it as you please.

  • Lightweight, compact, and waterproof
  • 4 different brightness, including flashing red, red, low, and high
  • Provides brilliant illumination in different direction
  • Battery of the lantern is low, which means that you might not be able to charge your phone completely
  • Expensive

3. AGPtek Solar Lantern

Image of a lantern with handcrank

The AGPtek Solar Lantern is perfect especially during emergency hiking. There are different ways on how you can charge this lantern. You can either plug it on the wall, use batteries, charge it with your car, crank, and even the sun. There is also a USB port available where you can charge your phone while you are camping.

  • USB port will let you charge your smartphone
  • Brightness can be adjusted to something that you can only use for reading
  • 5 different ways to help charge the lantern
  • If you are choosing AA batteries, then it’ll surely be costly
  • Issues with not being able to hold the charge

4. Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern

a photo of a lantern with LED at the bottom

The Superway Portable Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern is definitely one of the lanterns that is ultra bright. In fact, it has 440 lumens maximum and a minimum of 200 lumens. The battery life of this lantern is incredible, wherein it can last for up to 99 hours if you are using the lantern at its low setting. You can also help charge your devices in this lantern when needed.

  • Will let you charge your phone thrice
  • The battery can last long if used in low bright setting
  • High brightness, which can help illuminate everything at night
    • Waterproof, which can be undesirable
    • Lumen rating is different from what is written on the box

5. AGPtek Solar Cells Panel Lantern Camp

An image of a red hanging lantern with glass bulb cover

The AGPtek Solar Cells Panel Lantern Camp can run for four to six hours, while you can recharge it for six to eight hours. Once you turn the lantern on, you can start adjusting the LEDs as to how many you want to use. You can make it dimmer by only choosing one LED, or brighter by choosing all LEDs.

  • Solar panels are beneficial for the earth and will keep your batteries charged
  • You can adjust the brightness
  • Lantern can be powered using rechargeable batteries, hand crank, and solar cells
  • Lantern is too small, which means that it won’t be able to light a big area
  • It also produces dim light, even when using the brightest setting

6. Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor Rechargeable Solar Camping

Image of a lantern with solar panel at the top

The Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor Rechargeable Solar Camping is perfect for people who want to reduce waste while saving batteries. This lantern is powered with nothing by solar panels. This means that this Etekcity is light and very much portable, despite the fact that it can provide you with 8 hours of light. This lantern is also made out of durable materials, wherein the dust and moisture are kept outside.

  • Reliable, lightweight, and small design
  • Will help illuminate your area better
  • Powered by solar with up to 8 hours of light
  • You won’t be able to clean the insides
  • Has the ability to stop working after quite some time

7. ThorFire Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Image of a collapsible lantern with opaque white cover

The ThorFire Rechargeable Camping Lantern is lightweight and small, wherein it has the ability to collapse into a smaller size when you are not using it. The lantern is made out of plastic that is durable and water resistant. It also produces a bright light. If you drained the battery, you can always plug it on a powerbank to charge the lantern. You can also use the lantern itself to charge your smartphone.

  • Produces bright light and illuminate’s big areas
  • Can be charged using your device’s USB port
  • Beautifully designs, compact and small
  • Double A batteries will not last long, which means that you need to purchase another set of batteries often
  • 18650 lithium batteries are not included in the package

These are the best rechargeable lanterns to choose from if you are planning to go on a camping with you and your family. It is always best to choose a rechargeable one, so you no longer have to pour fuel in it every so often.

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