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Best Small Flashlights Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image of a hand holding a small black flashlight

Welcome to my article covering the best small flashlights you can buy. I’ve tried many and plenty of them and they all have their strength and weaknesses. These are ten small flashlights I found to be extraordinary, in other words, better than the rest.

Long gone are the days when people look at flashlights as one important tool that can be used in their life. Because of the many flashlight applications found in the app store, people usually thought that why buy a flashlight if I can make my phone as my flashlight. However, if you keep on using your phone as your alternative flashlight, then chances are you are going to easily discharge the battery life of your phone. People usually overlook the importance of flashlights nowadays, in this article I will cover what I consider to be the best small flashlight.

Maybe one of the factors that people hate bringing flashlights along with them is the idea that flashlights are heavy, because of the thought that the bigger the flashlight is, the brighter it is! Well, they may be right. However, there are new small flashlight available today that are very convenient to bring anywhere you go at the same time gives the brightness that a bigger flashlight can provide.

Among the huge number of small flashlights products nowadays, I made it easier for you to decide on what product shall you put attention to by listing the ten best small flashlight on the market today based on its popularity and good reviews from the customers.

Best Small Flashlights

Let’s now check out some of the best smaller flashlights on the market today.

1. 1TAC TC1200 PRO Flashlight

A photo of a small black flashlight laying flat on a white surface

This small yet powerful bright flashlight is very tough and very compact. It is used by the US Military, Police & First Responders for a very good reason. It is made from aircraft grade aluminium making it extra strong… heck its even been to space and back in testing with no issues at all.

It has a magnetic base so it can be used hands free and has a built in clip for attaching to trousers while on the move.

This flashlight comes with high, low and intelligent strobe modes. The TC12000 has a rechargeable battery but can also be used with normal AA-batteries. I would suggest stocking up on non-rechargeable batteries, because if the power grid goes out you won’t have much luck charging them.

The incredible brightness gives an intense 1200 lumen beam that can reach up to 2 miles in distance.

This TC1200 Pro is now available to the public for the first time which is amazing news for outdoorists like me.

This flashlight truly is the best flashlight available. I have tested hundreds of flashlights and none others come close.

Features We Like:
  • Lighting – Brightest and Highest Visibility – 1200 lumens and 2 miles in distance
  • Durable – Made From Aircraft Aluminium – Light and Durable
  • Waterproof – Fully Waterproof sealed casing of the lamp and power box
  • Fireproof – Yes it is fire proof for up to 5 minutes
  • Real Life Uses – This flashlight is used by the country’s emergency teams and military

2. Fenix Flashlights 2014 Edition PD35Image of a small flashlight, black color with metal clasp.

Fenix is popular brand and company in the industry of lamps and flashlights. They are also known for having extraordinary execution for cost. The Fenix brand was familiar to be one of those high-end brands however they are moving towards the road of being a superior brand. In general, Fenix products are great purchases and one of their completely highlighted product is the Felix PD35 flashlight. Their PD35 Flashlight is one of the best small flashlight I have owned to date and for many reason, all listed below.

Features We Like:
  • Six yields with five brilliant degrees and flashes
  • IPX-eight water-resistant which is two meters per thirty minutes
  • Flashlight upheld by restricted lifetime ensure from Fenix Lighting
  • Overhauled nine hundred sixty lumen turbo style from two pieces of CR123A or 18650 Li-ion batteries, both not included in the package
  • Back tail top incorporates flitting switch and side catch take into consideration simple mode choice
  • This flashlight will only cost you more or less $70

3. Streamlight 88039 ProTac

A long, thin, small flashlight in black color.

If you are the type of person who gives too much attention to the weight of your gear or tool, then the Streamlight ProTac 2AAA is definitely a flashlight you shoulg go check on. This product from Streamlight receives good reviews because of its incredible light weight of two ounces even with batteries on!

Features We Like:
  • Simple to utilize and uncomplicated to handle
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • Made of astounding material
  • Will be suitable for your pocket’s size
  • The anti-sway feature on the flashlight’s head keeps the light steady and avoid to be moved quickly
  • It has a multi-capacity and has push-catch on or off control for a 1-H and ED performance
  • The body packaging and focal point of the flashlight are impenetrable to stun fifty thousand hour lifetime of the item

4. Streamlight 85400 Scorpion HL

Image of a black flashlight with wide LED lens and a little narrow handle

Another entry from the products of Streamlight is the Streamlight Scorpion HL flashlight. This product has been popular because it has an elastic hold spread rather than an aluminum body. This feature gives the user a superior grasp on the flashlight and it can make the flashlight tail stand which is one of the component that is uncommon in tactical flashlights nowadays.

Features We Like:
  • Has six hundred lumen yield
  • Gives the most recent in force LED innovation and impenetrable to stun with a fifty thousand hour lifetime
  • Has an elastic covering grasp sleeve that provides a secured hold
  • Has a TEN-TAP Programming that gives clients the decision of utilizing three working styles
  • Controlled by a two three-volt CR123A lithium batteries accompanied by a timeframe of realistic usability of ten years
  • Will only cost you more or less $64

5. Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight

A set of a flashlight which includes pouch, lanyard, batteries.

If you are a certified outdoor person, then the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight can be your partner who can last long even with an extensive usage. This flashlight is known for its body which is created using high quality anodized aluminum that is completely the same materials when producing Aircrafts. That is why this flashlight is labeled as “military quality” and considered as one of the best small led flashlight.

The Vizeri has the most adaptable force alternatives like a cheap AAA or CR123 soluble batteries. Then again if the light will be utilized as a part of high mode, it is prescribed to use cheap 18650 Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. It has a bunch of adornments that is accessible like a bicycle mount, a remote strategic switch, a weapons scale, orange reducer, and lithium battery. It also has a Cree XML T6 LED that is utilized with the centering highlight of this product, and it makes a hazardously splendid exceptional pillar shaft which is more brilliant than different lights asserting greater lumens.

Features We Like:
  • Had a military evaluation aluminum and solidified anodized wrap-up
  • It has five modes which are Low, Medium, High, Strobe, and SOS
  • This flashlight unlike other generic and cheap ones, string inside the tube all its segments rather than weight fit it
  • It has springs that are covered by gold for consumption free links
  • Can be submerged to a profundity of three feet
  • Has a light diffuser included and a holster accompanied by a D-ring alongside a carabineer that can be utilized to make a hanging light inside your tent or different spots
  • Makes an awesome tool for emergency purposes
  • Will only cost you more or less $35

6. SOG DE-02 Dark Energy 247A

Small tactical flashlight with twisted body design, laid horizontally, lens facing right

The SOG company is not just known and popular for its quality knife product line but they also produce cost worthy flashlights that can last long outdoors. One of their best flashlight available today is the SOG Dark Energy 247A flashlight which utilizes a Cree R5 LED that has a globule with a most extreme yield of two hundred forty-seven lumens. Reason why this product made it as one of the brightest flashlight present in the market today and become one of the best led pocket flashlight.

Features We Like:
  • Has a control of full on and falls off button
  • It has a brilliant configuration
  • This item has a strategic strobe
  • Highlights a Cool White Cree R5 LED globule accompanied by an optical evaluation polycarbonate focal point, and an aluminum surfaced reflector
  • It contains four modes to be utilized in various situations: (1)brief on (2)full on (3)small (4)strobe
  • IPX-seven ensured resistant to water drenching even up to thirty minutes at a profundity of one meter
  • Has a length of five point one inches, a weight of four point one ounces and has a secured strap hook
  • It has a constrained lifetime guarantee
  • Will only cost you more or less $60

7. Inova X5DM-HB

A photo of a cyclindrical-shaped flashlight with five little holes on one tip where LEDs are located

If you are looking for a simple to use flashlight but will also serve you well and will not break your budget, the Inova X5DM-HB High or Low Flashlight can be one of your options. This flashlight can last longer if you use it in a minimal mode and can stay up as long as you need it.

Features We Like:
  • It has a double mode with steady and fleeting high and low modes of power
  • Has a splendid white LEDs with eight lumens low mode and thirty-one lumens high mode
  • Can last for seventeen hours and thirty minutes when used on a highway, and will last for seventy-five hours if used in small mode
  • It has a compelling extent up to one hundred thirty-one feet
  • Has an aviation grade aluminum accompanied by an excellent quality of anodized polish
  • Will only cost you more or less $30

8. Surefire P2X Fury (P2X-B-BK)

This is a photo of a flashlight in black color with a wide base

One of the best known flashlight of SureFire is the family line of the P2X Fury. This group of items were the only SureFire product that is equipped for delivering five hundred lumens controlled by just two CR123 lithium essential batteries. The P2X-B-BK has a double yield rendition with a tick sort button which permits the client to mostly press the button for flitting on low yield or press further for consistent on low yield.

Features We Like:
  • It utilizes a high-productivity for all intents and purposes disappointment verification LED to convey either fifteen or five hundred lumens of concentrated light
  • Has a click-sort tail top switch
  • Has a high-quality aviation aluminum structure which is solid anodized to military details for imperviousness to scraped spot and consumption
  • Has an accurate small scale textured reflector that makes the smooth and upgraded shaft. It is covered, and the modulated window opposes effect and warm stun which then boosts light spread
  • Can last for one point five hours when to utilize with five hundred lumens high mode, and can last for forty-six hours when to utilize with fifteen-lumen low mode
  • It measures five point four inches in length, and weights up to five point seven ounces when batteries are attached
  • Incorporates restricted lifetime producer’s guarantee

9. EagleTac D25C Clicky

Image of a small flashlight with metal clasp pin, cylindrical in shape

The Eagletac product line of D25 series has been redesigned lately with the new “clicky” feature. One of their best product under this series is the Eagletac D25C which is constructed in a surprisingly petite structure that is definitely perfect for your pocket size and one of the best pocket flashlight in the market today.

Features We Like:
  • It has four modes (1)Beacon (2)Flash (3)Strobe (4)SOS
  • Has four levels of lumen outputs (1)453 (2)296 (3)33 (4)1
  • Can last up to one hundred fifty hours depends on amount of lumen lights will you utilize
  • Measures two point nine inches in length and one ounce of weight without batteries attached
  • IPX eight water-resistant

10. Nitecore MT1C

A little flashlight in black color on a white background

The Nitecore company has recently dispatched its advanced multi-task range comprising of a wide product line of flashlights intended to give numerous utilizations in a solitary apparatus. The tiniest model is the Nitecore MT1C, which is one of the best compact flashlight today, is controlled by a solitary CR123A battery, yet gives exceptional execution and astounding adaptability on account of its UI.

Features We Like:
  • Has excellent, brilliant three hundred forty-five lumens with most recent Cree XP-G2 R5 LED update
  • Has four shine in addition to strobe and SOS style.
  • Has a small body that will fits in your hands or pocket
  • It utilizes only one CR123A battery which is included in the package or one piece RCR123A battery
  • The package contain a battery organizer to make it less demanding to convey reinforcement batteries

11. EagleTac D25LC2

Image of a flashlight, black color, laid diagonally on a white background

Another product from the EagleTac company which is quite popular nowadays is their D25LC2 flashlight model that also has the “clicky” feature and is part of the D25 series.

Features We Like:
  • It has three levels of lightness and seven concealed modes
  • Has 2 group yields which you can choose by turning the head of the item
  • It has a turbo yield and strategic strobe yield at group two when the chairperson of the issue is fixed position
  • This flashlight’s bezel is covered with stainless steel to avoid tarnishing and rust
  • Has a LOP reflector for the best yield and even joist
  • Has a prevalent knurling to enhanced hold into the item
  • Has an aviation grade aluminum
  • Comes with a paracord strap along with a simple securing hook


There are a lot of small flashlight on the market available today that has a good quality and will serve you well. Like always, crowning just one model to be the best small flashlight is not always that easy. You can decide what small flashlight you shall purchase by looking at the product features and knowing its strengths and weaknesses. There are small flashlights that are designed for a particular use like creating it as hanging lamp or something, and there are also flashlights that are excellent when it comes to its battery life which is perfect if you tend to use it for outdoor activities like camping. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the information I provided and find the best small flashlight for you.

Make it a point to know what specific features you are looking for in a product so you will be able to buy the rightful small flashlight that will suffice your needs. So if you are wondering which one among the ten excellent flashlights listed above is the best small flashlight, as usual, there is no “best” flashlight, but it all depends on the user preference and budget.

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