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Best Tactical Backpacks Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of soldiers walking at the field wearing brown tactical backpacks.

Planning your outdoor journey is an essential part to any potential survival adventure. With things such as deciding what gear you need and how long you plan on staying in the wilderness being at the forefront of any planning venture. As you will need to consider how to carry what you need, you may be asking yourself, just what is the best tactical backpack available?

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best tactical backpacks you can find for purchase today that any would be survivalist should consider. With additions such as Molle Webbing and a hydration bladder compartment, there are a host of things you should look out for. Which is why we have also compiled a list of considerations and different factors you should keep in mind when finding the best tactical backpack for you. Read on to see our top 10 list of the best tactical backpacks that we would recommend today!

The 10 Best Tactical Backpacks

1. Reebow Gear

Image of a black tactical backpack with molle webbing straps

Product Dimension: 13 x 20 x 11 inches | Capacity: 40L

First on our list of the best tactical backpacks we have the durable Reebow Gear Pack, a military grade Molle backpack that offers everything you need for your outdoor treks. With a 40 litre capacity this tactical bag is suited for weekend long journeys, all your outdoor gear will fit inside with little effort.

Although it doesn’t come with its own hydration bladder this 3 day pack does come with it’s own hydration compartment providing you the means to add your own bladder if needed. Molle webbing throughout provides a weatherproof and sturdy design that can withstand even the harshest of storms, rest easy knowing your valuables are safe from water damage. This is reinforced by heavy duty zippers and utilty cord pulls offering a quick method of getting what you need.

If you are looking for an all exclusive high density pack that is perfect for any survival situation you may find yourself in, then you would be hard pressed to find a batter backpack than the Reebow Gear.

  • 40 litre capacity makes this suited for weekend sojourns
  • Water resistant Molle webbing material
  • Has room for hydration bladders but doesn’t come with one

2. Hannibal Tactical ROSSE Assault Pack

A brown tactical backpack with molle webbing straps on front with american flag patch on top

Product Dimensions: 12 x 20 x 13 inches | Capacity: 36L

Next up we have the impressive Hannibal Tactical ROSSE, a military backpack that offers more side pockets than a pair of cargo pants. This multi functional offering features 2 central compartments adding up to 35 litres worth of storage capacity alongside 2 additional smaller compartments to help you organise your gear with ease. An added rear compartment also allows you to add a hydration bladder.

Padded shoulder straps help prevent shoulder chafing and can provide a decent way of adding some much needed comfort to this tactical backpack. The hip belt and each shoulder strap is adjustable as expected giving you customizable functionality and ensuring this bag will suit all users. You can even add a sleeping bag to this 3 day assault pack thanks to added strap found at the bottom.

Functionality can be exactly what you need when it comes to survival backpacks, which makes this bug out bag from Hannibal Tactical an excellent choice.

  • Brilliant selection of additional pockets and compartments
  • Two years of warrant alongside brilliant customer support
  • Not as large as some other offerings but the additional pockets make up for this

3. 24 BattlePack

Photo of a camou tactical backpack with buckle locks on sides and molle webbing straps on front

Product Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 19 | Capacity: 40L

As the name might suggest, the 24 BattlePack provides all day storage for any essential and military gear. Added function allows you to adjust the size of this backpack with minimal effort, providing you the means to adapt it from a single day size to a 3 day assault pack. Why purchase two bags for separate occasions when this bag has you covered!

The manufacturer of this bag is a combat veteran, so you know that every element has been considered and that this pack will offer incredible durability that even armed forces could appreciate. Padded and breathable materials have been used throughout this tactical pack offering a superb but robust design that is usually only found in premium options.

When it comes to finding a tactical option that can be used in a host of different situations, you may expect to pay a high price. But why spend a fortune when you can get everything you need from the 24 BattlePack!

  • Combat Veteran manufacturer knows exactly what a tactical pack needs
  • Adaptable size thanks to adjustable shoulder and sternum straps
  • The waist strap can be too short for some users

4. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

A rugged-looking black tactical backpack with metal hooks and buckle locks

Product Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 8 inches | Capacity: 34L

There’s a reason the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is the number one bestseller in the Surf, Skate and Street backpack category on amazon and it’s not just for it’s stylish stealth black aesthetic. This versatile sling pack consists of a multitude of padded sleeves suited for bungee chords and other emergency gear you may need throughout your outdoor day trips.

Padded shoulder straps are both breathable, which when paired up with a soft back panel, offers a remarkably comfy wear that is rare to find in tactical packs. The internal fabric lining is resistant to abrasions whilst still protecting your supplies, it even has a sunglasses pocket if that’s your thing.

The number one bestseller for a reason, it is clear to see why so many people heavily endorse this increible sling backpack.

  • Internal storage compartments feature an abrasion-resistant lining
  • Breathable compression straps keep your back and shoulders cool
  • Popular options so it sells out pretty quickly

5. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Backpack

A photo of a brown tactical backpack with molle webbing straps on front, velcro tapes, shoulder strap extended out

Product Dimensions: 17.1 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches | Capacity: 24L

The Samurai Tactical Wakizashi backpack might have an extreme name but what it actually offers is convenient functionality all wrapped up in a sleek black design. This reliable 24 litre sling pack may offer slightly less storage than some but it makes up for this with it’s abundance of additional compartments. With enough storage for your water bottle and laptop.

A highly extremely versatile option, this sack can be used in an array of day-to-day scenarios from popping to the shops to traversing a mountain range. Across the exterior you will find Molle webbing which provides additional storage methods for things such as EDC knives or your trusty coffee flask.

Although slightly smaller than some other products, this is an easily a contender for the best tactical backpack available on Amazon today!

  • Compact design suited for daily travel
  • Sleek black aesthetic compliments a tactical style
  • The smaller design may not be suited for carrying large amounts of survival gear

6. LHI Military Tactical Backpack

Image of black military backpack with support buckles on front and on both sides

Product Dimensions :12 x 20 x 6.3 inches | Capacity: 30-35L

Coming in a variety of different styles and colors, the LHI Military Tactical Backpack is an easy contender for the best backpack on Amazon today. One of the few backpacks on this list to consider city life, these LHI features an anti-theft webbing that will prevent potential thieves from opening your bag without you knowing. When you take this tactical bag into the wilderness however, this webbing can be easily removed expanding the bags capacity and offering a layer of convenience that is genuinely pleasing to see.

The 900d Oxford cloth exterior is insulated by a PVC layer providing a soft but surprisingly sturdy backpack, that features decent weather resistance. Inside this tactical pack you will find a host of different compartments providing the storage options you need and then some. You will never have to worry about where to store your outdoor gear again.

If you are wanting a slightly more aesthetic tactical bag that features a decent storage area while maintain a comfy wear, then the LHI Tactical Backpack could be the next thing you need.

  • A multitude of designs to choose from
  • Removeable anti-theft protection
  • Not as waterproof as some other backpacks on this list

7. Jueachy Tactical Backpack

A photo of a brown backpack with one long vertical zipper on the center

Capacity: 30L

The Jueachy Tactical Backpack is an insanely durable offering that provides all the storage and accessibility that you could need. A 30 L main compartment comprises of separate pockets allowing you to split your water bottles up from your canvas sheet, so you can find what you require in seconds. Molle webbing throughout offers another way to store important gear such as a compass or flask, simply slide it into a free slot and you’ve got an extra compartment.

Foamed shoulder straps and back-panel provide a level of comfort you probably aren’t used to backpacks typically offering. This added comfort makes this an ideal fit for weekend long hiking trips where you plan on camping through the night.

Jueachy are a confident name in the backpack business due to their impressive products covering just about everything you would require to making your survival treks pleasant. If you are looking for an all encompassing heavy duty range bag, then be sure to add this one your wish-list!

  • Dense nylon fabric is durable and weatherproof
  • 30 litre capacity is perfect for weekend camping trips
  • Shoulder straps sometimes feel a little bulky

8. OSSZEFUST Military Backpack

A tactical military backpack in camouflage brown color with extra compartments on top and both sides

Product Dimensions: 13.4 x 6.7 x 28.75 inches | Capacity: 80L

Easily the largest tactical backpack featured today, the OSSZEFUST tactical backpack will suit extended camping trips and expeditions with minimal fuss. There is plenty of space for all your hiking gear and then some. With an 80 litre capacity you will struggle to find a bag that offers just as much storage capacity as this.

The exterior material is both soft and durable thanks to a 600D oxford cloth exterior. If you are sick of your bag getting scuffed with minimal use then you will truly appreciate how sturdy the construction on this pack is. S-type shoulder straps and waist straps keep the bag in place, offering an adjustable option suited for any body type. For those of you who can appreciate hydration bladder compatibility then you will adore this bag as the side compartment has enough space for any hydration system.

When it comes to backpacks, you tend to want the one that can fit the most inside it without becoming a burden to carry. Which is exactly what the OSSZEFUST Tactical Backpack offers and more!

  • Brilliant internal capacity
  • Additional storage spaces to store all your expedition gear
  • Large design may be too bulky for some

9. ARMYCAMO Rucksack

Photo of a green tactical backpack, mole webbings seen on front, buckle locks for support on both sides and at the center

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 9 inches | Capacity: 30L

Variety is the name of the game when it comes to the ARMYCAMO Rucksack, with a variety of colors and designs to choose from, if aesthetics are a key component to your purchase, then you may be interested in this wonderful option. With a 30 litre capacity, this assault pack can offer up to 3 day storage suited for shorter trips or weekend outings with the family.

The outside polyester design provides a scratch resistant construction, so you never have to worry about this bags safety when pushing through dense bush or foliage. Due to the multitude of different compartments you can find on this tactical backpack, it can also be used for school or college.

ARMYCAMO are one of the newer names on the tactical backpack market, but with offerings like this rucksack we can definitely see them dominating it in a few years.

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Vast array of colors to choose from
  • Smaller design may not be suited to some potential buyers

10. ARMYCAMO 3 Day Assault Pack

Image of a bulky backpack with multiple compartments on front

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 21 x 8 inches | Capacity: 39-64L

Last but by no means least we have the incredible ARMYCAMO 3 day assault pack, another incredible offering from the people behind ARMYCAMO. This tactical backpack can be used in everyday situations thanks to a sleek but aesthetic design, with enough room for the most important gear. Durability has also been considered as the 600D polymer material adorning the exterior is both water resistant and scratch proof.

If you are at all curious about this rucksack then you can purchase with 0 qualms as ARMYCAMO have provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Test it out and decide if it is or isn’t for you without risk. Convenience has also been considered as both the waist straps and shoulder straps can be removed providing an extra means of use if so required.

Saving money on a great backpack has never been as easy as it is today, why spend a fortune when a carry bag such as this can cover all your needs.

  • Removeable shoulder and waist strap
  • Selection of designs to choose from
  • Vertical Molle webbing system isn’t as useful as horizontal variants

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying your Tac Backpack

When it comes to finding a tactical backpack that encompasses all your needs, it can be difficult to fully understand what you should be looking for. This can cause you to spend more on a pack than you need without actually finding a product that is suitable for you. So what exactly are YKK zippers and do you really require space for hydration bladders?

Read on to see what aspects of a backpack you should consider and how important each factor is. Hopefully we can help you save money while finding the right tactical backpack for your personal situation.


Considering how often you will be wearing your backpack, it only makes sense to want to find a comfortable one that doesn’t irritate your shoulders and back. Backpacks tend to be made out of softer fabrics which tend to sit easily on your shoulders, but there are still additional methods that manufacturers will utilize to lessen the strain even more. Things such as adjustable and padded shoulder straps can change an average experience to an enjoyable one and help ensure you get the most out of your new backpack.

As you will be wearing your backpack for extended periods of time it is without a doubt a good idea to find the one where reviewers praise it’s shoulder comfort. Although some features such as a fleece lined shoulder strap may set you back a little bit, it is worth investing slightly more in a more comfortable all day pack.


You will tend to wear your tactical backpack in the wild and other rough areas, therefore durability is highly important to finding the right product for you. Whether it’s a water resistant design or high quality Nylon, there are a variety of different ways manufacturers will ensure your backpack is as robust as possible.

In terms of the right material, you will find that it’s a good idea to check if your backpack is made from Nylon as this perfectly balances both a light design alongside a durable one. There are different measurements of Nylon quality known as deniers, but we will talk more about this in the material section of the guide.

Water resistance is an important aspect of a backpack that you should also look out for as the weather can rapidly change at any time of the day. If you are out trekking and you have food and other important gear in your backpack, you don’t want a sudden rain storm to ruin the quality of your backpacks contents. Once again Nylon is a great water resistant choice, however, it isn’t entirely waterproof so some water may still pass through your backpack.

Check out what other buyers think of a product as it can be hard to deduce a specific tactical backpacks durability without testing it over time. As long as your backpack can withstand any potential wear and tear it will be suited for the outdoors.

Ease of Access

Accessing your backpack while on the go can be a dextrous feat therefore finding a backpack that is easy to access will increase how pleasurable it is to use. Whether it’s a quick release shoulder strap or easy to use YKK zippers, finding ways to access your essentials rapidly is important. This is a fairly important aspect to consider due to the fact that you may be required to quickly access your backpack if in a precarious situation. Try to find additions such as compression straps or a quick release shoulder harness to help improve the accessibility of your product.


There are a variety of different fabrics and plastics that you will find in the world of tactical backpacks each with their own benefits and drawbacks. The two most popular you will come across however are Nylon and Canvas, with the latter being slightly less popular in the modern day. There are also different Nylon materials you should be aware of but we will cover the most popular ones here. So what exactly are the best materials for tactical backpacks? Read on to see!

Canvas: Once the most popular material choice for backpacks, Canvas is still an exceptionally durable and lightweight material but it does have some caveats. Canvas is fairly hard to make water proof and thus can lower the durability of a backpack, which is why Nylon has now took its place as the common choice. You will pay slightly less for a canvas bag so if saving cash is what you want to do then a heavy duty canvas bag is still a decent option.

Standard Nylon: Nylon has been used for years and it will be used in years to come, it is without a doubt one of the best materials you will come across. Extremely lightweight alongside impressive water resistance, it is an ideal material for any tactical backpack.

Rip-Stop Nylon: A fairly new material, the Rip-Stop Nylon is fast becoming one of the top material choice when it comes to building a durable tactical backpack. It separates itself from other Nylon types by using large threads throughout that create a square style pattern. This creates added structure and thus prevents potential tears and rips from ruining your backpack.

Cordura Nylon: Slightly more common than other Nylon types, Cordura Nylon is a light and durable option that is perfect for tactical bags and backpacks. It is slightly harder to water proof and has a rougher design, but it provides most of the benefits of Nylon at a cheaper cost. If you are looking for decent tactical and military backpacks then you may struggle to find a better material than Cordura Nylon.

As previously mentioned, Nylon is measured using Deniers, but what exactly are deniers? A denier is basically used to dictate how thick or thin individual filaments and threads in a fabric are. A denier measurement is express as a number follow by ‘d’, for example Nylon with a denier rating of 20 would look like so, 20d. In general the higher the denier the better as this means the Nylon is thicker and will tend to be more water proof than thinner variants. However, try not to go too overboard on the thickness as you still have to carry your backpack around with you a lot and a thicker material means a heavier bag.


This basically goes hand in hand with both the materials used and the durability of your tactical pack. Specific materials have natural water resistant designs, while others will be fairly simple to add a water resistant layer too. As mentioned in the materials section, whilst canvas can be made to be water resistant it is far more tedious than weatherproofing Cordura Nylon and other similar materials. Most backpacks will allow you to add additional weatherproofing materials so even if a specific backpack doesn’t utilize the greatest water resistant you design you can typically add to it. However, we would consider spending a little more on a backpack if it has a high weatherproof rating as this will surely be an incredible benefit in the long run.

Weight and Capacity

Due to the nature of hiking gear, you may want to invest in a pack that features a large storage capacity in which you can easily carry all the essentials you need. Backpack storage is usually measured either in cubic inches or litres, with the latter being for more popular in the modern day. If you are looking for a pack that will have enough storage for a weekend getaway then try to find one that measures between 45-70 litres (3000 – 4500 cubic inches). If however you are wanting a pack that can last a whole week of hiking then you may want to look into tactical packs anywhere between 70 and 100 litres (4500 – 6500 cubic inches),

Capacity is an important aspect of your tactical backpack as a lot of survival gear can be fairly large, therefore it is important that your main compartment has enough storage for what you need. Additional compartments are a bonus, but the main storage space will be the central chamber of your backpack, the larger this is, the more you can carry.

Pockets and Compartments

There are a host of different pockets and compartments commonly found on tactical backpacks, from the main compartment to a hydration pocket for long outdoor treks. A hydration compartment is especially useful as it provides a way in which you can store water within your backpack providing you a portable drinking method. When you are in hot areas such as Nevada in summer it can be ideal to have a backpack that has storage space for water as you never know when you might need an emergency drink. This has several names, so if you see water reservoirs, Hydration systems or a water bladder mentioned in terms of tactical bags, just know that this is the same thing.

The more pockets and compartments you have on your backpack, the easier you can separate certain bits of gear providing a quick method to find what you are looking for. Being able to store your water bottle away from any tactical gear such as a bungee system and a rock climbing harness is incredibly useful.

A backpacks back-panel should also be something you check out before making a purchase as there are some specific additions you may want your backpack to include. Back panels should have breathing holes on them to allow your back to breath across long periods of time and prevent a sweat build up that can be uncomfortable in warmer climates. You should also see if the back panel is ergonomic and some form of padding as you don’t want it to rub against your back aggressively.


What backpacks do the Navy Seals use?

Due to how intensive and extreme some of the situations Navy Seals are thrown into, their packs have to be both functional and extremely durable. The chosen backpack can differ from mission to mission but the Granite Tactical Patrol Pack and ALICE packs are commonly issued to Navy Seals. As expected, the back packs that Navy Seals tend to have will feature an extreme water resistant design due to how often they are near deep bodies of water. A lot of packs that special forces have will use a rain cover to help protect any valuables they may be carrying.

What brand of backpack does the military use?

There isn’t a specific brand that the military typically use but there are specific functions and additions that they tend to ensure their tactical backpacks contain. Additions such as a weatherproof design and additional admin compartments are especially important. The armed forces typically look for packs that feature Molle webbing across them as this offers an additional method of carrying essentials such as an EDC knife or a compass. As long as your backpack has the essentials you need it will be more than suited for daily use.

What should I put in my tactical backpack?

This depends on where you are planning on travelling with your backpack and what you plan on doing when going there. Planning ahead is an essential step to any outdoor trek and should never be overlooked, plan around potential weather and any other situations you may come across as it is always best to be prepared.

In general, it is always a good idea to bring spare water and food just in case there is a situation in which you need to stay overnight. On that note it is also advisable to bring a sleeping bag of some sort and even a sheet of canvas if possible to offer waterproof protection if you are stuck outside. Rope, a first aid kit and bungee chord also comes in extremely handy alongside a flashlight or other illumination device if you plan on travelling during the dark. You should also ensure you have brought some way in which you can communicate with either the national guard or the local ranger, just in case of emergencies.

Planning before an expedition is vital and extremely important, as long as you have considered every potential occurrence, then you will be able to pack wisely and efficiently.

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