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Best Tactical Batons Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

image of 3 soldiers with gear and tactical batons

We know that violence is not the answer to all of your problems but in today’s world, unfortunately the need to defend yourself sometimes arises. In this moment you will want something on your person you can use, firstly as a deterrent to you would be attacker and secondly that can use used immediately without the need for ammunition or the worry of causing undue damage, such as a gun going off unexpectedly!

When searching for a self defense baton or tool to use in dangerous and/ or emergency situations you want to be sure that the product is sturdy, easy to use and reliable.

If you are looking for non tactical extendable sticks, for example camera monopods, or another use for a collapsible baton in a much safer environment, (we hope), is the classroom or lecture theatre. They are considered very useful and professional equipment with understated importance, therefore we have included one in this article.

Within the non collapsible range we have reviewed a variety of flash lights and self defense pens: these can be used effectively as weapons and are otherwise a very important tools in an emergency situation, both in and out of the home.

We understand, whatever your intentions for purchase, that the first tick on the check list is going to be the affordability of the product and so we have compiled a list of high quality and value for money tactical batons, self defence tools, heavy duty torches and telescopic ‘sticks’ currently available on the market.

10 Best Expandable Batons

1. IMSHI Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Bat

Photo of a stainless steel tactical baton with black cotton handgrip.

Length: 20inches | Diameter: 1.6 inches

At 20 inches long and 1.6 inches diameter this tidy little rod is helpful for all kinds of reasons and inexpensive. Whether you are walking the dogs and want a bit of extra security on your person or keeping it in the car as a emergency tool, the stainless steel body will do the job.

It has a PP cotton handle for a comfortable and durable non slip grip. The tail point on the vertebral design, used for breaking glass for a quick and safe escape, is detachable.

This model is hollow and therefore allows the owner to adjust the weight and density of the product if they so wish, customer reviews advise using sand or bb beans to increase the strength, if there is a more heavy duty use for the product in mind.

  • Glass breaker on the handle
  • No wrist strap

2. AmazonBasics-WT1003-67-Inch-Monopod


Photo of the AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod in black color, with black lanyard attached.

Item Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.6 x 21.4 inches | Expandable up to: 67 inches

Made of light weight Aluminium, the WT1003 is great for use with cameras, camcorders and even heavier scopes, up to 6.6 lbs, it also sports a universal threat mount to deliver the best optimisation.

Perfect for use on rugged terrain, it has retractable spikes which can be hidden within the versatile rubber ring, Simply pull it down over the pointed end to provide a flat non skid area on slippery surfaces or to avoid scratches when using in the home. Able to extend to a full 67 inches with its four leg sections this monopod is great for those who need that extra length to capture the perfect shot, especially in a crowd.

The built in foam grip is cushioned for comfort and it has an adjustable wrist strap, so it won’t drop to the ground if you loosen your hold. it even comes with a discreet carrying bag to keep it close when out and about.

  • Comfortable grip and a max reach of 67inches
  • Does not come with the carry case in photos

3. SANDAO – Telescopic Teachers Pointer

This is an image of the teacher's stainless steel pointer with black cushion sponge handgrip.


Stainless Steel | Extension Length: 39.4 inches

SANDAO bring a professional teaching, telescopic whiteboard pointer, although we would like to emphasise that this design it also perfect for Blackboard and projector screens for large displays. This item is ideal for those in an educational setting or running training sessions

Easily portable, the pointer is made of durable stainless steel and has an ABS plastic handle with a soft white felt NIB, so not need to worry about causing damage to the screen. Six more sections emerge from the handle to almost 40inches when fully extended. Each section has been design with close convergence for add stability and strength.

Collapsible to 8.3 inch, exact extension length is 39.4 inch including the handle, this pointer is easy to carry and to store. The cushioned handle and light weigh make for a comfortable and effective instrument at highlighting key information during presentations or whilst teaching.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Not recommended at a self defense tool

4. Maglite – S6D016 -Heavy-Duty 6-Cell D Flashlight


This is an image of a black baton flashlight.


Item Dimensions: 19.48 x 2.19 x 1.55 inches | Light Source: Incandescent

Maglite are synonymous with craftsmanship of a superior quality, sporting weather-resistant seals and having been anodized inside and out for unbelievable corrosion resistance.

An advanced lighting system makes this American made instrument one of the toughest on the market today, it is drop resistant, water and rust resistant! As a bonus this flashlight, renowned for its durability and reliability, even comes with a spare bulb safely tucked away, in the foam under the spring in the tail cap, man they thought of everything!

Ideal for camping, fishing and hunting, just around the house in case of blackouts or in the car for a variety of emergency situations. The innovative Diamond knurled design has a powerful projection beam that can quickly be adjusted from flood light to spot and vice versa with a simple 1/2 turn of the torch head, making it difficult to see past the light.

Not to mention with a length of 19.48inches and a width of 1.55 inches this is not pocket torch and would definitely make a would be attacker think twice about having it swung at them.

  • Durable and comes with a Lifetime guarantee
  • Has a fixed length

5. InkoTimes LED Tactical Flashlight – i1800S

This is an image of two InkoTimes tactical flashlights and a red storage box near it.

Item Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches

Made of with high-strength tough aluminum alloy, this design works well in all extreme conditions. It is shock and water resistant making concerns about lighting during power outages, storms and other hostile weather conditions a thing of the past

The bright LED light is more durable than your typical bulb and it has multiple functions to cast high, medium and low light. It also has built in adjustable zoom, flash and SOS emergency settings.

The flash and SOS functions can act as lifeguards when doing roadside repairs or if you need to signal for help. Custom reviews support that this model is very reliable and compact enough for one-hand use, a perfect size to carry while hiking, fishing or hunting, even while cycling.

It is powered by 3 Standard AAA Batteries or 1 Rechargeable 18650 Battery, neither of which is included in the purchase and will need to be added in addition to the items price.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: ONE-YEAR REPLACMENT WARRANTY
  • AAA batteries and/ or Rechargable battery not included

6. The Atomic Bear ‘SWAT’ Tactical Pen

Image contains a tactical pen in black color with rugged-body design, a black pouch and a refill.

Package Dimensions: 7.05 x 3.86 x 0.75 inches

Simple and durable construction the ‘SWAT’ pen from Atomic Bear is an effective self defense and survival tool, not to mention an efficient writing instrument, yes it really is a pen!

With it’s ribbed design and amazing anti slip grip it can deliver a dramatic result. It has a solid cap which creates an audible click when pushed to switch between pen and glass breaker/weapon functions.

Made of a tested military grade aluminium, this pen won’t break or rust, even when exposed to the elements. The carefully crafted implement is perfectly balance. For confidence in your well being and agility in both defense and writing mode as it is not classified as a prohibited weapon.

  • Atomic Bear even provide an online class to help guide and perfect your technique.

7. TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen

An image of a tactical pen, with durable casing, four inset photos showing the different pen tactical features, and a storage box above it.

Package Dimensions: 7.12 x 2.28 x 0.74 inches

No one wants to think about when you will need to defend or save yourself, however being prepared for such a moment could make a critical difference in the outcome.

This 4-in-1 Tactical Pen is the best mini survival tool on the market at an affordable price, in a discreet size you can carry a flash light, glass breaker, can opener, flat head screwdriver and ballpoint pen. It even has a clip to attach to your pocket or belt to keep it close to hand.

Weighting just over 7 pounds and 7.9inches the TAKEFLIGHT is easily concealable so you can stay safe and feel secure knowing that you’ll be ready if you need to be. To power the flashlight you will need 3 LR44 batteries, which are generously included in the original purchase, as well as one replacement ink cartridge but will obviously need to be replaced at additional cost late on.

TAKEFLIGHT advert a 1 year warranty for this product, which comes in a nice gift box. of course if you are not fully satisfied with your product you can contact them directly.

  • Excellent quality multi tool
  • Lid only fits on end of the pen so must be set down once removed

8. edcfans 12-IN-1 Multitool Survival Gear

Image of a hand holding a tactical multi-tool in silver color, below it are insets of the baton's tactical features.

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 4 x 1 inches | Material: Aluminum

Affordable and Reliable, our two favorite words! Constructed of Aluminum it’s rust, water and weatherproof making it great for outdoor activities, such as camping, as well as a functional gadget indoors.

It’s range of functions vary from safety to survival and back to plain necessity! It has a whistle, compass, flint , glass breaker, duel screwdrivers, a bottle / can opener, even Hex wrenches and paracord, along with other camping utensils. All in one handy and easily carry pole.

At a length of 7.4 inches and weighing 9.59 oz, a first time or experienced handler would enjoy this item and find it simple to use.

If it doesn’t quite perform to your expectations, or you have any other issues, edcfans have a ‘contact us’ policy and they want to solve and problem to bring the most happiness from your purchase.

  • Hugh range of uses
  • Wrist strap is flimsy

9. WAAO Koga SD1

This is an image of a self-defense tool in black color and grooved body for easy holding.

Length: 7.5 inches | Material: High-impact Polymer | Weight: 4.7 oz

Martial Arts Expert Robert Koga has designed this specifically to fit within your hand, as a self defense tool. It is made of High Impact polymer to create a quality finish of durability and performance. The length is 7 1/2inches long and 4inches in circumference.

Light weight yet very powerful, so it is recommended to practice with you Yawara stick before you need it! A few controlled strikes would be sufficient in repelling an attacker. Especially for those not wanting to carry lethal weapons, this would be a better option.

  • Can also double as a back massager
  • Needs to be practiced with to be used effectivly

10. Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

Image of a black baseball bat with words "Brooklyn Crusher" printed on it.

Item Dimensions: 29.5 x 2 x 2 inches

Initially advertised as a Miniature Baseball bat this item fits comfortably in the boot of your car or unabutrusivly next to your bed for security and peace of mind if you’re not comfortable with firearms for self-protection in a home setting.

In comparison to a regular baseball bat, this bat is end heavy but not hard to swing naturally., however it would not be considered the most discrete option.

On the plus side, like of the protection devices on this list, you won’t have to worry about changing heads to have the right function, as some tactical devices. Neither will you need to charge it or have the possibility of having it run out, as could happen with mace. This is a one-time purchase and hopefully won’t be needed outside the batting cages, and rest assured that it comes from a high quality retailer with great customer satisfaction.

  • Heavy duty durable bat
  • Intergraded gyro means more of a deterrent

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Tactical Batons


Making sure you have the right equipment for your size and strength is very important, knowing that you can defend yourself is one thing but knowing how to do it right much more vital. If you don’t have the correct weight distribution or reach that you require it could make a situation much worse. over balancing or not being able to wield your tool would be ineffective.

You will also need to think about where the products will be kept and how they are carried. If you want something pocket sized then a collapsible baton or a tactical pen would be your best option. if you want something a bit more showy as a deterrent then maybe look at the Brooklyn Crusher as it is a miniature bat so won’t be as heavy or long as a regular bat.

Most tactical batons and pens can also be kept in your glove box, close to hand for use as a self defense tool or to break a window in an emergency.


Obviously you are going to need sturdy and robust construct for your self defense batons as well as a good design. You wouldn’t take a foam baton out to fend of attackers so taking out a self defense weapon that doesn’t hold out to a blow or bends under stress isn’t going to cut it.

Look for metal batons, preferably steel as they will be the most affective and will be more durable against the elements.

With products like the survival multi – tool, monopod and telescopic pointers you will want to look at the comfort factors of the handles and make sure that they are made of high quality non slip material, that won’t peel off or tear easily. For items that don’t come with a grip handle you can always purchase grip tape for an extra secure hold.


When considering the suitability of the product it doesn’t just include whether or not it would the best non lethal weapon for the intended use but also if it is the best for you. There different levels of skill required in the handling of specific apparatuses and you want to make sure that you can use the products efficiently and comfortably, you don’t want to injure yourself!

It is strongly advised that you practice using your purchase before you need to use it in an emergency. Similar to other weapons you need to train with a baton or self defense tool to ensure that it is used effectively. We recommend taking a few hours a week, making a habit of practicing a routine to improve your overall technique and create muscle memory so that when the adrenalin kicks in your body knows how to react without the need to think about what to do.


Their are a wide range of prices, as with firearms is depends on the professional level you require and addition accessories if needed. Other considerations are, such as with the tactical flashlights or the survival tool, batteries and replacement parts, we strive to deliver the best value affordable defense tool, however the decision of what is most suitable to your needs and you wallet is down to personal opinion.

Be aware of the warranty offered by the retailer to avoid concerns about spending in the future, don’t be afraid to contact customer services if there is any fault or you are not fully satisfied with you order.


Not only is the quality and strength of the expandable baton, tactical pen or ‘stick’ important from a value for money perspective but it needs to be able to hold up to expectations and, not that we want to expect multiple attacks, but you don’t want to your spend hard earned money on a ‘one hit wonder’.


What is the best baton for self defense?

The top priority of a self defense expandable baton is to put distance between you and the assailant, giving you space and time to be able to deliver a meaningful strike if necessary. ASP tactical batons boast the best in the industry, however they may be about many peoples ideal price range. Use them as an example when looking for the perfect purchase.

Anti-slip grip and or ‘ribs’ that provide a firm hold, lock into your hand or include a wrist strap for extra security. You want to be comfortable and confident, knowing that you’ll maintain control of it at all times.

The best choice of tactical batons would be those that expand quickly and can range from as short as 5 inches to up to 26 inches, making them effective at intimidation as well as being a non lethal weapon. Because of this, batons are easily concealable when closed, carry it in your bag or back pocket discreetly, ready for action.

Can civilians carry batons?

Depending on the state you live in the law can differ so it is advisable to check with your local law enforcement as to what is deemed acceptable, in your area, in regard to protective and self defense products before you make any purchases.

We recommend choosing a well tested and reviewed self defense expendable batons that are non lethal and that you are fully confident and capable of handling to try and deter attacker instead of trying to get something aggressive with may bring more harm to you in the long run.

Are collapsible batons effective?

Bare in mind they are used by Police, Military and other security forces, its fair to say that yes, they are not only effective they are considered much less lethal, which is good for everyone involved. Due to their easy concealment they have a ‘surprise’ aspect, hopefully deterring aggressors from creating a situation where you will need to use it.

However, as previously stated, if you don’t know how to handle one properly then they may be less effective than you imagine and could cause more risk to you. Knowing self defense procedures with or without weapon are important and if you can not avoid an area where these products is deemed essential or feel that you need extra security in the home, then they are the safest option.

Unlike with firearms, knifes or a tazer you do not need to be concerned about them falling into young or vulnerable hands resulting in a critical accident. Although it is still advised to keep them out of the way to avoid mishaps.

What size baton is best?

Similar to the price, both extendable and solid structure batons can vary in size, if you are looking to be discreet tactical baton and pens would be the most suitable as they usually collapse to, or in the case of a pen are pocket sized. You can also buy a concealed carry belt attachment size,

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