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Best Tactical Boots Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This is a close-up image of a pair of feet wearing tactical boots on a muddy ground.

Are you a frequent hiker? Want to get some exercise in for the rest of the year? Moved someplace new and want to check the horizons? On vacation and want to see as much as you can for your buck? Or, are you about to start in the military? A police officer? No regardless of what you are, or who, you need to get your hands on a good pair of tactical boots.

What are tactical boots, you ask? Well, tactical boots specialize in being the best-suited boots for outdoor activity. They keep you safe and sound while you’re out on an adventure, or help you while you’re doing your long, lengthy hours of work. Ah, it does not end there, though. Tactical boots are usually quite expensive; and you need to make sure that you get the best value for your buck, and that you are buying the right boots with the right essentials to ensure you are safe and comfortable! Read this article and you will move from being a novice to an expert in tactical boots!

15 Best Tactical Boots

Ever wondered which boots you want but you feel bombarded by all the choice? Far too many options and you just want to see which are the best? Well, here is a list of the high quality best tactical boots found on Amazon.com for all your hiking, working, desert trekking needs. Some boots here are suitable as a police boot, others more suitable for hiking and adventuring every day.

1: KaiFeng Men’s Military Army Boots

This is a close-up image of a black shiny boot with lace closure on a white background.
Fabric: Cow Suede Leather | Outsole: Rubber

These KaiFeng men’s tactical boots look very professional with their suave materials. Oxford fabric and leather boots mean you look as good as you feel with these boots. Another benefit of looking good feels good inside as well as outside, due to the comfort of the rubber sole. Their lightweight rubber outsole has been designed for a variety of grounds, making them weather resistant and multi-use. The sweat absorbent aosolite material keeps your feet dry and fresh all day, even if you are spending all day in scorching temperatures. These KaiFeng are suitable for the desert, outdoor sports, or even army tactical locations! Although in these harsh atmospheres, these boots are very easy to clean and take care of, meaning they are appropriate for the outdoors and for your time! Colors; tan, black.

  • A fixed tongue that will not move throughout the day
  • Rubber soles are slip-resistant! If your job has you out in the rain, these are a great buy for you
  • Side zippers so you do not have to be tying up laces every time you leave the house
  • Lace front boots; some customers prefer zippers on the front of their boots
  • No steel toe cap

2: Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts 1.5

Photo of a black tactical boot for men, with lace closure, and product brand logo embossed on one side.

Fabric: Synthetic Leather | Outsole: Rubber

These Under Armour men’s Valsetz Its 1.5 comfy rubber sole boots are lightweight and come in four colors! This concludes that you are able to feel and look good when on the job and you can pick which style truly speaks to you. They include abrasion resistance as they come provided with a PU film which protects the outskirts of the boot as well as a UA ClutchFit ankle which acts as a support system and reacts to your shape and size, meaning these boots will fit you greatly as well as being very comfortable in the process. These Valsetz also include a high traction rubber outsole which results in whichever environment, you will be protected, even if you are walking high-density hills or simply walking on the sidewalk. These boots also provide an ultralight micro G EVA midsole for enhanced comfort on top of enhanced safety. Colors; Coyote brown, desert sand, ridge reaper camouflage, black.

  • TPU cap will protect feet. This cap is especially positive for those who work with electricity
  • Molded and anti-microbial sock liner
  • Lightweight boots for everyday use as well as work boots
  • More suitable for warmer weather
  • No zipper

3: NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

Close-up photo of a rugged-designed tactical boot, with lace closure, rough-design outsole.

Fabric: Shiny Leather, Mesh | Outsole: Rubber

NORTIV 8’s men’s waterproof hiking boots come in a wide variety of colors, ensuring that you are suited to whichever place you are in and looking good while doing it. These boots are designed for outdoor usage, what with their rubber outsole and EVA midsole that will allow you to be comfy in different locations. Their lightweight outsole has been designed for a variety of grounds, making them weather resistant and multi-use. They also include a rubber sole with varied directional lugs which results in an anti-slip boot and provides different grips perfect for the different surfaces, meaning you can be exploring and looking good while doing so. These boots include two different styles for you to choose from, with all variations available in each style. Colors; beige, brown, grey, black.

  • Water-Resistant
  • Secure fit with lace design
  • Microfibre heat protection
  • No zipper
  • Difficult to clean

4: FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Combat Ankle Boot

Image of a coyote brown tactical boot, metal lace hoops with crossed laces on a white background.

Fabric: Suede Leather, Mesh | Outsole: Rubber

These FREE SOLDIER outdoor men’s tactical military combat ankle boots are suitable for multiple terrains with their lightweight feel, you will be ready to explore several atmospheres from a desert to a jungle! Their moisture-wicking mesh lining gets the water gone, though if it manages to get in when in particularly watery locations, their removable insoles mean they can quickly dry afterward leaving you with no hard work. These desert boots have quality materials, including an EVA midsole that has shock absorption features to consume impact. The outsole gives this tactical boot the potential to handle rugged atmospheres and will improve traction when in these harsh terrains. They also include a safety toe and ankle support for you to feel comfortable and safe during your adventures! Colors; black and full-grain leather, black and suede leather, soil, coyote brown.

  • Good sizes; six inches from arch
  • Removable insole for drying
  • Anti-collision toe cap
  • No side zip
  • No composite toe

5: Oakley Men’s SI Light Patrol Boots

A photo of a men's long shaft tactical boot in black color with laces looped into the loops.

Fabric: Leather, Canvass on the upper part | Outsole: Rubber

This pair of Oakley Men’s SI light patrol tactical boots are lightweight meaning these boots provide comfort for your feet in different atmospheres, whether that is a comfortable sitting room or a not so comfortable forest. Their nylon coated loops mean you can easily take these boots on and off as soon as you get back home from work or a harsh walk. The rubber non-slip outsole can be used in different terrains and not just your everyday shoes, so if you want to take a detour down to the local riverside you are more than welcome to! The 8 inch shaft from the arch creates plenty of room for these boots to fit well and be breathable for your feet. The cushion inside equates for a comfy wear that makes sure they are suitable for everyday use. Colors; black.

  • Rubber sole
  • Leather toe cap and heel cap
  • Shaft about 8 inches from arch
  • One color
  • No zipper

6: 5.11 Tactical Men’s ATAC 2.0 8 inch

Image of a tactical long-shaft boot, in shiny black color.

Fabric: Leather, Textile | Outsole: Synthetic

These 5.11 side zip tactical men’s ATAC 2.0 8 inch boots are suitable for different weathers and environments due to their lightweight qualities as well as their breathable tongue which provides great airflow for whatever terrain you are on, meaning you will not be sweating with this pair of boots as much as a pair of boots without airflow. Nylon upper material and 5.11 ATAC midsole/outsole mitigation system helps durability for when you are on some uneven surfaces. As well as being durable, these boots’ Achilles flex zone provides good maneuverability so you can be flying in your own shoes! Their bottom layer of Ortholite X25 foam highlights this comfort and breathable quality, the Ortholite Lazy recovery foam helping comfort as well as fit so you can be comfortable as well as fresh! Colors; black.

  • Side zipper
  • Hidden knife pocket
  • Suitable for warm atmospheres
  • One color
  • More suited for military

7: 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6 inch

Image of a tactical boot for men, facing right, with rugged design outsole, on a white background.

Fabric: 840D Nylon Upper | Outsole: Slip-and-Oil Resistant | Side YKK Zipper Closure

These 5.11 men’s ATAC 2.0 tactical 6 inch boots are perfect for law enforcement use. These are boots for police that maintain comfort as well as durability, suited for training law enforcement and those who are already in the job, or even normal people who fancy hiking. Their breathable features create airflow meaning these boots are always comfortable to use, regardless of what mission you are on, or how long you have been out, your feet will not be as sweaty as they would be without. Their Achilles heel flex zone provides more durability than ever before, meaning you can be moving around as much as you want, in different locations, without telling the separation. Their slip and oil resistant outsole with 840D nylon upper ensures your feet are protected for different missions, patrols, or even hiking. Colors; black.

  • Side zip
  • Shock mitigation system
  • Rugged suede toe
  • One color
  • More suited for police work

8: Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Boot

A photo of a boot, medium shaft length, product brand embossed in the upper side part.

Fabric: Leather, Textile | Outsole: Rubber | Waterproof boot liner

These Under Armour men’s stellar tac waterproof boots are perfect for everyday use as well as being great tactical boots for water use, if you are going to walk in a watery area that maybe has been raining or after a flood. These boots are best for water usage rather than dry surfaces and even have quick dry features so you do not have to be waiting for them to use again, which is less work for you! The support is emphasized by the folded EVA midsole and TPU shank for you to be supported while you are on your treks. This boot has been carefully curated with a nylon and leather upper to create that perfect light and soft mixture for lightweight journeys as you’re walking around. Colors; black.

  • Waterproof
  • Rubber sole
  • Leather and textile
  • No zipper
  • One color

9: FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots

A pair of a tactical boots in black color for men, laces looped and in place, rugged-looking outsoles.

Fabric: Leather (Suede), Nylon (Scratch-free) | Outsole: Rubber | Fully padded tongue

These FREE SOLDIER men’s tactical boots are made with scratch-resistant nylon fabric, meaning they can still look new after a few uses, regardless if you are heading through forests or hills. These boots include an anti collision toe as well as shock absorbing qualities, meaning they can absorb impact. These military tactical boots also include padding around the corner to be strengthening your comfort when wearing as well as helping your feet breathe more, meaning you will not be sweating too much no difference the journey as your feet will have more access to breathable. Colors; coyote brown, black, camouflage.

  • Suede Leather
  • Scratch resistant
  • EVA lightweight midsole
  • No zipper
  • Needs to be wiped gently to avoid stain

10: 5.11 Men’s Speed 3.0 Boots

Image of a brown tactical boot with laces in place, two holes seen serves as water drainage, rugged-design outsole.

Fabric: Nylon, Suede Leather | Outsole: Rubber | Water-resistant

These 5.11 men’s Speed 3.0 boots are made to handle harsh and wet locations, making them perfect for those riverside walks. These make great hiking boots, with a fence climbing toe, an oil and slip resistant tread and forefoot lugs, these boots are perfect for an adventure with your friends or family members into the wilderness. They provide safety against slipping and watery places as well as being comfortable and stable while you are out having the time of your lives! Colors; dark coyote, black.

  • Designed for harsh or wet terrain
  • Rapid dry
  • Ortholite insole
  • Limited color options
  • No zipper

11: SKENARY Men’s Waterproof Military Combat Boots

Image of a boot in tan shade, laces looped in place, shoe tongue sticking out.

Fabric: X-Dry Membrane | Waterproof | Outsole: Non-slip, Wear-resistant

These SKENARY men’s waterproof military combat boots are great for military use as well as every day use. Their X Dry membrane concludes that they are waterproof and have a moisture-wicking lining in order of not being too sweaty when you are out and about. These boots are also suitable for harsh kicking due to their toe cap, meaning you can wear these policeman boots as policeman officers. Their non-slip and wear resistant rubber outsole explains they are appropriate for different locations regardless of the season as well as being comfortable in these various areas. Colors; black, khaki, olive.

  • Protective toe cap
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • EVA midsole offers cushioning and shock absorbing support
  • No zipper
  • Not many variations


Photo of a black tactical boot with high sole, lacs looped in place, product brand patch stitched onto the tongue.

Fabric: Cattlehode Leather, Mesh | Outsole: Rubber

You will most certainly be comfortable in these TACTICAL RESEARCH TR men’s MAXX62 boots due to the smooth cattle hide leather material. This leather material will also be a great addition to cleaning the shoe without leaving too much of a stain. You will be comfortable on the inside as well as the outside what with their ultra cushioning shock absorbing FATT MAXX midsole sole, alongside their OrthoLite memory foam heel stabilizer cup meaning this shoe contours to the size and shape of your foot, as well as providing cushioning for all those long days. This shoe also has a rubber outsole as well as a waterproof nylon zipper, meaning you can take these on and off quickly after a hard day’s work or a long tiring walk. Colors; black.

  • Zipper
  • Wide and narrow sizes
  • Smooth cattle hide leather
  • One color
  • Not waterproof

13: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

This is an image of a black ankle boot with metal lace loops on a white background.

Fabric: Leather | Outsole: Rubber | Waterproof

Good style is guaranteed in these leather Timberland men’s white ledge mid waterproof ankle boot. Their rubber sole is shock absorbing shoe which is a great quality for trekking in areas where you are likely to trip or collide with something. They also have a padded collar for enhanced comfort and protection, and a removable dual density EVA footbed meaning they are comfortable and will be able to dry (removable) if they ever get wet. Colors; black, brown, darker brown, wheat, tan.

  • Gusseted tongue
  • Waterproof
  • Compression folded EVA foam
  • No zipper
  • No shank

14: Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

Photo of a black boot facing right, with zipper closure seen on its side, laces looped neatly.

Fabric: Textile, Leather | Outsole: Synthetic | YKK Side Zipper Closure

These Malestrom men’s Tac Force military tactical work boots are very useful for those of you who want to make a change when you buy a new pair of boots. For every pair that is bought, one dollar is donated to the Boot Campaign; a non-profit organization that helps military families and veterans. This boot is made of full grain leather and is polishable in case you happen to get it dirty. In terms of comfort, this shoe is also very breathable due to moisture-wicking lining meaning your feet will not be too wet and will remain dry of sorts in these shoes. There is also a side zipper for convenience, meaning you can take these on and off in a jiffy. In terms of protection as well as comfort, the removable shock absorbing cushion insert creates extra safety, as well as the padded collar and tongue for extra protection Colors; black, tan.

  • Zipper
  • Synthetic sole
  • For every pair sold, one dollar is donated to the Boot Campaign; a non-profit organization focused on helping military families and veterans
  • Only two colors
  • This particular style not waterproof

15: Fox Outdoor Products Vietnam Jungle Boot

An image of a tactical long-shaft boot, shiny black color, laces looped neatly upwards and tied into a ribbon.

Fabric: Genuine Leather | Outsole: Panama Sole

Looking for boots to wear in a jungle? These Fox Outdoor products Vietnam jungle boots are great for this. Although they are not waterproof, these boots surely pack a punch and are branded as boots tactical for jungle trekking and exploring. Perfect for outdoor every day use.

  • Standard and wide sizing available
  • Unisex
  • Standard sizing according to size
  • No zipper
  • Only two colors

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Tactical Boots

When buying boots, it is best that you consider all your options fairly. But how do we judge boots when they all seem the same? Surely they are never that different, right? Wrong. Boots can range from A to Z in terms of specification of what you need, so read this success criteria to make sure you find the best high quality long lasting tactical boots that match up to your standards and have what you need for your boots! From ankle boots, desert boots, tanker boots, jungle boots duty boots or a simple military boot here is a 101 that will apply to all:


When using tactical boots on a particularly rough walk, it’s always a good suggestion to have durable leather to withstand mud and any conditions. This way, even if your boots get dirty, you are able to be reassured that they can easily be cleaned if they need to be. As tactical boots are originally designed for those working in the military, these boots do not always look the highest fashion however the material of the boot serves a completely different purpose than winning awards at fashion shows. Although you are able to add character to your boots by selecting different colors or patterns that are available, it is an important factor that you do not depend on things such as this. Rather, it is better to view the material of the boot as whatever is best for the terrain that you are going to be using them on. Here is our mini review of different materials and what they might be more appropriate for.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather is a very strong leather that can withstand a lot of harsh terrains. Synthetic leather does not crack easily and is a great choice for those of you planning on getting a tactical boot for terrains such as hiking up a mountain or harsh gravel that would otherwise ruin a normal pair of shoes.

Suede leather

Suede leather is more suited to hiking in flat or generally tidy areas. Suede is very comfortable and lightweight and would make quite the good looking boot, although suede leather tends to be unsuitable for muddy environments as this will be difficult to clean, and if your shoes are light, may leave a stain. Watery locations are okay in suede leather, as long as you leave them plenty of time to dry as soon as you get back home.

Grain leather

Grain leather is a good material for muddy locations as this textured, already marked material will not be too difficult to clean, and if a stain is left, it will not be very noticeable due to the already textured tactical boot. Grain leather is also good for general everyday walks, however would not be too suited for water as the leather can get brittle when wet and these boots will probably get heavier when wet.

Full grain leather

Full grain leather is certainly the material to be on the lookout for if you are planning on hiking through harsh locations, for example somewhere with a lot of mud or harsh gravel, or a lot of rock. Full grain leather is generally a long lasting material which is why it is so suited to these harsh conditions, therefore making the pair of tactical boots with this material more accepting of such locations. This specific type of leather is also a good material for police officers or the military due to this long lasting quality.

Leather and nylon

Why are there two materials here, you ask? Well, usually tactical boots do not just have one material; they are, in fact, made up of two or sometimes more to be getting that versatility for different locations. Nylon is very lightweight and tactical boots usually have their upper be nylon to make the pair of tactical boots more lightweight.

Water Resistance and Weatherproofing


Protecting yourself while on a stroll or at work is a complete and utter necessity. To avoid possibly endangering yourself, it is a very good suggestion to keep these tips in mind and make sure whether you are going for a walk in whichever conditions or sort of location, or working as a member of the police, they are essential. Here is the list of key features to be on the lookout for when keeping your feet safe regardless of the harsh location you are in.

ALL of these are necessities in a pair of tactical boots whether you are using them as police officers, a member of the military, or just your every day Joe wanting to go for a hike in the hills or the desert. These are must haves for your protection!

Oil and water resistant

It is important for everyday shoes to have a good grip, so as you can imagine, a pair of tactical boots need to be even more oil and water resistant than normal shoes. This is essential regardless of what you are doing and could honestly save you from a lot of pain. These shoes will be particularly handy when hiking in a wet environment so you do not slip and fall, though because of rain and natural circumstances it is a good suggestion for this feature to be on your boots, even when hiking in a desert!

Abrasion resistant

This trait is particularly important in a pair of tactical boots due to the very harsh locations you may be encountering. This is also important as you might not notice that your boots are worn down, and then endanger yourself if you go on a walk to a harsh place the next time. Therefore, it is much better for your boots to be abrasion resistant so when they do eventually start to break it will be noticeable.

Shock absorb

Finally, this feature is a very important one for your pair of tactical boots. In harsh locations, you never really know what you will encounter in terms of a rock on the floor that is disguised by leaves and twigs, so this feature can really help you with these sorts of things. This way, your shoe will consume some of the shocks so you aren’t as hurt by it. Especially important again for mountain climbers who will be making their way up overgrown paths that almost certainly have hidden roots and rocks sticking out.


After a long day of hiking or in law enforcement, there is nothing that will make those long days feel better more than when you feel comfortable, which can easily be achieved with the following suggestions. It is a great suggestion to get comfortable shoes as uncomfy ones can seriously damage your feet and ruin your experience with nature.

Removable insole cushioning

Some boots feature removable insole cushioning to really up their comfort of the boot. Of course, regular insoles will work just fine, but as tactical boots really need additional measures on the outside for traits such as sturdiness and protection, the comforting features of tactical boots usually have to go beyond your average shoe too, so it would be a great suggestion to look out for one of these for your tactical boots.

Memory foam

Memory foam is an amazing quality for your tactical boots to contour to your foot sizing and shape, meaning you get comfort as well as fitting perfectly into your boot. Why not treat yourself to a quality that will most certainly be worth the hours of comfort?

Breathable tongue

A breathable tongue means you have good breathability in your tactical boots, meaning you do not get too sweaty even if you are hiking in the desert! This is a great feature for hiking or working for long days and keeps your feet fresh all the while.

Gusseted tongue – for waterproof shoes

Specifically for waterproof shoes, a gusseted tongue is a great suggestion. This type of tongue protects against the water and helps the boot be waterproof, however, it also adds comfort due to this tongue being sturdier than the average one, therefore it is less likely to be annoyingly slipping back.


Sturdiness is always an important trait in tactical boots, otherwise, you might fall and when you are in such narrow or dangerous locations, it is certainly important to prioritize sturdiness. A good grip is essential, however other aspects that would help with sturdiness are:

Oil and water resistance

Oil and water resistance results in better safety against slipping and falling on oil or water, meaning it is safer for you to have boots with these traits as you never know if there is a puddle of water lurking, especially when on a mountain journey up the hills.

Shock absorb

This is a great quality for sturdiness as this ensures that you are safe in whichever condition and that your accident will be somewhat absorbed meaning your shoes will be sturdier for you to exist in.


Safety in tactical boots is always a must. Steel toe caps and ankle support are definite necessities when it comes to getting the best tactical boots, especially as a police boot or a boot to be trekking in, these boots assure protection, no matter what falls on your feet. They also keep your feet safe, no matter what you are doing. It is a must when it comes to owning tactical boots. Although what ifs might sound silly, they are always completely necessary. Here are a few features to help in terms of security, whether you are going to your job as a member of the military or you are going on your everyday stroll, it is always a great idea to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Toe Cap

Generally, when trekking in harsh locations such as hills it is a great idea to get a cap then too, due to their narrow pathways, you are quite likely to stub your toe. This quality of a boot is extremely important, especially when used for military or police use. If there is any kicking involved, ensure to get a cap to protect your toes. Another great reason for a cap whether you are simply just going for an every day stroll or as a police officer, in the unlikely event that something may fall on you (especially if you are in a woodland or somewhere like this) it is best to have your vulnerable toes protected.

Ankle support

Support for your ankle is an honest need when it comes to tactical boots. No matter where you are going, this should most certainly be a priority. If you were to fall, ankle support could save your very vulnerable ankles from pain. This is especially important if you are climbing mountains or hills and are more likely to fall, though generally ensure to have ankle support!


The more durable your tactical boots, the better. No matter if you are a police officer or you are just going for a hike, these aspects of durability are necessary for both.

Good material

The best way of ensuring your boots are as durable as possible is by purchasing such boots that have more practical and durable material. Look at the ‘material’ section if you want to get more out of this, however good materials include full grain leather that will not break easily.

Clean regularly

It is a great idea to clean them regularly, especially if you get them dirty. In this case, if they happen to break or get weak, you are able to see such wear and tear before leaving the house and using them again, saving yourself from a potential injury. We recommend that you clean them after every walk, especially if the walk is a muddy one.


Another great suggestion is acquiring all the properties mentioned in the ‘safety’ and ‘protection’ tabs; toe caps, ankle support, shock absorb, abrasion resistance, oil and water resistance. These objects not only protect and reassure you, but they also keep your boots safe! Damages will be more difficult to the boot with these safety measures, and if or when something does happen to break or wear the boot, it will be clear if you make sure to take note of the boots if you have any accidents, as well as cleaning them regularly just in case you miss one!


Here are some commonly asked questions about the article or subject in general that can help you make an educated buy as a reader before you purchase your own pair of boots.

What boots do Navy Seals wear?

Tactical boots for Navy Seals are certainly designed for the workload that comes along with the harsh job. Usually, boots that have been designed for such hard work are also very comfortable for the long days, including features such as being lightweight or breathable for Navy Seals to have the best experience during their long days.

What boots do special forces wear?

Boots designed for those who work in the special forces are certainly designed for the mountains and long days. These boots are made for harsh conditions and, similarly to the boots made for Navy Seals, offer just as much durability as they do comfort. Working long days means that these boots have to feel comfortable and breathable for such long hours in this job.

What are the best waterproof tactical boots?

The best waterproof tactical boots always have certain features. They tend to have a gusseted tongue (attached to both sides rather than one) in order of stopping water from coming inside and ruining your dry feet. Waterproof boots usually have a whole other layer on the inside in order of stopping the water and ensuring your feet stay far away from any sort of liquid.

What are the best military boots?

The best military boots have traits to withstand the boots’ durability, in terms of wearing down, as well as keeping you safe. They also need protecting features and features that are designed for long days and hard work. Alongside this, these boots certainly include a comfortable feel due to the long hours they need to be worn for.

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