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Best Tactical Chest Rigs Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This is an image of the LBX TACTICAL Lock & Load Chest Rig, coyote brown color,, with seven inch zippered split front closure.

No matter whether you are in law enforcement, a SWAT team member, a soldier, or just a weekend warrior who enjoys playing airsoft with a group of friends, having a good tactical best chest rig can be a great way to improve your efficiency on the field. They have lots of pockets, slots, and tactical pouches that make carrying weapons, AR, AK ammunition, and even first aid equipment easy.

The use of a Tactical Rig for your chest makes sure you don’t have to handle and struggle the pains of using a backpack or an overloaded belt pulling your trousers.

In our guide below we are going to show you some of the best tactical rig for the chest you can find on the market at the moment, comparing some of the best features and gear that may help you choose the perfect tactical gear you have been looking for.

10 Best Tactical Chest Rigs

1. SPOSN Company Tactical Molle Chest Rig

 This is an image of the SPOSN Tactical Molle Chest Rig in olive color, with shoulder straps with snap-buckle connected to it, multiple molle pouches.

Size: One Size Fits All

This modern chest rig by the SPOSN company is truly amazing, it can hold 4 mags, or 4 mags and a pistol. It also has space for 2 pistol mags, a small radio, and some utility equipment. The chest rig has a molle platform letting you customize for your own personal preferences of how you want the chest rig to look and feel.

There is a pouch that holds either 4 rifle mags at a single time or 3 magazines and a pistol. There is also a fast magazine pouch and a pouch for 2 pistol mags. The radio pouch is really useful and if you need to protect your things a little further there is a utility pouch with a zipper.

All of the pouches are completely Molle meaning they can be moved and positioned to fit your personal preferences. This tactical chest rig can also be used with body armor making it really versatile, and there is no reason to worry about the fit as one size will fit all with the fully adjustable straps on the front and back of the tactical vests.

  • Fully Mulle magazine pouches, great for personal preference changes.
  • One size fits all
  • A little on the pricey side


2. Tactical Vest Sarmat by SPOSN/SSO

A photo of an olive-colored chest rig, multiple pouches seen.

Size: Adjustable | Inner Pocket Size: 34cm x 28cm | Side Inner Pocket Size: 24cm x 16.5cm

The tactical vests sarmat made by SPOSN are a genuine and original chest rig vest that can accommodate loads of equipment with space for up to 9 magazines, 4 hand grenades, 2 smoke grenades, or 6 ROP. If you want to attach any additional equipment there are molle straps on each of the mag pouches which is a really handy feature.

There are numerous inner pockets which means there is no need to purchase any additional utility solutions. With these inner pockets, you can carry important documents, maps, or papers you may have. The inner pocket on the front of this chest rig is 34cm x 28cm while the side inner pocket is 24cm x 16.5cm giving you loads of choice having two different sized inner pockets.

The size is fully adjustable making this chest rig fit all sizes. The shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort when you are fully loaded with equipment which is a welcome addition when you have been wearing your tac vests all day.

  • Lots of mag pouches for space
  • 2 convenient inner pockets
  • Only in not one color
  • Not waterproof

3. Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig

This is an image of the Helikon mini rig, color gray, with buckle-closures.

Item Dimensions: 10.2 x 2.75 x 5.9 inches | Fabric: Cordura 500D

The Helikon Tex Range Mini Training Rig has been created and designed in the USA, made from 100% Cordura 500D. It has a buckle closure on the adjustable straps, these straps are also universal and removable. There is also an H-strap harness that is also fully adjustable. There are three velcro ID panels, one on the main pouch, one on the Med Insert Pouch, and a final panel at the back of the chest rig on the harness.

The inserts hold double rifle magazines and also two AR/AK magazines are included. For better convenience, there is an internal organizer inside the main pouch which also features a zippered mesh pocket, handy for any small items you want to quickly grab.

There are four fixed pouches that are great for handgun magazines, multitools, and flashlights. There are also areas for exchangeable inserts which are great for magazines and handguns.

There is a lot of adjustabilities when it comes to this chest rig which is great for making it the perfect fit for you and the equipment you own. The pouch flaps are height-adjustable with position markers, there is also a completely detachable hip belt. The central cargo pocket is big and spacious capable of holding lots of things, even taking a pistol holder insert. The medical insert can be used with the Molle/Pals mounted pouches that are also completely customizable.

  • Molle pouches for customization
  • Fully adjustable straps and H – harness
  • Premium price
  • Limited availability

4. OAREA Tactical Chest Rig Vest and MOLLE Military Backpack

Image of the OAREA Tactical Chest Rig Vest/Molle Military backpack with two zipper pockets on front.

Strap: Adjustable from 40-69 cms. | Backpack Expanded Capacity: 2.5 L

The OAREA Tactical Soldier Chest Rig is made from 500D Nylon with the backpack being a little more sturdy from the 1000D Nylon it has been constructed with. The vest has padded, cross-back shoulder straps that have webbing for extra comfort. The strap is adjustable making it perfect for nearly anyone who wears it, with one size fitting most people.

There are lots of pouches included such as:

  • A recycle pouch,
  • 3 x 5.56 mg pouches,
  • 3 x 9mm magazine pouches
  • 2 x magazine support frame

The tactical backpack is great as the capacity it can hold is fully changeable. when unexpanded it can hold up to 1.2L but when it has been fully expanded the capacity more than doubles giving 2.5L of space. The tactical features that are included are amazing, they have full MOLLE webbing which lets you attach an array of optional accessories such as pouches for different gear, a water bottle bag, equipment kits, and loads more.

  • Extendable backpack volume 1.2L / 2.5L
  • Molle Webbing
  • No Inside pockets
  • Limited stock

5. ANA Tactical Soldier Chest Rig Alpha FSB FSO Spetsnaz

Image of a tactical chest rig in military colors, buckle closures and multiple pockets seen on front.

Pouch Size (for mags): 6.7″ H x 4.3″ W | Weight: 1.1 kgs

The ANA Vest Tactical Soldier Chest Rig has been made in accordance with the standard bib chest rig. This style of chest rig is better to be used while wearing a backpack. On the front side of the chest rig, there are 4 pouches that all hold 2 magazines each, this will keep you fully loaded no matter your gun load holding up to 8 magazines at any one time.

On the side of the chest rigs are large pockets, these are great for placing useful equipment such as medkits and other items you may want to take with you when you are out and about. On the upper half of the vest, there is a hidden pocket that is great for maps or other important documents, it will keep them safe and dry from any potential weather you could face.

There are loads of customizable MOLLE cells that are great for additional pouches that you may want to have stored onto your recon chest rig. There isn’t much weight too which is great with the vest only weighing 1100 grams overall.

  • Hidden pocket great for maps
  • Lightweight
  • More desirable colors cost more

6. Smersh AK | SVD | RPK | PKM by SPOSN/SSO | Russian Assault Vest

Image of the Smersh Russian Assault Vest, front pocket with buckle closures, green and gray color combination.

Size: One Size fits All

SPOSN/SSO has released 4 different styles of Russian assault vest the Smersh AK/SVD/RPK/PKM, they are all a little different but are around the same price letting the user choose what is going to be more fitting for their needs and style of wear.

These are not Molle systems so the pouches that are available are the only configuration that can be used, but with there being 5 different designs to buy you will more than likely find a version that you like. Here is what you can expect to find in each version of the SMERSH Russian tactical vests:

The SMERSH AK is made up of 1 Base vest with a soft belt, an rs-31 belt, and a shoulder straps harness. There are a Medkit pouch and a Buttpack which are both great for storing all of your equipment. There are also 2 good sized pouches that allow you to hold up to 12 AK mags, 4 hand grenades, and 4 flares.

In SMERSH PKM it comprises of the same base vest with a soft belt, rs-31 belt, and a shoulder strap harness. Like the AK there is also a Medkit pouch, and a Butt pack, but unlike the AK there are 2 big PKM pouches that hold up to 200 rounds and 2 small PKM pouches that hold up to 100 rounds in total.

The SMERSH RPK is a little different, it still has the Base vest that has the soft belt, rs-31 belt, and shoulder strap harness. It also has the Medkit pouch, and the Buttpack that is found in the previous models but this tactical chest rig contains 2 pouches that allow you to hold up to 8 RPK Mags, 4 hand grenades, and up to 4 flares at one time.

Finally, the SMERSH SVD consists of 1 Base vest of 2 soft belts, an rs-31 belt, and a shoulder strap harness. There is a pouch specifically for a Medkit, a Buttpack, and also 2 pouches that allow you to hold up to 8 SVD Mags and 4 hand grenades at any one time.

  • Comes in 5 different variations
  • Used by Russian forces
  • Not equipped with MOLLE capabilities

7. Tactical Vest Lazutchik M Russian Scout Chest Rig by SPOSN/SSO

Photo of the Tactical Vest Lazutchik Scout Chest Rig in green color. Four same-sized pockets at the front.

Size: Adjustable, Fits all

The Tactical Lazutchik Russiona Scout Molle Chest Vest by SPOSN/SSO is a great piece of gear that has been used by the Russian forces. They have 4 pouches that are ideal for holding AK mags and also 4 pouches that would be perfect for hand grenades.

The straps on the shoulders are completely adjustable so that can fit a lot more different body sizes comfortably and securely. There are also MOLLE cells on the shoulders which allow you to attach pockets in any configuration that you would like. This feature is amazing as it can make each and every vest perfect for any user.

  • Molle chest customization
  • Used by Russian forces
  • Comfortable adjustable straps
  • More expensive price than others found
  • Limited colors

8. Universal Radio Chest Harness From Kekai

Image of the Kekai Universal Radio Chest Harness, in color black.

Item Dimensions: 8.7 x 7.2 inches approx. | Material: Nylon

This universal radio chest harness from Kekai is one of the best tactical soldier chest rigs, it has pockets that adjust in both length and width so a primary radio can be placed on either side of the harness. The chest pocket pack bag is compact and has adjustable shoulder straps so can be worn by both men and women, one size really fits all. There is also a pocket in the middle which is perfect to store away items such as mobile phones in a safe and secure way.

The center pouch has multiple purposes that can hold compact trauma shears, battery packs, gloves, pagers, flashlights, emergency response guides, pens, while also making carrying walkie talkie equipment convenient and easy.

Originally, this chest rig was designed for mountain rescue and ski patrol workers, but due to how good these chest rigs are they are the perfect choice for survival, hiking, biking, school, camping, fishing, work, traveling, search and rescue, and lots of different outdoor activities. The stylish design of this amazing vest bag is even at home in high street fashion scenarios. Having this streetwear outfit will make you look awesome, replicating the styles of celebs at the moment, all at a great price for a top-quality bag.

If you are not happy with your purchase there is no need to worry as there is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t love your chest rig in the first 30 days you can receive a full refund with no questions asked. There is a 180-day warranty if you have any problems with your best chest vest tactical.

  • Versatile chest rig with adjustable straps
  • Adjustable pockets to make mag pouches more secure
  • No Molle mag pouches
  • More premium chest rigs available

9. Condor MCR7 MOLLE Tactical Ronin Chest Rig Split Vest

Photo of the Condor Tactical Ronin Chest Rig Split Vest in tan hue, with padded H-Harness with hook & loop, D-rings, and webbing.

Size: One Size Fits All

Constantly developing the innovations and technologies of tactical gear, especially chest rigs, Condor has released the Ronin Chest Rig that has been designed with a quick-release buckle on the front of the tactical rig. This buckle is a front opening and also an H-harness on the back for easy access.

The Condor MCR7 is fitted with a padded h-harness, on this harness, there are multiple mounting and hanging points that are perfect for any accessories such as hydration carriers, carabiners, radio pouches, and any other tools or pieces of equipment that you may have.

For modular attachments, there is heavyweight webbing attached which lets you fully customize where you want your mag pouches to be placed all over the chest rig. The Swivi Lockster is a swivel push and release buckle, this system is convenient and easy to use as can be released with a simple click of the buckle.

There are lots of features on these chest rigs that really enhance the performance it brings such as a padded h-harness that has a hook and loop. There are also D-rings and webbing which are handy features in these tactical survival situations. On each side of these best chest rigs, there are two mesh map pockets that are perfect for keeping your papers stored when you do not need to use them.

One size should fit all as the straps of these chest rigs are completely adjustable so no matter if you are a small man, large women, you or old you will have no worries in finding a fit that will be comfortable for you.

  • Adjustable tactical gear for a secure fit
  • MOLLE accessible
  • One of the more pricey tactical gear
  • Limited colors available


10. LBX TACTICAL Lock and Load Chest Rig

This is an image of the LBX TACTICAL Lock & Load Chest Rig, coyote brown color,, with seven inch zippered split front closure.

Package Dimensions: 10.91 x 9.69 x 4.21 inches

The new load chest rig by LBX Tactical is one of the best chest gear you can buy at the moment, mainly due to the rating that it has been given by all of the happy buyers who have purchased this best chest rig. It contains four, dual M4 magazine pouches that are safe and secure.

These magazines are stored securely by hooks and loop flaps keeping all of your gear in place. There are two pouches that are a great size, they fit perfectly night vision goggle, or 5590 batteries with removable elastic closure, these pouches on the chest rig also contain hooks and loops for extra security.

Also, there are two additional utility pouches that would also be great for fragmentation grenades. On these pouches, there is modular webbing and side release closure. The straps have been designed for complete comfort, they are padded and completely adjustable so they fit onto the wearer perfectly. For easy removal, there are side releases on the straps which is great for these best rig gear vests.

  • Adjustable straps and padding for comfort
  • Multiple pouches for different equipment
  • Secure hooks and loops to hold equipment safely
  • More premium gear available
  • Some more attractive products available

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Tactical Chest Rigs


With the weight, you want a chest rig that on its own when there is no equipment attached to it is going to be lightweight. Your tactical rig is going to be heavy when it is fully loaded if you have a few mags, and your firearm attached to it, whether that is a real or airsoft version. Try not to get a chest rig that is going to be too heavy and your shoulders will be grateful in the end.


Comfort is something that should be thought of with the best rig gear. A lot of this best rig gear comes with padded shoulder straps which will make carrying your equipment for long periods of time much easier. The weight dispersion should also be even, some vests are great for this compensation making all the gear on your body feel evenly across your rig so you are not weighed down on one side.

Price and Budget

When you are choosing the best rig for you doesn’t mean that you have to break your bank account in doing so. There are a lot of affordable rigs available that offer lots of great utility options for nearly every situation. This makes your budget be a little bit smaller than expected leaving you some change to spend more on the equipment your rig will hold.

Depending on how important it is to you, more expensive models will have a few extra features such as MOLLE space, extra padding, and an overall better fit. All of this depends on how much you are going to be using it and how important these benefits are to you. Durability is the main focus of nearly of these chest rigs no matter what the price point is going to be, so the strength of construction shouldn’t ever be a worry.

Capacity and Storage

The capacity your rig can take and also the storage options differ between each person’s needs. Some rigs will take up your entire chest and stomach area while other vests may only cover your stomach. When you do carry gear above the chest your rig will be much heavier and more difficult to wear. If you are not planning on carrying a large amount of gear, a stomach rig could be a great choice as it will make your setup much lighter to wear while not causing any strain.

Other best tactical chest rigs are packed with pockets, although if you want to hold a lot of tools there are fully-featured rigs that will get the job done. The interior pockets could be the deciding factor if you are torn between two different tactical chest rigs.

Interior pockets are great for carrying items such as documents, maps, or blueprints without them getting damaged, and also tools can be stored inside to prevent them from getting wet in extreme weather. You can save a lot of money down the line if you buy a rig that already contains interior pockets as if you are in a position that you need to store delicate and fragile items you may be forced into buying a separate device if your tac vest does not contain any of these interior assets.


Discreetness on the best rig gear is a good feature, even just for your own maneuverability, if your gear is big and bulky you will find it a lot harder to move. Discretion is also good if you are a soldier in a civilian setting, holding your equipment but not making a big song and dance about it in these situations are granted, not causing any unwanted attention that a larger rig may bring.


What color chest rig should I get?

The color of your rig will change depending on what setting you are in. If you are going to be working or playing in a more natural place such as a forest, then a darker green color would be perfect, or even a camouflage print. Overall you are trying to not bring attention to yourself so dark neutral colors will always be the best.

What is a chest rig for?

These tactical gear have been specifically designed for convenience and ease of use. They have been designed so that you don’t have to overload your belt or have to take off a backpack anytime you need your equipment. On the best tactical gear, you can hold all of your equipment in a convenient and organized way making it easy to find any time you need them.

What is the best tactical rig vest?

The best tactical rig vest gear is going to contain MOLLE, This feature is amazing, it allows you to place different magazine pouches and pockets all over your gear but in the best way for you. Each person will want a different setup and may like their medical kit on the left, while someone else may like it on the right. These MOLLE vests are good as they make them more accessible to both left and right-handed people, not being forced to put certain pieces of equipment in a set place.

Should I get a chest rig or plate carrier?

A plate carrier has been designed to hold a piece of armor over the heart, lungs, and other crucial areas of the upper chest. They sometimes have pouches for magazines and also may be able to attach other equipment with hooks and loops. These plate carriers are designed if you feel you are going to be engaged in rifle fire, but full body armor is more appropriate for other firearms.

If you are looking for chest gear such as a rig, they are normally designed to hold equipment and not for anybody protection, they are great for keeping things organized and conveniently stored but will not offer the bullet protection that is found from the plates.

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