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Best Tactical Messenger Bags Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Green army tactical messenger bag with straps on a white background.

Mens messengers bags were initially created for carrying small messages and mail. This was particularly useful during the war periods with the bag’s main compartment filled with mail considered too valuable for an ordinary saddlebag.

The versatile and bag for tactical needs is primarily designed to be about the size of a briefcase with several side pockets. Featuring various sized compartments, a messenger bag is excellent for carrying a range of items. The great tactical bag design can be used for work, short trips, or even a day at the beach.

For those that want quick access, a messenger bag is perfect as it is fully portable. Light in weight and with an adjustable shoulder strap, they are convenient to carry. And, you won’t have to worry about space either! The main compartment area is surprisingly big.

A messenger bag is going to provide a heavy duty and high-quality way to carry about your belongings. While they were attached directly to the letter carrier horse years ago, today they’re considered a top piece of tactical gear. Below we review the best messenger bag options so that you can choose the best tactical messenger bag for your needs.

Buyers Guide

Before we dive in and reveal the top tactical messenger bag choices, we have a handy guide below detailing different factors to consider. Messenger bag models come in all shapes and sizes, therefore it’s important to access each for quality before purchasing. Here are some things to look out for in a messenger bag:


A tactical messenger bag comes in a variety of materials. From leather to canvas and even denim, you can choose a material based on your preference or even style. The main box to tick when it comes to messenger bag material is durability. Since this type of bag is primarily used outdoors, it is handy for them to be water resistant and heavy duty.

Most tactical bag options in the messenger category are made of a soft yet durable fabric such as canvas or nylon. These types of bag fabric offer comfort but make the bag extra durable and resistant to all sorts of elements including rain and snow. In genera,l, the most common material for a bag for tactical purposes is nylon, though you may find other materials in our reviews below.


Whatever is inside the tactical messenger bag needs to be fully secure and protected. Whether you’re carrying a laptop or any other type of valuable, be sure to go for a bag that is water resistant. Nylon fabric is usually a good choice for this type of bag for tactical activities though usually the higher price you pay the better the material will be. Consider choosing a waterproof bag so that you won’t regret it later.

It is especially important to consider a waterproof bag if you are carrying valuable gear in your bag. This may span electronics to paperwork, either way, don’t allow water to seep in and ruin the items. While you may pay a bigger price for a fully waterproof option, it is certainly worth it to ensure that you items in the bag are protected at all times.


Are you going to be using the bag indoors or outdoors? Do you need a reliable bag that can hack all the elements? Carefully ask yourself important questions about how you will use the tactical messenger bag before buying. Based on your answer, you should then choose the product that is best for you.

You may be seeking messenger bags for every day use, so a big main compartment is essential. On the other hand, you may be simply looking for a larger than usual laptop bag. Think about the type of strap you need too. Most come with fully adjustable options, however, it is always best to check in advance to filter down your results when searching around.

Best Tactical Messenger Bags

Are you looking for the perfect messenger bag? We have a range to choose from below that have been specifically chosen based on their high quality features. Tactical gear such as a messenger bag can provide a means of easily transporting items, essentially they are simply a carry bag with extra durability! Offering an ample amount of storage space and multiple pockets, this type of great bag can be used for just about anything. Here are our top messenger bag choices.

1. UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bag


This is an image of a UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bag, in black color, on a white background.


First, on our list we have this awesome UTG multi-functional tactical messenger bag. Designed to be highly versatile and offering a means of carrying valuable items safely, it’s a cheap option for anybody seeking a fully adjustable messenger bag that can support a large amount of weight.

Made of polyester, while it isn’t waterproof, it is water resistant meaning that it will be okay should a small amount of water spill onto the tactical bag. It provides super quick access thanks to its zip on the main compartment which can be easily opened and it has additional pockets and magazine pouches too.

The padded shoulder strap provides a good amount of comfort and it is non slip which resolves the worry of any discomfort. We appreciate the mulitple pockets offered inclusive of a back pocket for smaller accessories. The drawstring closing on the main compartment adds extra security and means that you can easily access the tactical messenger bag using one hand.

Designed specifically for those who are outdoors regularly, its’ ideal for camping excursions and is a well thought out design for a solid carry bag. This bit of tactical gear may not be the most fancy but it does its job, and very well at that. Landing as the top budget choice in our reviews, the bag is an absolute steal and is the perfect size for any sort of needs.

Overall, this bit of tactical gear is pretty much spot on in terms of what you would expect. The bag is perfect for taking with you on a trip and we recommend it for its lower end price.


  • Has a good drawstring closing on main compartment
  • Features a shoulder pad and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Great value for money
  • Not waterproof

2. Lifewit Men’s Military Laptop Messenger Bag


This is an image of a Lifewit 17" Men's Military Laptop Messenger Bag in Tan shade, with four different sizes pockets on front.


As one of the largest bags on our list, don’t let the bag name of this carry bag fool you. The Lifewit product can fit a laptop into its 17-inch wide main compartment and so much more, making its fantastic messenger bag. The addition of a side pocket and other pockets gives you plenty of room to load in accessories too.

Made of water-resistant nylon it has been laser cut for absolute precision and has a modular design making it super versatile. As far as a laptop bag goes, this is probably one of the top bag choices we have come across. The laptop sleeve inside is very good quality, so you won’t have to worry about your laptop being damaged. No matter what sort of items you store inside, all of the compartments vary in size for extra versatility.

The shoulder strap is non slip and fully adjustable so that you can have it fit you in a way that suits you. It provides simple quick access to anybody who needs to store a laptop and more for studying purposes or work for example.

And, the price point that this tactical messenger laptop bag is at is excellent value for money. While there is no specific compartment for a water bottle, it is nonetheless a great design that we highly recommend and goes above and beyond any regular laptop sleeve. You are guaranteed to love this piece of gear just as much as we do as it comes out on top for reviews.

This bag is perfect for any professional who needs a reliable laptop carry case. While it is different from the standard messenger bag design, it will allow you to fit in all your accessories and other items for complete comfort, The surprising amount of storage space will keep you satisfied no matter your needs.


  • Has a good drawstring closing on main compartment
  • Features a shoulder pad and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Great value for money
  • A huge amount of space in the main compartment
  • Made of water resistant nylon
  • Has more than one side pocket for other items
  • Not a typical messenger bag design

3. 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Bag



This is an image of the Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Nylon Bag with multiple compartment and a removable strap in black color.


This 100% nylon tactical Lima messenger bag provides a water resistant option and has been specifically designed to withstand the elements. For this reason, it is super popular among the military and law enforcement sectors as it is renowned for its robust build. This messenger bag is perfect for any sort of rugged activities and boasts a large capacity at the same time.

The different pockets allow for safe storage of all sorts of valuable items and the main compartment will provide so much room to spare! It comes with a cross-body stabilizing strap that keeps the bag close to your body at all times. However, the adjustable waist strap allows you to determine the perfect fit so that you can enhance your comfort when using the bag and distribute the load evenly.

It features a handy laptop compartment that allows secure storage of any precious electronics and its non slip body strap makes it easy to handle and carry. The quick draw compartment at the back is ideal for items that you absolutely want to keep concealed inclusive of tactical gear.

Design-wise, this bag looks the part too with an attractive two-tone fabric exterior featuring black and grey. While it is a pricier choice in the tactical messenger bags category, it is certainly worth the extra buck due to just how much it offers the user.

We value this bag for how versatile it really is for any military, utility, and day to day needs. Add to this a guaranteed water-resistant exterior and a comfortable shoulder strap and we’re sold. We are sure you will appreciate the design of this tactical messenger bag too.


  • Offers absolute security with a range of pockets
  • Water-resistant and great for quick access
  • Has an attractive exterior
  • Slightly pricier than other similar tactical messenger bags

4. Tactical Briefcase 15.6 Inch Men’s Messenger Bag


This is an image of the Tactical Briefcase, 15.6 Inch Messenger Bag with four different compartment in front. Color black.


Next, we have a more subtly designed bag but nonetheless a quality messenger bag that is worth paying attention to. Coming in at an affordable price and offering a range of features. this bag is great for anybody seeking a cheaper alternative. Great for military professionals or any other sort of profession that requires a robust bag that can withstand the weather, it also features molle webbing.

This means that you can easily customize the bag with other tactical gear from molle. Made of super-strong nylon it is completely durable and lightweight to carry so that you won’t be weighed down on the move.

As one of our top bags in this category, it is capable of holding all sorts of items from a laptop to smaller accessories like keys, phones, and much more. The shoulder strap is super comfortable making it a reliable piece of gear that you can carry about anywhere you wish.

With a range of side pockets, you will have as much space as you can get from this type of bag and the neutral design makes it a winner for all types of professions.

This tactical messenger comes with a velcro handle so it can be used with or without the shoulder strap for further convenience. Overall, it is a fantastic choice that provides excellent value for money once again. If you are seeking a non-traditional messenger bag, this could be the tactical bag for you.


  • Huge main compartment for large items such as a laptop
  • Comes with a range of pockets for all sorts of items
  • Look neutral and smart in design
  • Zip quality could be improved for better access

5. SHANGRI-LA Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag


This is an image of the Shangri-La Military Messenger Bag in Tan shade, with four different sizes pockets on front.


Attractive on a design level and due to its multi-functional aspects, there is plenty to appreciate about the Shangri-LA tactical messenger bag. Including molle webbing compartments, it can be paired with any other gear from mille and offers absolute versatility to the user. The sling-style shoulder strap is comfortable to wear and can be easily adjusted so that the weight is distributed in the bag to your preference.

It can be worn over one shoulder or across your chest, based on what feels best. Inside, you’ll find a roomy compartment that is ideal for all sorts of items including things such as your laptop, books, and more. It is close using a drawstring for easy access and also is the perfect size for any sorts of needs.

This bag for tactical purposes boasts a range of pockets including one specifically for a water bottle and other side pockets. It also has a bottom compartment which is ideal for valuables such as passports or paperwork.

As one of the top messenger bags out there, this is a bag in the tactical range that won’t let you down with a huge amount of interior space and much more. We think that the versatility offered by this tactical messenger is among the best we have come across with a number of different areas for storing all sorts of items.

If you are seeking a neutral bag without an obvious messenger bag design, this could also tick the boxes. It looks like a general outdoor bag with a beige fabric exterior and matching colored buckles. The shoulder pad has a dark blue covering which provides comfort and support when carrying heavier items.


  • Extremely versatile with a number of pockets
  • Molle webbing compatible
  • Very spacious interior
  • Slightly more expensive than other bags

6. 5.11 Wingman Patrol Bag


This is an image of the Wingman Patrol Bag in color black, with various tools as accessories inside


A messenger bag designed specifically for patrolling professions, the Wingman bag is great for on the go needs. If you are seeking man messenger bags, this one will fulfill all of your needs with a huge inner compartment perfect for laptops and other large items.

It also includes a back pocket, a water bottle holder, and other smaller compartments for handling items such as scissors, handcuffs, walkie talkies, and other items. You will be able to comfortably fit in all of your gear and much more due to its bag design for tactical needs which ensures full support of valuable items.

The bag itself can be carried either over the shoulder or by using the handle. Depending on your needs you can remove the detachable shoulder strap on this tactical messenger to suit your needs. The strong handle will still feel fully supported in your hand and isn’t painful to grip even after a long period s of time.

It’s an excellent option if you have to commute in the morning as a way to carry your laptop and other gear. The pockets close using the durable zippers and there are magazine pouches too, which are great quality considering the price point of this tactical messenger bag.

If the value for money is important to you and you’re looking for a neutral bag that can be used for just about anything, this is the model for you. With heaps of positive customer reviews and customizable elements, there’s really nothing to dislike about this particular messenger bag.


  • Lots of storage pockets make this bag very versatile for a range of professions
  • Super large and roomy for all of your items
  • Strong zips for extra support and durability
  • Supports heavy weight but the fabric could be stronger

7. Tactical Briefcase Mens Messenger Bag


This is an image of the military Laptop Messenger Bag in green shade, with four different sizes pockets on front.


A fully waterproof tactical messenger bag is both attractive on the exterior and provides a heap of storage space thanks to utility pockets. The inside compartment is large for a laptop, digital camera, clothing, and other items. It also comes with a specific sleeve for your laptop to ensure full security and zero chance of it getting scratched.

The adjustable shoulder strap provides ultimate comfort so you won’t have to experience strain on your shoulder at all. While the fabric is fully waterproof it is also flexible and doesn’t feel rigid when in use making it ideal for all sorts of tasks where you are required to move around.

The best thing about this bag are the multi purpose side pockets that will enable you to conveniently store all of your belongings for tactical needs. We really enjoy the overall design which is neutral black for both professionals and those that are seeking a casual heavy duty bag. With a foldable velcro handle, you can choose the way in which you wish to use the tactical bag to match the way you will be carrying it. Additional nylon webbing makes this tactical gear bag even more flexible for a truly comfy fit.

As far as messenger bags go, this non slip bag is an ideal choice. Every compartment is designed for complete utilization making it perfect for all types of tasks from rush delivery to everyday tasks. Either way, you will absolutely find use fo this bag even if you need a reliable option for weekend getaways.


  • Has a highly comfortable padded shoulder strap
  • Great for multi purpose needs due to its versatility
  • Water proof messenger bag
  • Material is flexible but could be a bit sturdier

8. Mobile Edge Laptop Messenger Bag


This is an image of the Mobile Edge Laptop Messenger bag with flap & buckle for closure, color black.


For those that love eco-friendly products, this Mobile Edge bag that falls into that tactical category and you are guaranteed to like it. With several utility compartments and a great price value review. it’s difficult to find any fault with this particular model. Made of soft yet durable canvas, this bag is ideal for any sort of professional needs and can hold a large laptop and much more.

The messenger flap is easy to open and the zipper pocket function is just about perfect, While the bag isn’t waterproof it does offer good water resistance, meaning you won’t have to worry about minor spillages or getting caught out in a light rainfall. As for the main zipper compartment, it is super spacious so that you can add in just about any items needed with room to spare too.

In our reviews list, and others, all of the bags offer great utility, however, this choice comes out as a number one laptop holder. For those seeking a non conventional messengers bag men option, this could be for you. The bag looks great too with an all black color and smart buckle clasps for easy closing and opening when needed.

You can choose to carry this bag using one hand or add the shoulder strap for further convenience. No matter which way you wear the tactical piece of gear, it offers total versatility and a means of safely carrying your items wherever you go.

Choose this bag and add to cart today, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic bag that is going to fulfill all of your tactical gear needs. From the non slip strap to the magazine pouches located in the bag’s interior, this bag is designed for all types of professionals.


  • Has a highly comfortable padded shoulder strap
  • Great for multi purpose needs due to its versatility
  • Water proof messenger bag
  • Material is flexible but could be a bit sturdier

9. Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag


An image of the Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag, in camouflage color with strap.


Messenger bags come in all shapes and sizes, however, the Direct Action bag is one of our top picks due to its extensive list of awesome features. While it is certainly more pricey than some other comparable bag choices, it delivers on top end quality making it a firm favorite. Offering a 10 litre capacity, it is sure to fit in all of your things and much more. In addition to the central compartment, there are also pockets that can be used for items such as a water bottle, laptop, and other gear.

The nylon fabric makes the bag water resistant while being highly durable at the same time. With a velcro closure, you will be able to easily open and close this bag as and when needed, even on the go making it ideal for rush delivery tasks.

This messenger bag uses molle webbing so that it is easily customizable for any edc items. As one of the best messenger bags men options, the camouflaged exterior makes it ideal for military needs too. The Codura 5000 fabric used for this bag’s design is one of the most durable that we have come across meaning you won’t have to worry about loading it with heavier items.

Overall, this bag offers an attractive design that is also highly practical as a tactical option. The bag is on the cheaper end of the scale, meaning it is fantastic for anybody looking for a budget choice in this category. You will love all of the features that this awesome bag boasts from its roomy interior to adjustable strap with a non slip pad.

Choose this bag if you are seeking a tactical product that can be loaded with all sort of items from your laptop to water bottle. As one of our top picks for messenger bags, you’re guaranteed fantastic value for money and a range of side pockets for all your gear.


  • Laser cut and well stiched webbing for extra durability
  • Main compartment is lined with velcro
  • Different color options available
  • Some pockets seem a bit on the smaller side for general items

10. RAPDOM Tactical Messenger Bag


Image of the RAPDOM Tactical Messenger Bag, black, with buckle on front as additional closure.


The final product in our reviews list is the RAPDOM bag in the tactical range which is one of the best bags in this category, and it’s not hard to see why. Ideal for all sorts of gear, there is plenty of room despite its smaller than average size. While you won’t be able to fit a laptop inside of this bag, it is designed with several pockets and features molle web for attachments too, giving you full customization options.

Some users have reported being able to carry a small laptop inside of this bag among other gear, but it is more so suitable for tactical gear and items such as a water bottle. As one of the bags we recommend for military purposes, the laser cut material and stitching offers different compartments for all types of gear.

Extremely comfortable to carry due to the strap that is soft on the shoulder, you won’t have to worry about straining when wearing the bag for longer periods of time. The reverse of this bag is lined with Aerofoam padding to ensure full comfort with every use and the overall design is very attractive too with light tan material.

Fitting all sorts of military specs, while this bag doesn’t fall into the category of leather messenger bags men, it does do the job for anybody who will be on the go. Whether you are camping or hiking, the durable material and design is something worth investing into as you will have complete reliability. The nylon material is resistant against the elements so that you can rest assured that your belongings inside are fully protected.

Though this is one of the smaller messenger bags in our reviews list, it is one worth buying. So long as you’re not looking for a laptop bag, this bag will do its job and so much more. Ideal for military needs, the bag can fit in a water bottle, clothing, edc items, and other gear.


  • Has 3 compartments altogether making it ideal for rush delivery
  • Features high quality zips for secure closing
  • Extremely rugged against all the elements
  • Not large enough for a standard sized laptop


There are many FAQs about tactical messengers bag products and we’ve aimed to provide answers to the most popular below. You will find further helpful information below so that you can decide whether this bag is for you and how it can support and protect all of your gear.

What are the advantages of a messenger bag over a backpack?

The answer to this question entirely depends on how you will use the tactical messenger bag. These type of bags are renowned for being heavy duty and capable of holding a big load. This makes them an ideal bag choice for any type of trip ranging from camping to a work bag.

They are more versatile and tactical than a regular bag, in the sense that a messenger bag comes with a range of compartments and is designed to be opened and closed repeatedly. You won’t ever have to worry about a broken zip!

Because you won’t wear a messenger bag on your back either, it ultimately gives quicker and more convenient access tot he belongings inside. The shoulder strap is designed to be super comfortable as they are usually worn for longer periods of time.

Most of the time, this bag is also fully adjustable so that you can find the perfect way to wear it. Some have velcro detachable handles too, making them versatile bags for just about any sort of need. Whether you are traveling to and from work and need a bag to carry all of your items or you’re simply seeking mens leather messenger bags for another purpose, they are renowned for reliability.

You will be able to fulfill all your tasks by opening the flap on the messenger bag while still wearing it. They are very useful for a range of professional jobs and even everyday tasks like going to the gym.

Can I put a lot of weight in a tactical messenger bag?

Yes! You can be confident in the weight that a high quality tactical messenger bag supports. In general, they are designed to be heavy dut so you won’t have to worry about loading larger items inside such as laptops. The shoulder strap also allows the weight to be distributed than a regular adjustable shoulder bag.

However, because these types of bags are only worn on one side, you may feel a slightly uneven distribution. This can be uncomfortable for some people, but most use the adjustable shoulder strap to find the perfect way to wear it.

All in all, a messenger bag can hold a larger amount of weight. You can put books inside, electricals and much more. They’re great for a long weekend trip and are spacious enough inside for most belongings that you will want to carry. Messenger bags can make great tactical bag options for all types of needs, they really do offer heaps of versatility.

Waterproof VS Water Resistant

There are differences in these types of bags based on their waterproof and water resistant materials. In general, you should always gather as much information from the retailer you’re buying form to access whether it is a water-resistant tactical messenger. Some of these bags simply have a waterproof exterior but this doesn’t mean that the belongings inside CAN’T get wet.

If you plan on carrying valuable items that need to be protected, be sure to choose a waterproof messenger bag. You can generally identify if a bag is a waterproof based on its interior lining. To assess whether you need a bag that is water resistant or waterproof, it is a good idea to think of the way in which you will be using the bag.

If you are going to be mainly outdoors with messenger bags, you probably need a product that is designed with nylon for example. However, if you are going to be simply using the bag for work purposes, a water resistant option is going to be your best bet.

We always recommend making a clear list of all the qualities you need in bags before setting out to buy one. The reviews above will provide a really good insight into which is most suitable for you, and there are a range of messenger bags to choose from at different prices.

Are messenger bags for guys?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether a messenger bag is intended just for a man to use? A tactical messenger bag can be in fact used by anyone. They are designed for use across a range of different professions making them extremely versatile.

The large compartment can be used for anything from military and law enforcement clothing to arts and crafts supplies. There is no written rule that a messenger bag is for a man to use, however, it is easy to understand where this assumption may have come from.

Because the tactical messenger was designed and invented to help deliver precious mail which at a point in history was a male-heavy role, the stereotype was most likely derived. Today, a tactical messenger bag is simply a bag that is positioned over one shoulder and made of fabric material.

Some have side pockets, while the main purpose is to allow quick access to the central compartment where items are stored. Plenty of people, both male and female, find them an extremely convenient choice for all sorts of needs. These bags are super versatile and worth choosing!

Where to buy leather messenger bags?

If you are seeking leather messenger bags, you may to do a bit of refined shopping. As these types of bags usually come in a nylon or canvas material, it can be more a challenge to find a leather bag. You will certainly find a range of bags in this category when shopping online using websites such as Amazon.

Because messenger bags come in many different designs, you will easily filter your choices if you are looking for leather versions only. When shopping on the high street, we recommend visiting bag specific stores that are likely to stock messenger bags. This may include fashion retailers and other clothing stores, you may also find these messenger bags in outdoor shops too.

Be prepared to pay a larger price than some of the products we have listed in the reviews above. Because leather is a more expensive material than nylon or canvas, for example, you will likely find a higher price. While we haven’t included any leather options in our reviews due to pricing, there are certain bags in this category available!

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