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Best Tactical Plate Carriers Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you are involved in anything that is related to shooting, or having projectiles fly towards you at your chest rig, you need to have sufficient protection. A tactical plate carrier is the kind of body armor you will need to feel comfortable and safe. These vests and plate carriers have the potential to help save lives, as well as added comfort. Whether this is in a military simulation, law enforcements, or tactical needs in the field, these plate carriers and chest rigs can offer you with lightweight protection which can ensure you safety from bullets and shrapnel.

We understand that there are many different options to work through, and because of this it makes the decision delayed and all the more confusing. Perhaps you only need a modular chest set, an item absent of carrier plate options. Or maybe you are looking for a full, top-quality tactical plate carrier that you will be using everyday in your job, whether that is in law enforcement or bail bonds etc.

Regardless of the reason you need to use this, you want to be confident that you are investing in the plate carrier that is best for you. You needn’t look further, as we have made the decision easier for you. In this article, we have collected what we believe to be the 10 best tactical plate carriers and vests that are on the market today. Read the options below and decide what could be the next best purchase for you.

10 Best Tactical Plate Carriers

Listed below are what we believe to be the top 10 best tactical plate carriers on the market – so take a peek and see what one suits you!

1. Rothco Molle Modular Vest

Rothco Molle Modular Vest in Olive Drab Color, zipper closure.

Product Dimensions: 12 x 3.6 x 10 inches | Weight: 2 Pounds


Rothco have released a brand new, top of the range molle modular vest. Coming in two military-style colours: oliver drab or coyote. This vest could be for you.

  • Design: This vest is made of a strong polyester, perfect for a tactical gear vest to be made from. It also features full zipper closure, designed for the toughest users in mind. Rothco place great importance on comfort for their vests, meaning that all shoulder straps, shoulder pads, webbing and more is of the top quality for a tactical vest.
  • Amongst previous users there have been very few negative reviews, making it hard for us to pinpoint a single ‘con’! Some previous users did comment on sizing – if you are of a bigger build, it might be a little small.

2. Rucko Tactical Vest


RUCKO Tactical Adjustable Molle Military Vest for Men, nylon material, in Camouflage color.

Material: 500D Nylon | Size: 11 x 13 inches | Weight: 2.66lb


Rucko have released the true camo experience with their brand new tactical vest. Targeted for men, this is one type of tactical gear that cannot be missed!

  • Molle System Compatible: This vest has lots of pouches attached to the shoulder pads, chest pads, on the front AND back of the Molle strap, perfect for anything and everything you might need to carry. It also means you can carry up to three M4 magazines in the front pouch at any one time.
  • Adjustable: Perfect for any size, this vest is adjustable and adaptable for anyone and everyone! The waist straps size from 36inches to 46inches. The shoulder straps size from 13inches to 26inches.
  • Additional Features: Hook-and-loop design for DIY your own special tactical vest.
  • Usage: Great for airsoft, paintball, wargame or other outdoor activities that you might need it!
  • From analysing several ratings, we can’t find one ‘con’ worth mentioning before your purchase. Every user has been incredibly satisfied with this product, which makes us confidently believe that you will be too!

3. WarTechGear Tactical Vest

WarTechGears Tactical Fast Vest 10"X12" MOLLE, Fully Adjustable, in color green with loop fastener patch area seen on frontFits: 10″ x 12″ AR500 Plates | Belt: 30-60 inches adjustable


WarTechGear are back with a brand new plate carrier, coming in two colours: black and khaki. The choice is yours!

  • Design: This vest is ideal for those of you who work in law enforcement. It is thick and sturdy, offering the perfect kind of protection. It has a compact design which is light in weight. WarTechGear prides itself on a ‘One Size Fits All’ meaning that it can suit any size, big or small. It comes with an adjustable belt, which can extend as far as 60inches. It features an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a padded shoulder cover. It comes with a heavy duty drag handle also. It is designed with the user in mind – and it succeeds!
  • Something previous users have found issue with is the stitching of the product, claiming it breaks easily.

4. OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest


OneTigris Multicam Tactical Vest in Coyote Brown color with plenty of molle webbings for attachment.

Material: 500D Nylon | Cummerbund Size: 36-46 inches


OneTigris have released their version of a tactical vest, everything you could possibly want for your next purchase.

  • Design: This high quality design means that OneTigris wants to make sure they always keep the user in mind – and they do! It is made from 500D nylon. It is packed full of plenty of molle webbing attachments, leaving lots of room for different carriers. It features front and rear hook and loop molle, shoulder molle, as well as removable rear bungee to make the size suit all!
  • Previous users have commented that the sizing was a little difficult, but this is a thing that is completely individual for you.

5. CAMO Tactical Vest

CAMO Tactical Outdoor Vest in Tan Color, 1000D Nylon material, detachable mesh padding

Material: 1000D Nylon | Waist Size: 29-49 inches


Camo have released what we believe to be one of the best plate carrier contenders ever!

  • HIGH QUALITY: This vest is made from 1000D Nylon. This special structure of the fabric means that this vest has excellent wear resistance, tear resistance. It also has unmatched strength compared to others on the market right now. It boasts a light weight feel, adding a softness and easy care feel for the user.
  • Quick to Release: It is padded out and reinforced through it’s sturdy shoulder straps. They are adjustable, with 6inch and 8inch, with an overall length of 14inch and a width of 12inch. The waist is adjustable with 29inches to 49inches to protect your side during workouts. There is detachable mesh that leaves more breathing room during workouts or game plays.
  • Multifunction: All of the accessories that come with this vest can be disassembled and reorganized to suit you. It is suitable for tactics, duty, military fans or those who play CS games.
  • There were very few negative reviews of this product, making it hard for us to determine a true ‘con.’ This is why we believe it is one of the best tactical body armor vests on the market right now!

6. ATG Tactical Expert Vest


ATG Tactical Expert Vest 8"X10" MOLLE and PALS, Fully Adjustable, in black color, does not fit adult.

Material: Durable PVC | Cummerbund Size: Max length of 44 inches


ATG have released a new kind of tactical vest – one thing to remember is that it does NOT fit adults. So, this vest is designed for young teenagers or children who are breaking into the plate carrier world.

  • Design: The sizing ranges from XS – SM. It is packed full of molle webbing, offering the ultimate kind of comfort for your child while they play. It is totally adjustable for length, padded with velcro shoulder pads and heavy duty buckles for safety. It is made with tough and durable PVC material that is both water and chemical resistant, double and re-enforcement cross stitching in critical areas.
  • The sizing is something that previous users have commented on. As we have emphasised previously, this size is only really suitable for children who are beginners. This is why research before buying is important. This vest might only be applicable for young children, so don’t buy it expecting it to fit an adult.

7. GZ XINXING Tactical Vest


GZ XINXING Black Tactical Airsoft Paintball Vest, Grey color, padded shoulder with buckle locks

Material: 900D Nylon | Chest size: Max of 50 inches


GZ have released a new plate carrier in a range of different colours – the perfect addition for those who play paintball, airsoft or other combat sports!

  • DURABLE & COMFORTABLE: This vest is of high quality, made from 900D high density nylon. GZ promises a well constructed vest. It is both strong and tense, with a great wear-resisting ability. It has 3 standard magazine pouches, 1 map and flashlight pouch, and 2 communication pouches as well as 1 medic pouch. All of the bags mentioned are also removable for more freedom to move during play.
  • SIZING: The sizing ranges from small to extra large. The maximum chest size is up to 50 inches and can be adjusted accordingly to fit most shoulder and waist sizes.
  • There are few negative reviews of this product. Some comments are related to sizing, but again, this is what we find to be a personal issue that requires research before buying. This vest offers a variation of sizes that should fit you properly.

8. SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack


 SOG Opord Tactical Day Pack, 39.1-Liter Storage bag, brown color with velcro patch holder on front.

Product Dimensions:17 x 9 x 7 inches | Weight: 4 lbs. | Material: Polyester


SOG have released their day back pack, a vest and bag combined. Great for on the move!

  • Design: This large sized design bag comes in a range of colours, and is perfect for those on their daily commute, guard duty, travelling and hiking. It features padded shoulder straps, combined with a waist belt that comfortably carries heavy loads. This bag offers versatile with a large and roomy main compartment. The front accessory pocket comes with an organizer, two zipped size accessory pockets and a compressible stash pocket. The tactical features of this product include molle webbing for attaching various optional accessories. It also comes with left and right tubing ports for accessing the hydration bladder pocket. The plate carrier is a durable water repellent, and also comes with hooks and loops on the front of the pack for attaching a flag patch also.
  • Previous users have commented on the seaming tearing after some usage. This is more of a personal issue as opposed to the product. If there is enough tension on certain lower-budget seams, this is something that is almost inevitable.

9. GFIRE Tactical Vest Modular Vest


GFIRE Tactical Vest, Breathable Combat Training Vest - Adjustable, lightweight in green color. hook and loop closure

Material: 1000D Polyester | Waist: Maximum 54 inches


GFire have released their version of a tactical plate carrier vest, the perfect kind of body armor for those who need it on the daily!

  • Design: This vest is designed with all options considered. It comes with an emergency drag handle, removable anti-slip padded shoulder pads with hook and loop guides. These shoulder pads are adjustable also. There is heavyweight webbing for modular attachments, made to suit you. It includes a front map pocket with snap, hook and loop closure. The side release buckles on the shoulders and internal waist straps can be adjusted also. Inside, there is a padded mesh material lining, as well as an adjustable cummerbund with pockets. In terms of sizing, GFire recommend that it be worn between medium to XL.
  • There are few negative reviews of this product, as many users were satisfied with their experience. Previous users commented on the firm feel of the material as uncomfortable. This is a personal preference, as many could imply the secure material enhances safety when using.

10. GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest

 GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest, Adjustable Lightweight Breathable Combat Training Vest, color black with zipper-up lock, made with high-density Oxford fabric and Polyester.

Material: 600D Oxford Fabric and 100% Polyester Mesh | Waist size: 35-57 inches


GloryFire have released a vest we believe is a worthy contender for one of the 10 best tactical plate carriers of the year, as their attention to detail is worth remembering!

  • HOLSTER DESIGN: The pistol holster is detachable and suitable for left-handed and right-handed people, meaning you don’t have to worry! This vest means that you can easily take the pistol with your frequently used hand and continue game play. The pistol holster also can be attached to your belt and MOLLE backpack, so the choice is entirely yours.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This tactical vest is made of durable, comfortable high-density 600D Oxford Fabric and 100% Polyester Mesh – the perfect lining for your next purchase. The tidy sewing thread and breathable mesh design adds extra security to the vest. The vest also comes with adjustable shoulder and side straps, so that you can adjust them to make you feel more comfortable when you move.
  • SIZING: The sizing varies from S-XXXXL – meaning there is room for everyone. 57 inches of maximum waist and 35 inches of the smallest waist. 22.5 inches of the longest length and 20.5 inches of the shortest length. You can adjust it to fit your shoulder and waist size.
  • Some previous users commented that the adjustable nature of this vest meant that the sizings seem off, meaning for those of a smaller stature – it was more difficult for them to fit into it.

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying Plate Carriers

Listed below are categories we believe that you should consider when making your decision on what plate carrier vest works best for you.


The weight of your vest is extremely important, as it can lead to problems later down the line which can alter the quality of your work performance etc if you are becoming restricted by it. For example, if you are wearing a plate carrier vest that is clearly too heavy for your person, this will have a great affect on the speed of your movements. Nearly all activities where you will find it is necessary to be wearing a plate carrier, for example – hunting, chasing, paintball – all of which will provide you to move quickly with only a moment’s notice. The weight can seriously alter your response time, and the consequences are detrimental to you. In any combat situation, if you do not have a quick response, it could cost your life.

If you are not properly trained in carrying heavy equipment for long periods of time, it is better if you select a lightweight ballistic kind of plate carrier vest. A lightweight plate carrier allows much more flexibility in your movements, and you can move with more speed, instantly giving you an advantage in these situations. If your vest isn’t too heavy, you then will be able to use your plate carrier to carry supplies also.


When you are wearing a tactical carrier plates vest and are on the move, it can get hot and sweaty very quickly, especially if it is during the summer months. The overall buildup of heat is a very evident issue with most plate carrier vests; and if you are aware that you will be wearing one for a prolonged period of time in a hot environment, you need to select a tactical plate carrier that has features to combat the heat. A lot of tactical plate carrier vests come with a ventilation system. Others will also include hydration carriers or in some cases, hydration bladders, that can be extremely useful when things begin to heat up.


In situations where you will be wearing a plate carrier, it will benefit you to be able to conceal it so it can remain unnoticeable. This reigns particularly truthful for those of you who are members of the armed forces. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being targeted by an armed criminal, you don’t want them to notice you are wearing body armor. It is highly likely if they do, they will then aim to shoot you in areas where you aren’t protected. Discretion is crucial for the overall effectiveness of a plate carrier in many situations, therefore it is so important to select a military vest where it isn’t going to be noticed.


It is important that when you are looking for the greatest tactical plate carrier for you, that you research the materials that it is made from. Usually, they are made from steel, ceramic or polyethylene. Each type of material varies, it includes features that make it suitable for use on plate carriers in different situations. Considering these kinds of factors will help you to make a better decision when selecting a plate carrier. What you need to really consider is that it gives you optimum protection.

Protection and Safety

One of the key functions and one that is the most crucial is that the plate carrier that you select should protect you from any kind of bodily harm. Its ability to do this job successfully is something that you should consider when you are researching around them. The level of protection that you will need from your plate carrier will entirely dependant on the type of threats that you are most likely to face. If you face any sort of threats from handgun rounds, a soft body armor will typically be the right kind of material to repel the bullets. However, if you are in a situation where it is rifle rounds, then you will need some plate carriers that offer more protection and can benefit to your overall comfort and safety.


What plate carrier do the military use?

After research, it is believed that the military use KDH vests. The KDH company makes a quality plate carrier system that has a cummerbund style main plate carrier with removable side plates (up to 7×8”). The 2-point cutaway system has 360-degree MOLLE attachment points, a quick release system, a drag handle, integrated communication channels, scalable modular components, and other great features that make it ideal for the military to use in any sort of context.

What Are The Different Kind of Plates?

Steel plates – If you are looking for the highest level of protection, steel plates are crucial. They will prevent most ballistic rounds dead in their tracks. They do not shatter when dropped from a high distance, and they are easily the most affordable type of body armor plate. In some cases, you may even be able to survive more than one shot in the same spot. One weakness is their weight. If you have a single large plate, it could end up weighing 10 pounds or more.

Ceramic plates – Ceramic plates are known to provide robust protection but they too have flaws. Firstly, if you accidentally drop your ceramic plate, they are rendered useless. When rounds hit a ceramic plate, it will inevitably shatter. If you were to take another round in the same area, it will be likely to get through. However, ceramic plates provide better protection from high-powered rounds than soft plates and weigh considerable less to that of steel plates.

Soft plates – Soft plates are typically composed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). This type of plate works by capturing the round and distributing its force among the fibers. In some cases the fibers actually melt around the bullet, sealing it in place. Soft plates, while generally effective on small caliber handgun rounds fired from a distance, will not stop a high-powered rifle round, or a large caliber handgun fired from close range, meaning it is the least likely to protect you fully.

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