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Best Teepee Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of white canvas teepee in grass field.

Teepee tents have been around for centuries and are easily identifiable thanks to their unique and stylish shape. With sloping sides, a generous amount of floor space, and a high center, it comes as no surprise that these tents are a popular choice among campers today.

Ideal for adding a touch of glamor to wedding parties, providing a fun shelter for kids’ campouts in the backyard, and perfect for festivals where they’ll be instantly recognisable among the sea of other more typical tents, the best teepee tents are a great and very practical take on the comparatively less exciting tents you’re likely more familiar with.

Canvas teepee tents are spacious enough to hold more furniture than the average set of camping gear; glampers have even be known to fit full-sized mattresses and items of furniture inside their tent! As their popularity grows, manufacturers have begun opting for alternative synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester so that they’re less bulky and heavy than canvas versions, meaning these tents can be taken on backpacking trips with ease.

In this piece, we’ll take you through ten of the very best teepee tents we’ve found. Following that, we’ve made sure to include a selection of the most important considerations to bear in mind when you’re finding the tent that’s best suited to you and your needs. If you keep on scrolling to the end, you’ll also find that we’ve included our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can identify exactly what it is that you want from your new teepee tent.

The Top 10 Best Teepee Tents

We have handpicked ten of the best teepee tents that we know you’ll love. Each of the products we have listed here features an overview, as well as several of their pros and cons to help you find a tent which will be best suited to your needs. Let’s take a look at what we’ve found.

1. Wenzel Shenanigan Tent

Image of a white teepee tent in blue geo prints, triangle-shaped screened door.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 5 persons | Weight: 10.63 pounds

The stylish, blue geometric print only adds to the festival-friendly design of the Wenzel Shenanigan Tent. Lightweight and small in size when packed up, this teepee tent is intended to sleep up to 5 people. Ideal for camping during the summer months, this tent has a series of mesh panels and screens to provide a good level of ventilation while simultaneously protecting you against any insects. In addition, the roof has several integrated vents to provide a comfortable airflow to the inside of the tent once it’s all set up.

As with most traditional teepees, this model has a center pole which is telescopic in its construction so that you can determine the most suitable height. The hexagonal shape of the base incorporates a plastic mechanism in its centre which the pole can be fixed to for stability. Overall, the Wenzel Shenanigan tent takes little to no time to set up and provides a comfortable shelter for a good night’s sleep while camping.

  • Quick and simple set-up process.
  • Compact in size when packed away, measuring only 27.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches.
  • Features a fun geometric print pattern.
  • Limited stock on Amazon at present.

2. DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent

Image of a cone-shaped tent in white color with entrance door open.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 6 persons

For those of you who enjoy a refined camping experience, make sure to take a look at the DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent. Measuring 10 x 20 ft, this spacious cotton canvas bell tent is rainproof, windproof, and snowproof so no matter what time of year you’re planning on camping in, you’ll be able to relax in this luxurious tent knowing that the weather isn’t going to cause you any trouble. This tent has two stove holes lined with fire-resistant strips, so you can set up two stoves for cooking meals and providing warmth. When not in use, both holes can be covered with a flap to prevent any heat loss.

Working alongside the water-resistant features, this tent has a bathtub floor so that all year round, you and your camping gear will stay dry. Structurally, this tent is easy to set up and it’s supported by a center pole, a door pole, and stakes. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular canvas teepee tents among those who enjoy yurt glamping and it’s easy to see why!

  • Features two stove holes.
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant materials used.
  • Well-suited to those who enjoy glamping.
  • On the heavier side due to the materials used.

3. Winterial Teepee Tent

Image of a triangular-shaped tent with A-shaped door in green color.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 7 persons | Weight: 15.81 pounds

The large capacity of the Winterial Teepee Tent makes it the perfect addition to family campouts and trips away with groups of friends at the weekend. Catering to 6-7 people, this tent has an octagonal-shaped floor and works well as a 3-seasons tent. With a resilient waterproof rating of 1500mm and vents for air circulation, you’ll stay dry no matter the weather. The vents can also be closed if it’s a little cooler outside to keep the warmth in.

The affordable price tag, simple fully-enclosed structure, and generous floor and head space all make this is a functional choice well-suited for families. Consistently highly rated in Amazon user reviews, the materials, height, and easy set up are frequently praised and we’d have to agree!

  • Excellent price for its quality.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Spacious in terms of floor width and center height, measuring in at 12 x 8 ft.
  • Although only a minor flaw, this tent doesn’t hold any inner pockets to store your camping gear.

4. BaiYouDa Teepee Tent

Image of a tepee tent in dark-green color in the woods.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 7 persons

Next up, we have the family-friendly BaiYouDa Teepee Tent. Suitable for sleeping between 3-4 people, this tent boasts a reliable level of weather-resistance and makes for the perfect accompaniment on your family getaways. Constructed from a robust dark green polyester material, the BaiYouDa tent has a waterproof rating of 3000mm so it’ll be more than capable of protecting you and your camping gear against moderate to high rainfall.

A rain cover is positioned over the peak of the tent to prevent any water from dripping down inside the tent by instead directing rainfall down the tent’s outer surface. The peak also has an integrated mesh vent to help air circulate through the tent so that you won’t have to worry about it getting uncomfortably humid inside. The easy set-up process involves pitching a metal pole in the centre, surrounded by 25 stakes and guy lines to create a stable line of defence against all the elements. An all-round practical option, this tent is one of our favorites for families who enjoy camping.

  • Incorporates several weather-resistant features.
  • Quick and easy set-up process.
  • Great ventilation systems to reduce humidity and moisture build-up.
  • Best suited to camping trips taken by car rather than backpacking due to its weight and generous dimensions.

5. OmniCore Designs Teepee Tent

Photo of a tent in army green color, cone-shaped, door resembles letter A.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 12 persons | Weight: 26.75pounds

If you’re looking for a teepee tent which will cater to a large group of people, then the OmniCore Designs Teepee Tent could be ideal for you. This spacious tent measures 18 x 18 ft with a center height of 9 ft, leaving plenty of room for moving around, standing upright, and storing your camping gear without it feeling cramped. You certainly won’t be compromising on its build quality even though it’s large in size; this teepee tent has an impressive waterproof rating of 3000mm, excellent ventilation, and anti-rip polyester which works to provide solid wind-resistance.

A nice feature of this teepee tent is that the peak’s cover can be closed from inside the tent using the cord provided; you won’t have to run outside into the rain when you need to cover the outer peak. All of the seams are sealed to prevent moisture from seeping in and the slanted sides work to direct the rain away. Even in the summer months, the ventilation will create a good airflow to keep you cool with the ground mesh-covered vents preventing those unwanted bugs from getting inside.

  • Large in size, making it well-suited to large groups of up to 12 people.
  • Designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Stock is currently limited on Amazon.

6. GEERTOP Teepee Tent

Image of a pink teepee tent supported by a single pole at the center, A-shaped doors open, pink-colored tent mat.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 4 persons | Weight: 14.5 pounds

The GEERTOP Teepee Tent boasts an elegant, well-performing construction which truly is built to last. Designed for sleeping between 4-6 people, this teepee tent is supported by a single central pole and takes very little time to assemble. Featuring an inner tent and an outer tent fly, this double layer teepee is both stylish and functional. This tent is made from anti-tear polyester cotton with a layer of polyester mesh, meaning it’s breathable and provides that much-needed ventilation throughout the year.

The pole is built using anti-rust, reinforced steel to support the tent’s structure. With two doors and windows, covered by mesh, airflow won’t be an issue and the inside will feel even more spacious. High in quality and light in weight, this tent is long-lasting and will provide you with a comfortable place to stay on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Breathable and well-ventilated for airflow.
  • Quick and straightforward to assemble.
  • Excellent materials used considering the affordable price tag.
  • Has only received a small amount of user reviews on Amazon at present.

7. Tahoe Gear Bighorn Teepee Tent

Image of a come-shaped tent in white and black color, door open with black-colored tent ground.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 12 persons | Water Resistance: 1000 mm.

Our next pick is the Tahoe Gear Bighorn Teepee Tent; constructed to handle just about any storm, this is an incredibly durable tent that can cater for up to 12 people. One of the most popular tents in this style, this teepee has a sealed floor attached to the tent itself, making both setting up and packing away a quick and stress-free process. With two doors, four PVC windows, and a single steel pole, this is a well-constructed tent which can withstand all the elements.

Using traditional tent fabrics of waterproof polyester and a polyethylene floor, you won’t need to worry about waking up damp from the rain. Four large mesh floor vents and a top vent with a protective cover provide a good amount of ventilation and, as the floor vents have zippers, you can open them up more during the summer months to reduce humidity. As this is such a spacious tent, it’ll bring a touch of luxury to any camping trip while being both affordable and resilient in its design.

  • Generously sized.
  • Has an attached polyethylene floor.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Depending on preference, the non-detachable flooring may not be to your taste.

8. Zimo Teepee Tent

Image of a tent, brown color, with inverted U shaped door with red outlines.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 6 persons | Weight: 13.8 pounds

The double-layer structure of the Zimo Teepee Tent means that you and all of your camping gear will be kept dry during wet weather. With an inner mesh tent, a sewn-in floor rated 3000mm for its water resistance, and a separate rain fly, this is a practical tent capable of holding up to five people. The outer tent fabrics incorporate sun-proof and ultraviolet-proof technologies while both doors and windows use a high-density meshing to improve ventilation.

This functional tent has an attractive Oxford cloth covering which promises to keep you sheltered from challenging weather conditions. Weighing 13.7 lbs and having a compact packed size of just 21.6″ x 8.3″ x 8.3″ in its bag, this teepee tent would be ideal for family camping trips.

  • Excellent water resistance and wind resistance measures.
  • Structurally sound, employing aluminum and steel in its build.
  • Generous sleeping area for up to five people.
  • Has only received a very limited proportion of reviews at present.

9. Dream House Cotton Teepee Tent

Image of a tent, triangle-shape, with ropes supporting it, and a single-pole at the center holding the tent in place. Background is a green garden of bushes.

Closure: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 4 persons | Weight: 83.78 pounds

The luxurious Dream House Cotton Teepee Tent is available in four different sizes to suit you and how many people you intend on sharing it with. This high quality, elegant teepee tent is exactly what you’d envisage when hearing the term “glamping”. The cotton canvas materials are exceptionally durable and have a water resistance rating of up to 3000mm. In addition, the poles are made from galvanized steel, the detachable PVC groundsheet is weather-proof and can withstand foot traffic without showing wear, and the taped seams work to prevent leakage seeping in.

There are also four ventilation holes located at the top of the tent as well as four semi-circle windows in the two smaller versions and four rectangular windows in the two larger models. On the sidewall, you’ll find a stove hole where you can put a camping stove for cooking and providing heat during the colder months. Packed with high-end features, this lavish tent is a little higher in terms of cost but it’s well worth the investment.

  • Exceptionally high quality in terms of the materials used and its sturdy structure.
  • Available in a range of sizes so that it’s suited to how you plan on using it.
  • Impressive water-resistance rating.
  • On the higher-end in terms of price due to its luxurious materials and build.

10. Vidalido Teepee Tent

Photo of a teepee tent, cone-shaped, in gray color on a white background.

Closure: Zipper| Max. Occupancy: 6 persons

Our final suggestion is the Vidalido Teepee Tent; large enough in size to sleep up to six people, this tent is ideal for small groups of festival go-ers. With a 12.5 ft center height, great ventilation, and durable materials, this teepee tent is built to last a lifetime. The combined use of polyester and Oxford fabric, in conjunction with anti-rust reinforced steel poles, and heat-sealed seams all add to the longevity of this product.

Assembling the Vidalido Teepee Tent is simplistic; taking only a few minutes, you’ll need to attach the bottom ring and center pole, and fix each corner to the ground. A nice feature of this tent is the complementary colored flags which are included with your purchase; when you’re looking for your teepee at a festival site, you’ll easily spot this tent in among all the other standard tents.

With a water resistance rating of 3000m, this 4-seasons tent will keep you dry and also has an inner layer comprised entirely of mesh and an outer layer for keeping warmth in and moisture out. The large door can be turned into a porch for a comfortable seating area which doubles up as a great source of ventilation. Even better, this teepee, with all its high-end features and capabilities, happens to be a surprisingly budget-friendly tent.

  • Has a water-resistance rating of 3000mm.
  • Includes a variety of ventilation systems.
  • Aesthetically, this is an attractive tent which will stand out.
  • Only a very minor issue but this tent only has inner storage pockets on one side.

Buyers’ Guide: Considerations for Buying a Teepee Tent

There are a number of key considerations that you’ll want to bear in mind when it comes to buying a teepee tent. Their price tag, their capacity, and their durability are all factors that will play a big role in determining which teepee is going to be the best for you. In addition to these three points, ventilation and the set-up process are often forgotton about so we’ve made sure to cover these two too. Let’s take a look at each of the five main considerations.


How you intend on using your new teepee tent will determine the price you can expect to need to budget for. If you’re looking for a simplistic tent designed for low to moderate use, then you may be able to save considerably more than if you were planning on purchasing a long-lasting tent which, in exchange for its durability, will have an increased price tag. Most teepee tents will cost upwards of $100, with some of the more high-end cotton canvas teepee tents reaching around $500-$700.

A good example of a high quality yet budget-friendly tent is the Vidalido Teepee Tent. This tent sleeps up to six people and it’s constructed from breathable and durable materials. Structurally, it’s resilient and will provide a comfortable place to sleep while camping during the four seasons of the year. A water-resistance rating of 3000mm is unusual for such an affordable tent so you really know you’re getting a tent packed with high-end features for a comparatively low cost with this teepee.


One of the most important factors to take into consideration before purchasing a teepee tent is the number of people you will, on average, want it to cater for. The design of teepee tents means that they’ll usually have a generous amount of center height and a great deal of floor space, however there’s no use buying a tent which is too small in size when you’re intending on taking trips with large groups of friends or family throughout the year.

As you have likely already noticed when looking through our list of the ten best teepee tents, they come in a whole range of sizes. As a general rule, you should aim to find a tent which will cater for roughly double the number of people you plan on sharing it with. This way, you’ll all be comfortable and have plenty of room for storing your camping gear and moving around inside of it.

Tents which can cater to larger groups of people may be on the heavier side because of the sheer size of them. If you’re planning a camping getaway in a car, then a heavy teepee tent isn’t going to be a problem whereas if you’re an avid backpacker, then we would suggest opting for a teepee designed to be lightweight and portable. Don’t worry, there are plenty of lighter teepees on the market so you won’t have to sacrifice on the luxury of camping in a teepee tent just because you’re midway through a hike!


Durability is another crucial element to keep an eye out for when you’re looking through the range of teepee tents available.

Firstly, check which materials have been used in the construction of the tent. Canvas teepees, although a little more expensive than other standard tent materials, are highly durable and will last a lifetime. Nylon and polyester, on the other hand, are considerably more affordable than canvas and come with the added bonus of weighing a lot less.

Next, and this will depend on how you plan on using your tent, look at its weather-resistance capabilities. You may have noticed that the weatherproof rating of each tent differs from one model to the next. Ensure that you choose a tent which is going to be suitable for the time of year you intend on camping in, particularly if you’re on the hunt for a 4-season tent.

Tying into this, it’ll help to understand what is meant by the water-resistance rating and how it’s measured. Expressed in millimetres (mm), this rating indicates how much water pressure the fabric of a tent can withstand before it’s going to be prone to leakages. For example, a tent with a 3000mm rating will be capable of enduring 3000mm worth of water. We’d suggest opting for a tent with a minimum water-resistance rating of 1500mm to be on the safe side while camping.


Ensure that the teepee tent you opt for has some form of ventilation integrated into its structure. Ventilation holes, mesh windows, and an opening at the dome will all serve to flow air through your tent. Ventilation is important both in the summer months when you want to keep cool and in the winter months when you may want to use a portable heater or a stove.

Traditional teepees would always have a smoke hole at the top of the cone shape and, in many cases today, that’s something manufacturers will still incorporate into their designs just with the addition of a cover for when it’s not in use.

Ease of Assembling

As with any tent, you don’t want to choose one that will be awkward to put up when you arrive at your camping spot. It’s likely that you’ll be a little more used to setting up a typical tent with numerous poles and guy lines rather than the more uniquely-shaped teepee. As a general rule, the more people the tent is capable of sleeping, the more people you’ll need on-hand to help set it up and, ultimately, that’s the rule with all tents. All teepee tents will involve a different setting up process but we’ve made sure to include some tips in the FAQs section below.


Now that we’ve walked you through our recommendations for the ten best teepee tents and provided you with a number of the most important considerations you’ll want to take some time to think about, we know you’ll have a few questions that need answering. Here, we’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to buying a reliable teepee tent to make things a little easier.

1. Are teepee tents good for camping?

In our opinion, teepee tents are ideal for camping. They provide a luxurious place to stay, boasting a considerable amount of floor space and center height for large groups of people or generous storage for all your gear. The compact design and easy set-up process means that this type of tent is great for camping trips; they won’t take up all that much space in your car and the simplistic construction will mean you’ll be pitched and ready to go in no time.

A nice perk of teepee tents is that, with the correct materials and designated stove jack, you can even cook inside by taking advantage of the vents in the roof. Gone are the days of making smores in the cold – teepee tents allow you to do this inside!

2. Are teepee tents durable?

Teepees are one of the most durable styles when it comes to tents, particularly when constructed out of canvas or synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polyurethane. Synthetic materials are water-resistant and lightweight, making them the ideal material for tents. If these materials are more to your taste, then keep an eye out for teepee tents which have a polyester shell. Canvas is very durable but, as you would expect, it’s a little bulkier and often has a higher price tag than synthetic fabrics because of its sturdy build.

Unlike your regular tent where you’re left with an abundance of poles which can be prone to breakage, a teepee tent generally only has one center pole. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel are all exceptionally durable materials for the centre pole, so keep an eye out for teepee tents which come with a pole made of one of these materials and you’ll know that it’s going to last a long time.

3. How do you make a teepee tent?

If you’re up for a project, you can always make your own teepee tent. Of course, it’s unlikely to be quite the same standard as one which you buy from a reputable manufacturer but hey, it’ll be fun and you can get the kids involved too! Homemade teepee tents are nice way to get your kids interested in the great outdoors by teaching them a few survival skills and they come in handy for backyard campouts or even as a den in your kids’ bedroom. We’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide for you to refer to below.

1. First of all, you’ll want to get your hands on some canvas or your preferred fabric. Account for who’s going to be using the teepee and allow for adequate head and floor space.

2. Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want to have a center pole or a series of poles which lean inwards to create a structural frame. If you’re opting for the latter, a sturdy teepee will need approximately 12 tent poles in total. We’d suggest going with wooden poles for a homemade teepee as it’s an easier material to work with.

3. Thirdly, you’ll need to cut out the teepee’s shape. A basic pattern is essentially a semi-circle which measures half as wide as it is long, with a hole for the door. Alternately, you can sew a series of panels together.

4. To ensure that your teepee is stable, you can mimic the structure of those we have listed above by implementing around about 12 stakes and a series of guy lines to keep it firmly on the ground if it’s going to be pitched outdoors.

5. Place the poles in a tripod-like position and keep adding until you have the required amount, tying the tops together to keep them upright. You’ll need some rope to keep them securely in place and you can always drill holes through the tops of each pole to thread the rope through to make things a little easier.

6. Now you’re ready to put the cover around the frame, using rope to secure it in place.

4. How easy is it to put up a teepee tent?

Setting up a teepee is generally a straightforward task thanks to their simplistic design. As this style of tent will usually have a center pole, assembling it is a quick and easy process.

As you would expect, larger teepee tents are likely to have a heavier pole in the centre, making it a slightly more arduous job to put up. That being said, if you’re using a large tent, you’ve probably got a few people on hand to help you out!

We would always recommend doing a practice run when it comes to setting up any type of tent; read through the instruction manual your tent comes with and try putting it up in your backyard or, size-dependant, inside your home if you don’t have access to a yard.

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