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Best Tent Stoves Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image of a man sitting in front of a camping tent stove inside a tent.

Camping is a long-standing tradition of a family vacation, with picturesque views, and unforgettable memories. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a camping trip for the family or a hunting trip with your friends. Will you be warm enough? How will you cook? Enter the tent stove. This incredible piece of camping tech will solve both of those problems!

The best tent stove will depend on what kind of trip you’re taking. We’ve compiled a variety of the best stoves for you to consider- whether you’re an avid camp chef or a winter hunter. We’re here to take you through the different types and the considerations too, so you can make the right investment for you.

Types of Stove

It goes without saying that caution must be taken when adding flames into a situation with lots of flammable materials, and while all stoves are designed with the safety of the user as the most important consideration, it could be a good idea to brush up on your fire safety skills first.

Collapsable Stoves

Collapsable tent stoves are structurally very similar to lightweight ones. They also utilize galvanized steel and thinner walls. Great for traveling on boats, planes, and other vehicles where space is an issue, they can often fit into a backpack. They are more expensive than just regular lightweight tent wood stoves due to their compact materials and design. The stovepipe might be collapsable or telescopic to help with the collapsible ability.

Lightweight Tent Stoves

Lightweight tent stoves are better for camping and portability. They are designed to take advantage of galvanized steel, which cuts the weight nearly in half. Perfect for traveling or horseback transportation. However, lighter models tend to be less durable and lack the longevity of their heavy steel counterparts, but they are usually considerably less pricey!

Heavy Steel Stoves

Heavy-Duty steel stoves are generally thicker, rolled steel, and have high-quality seals. They are also less likely to warp. Most tend to have cold air inlets and stovepipe dampers for airflow control and longer burn times. They usually have integrated stovetops, they last longer, and come already ready to cook on. These are better for permanent or regular use and are heavier and not really suited to backpackers.

Top 10 Tent Stoves

1. Colorado Cylinder Stoves- Timberline Wood Stove Package

Photo of a tent stove with silver chimney pole and four small metal stands

Dimensions: 26″ x 16″ x 13 | Weight: 92 lbs

This is an excellent firebox starter kit for a newbie camper. It comes equipped with a three-gallon water heater as well as a 5” to 6” stove pipe to fit a 5” tent stove jack. If that wasn’t enough there is also a built-in flat top for cooking.

It has a moveable water reservoir too so you can make the most of your space. This stove is made of tough stuff, 10 and 12 gauge steel, and reinforced with 1X1 angle iron to prevent warping.

It has great draft control and an easily cleanable warming tray for keeping on top of the ash. According to the reviews, this kit doesn’t produce too much smoke and has a burn time of approximately four to six hours, but a more accurate burn time that depends on the fuel you use.

When used seasonally the manufacturer suggests that this stove will last about 20 years.

  • Adjustable leg length.
  • Moveable water reservoir.
  • Flat top for cooking.
  • Often out of stock.

2. TMS Portable Military Camping Stove

Image of a black tent stove , chimney pole mounted on one side supported by for long metal stands.

Dimensions: 18″ x 10.25″ x 11″ | Weight: 30 lbs

This little military camping stove is a great piece of survival or camping gear. It comes equipped with a spark arrestor for your safety, 4 extendable pipes, adjustable legs and, removable dual cooking tubes for foil meals and perfect potatoes! Also, every camping trip needs access to hot water, so TMS has included a kettle along with all the bonus parts.

This stove has an easy-clean bottom grate and easy setup in under ten minutes. According to the reviews, this stove is really easy to set up and keeps tents as large as 12” X 26” nice and warm throughout the night.

TMS has really thought about transport with this product. Not only do all the removable parts pack into the stove for easy transport, but it also comes with a stove bag and carry bag and the legs can be removed.

It is a pretty standard wood-burning stove, but can also burn compressed logs and charcoal so you can always find some fuel when you need it.

  • Front and rear flow regulators.
  • Versatile grate/clothes rack/carry handle.
  • Under $100
  • Burns fuel quicker than other stoves of this size.

3. Bruntmor Camping Rocket Stove

Close-up photo of a black-colored camping tent stove with 45-degree bent bottom for fuel insertion

Dimensions: 13.5″ x 13″ x 7″ | Weight: 14 lbs

Bruntmor is a well-known, high-quality kitchenware brand. So you know that they make great products for use with heat, using high quality, long-lasting materials. This is one of the cheapest and lightest in our lineup. It’s under $105 and 15 lbs so you really don’t compromise with the design for the price with Bruntmor.

As this is a rocket stove it can only heat one item at a time, but heats up in under five minutes and requires no assembly. It’ll stay hot for a long time too, so you can cook and have heat all evening. When it’s ready to pack up it has channels for easy cleaning.

The angled feed tube on this wood burning stove makes it easy to keep feeding fuel in. This stove also burns on branches and twigs you can find around your garden or campsite. This means you cut costs with fuel and are able to travel lighter.

This is a great wood stove for emergencies and vacations alike with strong welding and sturdy durable steel and a sleek lightweight design.

  • Wide grate for large parts.
  • Easy access channels for cleaning.
  • Great for Backpackers.
  • Often unavailable.

4. Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent Stove

Image of a silver-colored four-legged camping tent stove with stout chimney pole.

Dimensions: 20″ x 94″ x 5″ | Weight: 20 lbs

When writing and researching the best tent stove on the market, it’s hard to avoid Winnerwell. Winnerwell is a much loved, USA based brand that produces a wide range of tent stoves and other camping equipment that is both beautiful and functional. So let’s check out this compact bestseller from the self-proclaimed ‘stove specialists.’

Made from 304 stainless steel and featuring beautiful decorative handles that stay cool, this stove is an excellent choice for people who appreciate both substance and style. They’ve added foldable, tripod style spring-loaded legs, a removable flat top, and a beautifully crafted glass viewing window in the door so you can keep an eye on your flames as you cook, or simply relax in the coziness of a warmed tent.

Winnerwell has included ample piping and a grate to make cleaning easy. With that in mind, they’ve also included an ash scraper as part of this stove kit, along with a spark arrestor too.

All of the removable parts stow inside the stove for easy transportation making this Winnerwell model a lightweight, compact and attractive choice.

  • Glass viewing window.
  • Dual dampers for controlled heat.
  • Fast delivery
  • Not a budget option.

5. Colorado Cylinder Stove- Uncompahgre

Photo of a tent stove with black square body, silver chimney pole attached to its one side

Dimensions: 23″ x 14″ x 11″ | Weight: 23 lbs

Named after the majestic mountain in the US Rockies, Colorado Stoves have set the bar high with a name like that. But this little camp stove definitely delivers. It provides welcome heat for winter camping and is a perfect choice for backpackers. Another homegrown well-loved brand so our list wouldn’t be complete without it.

Although it’s heavier than some of the other stoves on this lineup of a similar size, what makes the Uncompahgre special is its ability to pack down flat to the size of a tablet. When fully collapsed, its thickness is 2.25″ but still packs enough punch to heat even large tents through the night.

With beautiful stainless steel construction this stove is built to last, and tough enough to take on anything a camping trip can throw at you. it comes with a 4″ to 5″ resting stove pipe and reaches 19″ tall when assembled.

It also has great draft control, really tough and durable removable parts, and a reinforced, 58-liter firebox.

This stove is perfect for anyone that needs to save space but not compromise on heat and cooking factor. This stove has great draft control and is easy to handle straight out of the box, and packs down so small it is essential for survivalists and happy campers alike!

  • Fully collapsible
  • USA made.
  • Durable.
  • high-end price.

6. GStove Heat Tent Stove Starterpack

This is an image of a tent stove set showing one unit of stove, and various accessories.

Dimensions: 92.3″ x 14.96″ x 8.66″ | Weight: 20.94 pounds

Gstove is a well-known tent stove brand. Based in Norway and with over a decade of stove selling experience under their belts, this company knows how to make a small but mighty wood stove that will keep any tent warm.

Made from high-quality steel and heavy-duty finishings, this stove pack will help you stay warm on camping trips this winter. The legs are splinted and foldable to allow for maximum adjustability and durability. The door can be removed for ease of cleaning too, this wood burning tent stove is designed with even the most novice user in mind. GStove sells plenty of extra parts too, like pipes and legs, to make this starter pack user friendly and customizable.

The top handles can be used as a carry handle for easy transport, and can also be folded into a drying rack or to provide relief for your pans. The bottom line is this tent stove is beautifully designed, boasts a longer burn time, and is universally compatible with all tents, making this one of the best wood stoves around.

  • Elevated design for increased draw extraction.
  • Parts pack into the oven for efficient storage.
  • Removable grate.
  • Often out of stock.

7. DANCHEL Outdoor Tent Wood Stove

Close-up photo of a tent stove, body rectangular in shape with expanded sides for additional space and four metal supporting legs.

Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 18″ | Weight: 22lb

Danchel is a well established outdoor brand that has been topping bestseller lists since 2016. Created by outdoorsmen for outdoorsy people, this brand promises sturdy and sleek products that have been designed with the user in mind.

The Outdoor Tent Wood Stove is a light and portable option that will provide heat on any outdoor excursion. With a large fire-resistant door and ash scraper included, this will keep any tent warm without worrying about hard to reach cleaning. It has an ash scraper and already attached cooktop, as well as lots of other cool features to make this tent stove the perfect tool for any outdoor trip.

This product packs down well, evenly distributes heat, and is easy to clean and transport, with its heavy-duty reinforcement and high quality, finish Danchel has created a great model that has every add on you can think of already taken care of (clothes racks, cooktop, piping, quick setup feature).

  • Made from anti-rust stainless steel.
  • Flexible iron chimney pipe.
  • Speedy delivery.
  • High-end price.

8. VIRE Stove

This is an image of a V-shaped stove supported by two foldable metal legs with fire coming out of it.

Dimensions: 13.03″ x 8.31″ x 1.81″ | Weight: 3lbs

No tent stove lineup would be complete without the VIRE rocket stove. This crowdfunded company have patent-protected its innovative and lightweight design.

This wood stove is one piece, no setup required. It is a full-sized stove that packs down flat and can run solely on forageable wood sources. Its aerodynamic design makes it easy to clean and easy to transport.

it is multi-terrain and widely customizable with removable cross members and boils oil quickly and easily. Vire is made from stainless steel interlocking plates and requires no gas, or any fuel to create long-lasting and safe fires at any campsite. It weighs just 3lbs too, which makes it the lightest stove in our lineup.

The beautiful design and nearly endless fuel supply make the VIRE stove will give you the best, and for under $110, this is the best wood stove on the market for budgeting beginners and advanced capers alike and has great user compatibility.

  • Product-patented design.
  • Flatpack and lightweight.
  • Made from sturdy stainless steel.
  • Often sells out.

9. Winnerwell Woodlander Large

Image of a large silver-colored four-legged camping tent stove with stout chimney pole.

Dimensions: 25″ x 25.5″ x 10.9″ | Weight: 35 lbs

With such an attractive design and hundreds of rave reviews, we had to include the bigger version of the Winnerwell Woodlander stove. Just like its smaller counterpart, the Woodlander Large had beautiful decorative handles, a sturdy steel body, as well as spring-loaded reinforced legs for easy use on any terrain.

This stove boasts excellent draw and burn time, as well as removable parts for easy cleaning. Winnerwell has great customer service and reviews claim the delivery is fast, safe, and reliable. The body is made from marine grade steel, it’s built to last years!

There are lots of extra steel detachable pipes so you can adjust it to whatever the height of your tent maybe, making this wood stove a great addition to any campsite, and make your camp chef real happy!

  • Attractive and sturdy design.
  • Adaptable for any tent.
  • Marine-grade steel.
  • Not a budget option.

10. Ecozoom Versa Camping Stove

Close-up photo of a cylindrical tent stove in gray and black colors, with small opening at the bottom for fuel and two handles on both sides.

Dimensions: 10.98″ x 10.98″ x 12.5″ | Weight: 12 lbs

With over 30 years of rocket stove expertise under their belts, the EcoZoom Versa is a pretty unique and special little wood stove! The company is also recognized for its dedication to environmental protection, as a B corporation. This stove is a great all-rounder!

The body is a vertical, fully insulated combustion chamber, with anti-tip and slip technology and a protective skirt included. What sets the versa apart from the other stoves, though, is the innovative design, built to create no waste materials, and according to the manufacturer, needs no cleaning.

The ceramic and steel materials are all heavy-duty, reinforced, and designed for safety, with a rapid preheat your camp chef will be cooking just as good as home.

The Versa is a champion line of wood stoves that is popular with preppers and hunters alike and doesn’t damage your cast iron cookware, which you don’t have to move by tending the fire by the way!

  • No cleaning required.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Out of stock regularly.

Considerations When Choosing a Tent Stove


  • Consider your stove mass when you buy a tent stove.
  • Think about the size of your fuel, and consider the level of traveling you’ll be doing! If you have to walk for hours to your destination, you’ll want something more lightweight and doesn’t require a bulky fuel source.
  • Are you heating a tent? A large tent might require a larger firebox capacity to turn out more heat, or at least more piping for ventilation purposes.


  • Just like size, this is an important consideration for the best tent stoves. This is because camping in high altitudes will make carrying things even more exhausting, so something light and with a forageable fuel source.
  • The best choice for a backpacker would be a collapsible tent wood stoves, as they are usually able to pack into a traveling backpack, and as a product that burns wood, there is no need for a fuel tank.


  • Once again it’s important to think about the environment you’re going to be in. The best tent stoves for a snowy camping trip would need to be able to handle low temperatures while providing a solid and reliable heat source. Propane stoves, on the other hand, are better for desert environments where you might have little access to wood.
  • As the price of stoves tends to vary based on what type they are, their features, or the materials they are made from, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. If you know you mostly camp on one type of terrain, or if you will be using this to heat a tent in your backyard as a more permanent fixture, a heavy-duty stove might be worth the investment, whereas if you’re buying a stove to take backpacking for summer, you might not need to go for a sturdy high-end stove and maybe a lightweight or collapsible stove would be a better option for you.
  • As always, take twice as much fuel as you think you will need.

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