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Best Tunnel Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of a blue tunnel tent build on a grassy forest

If you’re in the market for a brand new tunnel tent, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning a fun family holiday or an exciting festival trip with friends, this article will hopefully be able to help you choose the best tunnel tent for you.

Tunnel tents always offer great protection from the elements whilst being spacious and comfortable on the inside. However, every tent has different qualities, which is why we’ve put together a collection of the top 15 tunnel tents to give you plenty of options.

Read on to delve into the world of tunnel tents and discover the perfect tent for you.

The 15 Best Tunnel Tents

1. Coleman Rocky Moutain 5 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 5 persons | Item Weight: 15.9 kgs

Kicking off the list of the best tunnel tents is the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 man tunnel tent. This tent has a classic tunnel tent design that provides loads of interior space. The tent is separated into a sleeping area and living room, but the living room can be converted to another sleeping room if you want to spread out.

This Coleman tunnel tent has a ‘pitch-in-one’ design, which means that all the components of the tent are pre-sewn together. Therefore, all you really have to do to get it up and running is insert some poles and peg down the corners down. This can save loads of time when you arrive at the campsite and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

An impressive feature of this particular tunnel tent is the inclusion of Coleman’s innovative Blackout Technology. This feature blocks 99% of daylight from entering the tent, which means you won’t get woken up at the crack of dawn like you usually do when camping. Blocking out this light also means that the tent doesn’t get super hot in the sun, and is comfortable enough to chill out in during the day.

  • Blackout Tech makes a big difference
  • Pitch-in-one design
  • Lots of interior space
  • Very popular so can be hard to find it in stock

2. Vango Odyssey 800 8 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 5 persons | Item Weight: 15.9 kgs

The Vango Odyssey 800 8 person is undoubtedly the most tunnel-like tunnel tent in this article. The tent is very large and can comfortably sleep up to 8 people inside thanks to its big floor area. There are a variety of different sleeping rooms and possible tent configurations, which makes it really easy to set up the tent just how you need it.

Although this tunnel tent is big, it offers excellent protection from the win thanks to its streamlined shape. This allows wind to blow straight over the tent and there’s no flapping material to catch any air. The windproofing is paired with effective waterproofing to ensure you are kept dry, even in the most torrential of rain storms.

With a large tunnel tent like this, ventilation is very important. Having 8 people in an enclosed space could end up feeling cramped and stuffy, but the AirZone feature included in the tent makes sure that this is not the case. AirZone creates a comfortable flow of air throughout every corner of the tent. It makes use of vents in the floor and in the ceiling to pull up cool air and release hot air respectively.

  • Impressive Ventilation
  • Great size for 8 people
  • Good waterproofing
  • Included instructions aren’t very clear

3. Coleman Oak Canyon 4 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 4 persons | Item Weight: 18.8 kgs

Our next recommendation in this collection of the best tunnel tents is the Coleman Oak Canyon. This dome tunnel tent is designed to sleep 4 people across the two sleeping rooms. Like the Coleman Rocky Mountian tent, this product also has the Blackout Tech that blocks 99% of daylight getting into the tent. This keeps the tent cool as well as letting you get some much-needed sleep in the mornings.

The tent has a large main section at the front, which leads into a sloping sleeping section. You’ll have to use both these areas for sleeping if there are 4 people in your group, but you could use the main section for storage if you have the room. The tent has a waterproof level of 4500mm, so there’s no need to worry about water leakage in any section of the tent.

A great thing about this Coleman Tent is that it is very lightweight. This is thanks to the innovative materials and fiberglass poles that make up the tent and ensure that it is easy to transport and carry around.

  • Lightweight package
  • Plenty of options for sleeping space
  • Blackout Tech
  • Sells out fast online

4. Vango Odyssey 600 6 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 6 persons | Item Weight: 17.5 kgs

We already talked about the Vango Odyssey 800 and now we have the Odyssey 600, which is designed for a maximum of 6 people instead of 8. The 600 shares some design similarities with the 800, but this tent is way more compact. This tent is definitely more appropriate for hiking trips, where you really don’t need to be carrying round a huge tent all the time.

As far as materials go, the Odyssey 600 6 person has a 700 denier fire-resistant flysheet, that has taped seams to keep out any sneaky moisture. The fabric is durable and strong and is likely to last you for years. The build quality of the materials is matched by the excellent fiberglass poles which are lightweight and strong.

A cool feature of this tent is Vango’s TBS (Tension Band System) idea, which is a unique design that aims to keep the tent stable during windy weather. This is another reason why we’d describe this tent as more of a traditional hiking tent rather than a family tunnel tent.

  • A great option for hiking trips
  • Tension band is unique and effective
  • Comfortable size for 6 people
  • Not really designed for family trips

5. Coleman Galileo 5 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 4 persons | Item Weight: 11.9 kgs

The Coleman Galileo 5 person tunnel tent is another great option if you’re in the market for a one of the best tunnel tents for camping. This tent is clearly designed with comfort in mind, which can be seen by the tent’s generous height. This means most people will be able to fully stand up inside the tent, which can make a camping experience feel way more luxurious.

Like a few of the other tents we’ve talked about, the Coleman Galilieo is divided into a sleeping area and a main porch/storage area. The storage space can be converted into another bedroom if needed, but having room to store your gear can be really useful. This is especially great when the weather is bad outside and you have to bring everything inside the tent at night.

The all season tunnel tent is well waterproofed, up to 3000mm, and the sewn-in groundsheet ensures no moisture will be making its way up from below the tent. Having said that, the tent does have an effective ventilation system, which draws cool air from the ground and releases warm air through vents in the ceiling.

  • Impressive ventilation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Generous center height
  • The tent is probably too big for a couple

6. Coleman Tasman 3 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 3 persons | Item Weight: 3.4 kgs

Here we have yet another Coleman tent, this time the Coleman Tasman 3 person tunnel tent. As you’ve probably gathered from this article, Coleman is an extremely popular brand when it comes to tents, and tunnel tents in particular. They’re known for making some of the best and most reliable camping equipment around, which means you can always rely on their products to be well built and effective.

This Coleman tunnel tent is designed with the hiker or adventurer in mind. It has a pretty low peak height which is ideal for keeping the wind off the tent and keeping you protected inside. This is also helped by the inverted and taped seams which make sure to keep any moisture out of the interior. This tent is like a miniature version of some of the bigger tents we’ve talked about, with a dedicated sleeping compartment and space in a front porched area for storage.

Another feature that makes this tent ideal for serious campers is the UV protection. This offers around 50 UPF of protection which stops the tent from getting really hot during the daytime.

  • Great UV protection
  • Very streamlined
  • Reliable brand
  • Not suitable for more than 2 or 3 people

7. Coleman Da Gama 6 Person Tent

Pack size 79 x 33 x 33 cm

The Coleman Da Gama 6 man tunnel tent is definitely one of the best tunnel tents around if you’re looking for a versatile option. The tent is suitable for families or groups of friends and is a great option whether you’re setting up camp in the mountains or at a music festival. Additionally, it has some impressive features that really make it a tempting prospect.

The first of these features is the large rain porch that attaches to the front of the tent. Not only is this a great place to sit and get some shade during sunny days, but it is also an ideal space for storage and keeps all your gear neat and tidy. This room can even be used as another sleeping room if you’ve got a few extra people staying in the tent.

As far as weatherproofing goes, this tunnel tent will be keeping everyone inside bone dry. This is thanks to the inclusion of inverted seams, rain fly, and welded groundsheet. All these components aim to keep any moisture from getting inside the tent which is obviously extremely important.

  • For a 6 man tunnel tent, it’s pretty large
  • Impressive waterproofing
  • Can be used in a range of weather conditions
  • Can be hard to find in stock thanks to its popularity

8. Eureka! Solitaire One Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 4 persons | Item Weight: 11.9 kgs

The Solitaire one person tunnel tent from Eureka! is undoubtedly the most unique and interesting option we have to show you. At first glance, it looks like no other tunnel tent we’ve seen before. The design is based around two hoops which create the tunnel, which is surrounded by mesh and a waterproof rainfly that unrolls across the length of the tent.

This tunnel tent is clearly designed to be super-efficient. It is only big enough for one person, which means the whole package can be extremely lightweight. This makes the tent particularly great for solo hikes into the mountains. The low peak height also ensures that wind blows straight over the tent, and doesn’t collect in any pockets of material.

This tunnel tent features fiberglass poles which are really strong but also light enough to be carried for long distances. The whole tent can be set up in seconds thanks to its simple yet effective design, which is always nice after you’ve spent a long and tiring day hiking.

  • Very unique design
  • Super-lightweight
  • Low center height for wind protection
  • This tunnel tent isn’t suitable for more than one occupant

9. Bora 200 2 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 3 persons | Item Weight: 4.63 lbs

Like the Eureka! tent that we just talked about, the Bora 200 2 person tunnel tent is another option with an interesting and somewhat unique design. The Bora 200 has a striking look, with steep, diagonal sides. This design isn’t just aesthetic though – it actually helps water run off the tent and directs wind over and around the sleeping room.

This tunnel tent is definitely made for trekking. It is extremely lightweight when packaged up and it is very easy to pitch. All these features suggest that this is a no-nonsense tent that you won’t have to spend loads of time setting up. This means you can focus on taking in the views and relaxing after a long day’s trekking, rather than having to fiddle with a tent.

The Bora 200 tunnel tent also has some interesting ideas when it comes to ventilation and airflow. It features oversized vents in the floor and ceiling that encourage a healthy flow of air in and out of the tent – the floor vent draws up cool air, whilst the roof vent releases hot air. This also reduces the amount of condensation that forms on the inside of the tent, ensuring all your gear stays bone dry throughout the night.

  • Very effective ventilation system
  • Lightweight when packed up
  • Attractive yet functional design
  • Made with trekking in mind specifically


10. Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 9.25 x 9 inches | Item Weight: 24.5 lbs

Our next offering from Coleman is their Montana 8 man tunnel tent. This particular tent is absolutely an ideal family tunnel tent that is one of the best options if you’re after a spacious and relaxing experience. This is truly a big tent, and can comfortably sleep 8 people without any problems.

The designers of this tunnel tent have clearly thought carefully about the weatherproofing. Not only does the tent have welded corners and inverted seams to stop moisture leaking in, but there is also a rainfly included that can be used whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. However, if you know that there is no chance of rain on your trip, then you can leave the rainfly at home to save some extra weight.

Another clever feature is Coleman’s patented hinged door. Everyone hates crawling into a tent, especially when everything is wet and cold. Having a hinged door is pretty luxurious, and can actually have quite a big impact on your overall experience. This is one of our favorite things about the tent, and we can guarantee that you’ll be impressed if you decide to go for this option.

  • Clever hinged door
  • Good size for a family tunnel tent
  • Detachable rainfly
  • Probably too large for a couple

11. Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 10 persons | Item Weight: 31 kgs | Height: 11.8 inches

If you’re looking for a camping tunnel tent for a large group of friends, then the Coleman Weathermaster 10 is definitely a tent that should be on your radar. This tunnel tent is one of the largest we’ve seen and has ample space for up to 10 people and their gear. This is probably the best tunnel tent if space is your absolute priority.

Although this tunnel tent is indeed huge, it is actually impressively lightweight. This is mainly thanks to the well-designed fiberglass poles, which save a lot of weight but are also strong enough to stand up to rough weather conditions. The material the tent is made out of is also very light, which again ensures you aren’t going to be weighed down when transporting this tunnel tent.

The tent also features Coleman’s WeatherTec System, which is made up of welded floors and inverted seams. It works to keep the interior of the tent as dry as possible, whilst also providing enough ventilation to maintain a pleasant temperature in the tent.

  • Great size for a group or family tunnel tent
  • WeatherTec system is very effective
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Very popular and sells out often

12. NTK Arizona GT 10 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 10 persons | Item Weight: 26.45 kgs | Product Dimensions : 208.68 x 96.48 x 80.76 inches

The next option of the best tunnel tents for camping is the NTK Arizona GT. Although this tent is a tunnel tent, it actually has a lot of design features that you’d usually expect to see from dome tents. For example, the main sleeping section has curved sides and a high center height for extra comfort.

When you’re looking for a tent for 9 or 10 people, you really want to be searching for something that has plenty of space. Being cramped up with a group that large can quickly feel claustrophobic. Luckily, the NTK Arizona GT maximizes space with a large sleeping area and an equally roomy front porch. If you are trying to fit 10 people in the tent, then the front porch can be easily converted into an additional sleeping room.

The tent also has impressive protection from the elements. The full-coverage rainfly is constructed out of a double layer polyester which is pretty much impenetrable. When this is combined with the tent’s sealed seams and welded groundsheet, you can be sure that you’ll be staying dry throughout the night. Despite this heavy waterproofing, the tent is extremely breathable thanks to some cleverly designed air vents and D-style doors.

  • Very waterproof but still breathable
  • Has some features usually reserved for spacious dome tents
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Too big for a small group

13. Nightcat 3 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 3 persons | Package Dimensions : 18.81 x 6.89 x 5.83 inches | Item Weight: 4.56 Pounds

If you’re looking for a great camping tent but don’t want all the stress of having to set one up, then look no further than the Nightcat 3 man instant tent. Instant tents are sometimes known as a “pop-up” or an “inflatable tunnel tent” since they are so easy and quick to set up. This tent has a simple 3 hoop design that can be fully erected in a matter of minutes.

A lot of people assume that if a tent is an “instant tent” then this must mean that it isn’t well built. This is really not the case, and some of the best tunnel tents around actually have an instant design. This is the case for the Nightcat tunnel tent, which is constructed out of a 210 dernier Oxford Fabric, which offers impressive waterproofing whilst also being breathable. In fact, the tent is rated at 2500mm for its level of waterproofing.

The tent has a very generously sized sleeping room, that has plenty of space for a king-sized airbed. This means you can easily fit 3 people into the sleeping area and use the included porch space for storage. The porch is also a great place to relax during the day – all the sides of the porch can be unzipped so that the area is well ventilated but also provides some shade during sunny days.

  • Plenty of room for 3 people
  • Impressive waterproofing
  • Very easy setup
  • Only one color option

14. Vango Capri 4 Person Tent

Max Occupancy: 4 persons | Product Dimensions : 236.22 x 104.33 x 80.71 inches | Item Weight: 47.9 Pounds

The final product in this collection of camping tents is the Vango Capri 4 man tunnel tent. If you’re looking for the best tunnel tent for your next family camping trip, then the Vango Capri is definitely one of the options you should be considering. Not only does it have a design that is incredibly spacious, but it also features a lot of great technology that will keep you protected from the elements.

The Vango Capri is the definition of a family tunnel tent. It has a long, caterpillar-like shape that is divided up into multiple sections and rooms. At the back of the tent is the main sleeping compartment, which is more than spacious enough for 4 people, which is connected to a storage/ living space area. At the very front of the tent there is a small porched area, which you could open up into the living space if you need a place to relax during the day.

You shouldn’t be concerned about weatherproofing either with this tunnel tent. It has a polyester flysheet that is very waterproof whilst also being lightweight and breathable and Vango’s patented Tension Band System is one of the best around for protection against heavy winds. Overall, this tunnel tent is one of the best on our list, and we highly recommend it to any small group or family looking for a reliable tunnel tent for their trip.

  • This could be the best tunnel tent available on the market for a small family
  • Tension Band System to protect against wind
  • PVC windows to take in the views
  • This tunnel tent is often out of stock, so you have to be quick!

Buyer’s Guide to Tunnel Tents

When there’s so many great tunnel tent options on the market choosing the best one for you can be difficult. However, there are a few things that you should think about that will help you narrow down your search. Taking some time to consider the following features will make the buying process so much easier and you’ll be able to select your tunnel tent with confidence.

Ease of Setup

Ease of setup is always something you should always look into when buying a tunnel tent. If you’re after a tent that is super easy to setup and can be done so in a matter of minutes, then an instant tent is definitely the way to go. These tents often have built in poles which means you don’t have to spend time threading them through, which saves a lot of time and a lot of stress.

Although instant tents are reliable and durable against the elements, they usually aren’t quite as protective as some other types of tent. If you want maximum protection, then this usually means that you’ll have to spend longer setting up the tent. This is because they often have extra features such as a rainfly that have to setup separately.

Overall, just consider how much time you are prepared to spend setting up the tent and choose one accordingly. For example, if you’re going to a festival for a couple of nights, then you most likey will want a tent that you can just throw up in seconds so you can spend more time doing the fun stuff.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of any tunnel tent is going to an important factor when it comes down to deciding what type of tent you need. Tents are made for all different group sizes – they range in size from 1 or 2 people to 20 people or more! This means you have to make sure to get something that is big enough for the amount of people in your group.

If you want to be extra comfortable in your tent, then we’d recommend picking up a tent that is one or two sizes bigger than what you need. For example, if there’s 4 of you in the group then perhaps consider going for a 6 person tent. A 4 person tent would be absolutely fine, but it might feel a little snug when you’re sleeping. If this isn’t a problem though, then there’s no need to upgrade.

The actual shape of the tent is also something to think about. A tall and wide tent will clearly be more comfortable – being able to stand up inside a tent can make it feel so much more luxurious. Having said this, if you’re heading out into some serious weather, then a tall tent isn’t going to cope well with any high winds. In this situation, you’d be better with a low tunnel tent that the wind can blow straight over.

Extra Rooms

Having extra rooms in your tent can make everything more organised and easier to stay on top of. Lots of tunnel tents can be separated into multiple rooms for different sleeping and storage areas. If you do want to be able to do this, then we’d definitely recommend buying a tent that is made for more people than your group size. This means you’ll have much more space to work with.

Many tents also have a screened room, usually in the form of a porch area. Screened rooms are great places to sit in during the day since you feel like you’re outside but don’t have to deal with annoying bugs. They’re also a great place to get some shade during hot days. Make sure to look out for tents with screened rooms if this sounds appealing to you.


There’s nothing worse than a tent that can’t stand up to a bit of a beating. Having a tent that isn’t durable could easily cut your camping trip short if you run into some bad weather. This is why you should always look into a tent’s durability before settling for one.

A durable tent will be made out of a strong material – typically a polyester fabric or double layer ripstop. This will ensure the tent won’t tear and sag in windy conditions and you can rely on it for protection. The tent poles are also a big factor in a tent’s durability. Fiberglass poles are the most common since they ae lightweight and strong. However, for extremely harsh conditions, you’ll probably need a tent with stronger aluminum poles.

Durabiltiy isn’t just important to keep you protected against the elements, it also ensures that a tent can be used for many years to come. Tents can be quite expensive, and you really don’t want it to be falling apart after the first use. In conclusion, durability is definitely a consideration every tent buyer should be making.

Waterproof Rating

The final thing to think about is a tent’s waterproof rating. Waterproof ratings let the buyer know how much rain a tent is going to be able to stand up to before it starts to leak. The ratings are measured in millimeters – the higher the number, the more waterproof the tent is.

Although all the tents on our list have excellent waterproof ratings, some do have ratings that are higher than others. If you know that you’ll be camping in an extremely rainy area, then definitely go for a tent with the highest waterproof rating you can find. Rain leaking into your tent is a bit of a disaster, especially if you’re on an extended camping trip.


1. What are Tunnel Tents?

Tunnel tents are a type of camping tent that are mainly designed with family camping in mind. They are typically very spacious inside with plenty of room for sleeping and storage. As you might have guessed, they usually have a tunnel-like shape, so are long and thin. This shape provides decent protection from the elements, whilst also ensuring maximum comfort on the inside.

The functional shape and spacious interior make tunnel tents one of the most popular styles of tent around. They are also usually very easy to set up and can often be fully assembled in seconds. If you do want a tent that has a super easy setup, then always look out for tents that are described as ‘instant’.

2. Are Tunnel Tents Windproof?

Most tunnel tents are constructed out of strong and durable materials that ensure cold wind doesn’t make its way into the tent. In fact, all the options on our list of the best tunnel tents are very well windproofed thanks to their high quality construction.

3. How Do I Put Up a Tunnel Tent?

This varies depending on what type of tunnel tent you buy. Some tunnel tents are ‘instant’ which means they are pretty much ready to go as soon as you get them out of the bag. You usually just have to peg the tent down which can be done in a few minutes.

The best tunnel tents will have great weather protection and features whist also being super easy to set up. Make sure to read through your instruction manual to find out how to put up your tunnel tent correctly.


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