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Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you ready for your next camping adventure?

Have you become tired with setting up regular tents, and just need something that practically sets up itself?

Have you been looking at the Coleman 6 person instant tent, but are wondering if it’s the right fit for you?

Well there’s plenty to love about this instant tent; with it’s spacious layout and fantastic price, it would be hard not to be tempted. It has become beloved by many, especially due to its super easy set up, which makes it one of the quickest instant tents for its size!

Keep in mind that there are always other things to consider when it comes to buying a tent, as it’ll become your home away from home for however long you’re staying away. Will it be big enough for me? Is there too much gear? Am I getting the most for my money?

Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing everything about the Coleman 6 person instant tent – from its poles, to its seams, to the size of its storage pockets! By the end, you’ll know exactly whether this tent will become a part of the family.

So let’s find out!

Review of the Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent


This tent is what we call a cabin style tent, because it’s got a high ceiling, 4 walls, and a big zip up door. This makes it more akin to a cabin, than any other type of tent. It’s also called a cabin style tent because it only has one room. The Coleman instant tent, boasts that it’s big enough for two queen size beds, and with enough room for up to 6 people. Making this a great little family tent. This tent is also free standing, meaning that it doesn’t need anything staked down, and can be picked up and moved around basically wherever you want it to go. The pre attached poles allow for an easy and instant setup, so it can be put up successfully, even with just one person.

The tent has 4 large mesh windows that provide excellent visibility for those scenic views, and improved ventilation to keep the inside of your tent feeling fresh. There are also 2 vents on the top of the tent, to help with ventilation but, these are covered with zips and flaps to help protect the inside of the tent from rainy weather. This is also helped by the built in rain fly and the WeatherTec system.


The Coleman 6 person instant tent has:

  • 10 x 9 ft (3 x 2.7 m)
  • 6 ft height in center
  • 90 sq ft floor space (8.4 m2 )
  • 24.9 pounds
  • illumiline reflective guy lines
  • Built-in vented rain fly
  • Mesh windows
  • WeatherTec system
  • 1 year limited warranty

Key Features of the Coleman 6 Person Tent

Easy to Set Up

This instant cabin tent is super easy to set up, and best of all it can be done by one person. It boasts an impressive 1 minute set up and this is down to the pre attached poles that come together in a handy clip in system.

Here’s the key to making sure that your set up is just as easy as the Coleman 6 claims:

  • As with any tent, even an instant one, you’ve got to make sure that you set your tent up on clear, even ground.
  • If you haven’t gone to a campsite with a pitch that is already cleared, make sure to remove any small debris to prevent damage.
  • Take the tent out of its carry bag, untie the tent and place the main pole into the middle of your pitch site.
  • Pop out the 4 main poles one by one, making sure not to stand on any of the canvas.
  • Go around and extend each pole to their maximum length. The poles are telescopic, so they will extend to the correct length when you pull them out, and will clip automatically.
  • Just make sure that you take care, as even though there’s an instant setup, you still have to be careful that the seams don’t get stretched too much, and the tent doesn’t get bent or damaged.
  • Voila! You’re tent is complete, and you can start camping!

When you’ve set up your tent, it should have enough room, head height wise, for anyone up to 6 ft in the center of the tent. Giving you plenty of room to make yourself feel at home!

Quick to Put Away

This instant tent also boasts a 1 minute put away, as you just reverse what you did to setup, as written above!

  • Try to clear the tent of as much debris as you can, making sure it’s as dry as it can be before putting it back into the bag. This helps to prevent mold and mildew forming.
  • Just simply un-clip and pop the poles back down.
  • Make sure to be careful when you’re folding them back into their original shape, to avoid damage.
  • Fold up the canvas of the tent and tie into place.
  • Carefully pack away into the matching carry bag.
  • You’re all set to go!

Again, always be careful when handling the poles and even the canvas of the tent. I know you want to get it over and done with! But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Tent Layout

The Coleman tent is an instant cabin tent.

It’s free standing, and offers just one room, but one that is spacious enough for this to be marketed as a 6 person instant cabin tent. Coleman suggests that this tent has enough room to fit two queen size beds within it’s single room, so great for a couples cosy camping adventure.

The tent also features 4 big size mesh windows, one on each of it’s walls, and one big door as an entry way for easy access. Another of its features are the two small size storage pockets on either side for your items, although unfortunately no vestibules for any extra storage.


The tent is designed to be suitable for mild weather conditions as it has a single layer design like most family style tents. However, it does boast WeatherTec, which is a great fabric addition for that all around weather protection.

If you don’t know, WeatherTec is famed for its welded floors and inverted seams, so that no water will be able to get through the seams or the floor.

The windows and the vents on the roof are a different case, as although they provide excellent ventilation, the zipper and flap closure might not be so great during intense weather. Therefore this is definitely a tent for more mild conditions.

The pre attached poles will also help with the durability, as they’ll act just like regular ones during your camping trip, but are easy to set up and down. However, as it’s a free standing tent, and not staked down, you’ll want to make sure there is enough weight in your tent when you’re not within it to make sure it stays where it is in case of high winds.

Extra Features

The Coleman instant tent also has some great extra features, including:

  • 2 small size inner zip up storage pockets – for all your important items.
  • Rugged poly guard 2x fabric – to contribute to that extra durability.
  • 4 huge mesh windows – so your tent stays airy and feels spacious and also allowing for great ventilation.
  • 2 vents on roof – for extra ventilation.
  • Easy set up clip system – stress free.
  • Carry bag – to store your tent back into, and help you keep it all together for travelling.

Top Tips for Using the Coleman Instant Tent

If you’ve not used instant tents like the Coleman instant tent before, then here are some top tips to help you get the most out of your camping experience:

  • First things first, before you use your tent properly for the first time at your campsite. A good idea would be to set it up in your back yard, if you can, to see how it works . This will allow you to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing during your actual camping trip, giving you more time to relax.
  • When you get to wherever you’re going, the best thing to do for your tent, is to find a piece of flat, even ground. Free of debris and small objects, so that your tent doesn’t get damaged and stands straight.
  • When you’re setting up your instant tent, make sure you carefully slide each leg up and down, bit by bit. This will prevent the legs getting stuck, and bending.
  • When you’re using it, during the day, make sure that the mesh windows are open, even if only for a little bit, to allow fresh air to circulate, keeping your tent smelling and feeling fresh.
  • But, also make sure that during the night your windows are closed to prevent damage in case of high winds, and so that rain won’t enter the tent.
  • Also, whilst you’re not in the tent, it’s best to weigh your tent down. As it’s a free standing tent, and therefore as it isn’t staked down, you don’t want your tent blowing away, if there are any high winds.
  • When you take your tent down, it’s best to be careful with the poles again. I know you probably want to be getting away, but after standing up for a period of time, they need just as much care, if not more, when getting packed away.
  • Be careful to fold the poles and the tent fabric carefully, in order for it to get back into the carry bag.
  • And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun whatever you’re doing during your camping adventure!

Who is the Coleman Instant 6 Suited For?

There is a lot to love about this instant tent, but the question that does remain is, is the Coleman 6 person instant tent the right tent for you?

It seems to be an excellent choice for a family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 children. The cabin style room would be big enough to hold 4 sleeping mats, with some extra space for shoes and items. A great idea would be to put in some bunk-beds to utilise the space, and with the center height up to 6ft, this wouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

Even though this is called a 6 person instant tent, if you were to purchase this tent for 6 people, it would just be recommended for sleeping. Even then, there wouldn’t be too much room for your individual sleeping spaces.

It’s definitely for a car camping trip, so the car is another storage option, as even though this tent has extra storage pockets, they wouldn’t really be spacious enough for 6 people.

It would also be a great tent for 2-3 friends, either for a festival, or for a cute little weekend away, as it would then be very spacious. However, even though Coleman suggests their 6 person instant tent can fit two queen size beds within it, it doesn’t leave much space for storing anything else. So even if you are purchasing this tent for 2 people, queen size airbeds might be a bit too big, unless of course this tent is just for sleeping.

Our Verdict

The Coleman 6 person instant tent has many different features that make it stand out from other tents on the market. Not only is the set up of this tent fantastically easy, it is also easy to pack away and store as well.

It’s got great fabric that increases durability and helps protect against bad weather. Even if the mesh windows and air vents on the roof might not be able to protect against the worst weather, it’s still got great protection against the elements.

The cabin style room is spacious, although perhaps not for the 6 people it’s intended for. However, for the price, if you’re a family of 4, or a couple of friends wanting to get away, this tent could be the tent for you. So, whatever your next camping adventure is, keep the Coleman 6 person instant tent in mind, as the next addition for your camping fun.

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