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Fenix vs Nitecore Guide & Reviews

Flashlight enthusiasts will always be on the lookout for high-quality flashlights, and knowing the leading brands and what they can offer will make the difference between finding a good light, and a great light.

Comparing brands can be tricky because different lights will have different qualities, but we want to help you find out a bit more about them.

We will be finding out a bit more about who Fenix and Nitecore are, the kind of lights they manufacture, and we will also be looking at some of our favorite flashlights from them for 2021.

By the end of this, you should have enough information to make up your own mind about who wins the Fenix vs Nitecore battle, and we will let you know our opinions along the way too.

Who is Fenix?

As a subsidiary of the Chinese brand Fenixlight Limited, Fenix has been on the go since 2001. They design, manufacture, and produce a range of flashlights popular among customers in the military and law enforcement, and security worldwide.

Their lighting solutions include everything from headlamps to lanterns as well as cycling and outdoor sport lights.

The award-winning company is known for the quality of its LED lights that offers high-quality performance. As well as working to a high standard, they are made to withstand the elements and are very durable.

What flashlights does Fenix specialize in?

Fenix has an extensive and versatile range of lights that are perfect for outdoor use or everyday carry.


Fenix has some impressive lightweight, compact lights ideal for everyday use at home or on the move.


The Fenix range of outdoor flashlights is made to withstand all weather and be durable enough for a bit of rough and tumble.


Their high-quality LEDs allow for a bright output making some of their models ideal for search and rescue operations.


The high-quality beam and versatile lights make Fenix lights perfect for hunting in all terrains.


Used by the military and law enforcement officers worldwide, Fenix tactical lights guarantee a great performance.

What is the battery life like on a Fenix flashlight?

Fenix flashlights are known to be efficient and, depending on how you use the lights and what power setting is selected, the battery life should be of a good standard.

Which Fenix Lights are recommended?

Fenix TK72R

This rechargeable Fenix flashlight has an impressive maximum output of 9000 lumens and can reach up to 300 yards.

One of the most impressive things about this light is that you can choose the brightness level by moving up or down in increments of 100 lumens. this gives you much more control compared to a light that can only offer high, medium, and low settings.

The OLED display also lets you know the battery level and remaining runtime for your level.

It is also dust and waterproof, allowing use without the worry of damage depending on your environment.

The USB charger can also power other devices making it an extremely useful bit of kit if you are somewhere without many resources.

One downfall is that it can get hot, so hopefully, we see future editions that take this into consideration and offer a solution.

Dimensions – 5.91″ x 7.87″ x 7.87″‎ | Weight – 14.5oz | Highest Output – 9000 lumens

Fenix LR40

When you need a bright light in a search operation, the Fenix LR40R is perfect. Emitting up to 12000 lumens that can reach as far as 700 yards, the light combines a spotlight to focus on a certain area, while the floodlight can give you a wider view.

The USB charger is extremely fast. You can fully charge the light in just 3.3 hours, and it is versatile, meaning other devices can be charged using this.

The battery level indicator is a great way to keep on top of how much power you still have left in the light, and the durable build means it is perfect for being outdoors. The body is made with aircraft-grade aluminum with an anti-abrasive finish.

We took away from this light because it is actually quite small and manageable, considering its output. Compared to similar lights, this is a lot more portable, which is a big plus for us.

Dimensions – ‎6.06″ x 2.01″ x 3.15″ | Weight – 17..6oz | Highest Output – 12000 lumens

Fenix Outdoor LD30 ARB-L18-3500U

When it comes to buying an EDC light, the main focus is on size, weight, and performance. The Fenix LD30 ticks all those boxes.

The compact light is very handy and light, making it easy to carry when you don’t need it and simple to use when you do.

The pocket clip can be adjusted to attach to your body or visor for hands-free use, and the battery is long-lasting.

A maximum output of 1600 may not be the brightest light we will ever review, but it is great output for a light of this size.

We noticed when speaking to people about EDC lights that you tend to use them while you are doing things, and dropping them is quite common. These lights have been tested on drops of up to 1-meter, and it is also waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters.

This is a great choice for everyday carry and because it is so reliable, one of our favorites.

Dimensions – 4.29″ x 1″ x 0.85″‎ | Weight – 2.08oz | Highest Output – 1600

Fenix PD40R V2.0

The Fenix PD40R’s 3000 lumens beam is impressive in comparison with similar products on the market. It emits a warm white light and has 4 power levels making it very versatile.

The rechargeable USB port makes it really easy to charge from different devices, and the USB-C socket is waterproof.

If your location has extremes of temperatures, the Fenix PD40R might be for you. It can be used in temperatures from -35 up to 45 degrees and is also waterproof up to 2-meters in depth for as long as 30 minutes.

The pocket clip and flat tail switch give it versatility for hands-free use making this a great addition to any home.

Dimensions – ‎5.43 x 1.31 x 1.31 | Weight – 4.1oz | Highest Output – 3000 lumens

Fenix Flashlights, Fenix PD Series

The versatility of the Fenix PD CR123/18650 has helped to maintain its popularity as it is equally as effective as a tactical flashlight as it is being used around the home.

The low price is a big factor here as it would usually be a red flag for a low-quality light, but it really delivers.

A solid build and IPX-8 waterproof, this is a great light for someone on a budget who needs a useful light around the home, lighting up paths, or finding your way around a campsite at night.

Dimensions – ‎7″ x 4″ x 2″ | Weight – 3.2oz | Highest Output – 340 lumens

Fenix Pros and Cons


The beam quality is always impressive, and they usually have good charging capabilities. disappoint.


Sometimes the build quality can feel a bit like a cheaper product, and switches can be difficult to use.

Who is Nitecore?

Nitecore is an award-winning, innovative lighting brand that has been manufacturing products for over 14 years.

Winning the American IDEA, German iF Design Award, the Japanese G-Mark (Good Design), and the Red Dot Design Award really shone the spotlight on them, and they have continued to impress since then.

Nitecore is among the elite and has worked with the fashion and lifestyle brand Supreme and the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics when it comes to partners.

Their commitment to outdoor activities puts them in the ideal position to design and manufacture flashlights for everything from outdoor lighting solutions to military and industrial use.

What flashlights does Nitecore specialize in?

As well as carrying a great range of accessories, batteries and other illumination solutions, Nitecore has some excellent flashlights to choose from for all your lighting needs.


Nitecore carries a range of flashlight sizes, ensuring some excellent everyday options are lightweight and convenient.


Made to withstand the weather, Nitecore flashlights are also extremely durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. Whether you are out in the wilderness or fixing your car in the rain, these lights will be up to the job.


Search operations require powerful, reliable lights. Nitecore lights are a great option for this as they can emit a powerful beam and withstand the elements.


Nitecore specializes in hunting lights and even has specialist hunting kits that include a charger, battery, tactical ring, weapon mount, car adaptor, remote switch, holster, lanyard, and color filters.


Many of their tactical lights are used by the military and law enforcement worldwide, and they have a reputation of being high-quality and reliable.

What is the battery life like on Nitecore flashlights?

Nitecore develops and manufactures its own range of batteries, especially for its lights. These purpose-made batteries are extremely efficient and can provide a great battery life.

Which Nitecore Lights are recommended?

Nitecore TUP

The Nitecore TUP is an impressively designed, compact light that can fit on your keychain for the ultimate convenience.

Coming with an OLED display that shows you the brightness level, lumens, voltage, runtime, and more, it is a brilliant option for everyday use.

The impressive 1000 lumen output can be modified with 5 brightness levels in total, and you can even lock it to save it from accidentally turning on when traveling and wasting your battery.

The pocket clip is perfect for hats, backpacks, and pockets, and its robust aluminum body makes it impact-resistant up to 1 meter.

This unique design is one of our favorites because it looks great and is also really functional.

Dimensions – ‎‎2.76″ x 1.16″ x 1.16″ | Weight – 1.87oz | Highest Output – 1000lumens

Nitecore Concept 2

The Nitecore Concept 2 is an extremely bright option that can emit up to 6500 lumens, a beam distance up to 435 yards. This is because of the 4 CREE XHP35 HD LED lights.

The 5 settings give you flexibility and allow you to choose how bright you want your light to be. This allows you to use the light more efficiently with the ultralow mode emitting one lumen for as long as 2000 hours.

Despite the power, this is still a compact option that fits easily in your pocket. You can also use the belt holster or built-in pocket clip.

The light is weatherproof and robust and can be submerged in water up to 2 meters making it the perfect outdoor accompaniment.

Dimensions – 4.42 x 1.57 x 1.57‎ | Weight – 16oz | Highest Output – 6500 lumens

Nitecore SRT7GT

The Nitecore SRT7GT tactical flashlight is an upgrade of the Srt7 and comes with a Cree xp-l hi V3 LED for a powerful 1000 lumen white light that has a beam distance that can reach as far as 1500 feet.

With a simple twist, you can switch between red, blue, white, green, and UV outputs thanks to the third-generation Nitecore smart ring technology.

The body is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with a military-grade hard-anodized finish making it extremely durable. It can resist drops of 1.5 meters and has an ipx-8 rating making it waterproof up to 2 meters.

It can be mounted to weapons and uses a tactical tail cap on-off mechanism.

Dimensions – ‎6.22″ x 1.57″ x 1.57″ | Weight – 6.1oz | Highest Output – 1000 lumens

Nitecore P12Gt Flashlight

The CREE XP-L LED on the Nitecore P12GT produces a maximum output of 1000 lumens that has a beam distance of 350 yards.

The compact design and pocket clip make this a lightweight, everyday carry option that is perfect for camping, hiking, and the home and popular with the military and law enforcement.

Using the tactical tail-cap switch to switch the light on, you then have the option of 4 lighting modes offering up to 1 hour of 1000 lumens, 5 hours 15 minutes of 280 lumens, 28 hours of 55 lumens, or an incredible 520 hours at 1 lumen.

The light is durable and ipx-8 waterproof, giving you peace of mind when using the light in different environments and conditions.

Dimensions – 6″ x 1″ x 1″ inches ‎ | Weight – 6oz | Highest Output – 1000 lumens

Nitecore EA41 Explorer

Easy to carry and with the ability to reach 376 meters thanks to the 1020 lumen output, the Nitecore EA41 is a brilliant light.

The Cree XM-L2 LED produces an impressive beam, and the light features a new dual switch design for easy use. This kind of light is perfect for use around the home or outdoor use camping, hiking, security, law enforcement, and the military.

The aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body is hardwearing and robust, impact-resistant up to 1.5 meters, and is ipx-waterproof up to 2 meters.

The light comes with a holster, lanyard, and spare O-ring making it a great value option.

Dimensions – ‎4″ x 2″ x 2″‎ | Weight – 6.4oz | Highest Output – 1020 lumens

Nitecore Pros and Cons


Great prices and probably make the best flashlights for those on a budget.


O-ring’s could be improved for better protection.


Both are leading brands and have such a great range of lights and accessories that it is really tough to call when it comes down to the Fenix vs Nitecore argument.

We were really impressed by Nitecore and their dedication to making sure you have everything you need for your light, and the hunting kits were are a great idea.

Fenix lights have a slightly better design and UI than the Nitecore flashlights. But, when it comes to price, Nitecore is a little bit cheaper than Fenix.

When it comes to the lights, we preferred some from each but might have to go with Nitecore on this one purely because its site seems to help and make sure you are fully covered and can offer the highest performance for the lowest price, that is not to say that there aren’t some Fenix models that we love too.


What light accessories are made by Nitecore?

Nitecore accessories include whistles, helmet mounts, holsters, bike mounts, tactical lanyards, gun mounts, headbands, and much more. They have a huge range to shop for, and they make sure you have everything you need for your light.

What light accessories are made by Fenix?

Fenix offers a vast range of batteries, pens, knives, and branded gear, from hats to lanyards. They also stock a great range of rail mounts, headbands, and carry gear.

Do Fenix or Nitecore make batteries?

Both brands design and manufacture their own brand of batteries. This is perfect when buying a light from either brand as you will know that the power source has been designed specifically for the tech you are using.

They both offer a great range of batteries for you to choose from so no matter what light you choose you will have options.

It is worth noting that the efficiency and highest performance possible from the batteries are dependent on the brightness modes selected when using your light.

Lights come with the capability and functionality to adapt to most situations so taking the time to work out the features of your light and use it to the best of its ability will help the overall battery life.

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