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Fenix vs Olight Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Fenix and Olight are arguably two of the most reliable and trusted suppliers of extreme lighting, from industrial purposes to outdoor adventures.

Both brands offer an array of high-quality and high-tech products that guarantee to survive the most extreme surroundings, whilst also incorporating handy mod-cons, making your overall experience as hassle-free as possible.

Research is an absolute necessity when looking to invest in lighting that is required to be reliable in extreme environments. We’ve provided a simple yet thorough breakdown comparison, so you can decide which products will best meet your needs.

Who are Fenix?

Fenix are a globally renowned brand, providing specialist lighting to over 100 countries. With products ranging from flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lamps to camping lamps, and a wide range of compatible accessories, Fenix provides its customers with a wide array of choices.

Law enforcement and rescue teams trust in their products, so you can be assured Fenix lights are of the highest quality.

With 20 years of experience, Fenix’s flashlights are great for EDC, the outdoors, and hunting – and the list doesn’t stop there.

Their products have all been tested in extreme environments, such as 2m below water, -35 to 60 degrees celsius, and a 2 tonnes automobile crash test – it’s clear to see why Fenix is trusted internationally.

Fenix’s mission is self-explanatory to what they stand for as a company – providing “lighting for extremes”, which combine excellent performance with great prices.

What flashlights do Fenix specialize in?


Fenix’s EDC (everyday carry) range is a brilliant way to easily access high-quality light. With their compact size, suitable as a keychain carry, their EDC products are a must-have for easy-access daily use.

EDCs are designed to be accessible, but that doesn’t mean they don’t impress. With battery lives of up to 200hr, a maximum range of 240m, and a maximum brightness of 3,000 lumens, Fenix’s EDC range are not to be underestimated. EDC lights also offer rechargeable features and USB charging ports, allowing you to power the way you prefer.


A flashlight for outdoor use requires some additional features in order to sustain its durability – such as being waterproof.

All of Fenix’s outdoor flashlights have the highest IP (Ingress Protection) value of IP68, allowing them to still operate after 2m water exposure for approximately 30 minutes – whilst also having the expected long battery life and brightness.


Search and rescue flashlights rely on cutting-edge technology and durability – with searches often occurring within extreme environments, such as remote areas, having a high-quality light is an essential requirement.

With a maximum of 300 hr battery life, 1130m range, and 18000 lumens, Fenix’s search and rescue range offers nothing but high-performance where it is most required.


Fenix’s hunting flashlights meet the needs of any avid hunter. With different color modes, including red, green, and white, Fenix’s hunting range has been created with success in mind.

Other design aspects, such as the tail switch’s positioning, allow your hunting to be optimized to the max – you’ll never miss a target again.


To further demonstrate the quality of Fenix lights, they are trusted by the military through to law enforcement as a source of lighting equipment. The Fenix tactical flashlight range is of both high-tech and design, ensuring precision with their patented dual-function modes.

Fenix’s tactical range is also multi-functioning and well suited to hunting, as well as search and rescue.

What is the brightest Fenix light?

The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. The new LR80R is Fenix‘s brightest flashlight, with 18,000 lumens at maximum output.

With the LR80R being 5,000 more lumens than their two second brightest flashlights, the brightness of the LR80R is on another level.

Which Fenix Lights come recommended?


A popular Fenix EDC is the E30R. Despite its size, it is high-performing, powerful, and durable. The E30E has 5-lumen modes to suit your various needs whilst also having a lock-out feature to prevent any unwanted battery wastage and a handy pocket clip.

The E30R can be recharged within 3 hours with a magnetic port that holds strongly in place.

Dimensions – ‎3.90 x 0.85 x 1.00 inches | Weight – 1.80 oz (exc batteries) | Highest Output – 1600 Lumens


Within their product range, Fenix also supplies headlamps, with the HL60R being an all-around must-have. The HL60R has 6 different modes, including a red option and a USB-C, allowing you to recharge.

This headlamp is the perfect combination of being robust and lightweight. Whether you’re climbing or exploring, this headlamp allows you to see clearly, whilst also being hands-free.

Dimensions – 3.42 × 1.81 × 2.00‎ inches | Weight – 4.27 oz (exc batteries) | Highest Output – 960 Lumens


A frequently purchased Fenix bike light is the BC30R, largely due to its digital display screen allowing you to clearly track the battery power. The BC30R also comes with a switch, which can be placed next to the thumb area of the bike handle to provide easy access to change the settings.

With 5 different settings, a flash, and a dual-distance beam, you can enjoy your ride whatever the time of day.

Dimensions – ‎ 4.49 x 1.99 x 1.25 inches | Weight – 7.82 oz (exc batteries) | Highest Output – 1800 Lumens


A reliable camping lantern is an absolute essential. The Fenix CL30R is rechargeable and also allows for other devices to be charged from its USB output. With a handle on top, the lantern can be easily handled or hung up, as well as having a mount for a tripod beneath.

The CL30R is also a lantern that can be used inside if necessary, with the ability to easily light a room.

Dimensions – ‎3.66 x 5.35 inches | Weight – 14.52 oz (exc batteries) | Highest Output – 650 lumens


The TK16 V2.0 flashlight is an upgrade from the second version of the original TK16. Its dual tail switch helps to make controlling the 5 lighting modes, plus strobe with alternating frequencies, that bit easier.

The stainless steel bezel around the tip also has three TÜNKERS steel breaking tips, which can be used for self-defense or for breaking glass. The TK16 V2.0 is also be recharged from a micro USB cable.

Dimensions – ‎ 5.63 x 1.34 x 1.00 inches | Weight – 3.95 oz (exc battery) | Highest Output – 3,100 lumens

Fenix Pros and Cons


Without a doubt, the main pro with Fenix is its consistency in delivering high-quality, durable products. Each product has been well thought out in how it will be used by its customers and within the surroundings it will be used in.

Fenix also offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty, where repairs or replacements will be made free of charge if they fall within the warranty. As well as this, when researching different features, Fenix’s website presents all the relevant information clearly and concisely.

If you’re looking for a company that sells an array of great lights that have been tried and tested in the most extreme environments, Fenix will not disappoint.


Fenix offers a wide range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable products. Whilst rechargeable means more sustainability and fewer future costs, AA batteries can be more easily accessible and initially cheaper to purchase. Depending on how your personal charging preference, this may or may not be an issue.

Fenix products can tend to be at a higher price than their competitors. However, the quality of the products can mean that the investment works out at being more cost-effective in the long term.

Who are Olight?

Olight is one of the most recognized brands within the lighting market, whose experts are constantly innovating and improving to ensure their customers have access to the best lighting products. With over a decade of experience, Olight is known for its cutting edge technology to provide competitive product ranges within convenient and compact sizes.

Providing quality lighting from everyday use, search and rescue to tactical, Olight’s ability to meet a wide variety of needs demonstrate their expertise and knowledge on great lights.

What flashlights do Olight specialize in?


A reliable EDC flashlight for everyday use is an essential that every household needs. However, this does not mean that light quality and overall design have to be compensated.

Olight supplies a collection of keychain flashlights and multi-function penlights to suit your everyday needs, all with a range of modes from full beam to moonlight mode. With the option of purchasing lights that can be recharged.


Olight’s outdoor flashlight range offers a variety of options depending on your needs, whether you are taking a hike or going on a camping trip. Olight supply handy camp lanterns, ball lights, and headlamps, as well as a range of powerful bike lights.

Outdoor products can, of course, be used inside as an essential backup if power is ever lost.


Lighting power is a fundamental requirement of any search and rescue product. Olight offers their highest brightness product within their search flashlight range, reaching 25,000 lumens, 7,000 more than Fenix’s highest with their LR80R.

Their products also have high IP ratings, including IPx8, allowing for 3m water submersion for over 30 minutes.


Olight’s hunting flashlights showcase their ability to compete at the top of the market, with a 1,300m beam distance spotlight. With features such as dual tail switches and large battery capacities, Olight’s hunting flashlight range goes above and beyond meeting basic practicality needs.


Olight’s tactical lights are trusted and used by a variety of law enforcement and public safety institutions. With their tactical range, including laser lights in red or green, and with impressive drop tests, Olight’s tactical range can be relied upon when you need it most.

What is the brightest Olight light?

Olight’s brightest light is the X9R Marauder High Lumen Flashlight, reaching an unbeatable 25,000 lumens with a 630m beam reach. 7,000 more lumens than Fenix’s highest lumen.

Which Olight Lights come recommended?

OLIGHT X9R Marauder

The X9R Marauder 25,000 lumen is easily one of the most talked-about flashlights, and with good reason. With a side switch operation and brilliant ergonomic design, this flashlight not only has great performance but is comfortable to use.

With 6 LED and reflectors, the Marauder can reach 620m in distance. This flashlight is also rechargeable with a useful battery life indicator visible to users.

The Olight X9R Marauder is widely praised and worth every part of its price – turning night into day.

Dimensions – 12.6 x 3.94 x 22.4 inches‎ | Weight – 65.43 oz | Highest Output – 25,000 Lumens


The Olight Obulbs are a trendy, fun addition to your lighting collection that is easy to charge from their magnetic micro USB cable. Whilst they are not the brightest Olight light, they can have multi-function use.

From decorating your camping or general outside area with their choice of colors, they can also be used as a signaling tool for breakdowns, attaching to your car with its magnet.

Obulbs, whilst small, are also tough – with a drop test of 1.5m and an IPX7 rating. This little light is a brilliant addition to your household.

Dimensions – ‎ 1.89 x 2.13 inches | Weight – 2.05 oz| Highest Output – 75 Lumens


A useful lighting product, particularly for camping or search and rescue, is a reliable headlamp. The Olight Perun 2 is a favorite, with it being Olight’s brightest right angle light that can be used either hand-held or a hands-free headlamp. With 2,500 lumens and a beam distance of 168m, this light demonstrates size doesn’t always determine lumen power.

The Olight Perun 2 also has a great running time, with the 120 lumens for everyday general use lasting nearly a full day (18 hrs). The multi-use function of the light, along with its features, makes it a brilliant investment.

Dimensions – ‎ 4.75 x 1.13 x 1.06 inches| Weight – 5.68 oz| Highest Output – 2,500 Lumens


The Olight Seeker 2 Pro is one of their flashlights with the most features. Features include a useful lock-out option, which is helpful in preventing unwanted batter usage. The Seeker Pro also has a timer light option, where you can choose to have the light on for a select period of time.

This EDC allows for a wide range light-beam instead of a hot spot that can be controlled from its side switch.

The Seeker 2 Pro is also rechargeable with a waterproof rating of IP8X.

Dimensions – ‎ 5.04 x 1.38 x 1.1 inches | Weight – 6.98 oz | Highest Output – 3,200 Lumens

OLIGHT Open 2 Light Pro

A penlight is a brilliant way to combine two useful, everyday functions into one product. The Olight Open 2 Light Pro is an improved, lighter version of the original. With an impressive 120 lumens, this EDC is a perfect addition to your everyday use.

The pen-to-paper application is smooth, with the smaller size feeling comfortable to hold, as well as a refill of the gel ink also being included within the packaging.

Dimensions – ‎ 5.7 x 0.5 | Weight – 1.34 oz | Highest Output – 120 lumens

Olight Pros and Cons


Olight are one of the go-to brands within the industry due to its ability to provide durable and innovative products time and time again. Olight also offers a variety of warranties from 2 to 5 years, including a 30-day money-back guarantee on most of their products. There is also a reward system, ‘O-Fan-Club,’ where points can be redeemed for lights or accessories.


Whilst Olight is a relied-on and trusted brand, they have slightly less experience than other brands, such as Fenix.

As well as this, when researching product descriptions and using the Olight website as a point of reference, the layout and way key information is displayed are not always clear and concise.


Fenix and Olight are two well-credited lighting brands offering their customers excellent display results from their products.

Research into specific lights is required to ensure your purchase will meet your own personal needs; however, buying from either brand will likely result in a satisfying purchase.


What light accessories are made by Olight?

Olight has over 50 light accessories, including magnetic charging ports for multiple devices, holsters, bezels, and a wide range of batteries.

What light accessories are made by Fenix?

Fenix has over 45 light accessories, including headlamp headbands, storage bags, lanyards, and a wide range of batteries.

What are the similarities between Olight and Fenix?

Both Olight and Fenix are trusted globally. They also both provide a wide range of high-quality and reliable products, with similar prices.

What are the differences between Olight and Fenix?

Fenix as a brand has more experience than Olight and tends to appear more sophisticated, from their website through to their products.

However, as technology continues to evolve and develop, this is likely to fluctuate as both brands continue to innovate and determine further expertise that they can be identified with.

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