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1TAC HL1200 Headlamp Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This is the HL1200 headlamp with orange-black colored headband, LED lens facing front.

What Makes This Our Highest Performance Headlamp

For most backpackers, hikers, travellers, and adventurers, a headlamp is an essential tool. And even at home, a quality headlamp can prove to be a very convenient tool. The market is full of various brands of headlights but finding a reliable one is often the task. In this piece, we are going to look at HL1200, a quality headlamp produced by 1Tac.

The HL1200 Tactical Headlamp

Image of the HL1200 headlamp with box and accessories beside it.

This is a 10-Watt, high power tactical headlamp that features a unique solid-state U.S-made CREE XML2 LED technology. For those who don’t know what Cree is – Cree is a patented led light technology that is unrivaled by any other LED light. Seriously… This has the highest light output power out there!

This new technology generates 20% more optimum output than XML T6, the standard technology used by other brands. The CREE Led headlamp is trusted by firemen, military, police officers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts from across the world.

The headlamp comes with the qualities a user would expect of any durable and reliable military-grade tactical headlight. This is an incredible all-round headlight for use not only in the outdoors but at work and around the household as well.

Key Features and Specifications

The HL1200 Tactical headlamp comes with three light modes: High, Medium, and Strobe. The battery box (which also happens to serve as the headlight’s battery charger) displays a light indicator for whichever mode the headlight is using at a time. Below is a list of other features of this unique product.

– LED emitter;

As noted the headlamp comes with a CREE XML2 LED technology. The LED light beam can be focused at five different ranges depending on the zoom a user wants (x1, x250, x500, x1000, or x2000).

– 100k hours lamp-life;

The bright headlamp is rated, by experts, to last for up to 100, 000 hours. That’s about eleven years and some months. To an average user, this is almost a lifetime for a headlight.

– Highly durable;

1Tac uses aircraft-grade anodized aluminum material and O-seal rings making the product tough and durable. It is thus protected from damage as a result of drops, corrosion, impacts, and scratches.

– Weatherproofing;

The HL1200 Tactical Headlamp comes with an IP65 weatherproofing standard that protects it from dust and water. With an IP65 rating, the light is waterproof meaning you can use in the outdoors even when it is raining.

– 90-degree tilt;

With a 90 degree tilt, the HL1200 headlight is fully adjustable which increases the range of illumination. To make things even more comfortable for you, the headlight has a three-way adjustable headband.

– Concentrated convex lens;

For perfect illumination, the headlight has a concentrated convex lens, the 1200 lumens ultra-bright Cree XML2 LED.

– Batteries included;

The product comes with two free 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries plus three different chargers: one for the car, one for USB-charging, and the other for the wall electrical outlets.

– Over-heat protection;

This function helps avoid high temperatures of the surface to ensure that the headlight is not damaged by extreme temperature levels.

The headlamp also has a digitally-regulated output which maintains constant brightness. So unlike similar products that get dimmer when used for extended periods, the HL1200 will have the same brightness levels even when left on for long periods.

A package set of HL1200 headlamp on a white background.

Why Buy HL1200 Tactical Headlamp?

I choose this headlight as the best because besides offering you reliability and high performance, it comes with many other advantages which include the following among others;

• The headlamp, as noted earlier, is trusted by military and police officers, hunters, firefighters, and outdoor officers around the world.

• It is suitable for any condition or activity.

Whether you want to go fishing, hiking, camping, or you just want a reliable source of light for road safety; the HL1200 will serve you best. And because of its weatherproof feature, you don’t need to worry about the weather because the light works just fine even in water.

• The headlight is highly durable.

Apart from being encased in a material made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the product has a Premium Type III Hard-Anodized Anti-abrasive finish. Its ultra-clear glass lens is also toughened and has an anti-reflecting coating, features that make the product even more durable and reliable.

• Compact design and ultra-lightweight

The HL1200 is designed such that carrying it with you shouldn’t be a problem. It is compact enough to fit in a small backpack or bag. And since it a headlamp, it is important that it is ultra-lightweight, so you don’t quickly get tired of it on your head.

It also has a very simple operation. It has an on-off switch for choosing your brightness from the three brightness levels available: Medium, High, and Strobe.

It is also worth noting that the manufacturer assures customers of 30-day money back guarantee. So in case you are not happy with the headlamp’s performance, or you found something wrong with, you can return it and get your money back.

• The headlight is amazingly bright.

With the 1200 lumens, you have an amazingly bright headlamp. The CREE XML2 LED technology generates 20% more maximum light that the standard XMLT6. The serious-level 1200 lumens brightness is often required for such specialized jobs as police and military, search and rescue. Not so many headlamps achieve this brightness level, but this one does.

This is an image of lumen comparisons.

What Sets HL1200 Apart from Similar Products?

The first thing that sets this world-class flashlight apart has to be the 1200 Lumens that produce serious-level brightness. Very few brands have been able to achieve this rating. On average, the HL1200 is up to 25 times brighter than normal headlamps. In addition, unlike competitor products, this headlamp maintains constant brightness for extended periods. The second is the IP65 standard rating which means that the light is protected from water and dust.

Again, unlike other products, the 1Tac HL1200 is highly resistant to wear. Materials used in making it protect from scratches, impacts, corrosion, and drops. It also has the over-heat protection function which also contributes to its durability. It also has three powerful light modes (Medium, High, and Strobe), which most competitors don’t have.

On their official website, the manufacturer says that they are currently offering a 75% discount, as well as, free shipping on the HL1200. Take advantage of this offer while it is still available and get yourself this reliable and durable.

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