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How to Get rid of Mosquitoes in the House

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When it comes to mosquito season you’re more than likely to run into these pests on a frequent basis. It doesn’t matter how many times you swat them away with your hand, they will keep coming back. So how do you get rid of mosquitoes in the house?

Luckily there are a few tactics we can implement to keep these annoying mosquitoes away. I mean they are not just annoying, they carry deadly diseases too and anything carrying potentially life threatening diseases needs to be addressed.

Now don’t worry we’re not going to tell you to spray chemicals all around the house, who wants that?

Although some chemicals like deet are a huge repellent to mosquitoes, it’s quite a harsh chemical that shouldn’t be used willy-nilly. Chemicals like deet can cause irritation with humans, dogs and other pets too.

Personally I’m not a fan of having the air in my home infused with chemicals sprayed with the intention of deterring mosquitoes. I want my air and water quality to be top-notch.

So below you’ll find a lot of natural tips for deterring mosquitoes. Tips that are less intrusive and don’t require your house being turned into a chemical warzone.

So keep on reading if you want to find out the best ways of deterring mosquitoes from your family home.

10 Tips On Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House

1 – Best Solutions for Mosquitoes

First up on the list is the most obvious one. We can physically stop mosquitoes from entering the household by ensuring all gaps and cracks are fixed up. Obviously if it’s a hot summer day you’re going to have the windows open but we will come to that later.

Bugs and insects enter your house by the smallest of gaps, sure a gigantic open window makes it easier but if where there’s a will there’s a way. Why do insects love coming indoors? Insects will do anything to regulate their temperature.

So if your house is cold during summer then you’re likely to see a bug or two. If your house is warm during winter, mosquitoes will likely be trying to find a warmer place to lay eggs.

Or they are just attracted to the multiple human beings living inside.

1.1 – Screens

So we recommend getting some window screens for the windows that you open the most.

If you already have screens, check them for tears. I swear, the smallest of tears are big enough for these pests to get through. They will find it and you won’t know until they sink their 6 needles deep into your skin.

Check for tears and if you find some, repair them. You can use a simple patch kit.

1.2 – Doors

In some older houses there is often a gap around the exterior door – i can bet bugs and insects frequently use this entrance to your house.

Here’s a tip, look at your door and if you can see daylight come in around the door you know mosquitoes can get in.

Buy some weather or door stripping and apply it as soon as possible. These aren’t expensive and provide other benefits such as keeping animals like mice out and providing better insulation.


Now that you’ve addressed the bigger problems, it’s time to move onto repellents. All we’ve done so far is make it hard for them to come into the house. It doesn’t mean they won’t try.

I’ve already told you, I’m not a fan of chemical-based repellents like deet. Although it is effective, I’d rather use it as little as possible.

2.1 – Ultrasonic Bug and Pest Repellent

The first thing on the list is the Ultrasonic Bug Repellent. These have been on the market for a while but they are becoming smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

Do they work? Yes, they do. You need to realise that there is no repellent that repels 100% of the mosquitoes in the area. These ultrasonic bug repellents work by emoting a very high radio frequency that mosquitoes, bugs and even mice hate. It is very unpleasant for these animals and most will steer clear.

It is worth noting that animals like dogs have the ability to hear sound at a much higher frequency than us. That being said there is no evidence that these ultrasonic repellents affect animals.

I’m a big dog lover so if anything upsetting my pooch it goes. From my experience the dogs haven’t been bothered by them at all. Even if they could hear them it didn’t seem like my dogs really cared.

If you do get one, test it around your dog. Look at their manner, is it confused? Is their head tilting? Are they running around trying to figure out where this noise is coming from? Are they barking or whining? Look at their ears, are they flat back?

Obviously, if they are, this option has to go. They will not get used to it and it would be cruel if you tried to make them.

2.2 – Camphor Oil

Camphor oil has been found to have great effects on repelling mosquitoes. With this tactic all you have to do is light camphor oil in a room and keep all the doors / windows closed. After 10 to 20 minutes the room will have the Camphor Oil scent in it. This natural oil will repel mosquitoes because of the smell. They absolutely hate it but unfortunately you might too.

Other benefits of this oil are better breathing and it’s often used as a herbal solution for muscle pain too.

2.3 – Tulsi

Tulsi is an indian herb that has been used to effectively keep mosquitoes away. It is also a useful herb that can be used to treat mosquito bites. We recommend placing a Tulsi shrub near your window. We’re not too sure why but mosquitoes won’t come near it!

2.4 – Dry Ice

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Female mosquitoes have cells called cpA neurons. These cells have a receptor that detects carbon dioxide. Now dry ice emits carbon dioxide too, so all you have to do is place some dry ice in a container and place it away from your house.

The mosquitoes will be attracted to that instead. It’s a clever trap, you could even close the lid and kill the mosquitoes too. This is obviously a time consuming method though.

2.5 – Garlic

As we all know, garlic has a strong smell. Strong enough that even mosquitoes hate it. In fact this is one of the most effective methods on this list. Crush some garlic cloves and place them into some boiling water. After they’ve boiled for a bit, put the garlic water into a spray battle.

You can now spray this around the room to deter any pesky mosquitoes.

2.6 – Mosquito Traps

We’ve already spoken about one mosquito trap but here’s some more. Cut a plastic bottle in half. Then add brown sugar into a bowl of hot water. Once the mixture cools down place it into the bottom half of the bottle and add some yeast.

Now put the funnel bit of the bottle (the bit with the lid) into the bottom half. So that the lid part is facing down into the mixture. Make sure the bottle cap is off. Tape this all up so it’s nice and secure. Then place the trap into an area outside prone to mosquitoes.

2.7 – Basil

Basil is another great natural solution to keeping mosquitoes away from the home. It has some very useful repellent properties that are strong against mosquitoes. The best way to use it is turning it into a topical essential oil and applying it to your skin.

2.8 – Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil (also known as melaleuca oil) has a lot of medicinal properties that makes the oil very lucrative. The smell of this oil will keep mosquitoes away. Just put a few droplets into some water and apply it onto your skin.

If you’ve already been bitten, this oil can be used to treat bites to. Like I said it has many healing properties and will take the itchiness out of your bite.

2.9 – Coffee Grounds

If you find stagnant water around your house, you should sprinkle some coffee grounds in it. If there are any mosquito eggs in the water, the coffee grounds will force them to float to the surface which will deprive them of oxygen and will kill them. Stagnant water is the worst for attractive mosquitoes! Kill them before they are even born.

If you use any of the above remedies properly, you will find mosquitoes won’t even give you the time of day. Your house will be mosquito free if used correctly. Obviously you need to use a combination of solutions because each one isn’t 100% effective.

It’s also worth noting that the above techniques will keep other pests at bay too.

3 – Buy a Mosquito Zapper

We’ve already written an article about the best bug zappers on the market but its worth a mention in this article too. If you really want to get rid of mosquitoes at home you should also have a zapper to kill these bloody things! This is obviously not a natural solution but it is a bloody effective one.


You’re not bringing chemicals into your house though – which is always a plus. So in my opinion a zapper that keeps my family safe is well worth the money.

4 – Make sure the garden isn’t a breeding ground

There are some things you can do outdoors to keep mosquitoes away too. To be honest, if you’ve got some of these outdoor problems it doesn’t matter how many indoor solutions you have, you’re going to get overwhelmed with mosquitoes.

You have to get rid of anymosquito breedinggrounds outside the house. No seriously, this is the most effective way of keeping your house mosquito free.

A welcoming environment outside might have:

  • Standing water in the form of puddles or potholes.
  • Dirty gutters that cause pools of water to form after it rains
  • Pools of water forming on places like old tires, tarps, buckets or anything where water can gather.

You should ensure that any water landscape has fresh moving water too.

If you do all of this, you will greatly reduce the chance of mosquitoes entering your home.

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