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Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image of the Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag with flipped side, exposing the inner insulated part.

When it comes to hiking or camping, the first things you will be thinking of taking with you on your journey is a good quality sleeping bag and an easy pop up tent. Nowadays the choice is huge and with so many down bags to choose from with different features like, down quality rating, lining fabric, whether it is waterproof and most importantly the pricing it can be overwhelming for a first timer.

To make the search easier for you, today I will give you a complete review of the Kelty cosmic down 20. The Kelty cosmic down 20 is regarded as one of the best 3 season sleeping bags around and for a very affordable price compared to other models, no wonder people are raving about it. Whether your an experienced hiker and know a thing or two about down bags or its your first time backpacking looking for a quality down bag that will keep you nice and warm at night for little over 100 bucks, the cosmic down 20 has it all.

This cosmic down 20 has a down rating of 600 and only weighs little over 2 pounds which is extremely light when comparing to the size of it. The Kelty cosmic down 20 will keep you warm as toast even at minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior of the bag is made with quality fabric called 50 down polyester taffeta liner, which feels like satin sheets on your skin. The shell is completely down proof which means it resists down feathers poking through.

Kelty cosmic down 20 Overview:

This is an image of a Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bag in blue and gray color, with orange-color insides.


  • Weight – The weight is only a mere 2lbs 8oz which is light. Anything less than 3lbs is considered lightweight for a backpacking sleeping bag.
  • Length Size – The cosmic 20 comes in 3 different sizes. The small down bag has a length of 167 cm, the regular has a length of 183 cm and the longer size has a length of 198 cm.
  • Material – The shell materiel is made of 20D Nylon Taffeta with PFC-Free DWR, which means its soft but yet durable. The inner material is made of 50D polyester taffeta liner, which is perfect for a comfortable nights sleep.
  • Insulation type – The cosmic 20 uses insulation called 600 fill power dridown, which is basically water resistant and health friendly.
  • Temperature rating – You can feel comfortable and warm in the kelty cosmic 20 as it has an EN lower limit rating of 19 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Draft Collar – The draft collar in the kelty cosmic 20 helps to keep the cold out and the heat in, as it has a comfort hood which helps to keep the warmth circulating around your head.
  • Zipper style – The cosmic 20 zipper is the entire length of the bag and has a dual-slider, plus a locking zipper with anti-snag design.
  • Price range – It is possible to get your hands on the Kelty cosmic down 20 for as little as $139 when it is on promotion and up to $170 when it is not. Considering the stylish design, the light weight materials, the top reviews and how warm it will keep you during the cold nights, it is one of the best purchases for down bags.


There are several areas to cover when looking at a down bags performance. Here I will go over what makes the Kelty cosmic down 20 the best mummy bag on the market.

Warmth is the most essential factor when picking a down bag and the cosmic 20 has it, thanks to new and improved 600 fill power dridown material that you will find throughout the sleeping bag, plus the unique insulated draft tube and the polyester taffeta liner construction material makes this bad super warm.

Bag weight and packed size are also considerably low compared to other budget friendly bags. The compression bag packed down to 8.7 liters in volume which is the size of a bowling ball, and it weighs in under three pounds so you won’t even notice it in your backpack.

Versatility and ease of use is also one of kelty cosmic down 20 strong points, as it features high quality 600 fill dridown feathers that help the bag dry quicker in rainy days and with a durable water repellent coating you will stay completely dry. The zipper adjustments are easy to use to help you keep the bag nicely ventilated with the Dual-sliding zipper and anti-snag design. There is also a convenient stash pocket compartment for stashing your mobile phone.

The liner is made from 50 polyester taffeta which is a time tested form of polyester known to imitate the feeling of silk. It has a pleasant, smooth feeling to the touch. Best of all, it is excellent at evaporating moisture making it breathable. If you are prone to night sweats while sleeping this may be the right liner for you.

The shell is made from 50D polyester, which will help extend the life of the bag for years to come. The shell is reinforced with crosshatched, interwoven threads which gives the liner a tough feel and makes it much harder to snag or tear than traditional polyester shells. Plus, the quilt-through design means the down will not move around too much inside, which will help to prevent cold spots from forming.

In-depth look:

Here we will look at the design of the Cosmic down 20 and how effective it is to use. This Kelty cosmic down 20 is a traditional mummy bag, which means it can cover almost your entire surface area leaving a small hole for you to breathe. It boasts a thermal comfort hood which covers your head, with two drawstrings to zip the hood close to your face.

There is one drawstring on top which can zip the bag toward your forehead, and another drawstring along the neckline which can pull the bag toward your chin and around your cheeks. This keeps you well insulated and prevents you from losing heat through your scalp. The hood also has a draft collar, which you can choose to flip up and better cover your neck and face, which will help prevent any cold spots from seeping into the bag.

The Cosmic 20 has a helpful dual zipper system that is well designed to optimize your personal temperature control. When you are feeling a little bit hot, you can simply slide one of the zippers up to get some ventilation near your legs. The zipper is almost full length stopping just above the foot box. Even if you zip the top down for ventilation, but don’t want the whole top to open up on you simply use the included velcro strap to keep the neckline connected.

It also has a draft tube running all the way along the inside of the zip. Which is a great feature to have as other downs bags for camping neglect to insulate this part which lets the chilly air seep in overnight. The Kelty cosmic 20 also uses an anti-snag fabric, which will prevent the zippers teeth from catching any of the polyester shell which can be frustrating when this happens.

The Kelty cosmic 20 features four small loops inside which allow you to customize the bag with compatible Kelty travel liners. If you need to make the insulation stronger, or enhance it with extra moisture wicking, the Cosmic 20 can accommodate many different kinds of extra liners. These liners are easy to clip into the four internal loops, which is a great way to prevent the liners from shifting around as you sleep.

There are also four external sleeping pad security loops, which are useful to attach to another sleeping pad underneath. Once again, this helps your rig stay put even as you roll around in your sleep. There are two external hang loops at the base of the bag, which let you hang the bag up to dry or to air it out.

Basically the Kelty Cosmic down 20 is good for many reasons and not just the amazingly cheap price. This is a straight forward mummy style bag for three seasons. Although it is not ideal for heavy winter temperatures such as minus 15, it is great for the rest of the year. Furthermore, its extensibility options allow you to customize the bag with more thermal lining, if you want to beef it up for colder temperatures. However serious mountaineers that like braving the cold below 19 degrees Fahrenheit should look at Kelty’s warmer options.

The Kelty Cosmic Down bag is a budget friendly option for most hikers, campers, and backpackers in search of some thing versatile, durable, and comfortable. You can find various offers on the internet for all Kelty cosmic down bags.

Buyer’s Guide:


The Kelty Cosmic 20 is rated for three-seasons, which means it is intended to be warm enough for spring, summer, and fall, when night time temperatures can drop below freezing in some regions. Although this is probably not warm enough for the heavy winter conditions, it is versatile enough to use almost all-year round. It is warm enough for most seasons, yet not so insulated that you will overheat in the summer. It can get a bit hot in warmer conditions, however if you vent the side zipper you should be good.


The Kelty cosmic 20 is light weight, weighing in at 2lbs 9oz (regular size), making it a low-profile addition for any backpacker. Although not the lightest three-season down bag around, it is among the lightest within those at a similar budget. For campers and backpackers who don’t need the most ultralight options, the Cosmic 20 should do the trick. The 600 DriDown fill is nice and airy, giving a pleasant feeling of weight to the sleeper while still feeling breathable and soft.


Kelty cosmic down 20 uses the EN (European Norm) comfort rating system for all Kelty down bags. This is a rigorous testing process which gives a rating to the optimal temperatures for various bags for sleeping in. The Cosmic 20 clocks in at a tested lower limit of 19 degrees F, which is the lowest temperature at which a warm sleeper will feel comforatble in.

Pack down size

In a compression sack, the Kelty Cosmic down 20 packs down to a volume of 8.7 liters. That’s about twice as large as some high end 20 degree down bags. By comparison, it’s a pretty bulky bag. Even though it might not be the most compact bag, the Kelty cosmic 20 is easily small enough to use for backpacking.


The Kelty cosmic 20 is a rather versatile bag. The zipper goes 3 quarters of the way down the bag which is good for letting excess heat oot in hotter temperatures. The comfort hood is great for keeping the heat in when colder weather comes about and with anti snagging design the zip will never get stuck. The bag also comes with a very handy stash pocket on the side for storing your phone or flash light.


Dollar for dollar, the Cosmic 20 is probably the best value down bag on the market. It is a legitimate 3 season hiking bag from a quality name brand manufacturer. It packs down relatively small and is light enough to carry in your backpack. There are of course more expensive down bags available on the market but for the price of $139 (when on promotion), that is to be expected as kelty had to make sacrifices somewhere in order to stick to this price range and still providing high quality.


Looking on the market and seeing what is our there for quality and price, there are some that are really pricey (even when on sale) at over 400 bucks. When you think that these bags are made of nylon material, feathers and a few zippers here and there it is a lot of money.

So the conclusion is that kelty cosmic down 20 is one the most reasonable of purchases to make when thinking of buying a down bag, even though it is not the highest rated on test results as other high end ones. The Cosmic’s performance serves just as well for any standard hiker or camper.


Are Kelty sleeping bags good?

Kelty make some high quality sleeping bags at an affordable price. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single down bag, then you will not find much better than Kelty. The Kelty cosmic down 20, 40 and 0 series bags are worth the money, when you compare them to other three season down bags in the same price category, it becomes abundantly clear these models offers a lot of quality for your money.

With 50D Polyester taffeta liner they are super soft as silk on your skin and a durable 20D Nylon taffeta shell. These mummy bags are comfortable enough to give you enough wiggle room when sleeping, and with its 600 fill Dridown material you will be nice and warm in cold temperatures.

How do I wash my Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag?

After spending a few days to a week backpacking or hiking, there may come a time when your kelty cosmic down bag is looking a bit dirty and smelling like sweaty feet. When that time comes, no need to fear, as you can wash your bag. No matter what Kelty cosmic bag you have, the more gentle you can be, the better.

It is always recommend that you either hand wash your bag or send it to a facility with industrial sized washers that specialize in washing sleeping bags. You do not want to dry clean your bag or throw it in a washer if possible because that can be too aggressive and increases the risk of damaging your bag. Overall, it is better to be safe and hand wash your bag. To do so, you will want to have a clean bathtub or other large waterproof vessel to work with.

For specific instructions on washing the Kelty cosmic bags at home:

  1. Zip up the bag and turn it inside out
  2. Fill the bathtub with warm water
  3. Add in specific down soap, check instructions for the correct amount
  4. Gently massage the bag to force water/soap through it
  5. When it looks clean and smells better, squeeze the water out of the bag
  6. Empty the bathtub and re fill it with clean water
  7. Massage the bag again in the clean water until all the soap has disappeared
  8. Once it looks clean, squeeze the bag until most of the water has came out

For specific instructions on drying the Kelty cosmic bags at home:

  1. You can either air dry or tumble dry your bag on a delicate cycle with low or no heat
  2. If air drying, hang it delicately where it will get good ventilation and limited wind and sun
  3. When your bag is nearly dry, you will need to gently pull apart the clumps of feathers to ensure there are no major bunches of feathers all clumped together
  4. If you want to use a large front loading dryer to dry it, make sure it is on low speed with no heat
  5. Once your bag is nearly dry, you can toss in a few clean tennis balls to help fluff up the down and break up any clumps of feathers that may have formed during the washing process.

Is down or synthetic sleeping bag better?

When it comes to choosing a down or synthetic bag and which is best for your needs, it has always been a big debate as each one has there different qualities. The down sleeping bag might be the most expensive of the two, although it also offers many more benefits over the rival synthetic bags.

Synthetic sleeping bags are much more affordable and they are also quite versatile, but they do lack the heat retention and the comfort that you will get in the down sleeping bag. There are still many of them that will be perfect for temperatures of up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and they are much lighter and can easily be strapped to backpacks without you even noticing that you are carrying the extra weight.

Synthetic materials will dry out much faster when they do get wet and this will be a great advantage over the down bag. They are also waterproof and are in general perfect for not keeping moisture inside, which means there will not be the issue of sweating. Synthetic bags are much more affordable than their down counterparts, because the materials used for them are widely available and also can be found in a variety of colors and in more stores.

Down bags are definitely much more insulated as they are designed to withstand much colder temperatures. They have a fill power which means the density of the down and the higher the density per square inch, the warmer you will be. The down bags are designed for sub-zero temperatures and they are sure to be perfect in the snow.

In the past down bags were not exactly waterproof and synthetic were definitely ahead in that respect, but most manufacturers have now added DWR(water resistant substance) to help ensure that the down bags can stay dry. Washing them can be tricky also and can take much more work getting them clean and dry than the synthetic ones.

They are also very versatile, and as a serious backpacker, you might find yourself needing something small, lightweight, and compact for your backpack. The great thing about most down bags is that they can be folded up and packed into the size of a football.

Down bags are considerably more expensive than synthetic ones as the material they use costs more to make them, plus they are also made from strong denier nylon and this will give you added durability.

Both synthetic and down bags are good and have their own qualities and weaknesses. What it would come down to is where you are going and how much you want to spend. If you are strapped for cash and are not going somewhere in minus temperatures, then the synthetic bags will be perfect for you. If you don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars on a sleeping bag and are going camping in cold temperatures then the down bags are what you need for comfort and quality.

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