Here we have our lighting section, we have a range of different types of lighting for survival and tactical situations. From the latest flashlights that light the way, whether outdoors at night in nature or deep in underground caves.

We also have a range of headlamps in this section which are ideal for those who need lighting in situations where light is essential.

Lighting is essential for the outdoors and in times of darkness.

This is an image of a man fixing his shoelaces on an icy ground wearing the Black Diamond Storm at nighttime.

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Black Diamond Storm | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Black Diamond as a company have a great reputation for producing high-quality outdoor equipment. They have been on the market since 1950, meaning it has years of experience in designing product’s with the user always at the heart of the work they do. All of their products are crafted with intrinsic design features, not just...

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Close-up photo of a man wearing a hat and the Black Diamond Spot 325 headtorch on a dusky setting.

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Black Diamond Spot 325 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Have you been looking for the perfect head torch, whether you’re on a nighttime adventure and need to see where you’re walking on a trail or hike? Or maybe you’re a keen camper and need to walk to the toilet facilities during the night. Having a good headtorch is essential. It keeps your hands free …...

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LED flashlight shinning at night with a black background

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Best Led Flashlights | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you trying to find the best LED flashlight to add to your survival kit? A flashlight may not be a top priority for you, and why would it? We have lights all around us – so why should you carry one around with you? The fact is, it only takes one power outage, overnight …...

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a man using a flashlight outdoor at night, outdoor theme

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Best Flashlights | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Easily one of the most versatile and highly reliable gadgets any outdoorsman or regular camper will need is the trusty old flashlight. With its ability to provide light in night-time situations as well as it’s to communicate using Morse with search and rescue teams – few tools offer as much versatility. But what are the...

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man wearing camouflage cap with hunting headlamp

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Best Hunting Headlamps in 2020

The hunting season isn’t that far away, so there really isn’t a better time to invest in some new gear. There are a few things to think about, does anything needs replacing? Are there any other pieces of equipment that might be worth purchasing before hunting begins. Can you really say I own the best …...

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man using a flashlight. Milky Way on Ice Lake in Winter Grassland

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Best CR123A Flashlight in 2020

When it comes to flashlights for EDC, a lot of people prefer AA flashlights. AA batteries are affordable and you can find them pretty much anywhere in the world. So this tends to make them the number one choice for a lot of preppers. However they leak and won’t last long term whereas Cr12a batteries …...

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Solar Camping Lantern with a forest in the background


The Best Solar Camping Lantern 2020

There’s nothing better than a hassle-free camping trip. A weekend away completely isolated from city life. Nothing but the sounds of nature and that feeling of clean fresh air being inhaled. Sounds great right? To successfully accomplish the above, you’re going to have to ensure you’ve brought the right equipment. One vital...

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Man standing outdoors at night in tree alley shining with flashlight.

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10 Best EDC Flashlights in 2020

So you want to find out what the best EDC flashlight is in 2020? A flashlight is an essential piece of kit for your everyday carry collection. There are a lot of reasons an EDC enthusiast would require a light and we’ll cover them throughout this blog while helping you choose the perfect light for …...

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Photo of a black tactical gear and led flashlight.


What is a Tactical Flashlight

When people think of a flashlight, they might associate it with their use when there are power outages or just at night time. What people fail to realize is their potential use in everyday life. It is only when one forgets to carry one that they become vulnerable when they need one the most. One …...

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man shining his headlamp and Setting up a fishing line, Russian River, Alaska


Best Headlamps for Fishing in 2020

Fishing during the night is quite possibly the most entertaining way to partake in the sport of fishing. Because it is in fact nighttime there is usually very little noise around to disturb your activity. This makes night fishing extremely peaceful and gives plenty of time to relax from an increasingly stressful lifestyle. One of...

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