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Msr Hubba Hubba Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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If you’re a seasoned camper you’ll know that your backpacking tent can make or break your adventure. The best backpacking tent will make your trip way more enjoyable and will offer you a safe place to shelter if the weather suddenly turns, and let’s face it, it can be unpredictable!

A good quality backpacking tent should offer you a home from home feeling and at the same time be lightweight and easy to carry. Creating a tent that ticks all of those boxes is no easy task. However, a whole 15 years ago, MSR designed and manufactured one that was so functional, it became their bestselling model every season.

The MSR Hubba Hubba has become a true icon in the camping world. With its features continually being updated and advanced over the years, it’s revolutionized the backpacking tent. But, is it the right tent for you? How do you know if it’ll be suitable for your particular camping adventure?

In this review guide, we aim to find out more about this amazing invention. We’ll look at how well it performs and its unique features and functions, so by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know all about the MSR Hubba Hubba tent. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the review.

Msr hubba hubba Overview:

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Specially designed for campers who need a tent that’s packing loads of features into a small, lightweight, and easy to handle package. This tent epitomizes livability, from its non-tapered floor that provides even more space to its built-in stake-out loops that make the setup even quicker and easier!

No matter where your camping adventure takes you, the three-season MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent will make your trip even better, allowing you to explore in comfort. Weighing just 3Ib 7oz this tent is seriously light! This is exactly what you want in a backpacking tent and the Hubba Hubba definitely delivers.

Tall people rejoice! Hubba Hubba NX features great headroom and space to spread out too. The two generously sized vestibules provide space for storing gear. The two big StayDry doors have clever built-in rain gutters and a cross-ventilating rainfly for extra protection.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up and pack away. The unified hub-and-pole system has a color-coded system to make setting the tent up an absolute breeze. The incredibly compact compression stuff sack makes it straightforward to put away too!


Ventilation is one of the big features of this tent, and as a result, it performs exceptionally well as a three-season tent. The generous amount of mesh in the top of the tent makes the MSR Hubba Hubba NX awesome at providing great airflow.

For even more airflow, the creators at MSR added optional vents on the rainfly, that can effectively eliminate humidity in all weather conditions, leaving you more comfortable. Because the vents are lower down, it means you can open them even in a light rain shower, keeping you cool but without affecting the waterproofness.

At first glance, the fabric of the Hubba Hubba may raise a few eyebrows. The 30 denier floor and the 20 denier rainfly may seem very thin, but that’s very tough for an ultralight tent. It boasts a thick and substantial floor and it’s very resistant to tears and rips. This is a lightweight tent that was built to last!

In-depth look:

If you really inspect the tent and take note of all of the incredible features it has, you’ll see how diligent the engineers at MSR are. That’s a sign of good craftsmanship and their attention to detail is something that they’ve become renowned for.

As mundane as it may sound, the stuff sack is one of the most popular and much-loved features of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. Once you’ve used it, you’ll see why! When you’re backpacking, you want and need convenience and that’s exactly what this stuff sack provides.

Unlike other stuff sack designs, this one has a big opening on the top and a cinch to pack it all down tightly, simple and convenient! Another thing that MSR understands is that little details matter. Quite often, they’re overlooked and this really shows that MSR always goes the extra mile with their products.

The Hubba Hubba NX features YKK zippers that are incredibly easy to operate, no more stiff zippers that you have to battle to open! Although the small details matter, so do the big ones as well.

The large, D-shaped doors make it easy to enter and exit the tent and the large side-entry vestibules really boost this tent’s livability. This configuration is even more useful if you’re camping in a pair. You can both come and go from the tent without disturbing each other, particularly at night.

Other great details and features include the gray rainfly that blends in well with most settings and also allows a lot of natural light in. Mesh pockets and 10 small but great quality anodized aluminum stakes add extra convenience to the tent.

Buyer’s Guide:


If you hate the painful task of setting up your tent, then you’ll love the MSR Hubba Hubba NX’s super easy pole structure. The freestanding design and unified-hub and pole system make putting it up incredibly simple. It can even be done with just one person, perfect if you’re a solo camper!

Simply lay the tent out flat, place the pole sections together and into the corners, then attach everything into place using the handy clips. The ingenious color-coded poles are super useful as they allow you to align the rainfly with the body of the tent perfectly.

The Easton Syclone poles are specially designed to flex and return straight back into shape during strong, gusty winds. Unlike solid aluminum poles that will bend permanently in the wind and likely snap, Syclone poles are resilient and ultra-strong.

The layout features a single-hubbed pole that runs along the top of the tent, before splitting at either end. The ridge pole in the center opens up the tent’s interior by creating walls that are vertical, making the whole structure of the tent stronger and more rigid.


If you’re a seasoned backpacker, you’ll know the importance of waterproofness. An effective waterproof coating will allow you to camp whatever the weather. However, it can be tricky to get it right with ultralight tents. The fabric used in these tents breaks down the waterproof coatings faster because of a natural process called hydrolysis. This results in the fabric becoming sticky and worn down.

However, expert MSR tent engineer, Terry Breaux worked tirelessly with scientists to create a formula to add to the tent’s fabric. And so, the Xtreme Shield waterproof coating was born! It’s specially designed to prevent hydrolysis and it will last three times longer than regular coatings.

Thanks to Xtreme Shield, your tent’s fabric will be protected, thus prolonging its life and weather resistance. The MSR Hubba Hubba NX proudly boasts this amazing coating, making it the toughest and most durable tent that MSR has created.

You can be sure that this model is incredibly gifted at coping with a variety of weather conditions and it’s able to stand up to high winds and driving rain.


The MSR Hubba Hubba NX is great at balancing amazing features with also being ultra-lightweight. With a weight of just 3lbs 7oz, it sits right in the middle of the lightweight category. Although you can find lighter models, they may use fabrics that are thinner and of inferior quality. They also won’t offer the generous interior space that the MSR Hubba Hubba does.

Whether you’re camping as a duo or solo, the Hubba Hubba NX combines great features and resilient materials in a tent that’s easy to carry. Not only is it incredibly lightweight, but it can be reduced to a packed size of around 18 inches in length, for ultimate convenience and practicality.

As a backpacker, choosing a shelter that’s lightweight and easy to carry is vital to having a fun and enjoyable adventure. You’ll probably be moving around a lot and this means setting up and packing the tent away multiple times a week. A tent that’s heavy and bulky will make life very hard for you and this is where the MSR Hubba Hubba NX comes in!


The Hubba Hubba NX has been designed with amazing details, from its durable grommets to the useful reflective guy lines. As a backpacker or backcountry explorer, you can expect the comfort and safety you need for those camping adventures.

Back in 2014, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX underwent a dramatic upgrade. Rain gutters were added to the door to further increase its weather resistance, more storage pockets were added and it was given a gray rainfly. Five years later it was given further improvements and throughout its many upgrades, the Hubba Hubba NX held onto its famous reliability and durability.

The Hubba Hubba’s revolutionary Easton Syclone poles also add to its amazing design. Constructed from composite materials, Easton Syclone poles are pretty much indestructible. They are designed to flex and return to their normal shape in windy conditions, making your tent a lot more reliable.

Working closely with Easton, MSR brought these poles to the tent market to provide campers with a reliable, sturdy shelter. Although aluminum poles have their place, the Syclone poles mean you can be safe in the knowledge that your tent isn’t going to collapse in the middle of a bout of windy weather.

When it comes to weather resistance, this tent doesn’t fail either. The raised bathtub type floor will prevent any leaks, the poles will stop your tent from disappearing with the wind and the waterproof rainfly will keep you nice and dry.

Pack down size

A much-loved feature of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is the compression stuff sack. Thanks to the large opening it’s super easy to stuff the tent into it. It’s a lot easier than most designs, where you would have to painstakingly fold the tent and carefully slot it into the end of the sack, which is incredibly inconvenient!

The stuff sack is easy enough for beginners to use and the straps allow you to pack it down to just 6 x 18 inches. Made from lightweight but tough materials and despite its name, you don’t need to stuff the tent back into it! The handy grab handle is the cherry on the cake with this super useful feature, showcasing the attention to detail that MSR is famous for.


If you’ve been backpacking for a while, you’ll know the importance of a good quality, sturdy tent. A bad quality shelter can instantly ruin your whole trip, after all, who wants to sit in a damp, leaky tent? Unfortunately, the best backpacking tent will come with a higher price tag.

It’s wise to think of a tent as an investment, if you buy a cheap and low-quality model, it’s likely you’ll have to replace it every year, or even every season! This can work out a lot more expensive in the long run. Whereas, if you opt for a slightly more expensive model initially, you could have a few years of use out of it.

The high-end price of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX may not be realistic for the casual backpacker who only makes the odd trip once or twice a year. However, if you’re a serious backpacker this model will be worth every penny. The higher price tag will buy you comfortable and roomy interior space, a cutting edge pole system, and insanely easy packability.


Whatever you have planned for your next adventure, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is sure to please. From long-distance motorbike rides, week-long backpacking trips, or just general countryside exploring; this tent is a perfect choice.

Quick and simple to set up and take down, lightweight enough to haul around, and tough enough to last you for many years even with rough usage, this tent is sure to exceed your expectations. This is the perfect all-in-one tent for those who don’t want to buy several varieties of tents to suit each adventure.


Are MSR Tents good?

One thing you want to be sure of when you purchase your new tent, is that thought and care have been put into it. MSR is passionate about creating amazing products and the Hubba is no exception. It all started back in 1969 when Larry Penberthy, an engineer, and mountaineer from Seattle, started a one-man mission to create reliable and safe climbing equipment.

He believed that there was a lack of easily accessible and safe equipment out there and that notion still inspires the MSR team today. And so the revolutionary camping and outdoor brand Mountain Safety Research was born. From the tough ripstop nylon fabrics and strong tent poles to the ingenious Xtreme Shield waterproof technology and stuff sack, MSR tents are of exceptional quality.

Where are MSR tents made?

MSR is a proudly Seattle-based outdoor equipment brand, committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and intelligent equipment. Their passion and craftsmanship mean that their customers are always kitted out with the latest and most durable gear possible.

MSR products are manufactured in the company’s Seattle facility and many product ideas are still hand-made in manufacturing lines just below where they were dreamt up. You can be sure that your new shelter is proudly an American product through and through.

Not only are they a proud American brand, but they also believe in respecting the outdoors by creating sustainable and long-lasting products.

How do you fold a Hubba MSR?

Once you use the Hubba Hubba two-person tent, you’ll see why it’s the best selling model the world over. Not only is it a firm favorite, but it’s also incredibly versatile. The award-winning design cleverly balances excellent performance, effective weather protection, and comfort. Not only that, but it makes for an incredibly easy setup and take down process.

Thanks to the revolutionary stuff sack, you can say goodbye to awkwardly trying to cram your shelter back into its carry bag. The large opening and cinch strap allow you to seamlessly pop the tent into the stuff sack and compress it down to make it easy to carry with you.

When it comes to packing the tent up, it’s best to lay it flat and roll it up, so it slots into the stuff sack easily. Any poles can be slotted to the side of the tent and the footprint rolled up neatly and placed on top of the main tent body.

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