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MyMedic First Aid Kit

This is a photo of the MyMedic first-aid kit laid around the kit bag at the center,on a white background.

Medical equipment is so important to have to hand in case a tragic accident occurs. That is the belief of MyMedic who launched their business after a family member bled to death while waiting 40 minutes for the EMS services to arrive because no one at the scene had access to a medical pack.

MyMedic is a family business in the United States, whose sole objective is to save lives and give other families who need help the chance they never had. Emergency accidents are by nature, always unexpected, so this company wants everyone to be prepared with a medical kit and medic first aid training. Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that most people are not prepared for these emergency accidents because no one ever thinks it will happen to them or their families. The service MyMedic is providing is the ability and power to prevent a loss of life, with a medical pack via free shipping.

MyMedic offers 12 different supplies of First Aid kits, as well as 14 types of MedPacks. The company prepares you for every type of emergency that can happen, from bleeding to trapped airways to pain relief, and is also offering full PPE and essential equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read on to learn the promising attributes of the MyMedic medical pack, and how it could impact your family.

MyMedic is composed of a 16-person team based in the United States, who work in customer service selling various items so that in the case of a collision you can use emergency preparedness material. Whether you are driving to or from work, enjoying spending time outside, or remaining home, it is better to have peace-of-mind knowing that you have instant access to a medicinal kit, which this family business knows the reality of only too well. In that horrible scenario, and you need help, having access to a medical pack is what this brand excels in, and promises to heal injuries and any damage caused.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of disasters being a surprise, you may not have any way to reach a hospital or any medical professionals, and so it is a good idea to have a medical pack of some kind at hand in case disaster strikes. This may be your only chance of survival, so it is a matter that should not be taken lightly.

Look at it as an adventure: you may actually have the opportunity to save someone’s life, which is an honor as well as a serious medical achievement. It is a good idea once you have ordered the medical pack, to teach your friends and family how to use it so if a circumstance arises where you are in danger, you can all act accordingly. It is a great idea to have a complete and high-quality medical kit in multiple different locations, such as inside your home, in your car, in your travel bag, and anywhere else you think is appropriate. The best brand to seek out for your new kit is MyMedic.

Examples Of Their Products

Image of the MyMedic first-aid kit bag with various emergency stuff in it.

As mentioned above, there are 12 different types of support kits on the REI website available in the United States, including the MyFak First Aid kit, which is currently selling on the Black Friday sale for only $84. The company also provide MedPacks for everything from finger cuts, to an upset stomach, to bleed stoppers. Among these items, are supplies for clearing your airway, stopping bleeding, healing burns, providing hydration, general medication, the outdoors, and for specialty scenarios. They also provide accessories like a pen light, gauze pads, nitrile gloves, bags, cases, and books on the REI website too as part of your essential medical kit.

This brand has one sole mission: to ensure that every single person in the United States has access to a complete and high-quality kit at all times, no matter the scenario.

There are many different variations of this company’s medical kits, but the most advanced kit is the MyFak kit. All of the company’s products share one thing in common: each is designed to supply a complete first aid kit within a compact bag that is easily transportable and can be used whatever the weather and by any person who has trained in attending to accidents. The bags themselves are high quality and come with handles that can be easily slung across your back to be carried like backpacks. There are so many different things that can go wrong in a disaster, which is why this first aid kit is so spectacular because it caters to every kind of injury.

The company started following a tragic misfortune when a member of the family who runs the company was struck by a semi-truck. During the 30 minutes it took for an ambulance to arrive on the scene, someone did stop to try and help, but unfortunately, they were not privy to a first aid kit in their vehicle. This kit would have undoubtedly saved this family member’s life.

MyMedic set out to change this common state of affairs and the result is they are now considered one of the premium first aid kit manufacturers on the market today in the United States.

MyMedic First Aid Kit Advanced

The most advanced First Aid kit that this company offers out of all its accessories in the United States is the MyFak First Aid kit. Currently, this kit is on a Black Friday sale of $84 from $120, making it seem all the more irresistible.

Key Features:

This first aid kit is rated 5 stars, based on 679 reviews and 27 Q A reviews. It is available in the United States at a basic level and an advanced level and comes in 5 different colors: red, black, coyote, orange, and green. One review rated 5 stars said that the MyFak first aid kit has great quality material and is size appropriate for any scenario. Moreover, the contents are sorted to meet each medical emergency making it the ideal medical kit.

This medical kit has the power to save lives and is one of the most advanced first aid kits available in the United States. It is important to feel safe and prepared when going anywhere in case a horrible incident happens, and the MyFak First Aid kit will hopefully prepare you to be confident about this.

The items for a trapped airway include a chest seal, a CPR shield, and a nasal airway. For bleeding, there is a rapid tourniquet, a Micromend cut kit, Quickclot dressing, a pressure bandage, a secure strip, a non-adherent pad, gauze pads in small and large sizes, small and large bandages, a fingertip bandage, a gauze roll, and liquid skin. For burns, there is Burnshield Jel and a Burnshield cloth, and for hydration, there are fizz tablets. For the outdoors, there is a whistle, a survival blanket, a paracord, Superskin plasters, and a lightstick. First aid kits that provide all of these items are the most ideal products to buy to prepare people for emergencies.

This Advanced MyFAK pack contains many of the same products as the Basic MyFAK version, plus a tourniquet, Quik Clot, burn dressing, chest seal, sutures, surgical tools and so much more. The rip-away, hook-and-loop panel offers an easy entrance, and the heavy-duty carry handle ensures that the product is durable. The foldout detachable mesh pocket is incredibly useful as it allows for a see-through pocket where you can visualise where all your pieces are. This is important in a state of emergency because you will most likely be panicked and in a rush to quickly solve the issue.

There are D-rings that attach to the shoulder strap, which makes this pack easier in terms of mobility and transportation, and the case is also water-resistant. This guarantees that even in harsh weather conditions, the pack will endure any rain or flooding. This pack can be wrapped around a car headrest, which is important in first aid kits that they have this feature, because often disasters strike when in the car. Therefore, by having instant contact to the pack will most probably be lifesaving. Finally, in the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have approved this pack, meaning that it is trustworthy and reliable in all situations in the United States.

Technical Specifications:

The advanced MyFak First Aid kit is special because it contains so much more than the basic level version that can be seen clearly in the product image. This kit also includes a tear-away back panel for emergency situations. MyMedic recognizes that speed is the most important solution to dealing with a serious injury. It is a rip-away design allowing you to instantly get your MyFak medical kit without having to unbuckle the whole backpack. The velcro material also allows you to secure the kit to any loose-knit fabric, which is an advantage for every kind of scenario when an incident could occur.

If you want to attack your MyFak medical kit to another bag, then you can do this via the 2 buttoned Molle straps. The material of the bag is heavy-duty, so is of high quality and will last the test of time. Being easily attachable is a huge bonus for those who are not confident in being able to deal with an emergency because this kit will provide you with all the security you need.

The bag has been created to be a trifold design to give you the quickest pathway possible to your medical items. This is because with this design you can visualize where every product is and how to most quickly locate it. The kit measures 7.5 inches in height, 6.5 inches in width, 5 inches in depth, and weighs between 2.1 and 2.8 pounds. This is a solid pack that is extremely high quality, does what it says on the tin, and even comes equipped with a survival guide. This is so impressive, and explains why so many customers recommend this company as the one to go to when you are in need of medical assistance.

  • This kit provides for bleeding, a trapped airway, burns, hydration, and the outdoors
  • Contains over 100 quality medic first aid supplies
  • Tear away pouch can be used as a mini first aid kit
  • Has an oversized zipper so it cannot get stuck in an emergency
  • Can be used in all environments: dry, dirty, muddy, and in light rain
  • REI Members get back an estimated $24 on this item as part of their member dividend
  • REI website has more Mon-Fri live chat from 5AM-10PM
  • Sells out often – low inventory
  • Limited time on Black Friday deals


Based on 680 reviews, the overwhelming number of these were rated 5 stars. Overall, the MyFak pack receives an average of 4.8 stars based in the United States. One verified buyer said this pack has every medical thing you need to use inside the house, as well as when you go camping, or to just keep inside the car as a safe haven just in case emergency strikes. This pack would be the ideal gift to reinforce the idea that safety is key, and especially at this time of year we all want to keep our loved ones safe. This product can be held to account for providing this, because it most certainly will.

The reviews on the whole state that this pack comes as expected, with all the conventional elements gathered inside. One user even stated that they bring it to work with them on every shift, showing how flexible and versatile this product is. The fact that this is the case, and not only will this product keep you safe when travelling or just taking a car journey out for the day, but you can actually be kept safe on your workplace is highly beneficial. This user even added things to the pack for his dog, and was able to attach it to a drop leg rig. For dog owners this will be an attractive trait for this product, and even though it will not be specified on the menu search close sign of the product, at least by reading the reviews on the REI website you will see that this is possible.

On page 2 of the reviews section, there are users who have claimed this pack is better quality than the ones they used to have in the army. Although most customers will not need to use this pack for anything other than bandaids on a daily basis, the peace of mind that it provides is 100 per cent worth the purchase of this product. The compact design of this pack is so popular that in fact this has led to many customers buying more products from this company, in an activity that has helped the company flourish into what it is today.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this brand’s list of first aid kits are among the very best survival kits in today’s market in the United States, thanks to the fact that each pack only uses the highest-end supplies. Moreover, every element is organized in high-quality containers or bags built to endure even the worst of disaster scenarios that you can find yourself in on a daily basis. Once you have added your first aid kits to your shopping cart, this company promises you free shipping, which is an obvious bonus.

By looking at the product image on the REI website, you can clearly see that this medical pack has more than enough to get to and from your next adventure, and you will be kept safe. It is a custom made pack that is ready to be used at any point, and means that receiving your medical gear is easy and accessible.

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