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Northwest Territory Grand Canyon Tent Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you camping with a big group? Or just like to camp in style and space?

It can be really hard finding one tent to fit all your needs while not breaking the bank. With thousands of huge tents on the market, there are so many considerations camping with a large family or lots of equipment. Lots of tents can feel claustrophobic with lots of people crammed into a small space for a long period of time.

So we’ve written this comprehensive of one of Northwest Territories’ best selling products; The Northwest Territory Gand Canyon tent to give you a thorough view of this product’s best features, and we’ve even added some tips and tricks!

Northwest Territory has got you covered. They’re a well known outdoors brand loved by campers and hunters alike. Their line of Grand Canyon tents has revolutionized the appearance and ease of camping in a cabin style tent. Tents that accommodate for this capacity are sometimes not suitable for beginners, can weigh a ton or cost a lot.

This product has easy setup features in the frame and plenty of bonus essentials included, it almost feels like a complete kit. It has built-in storage solutions, designed for good ventilation, and made from high-quality materials, it’s hard to find a better tent of this style and size for the price.

Review of the Grand Canyon Tent

An image of the Northwest Tent in blue color, on a white background.

This is large and cabin-style with four huge windows. This tent from Northwest Territory is quite unlike anything else on the market. It’s extremely tall, spacious, and well ventilated, and looks like a house in design, making it a perfect home away from home.

If that wasn’t enough and living out of a backpack isn’t your style, the Northwest Territory tent has two built-in closets with net shelving for easy storage solutions. It comes equipped with two dividers as well, to split the space into 3 rooms if you’re more than one family who are camping. It has excellent features for ventilation, reinforced zippers and frames, and a high-quality flooring system. Whether you’re a large family wanting to camp under one roof or couples on a rustic adventure this is great for long summer camping trips!


  • 20′ X 12′
  • 4 huge zip windows.
  • Peak height 84 inches.
  • 240ft squared inner area.
  • Weighs 58.65 lbs (26.6 kg)
  • Steel poles chain guarded and color-coded.
  • Reinforced hubs.
  • 12 person capacity.
  • Dividers to create three-rooms
  • Remote control light.
  • Under $120.

Key Features of the Northwest Territory Grand Canyon Tent

  • Huge floor area.
  • Very tall.
  • 3 Rooms.
  • Two closets with built-in storage shelves.
  • Remote control light and hanging pockets included.
  • Front porch.
  • Freestanding.
  • Large capacity.

Tent Layout

The cabin style layout allows the interior space to be a light and airy environment. It comes complete with two built-in mesh closets that are perfect for bigger groups or longer trips. There is plenty of space and storage space in this tent, and it also has a porch space for sitting outside on warm summer nights.

It has a peak height 84 inches, It’s tall enough to accommodate tall campers with room to spare. Our tip for saving floor space in a tall tent like this is bunk cots! Although with a 240 ft squared inner area, it won’t be too much a concern.

At 58.65lbs (26.6 kg) this tent is heavier compared to other camp tents on the market, it does include a wheeled carry bag for your convenience. We recommend using this tent on flatter terrain due to its vast size and weight.

The floor is bathtub style with welded seams to keep bugs out and making the floor weatherproof and secure. However, this means there is no floor ventilation so bear this in mind with the use of tent camp stoves and other smoke-producing heat sources.

Mesh storage options included as well as gear loft, stakes, and floor mat. The Northwest territory grand canyon is fully mesh screened for ventilation and air circulation and has one large entrance/exit.

Easy to Set Up

A tent of this size and stature might be an intimidating prospect to the novice camper, but believe us the Grand Canyon comes with high-quality steel, color-coded, and chain guarded poles to make installation rather easy. The hubs are also molded to prevent breakage and help ease the complications of set up.

The tent comes with two divider curtains which are easy to attach to loops throughout the inside area, making it easy to split the Northwest Territory grand canyon into three spacious rooms, perfect for multi-family camping.

The hubs and poles are all quick connecting too, to make it that little bit easier. The large rainfly and mesh screening is all one piece, but it’s still large, so we recommend multiple people to set up this tent quickly and easily.

As you’ve probably already guessed the built-in closets have poles too so you’ll need to keep that in mind when estimating your assembly time, but just like the other parts of the frame, they have features for ease of use.

Quick to Put Away

As you can imagine, a tent of this size and surface area could be complicated and time-consuming to pack down. But as with setup, the quick assembly hubs and poles are coded and chain guarded to make disassembly just as easy as an assembly.

Northwest territory has added a wheeled expandable carry bag which is a great feature because, as every camper knows, tents never go back in as neatly as they come out! The wheels are perfect assistance for weary campers after a long camping adventure.

As always, make sure your tent is dry and bug-free before pack down, just to make sure you keep it in the best condition you can. But if you still need some help ironing out the details there are many videos on youtube and reviews that can provide you with information if you have questions.

The wheeled bag is also super durable for anything the outdoors can throw at you, and just like the tent, it is built to last.


Fly, walls, and closets are made from 68D 185 T polyester which is durable and breathable for the tent’s intended use: summer camping. In theory, this is all you need for summer camping, but if you do get caught in rainy weather, the waterproof rating of the fly is 1200 mm, and the walls 600 mm. For this reason, it has a two-season rating.

The frame is made from heavy-duty steel and the fabric itself is very durable too. The floor is made from robust PolyEthelene with welded seams making the floor fully waterproof.

Due to the sheer height of this tent, it is not suitable for use in high winds. Its minimal rainfly means that it won’t be much use in torrential rain either, so make sure you’re using this tent in its intended climate, mild weather.

It’s worth mentioning ventilation here, too. The rainfly, windows, and doors are all mesh to keep the tent ventilated while keeping bugs out. The large door, although you might expect multiple doors on a tent of this size, can be kept out of the way with ties attached to either side of the door.

Extra Features

  • Porch and floor mat included.
  • Remote control light and remote.
  • Built-in storage.
  • Porch area.
  • Two sets of mesh wall hanging compartments.
  • Media pocket to hold tablets.
  • Stakes included.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Wheeled bag for easy transport.
  • Net to attach bonus lighting.

Tips for Using the Grand Canyon Tent

As with any tent this size, there’s going to be some inside tips and tricks to help you get the hang of your Northwest territory Grand Canyon. As with most cabin tents, you’ll have to have a trial assembly. Due to their vast size, it is really important to get to grips with this tent before you take it into the great outdoors.

We would also recommend having more than one person to set up and take down the tent, especially if you want it to be fast.

Another consideration for this tent is the huge windows, as it looks more like a house, the four large windows are an attractive feature, if you’re going to be sleeping you might want to consider ways to fully make these lightproof, especially if you’ve got 12 people to think about.

If you’re camping with a smaller group of people though, and don’t need too much room to store things, you could convert one of the closets into a private toilet area with the introduction of a portable camping toilet.

The lack of floor vents means that when all openings are closed, the tent is fully sealed. This is a serious consideration when you are considering using this with a camp stove for example, but the tent does feature excellent ventilation.

Take advantage of the many storage solutions, we suggest you use the media pockets for hands-free entertainment, as well as utilizing the wall pockets for things like food and tools to keep them out of reach of kids and critters!

The impressive height of this tent makes it perfect for use with bunk cots, and other stackable products to fully take advantage of the space on offer.

Who is the Tent Best For?

This tent boasts an impressive 1.8m squared per person when there are 12 people using it. That being said, going on long camping trips with 12 people in one tent doesn’t make too much sense in practice.

The main attraction of the Grand Canyon 12 Person Tent is that it makes for a spacious and comfortable experience. For this reason, it’s perfect for large families or couples. With large families, it has heaps of organizational pockets and options to keep traveling with kids organized and stress-free.

This tent would be perfect for couples because it has the capacity for dividers to be used to make three separate spaces, so, therefore, two couples/small families could each have their own room with a communal room to share. This would make the perfect camp tent for a woods weekend or week of summer camping.

Lots of people have also turned this tent into a long term single person occupancy tent. This is best suited to long term camping trips. Some users have decided to create a huge open plan living space complete with a double bed, sofa, and cooktop with a TV and work area.

The weight is a slight issue but it is to be expected for tents of these sizes. Because of this, the northwest tent is best suited to car-accessible camping. However, the wheeled carry case helps accessibility and distributes the weight better.

Our Verdict

An image of the Northwest Tent in blue color, on a white background.

The Northwest territory Grand Canyon tent is good looking with its house-like design, huge airy windows, and large floor and living space. It is a versatile product with lots of open space but also lots of privacy which is rare from one tent. If used with the correct intention, this tent is perfect for large groups and summer camping. However, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, this tent should only be used in the milder months. Moreover, it will not be suitable for high winds due to its impressive height.

Although it is on the heavier side for summer cabin style products, its impressive size, height, and easy set up feature more than makeup for this, not to mention the wheeled bag for your ease and comfort.

The two built-in closets make this tent stand out on the market, and it’s chain guarded frame and reinforced hubs make set up easy and stress-free. It’s quick and painless camping in a customizable space, and definitely worth the investment for longer duration trips, or to accommodate a lot of people under the same ‘roof’!

For the money, this tent is a steal! As cabin tents go you won’t find a more attractive one. So long as you use it as the manufacturer’s intended, you’ll have no problems with these tents and they will make a perfect addition to any warm wilderness adventure!

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