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Osprey Daylite Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Has your favorite backpack come to the end of its life starting not to hold any of your gear, or even all your gear has started to fall out due to the rips and tears you have created over the years? Buying a new backpack can be a daunting thing; with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know the right choice.

We have been using the Osprey Daylite Daypack for some time now and can’t get enough of it. From the amazing capacity size holding all your gear to the clever pockets to hold your water bottle, tablet, and even your keys. Plus, if you use a hydration pouch, there’s even a slot for that.

Comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish the three things you want from a backpack, as well as being practical in size and application. No matter if you are an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, rock climbing, and other sports, or a city dweller who travels from coffee shop to coffee shop working on your next novel, the Osprey Daylite could be the bag for you. Here are a few reasons why.

Product Overview

Image of the Osprey Daylite Backpack in blue-green color on a white background.

Key Features:

The Osprey daylight has many different features setting it apart from a usual backpack you can find in the shops. It has a large panel-loading main compartment. This large space makes it really easy to locate any gear that you have out inside. In this compartment sits an interior sleeve that is perfect for holding your tablet or other smart devices, as well as small items you may have, such as a wireless mouse or even your wallet and keys.

The back panel is covered in a mesh material and has slotted foam inside, perfect for longer durations of wear, providing extra comfort all day long. The shoulder straps are great when carrying your backpack with the integrated handle featured and not on your back. You can tuck away the shoulder straps, so they do not get caught on anything. This design is also great if you’re traveling through different countries and your backpack is going in the hold of a plane. There will be no chance that you find any tears or rips when you come to collect your luggage. These shoulder straps also have a breathable spacer with a mesh backing for even more comfort when you’re wearing the Osprey Daylite daypack.

The panel at the back of the day pack is a reservoir slot, perfect for the hydration reservoir you may have. This is a convenient way to access water without reaching for a bottle or flask, bringing over the tube, and drinking the easy way. If you’re in colder climates and are wearing gloves to protect your hands from the temperatures outside, this can be a convenient feature.

On the front of the bag is a pocket that inside has a mesh organizer and key clip. A mesh organizer and key clip are great for keeping your ore valuable items such as money, phones, and wallets, and of course, your keys. This pocket is waterproof and fully protected with the clip inside.

If you’re not using the water reservoir slot as you don’t own a reservoir, there are side mesh pockets on either side of the bag. This is a great feature letting you carry more water bottles comfortably for longer. Many bags only contain one water bottle mesh pocket but having two is a great added feature that won’t contribute too much to weight load.

The Osprey Daylite is compatible with other models in the range. It can be attached to all Osprey AddOn series packs, including the Aether and Ariel backpacks.

You can adjust the tension on the straps, which lets you stash even more additional gear behind the AddOn, a great feature for people who want to carry those extra few items. To keep your extra pieces of gear tightly in place, push the slider through the cord loop from the underside of the bag, then tug on the straps to tighten.

Technical Specifications:

A few technical specifications in the Osprey Daylite make it the backpack it has been so popular for. Travelers have always loved it, so our best use is travel. The style, as you can imagine, is a backpack bag style.

When it comes to the gear capacity (L), the Daylite can hold 13 liters, but if you’re considering this in CU. In, the gear capacity (CU in.) Is 793 cubic inches.

There are many choices to hold your things all over this backpack, with the number of exterior pockets being 3 plus the main compartment. Yes, you can hold your smart devices as there is an iPad / Tablet compartment.

This backpack has been made from a nylon material throughout the entirety of the bag.

A good size with dimensions of 19 x 10 x 8.5 inches and a good weight weighing only 1 pound.

Perfect for anyone as this bag is completely unisex for what gender it has been designed for.

  • This backpack is a lightweight bag. At just under 1 pound, you won’t be carrying around any extra weight for that actual pack itself. The pockets have all been thought-out very well with loads of good day-to-day features. No unnecessary pockets have been added to fill any space.
  • The durable construction and materials ensure the bag is always of great quality. It has been made from 210D nylon and 400HD nylon that are great at holding their own for long periods of time. This long term durability has also been seen on the zippers, stitching, and buckles of the Daylite by Osprey.
  • If you do end up coming across any problems, you do not need to worry as all Osprey products come with an amazing lifetime warranty, ensuring you’re always protected in your purchase. Shoulder straps are padded and ventilated with comfortable mesh. The ventilated mesh is great for airflow preventing sweat in long durations of use. Plus, the rear panel adds to this comfort with the foam that features, making your travel pack as comfortable as it can be.
  • Not everything is good; there are a few downsides to the Osprey Daylite you may want to consider. The hip strap is skinny, not padded at all, and really not useful if you are someone who really needs some support weight on your hips. This is unlikely in the case of using a backpack such as the Osprey day pack. Fortunately, it is removable. We can only see it is good to use for rock climbers or those completing energetic activities to keep the bag in place.
  • This Osprey bag can clip into a large variety of packs but don’t have the full zip capabilities like the integrated packs do.
  • The Osprey Daylite isn’t suitable for carrying laptops due to the interior slot being small and lacks any padding. If you want to carry a laptop, your better option is to go for the Osprey Daylite plus or the Daylite Travel.
  • The quick access flap pocket is quick and easy to get into, but this also makes it easy for thieves to get in and out. If you’re in a city environment, it’s not advised that you store any valuables in this pocket. Try to use the inside sleeve instead.

Final Verdict:

When first bought, you may have the intention of going on wild adventures taking your Osprey Daylite with you in all the corners of the world, but this backpack can be used just as well in your day to day life. A great rucksack for picking up grocery shopping, carrying some lunch and a sandwich on a long commute, or lugging your laptop around the city.

This being said, once you begin to start traveling properly, you will realize how useful the Osprey Daylite actually is. Light and small enough to be used as a versatile carry-on bag when flying, or even as a durable beach bag to keep your valuables away from the sun and the sand. Hiking is amazing with these Osprey packs; everything you could ever need is all crammed into the pack but still lightweight enough to be able to carry around with you the entire day.

If you’re more used to a 60 liter+ pack, this 13-liter bag may seem tiny, but the clever pocket system will help you carry more than you think. Perfect for a day at the beach with more than enough space to hold a water bottle, sunscreen, snacks, and even two beach towels. As well as mobile phones, wallets, a camera, and a power bank in the front pocket.

When you begin to use the Osprey Daylite, you will soon realize why it is so good, making it an essential travel piece no matter the journey. So much so all of your bags may end up being designed by Osprey.

Osprey is an established brand that has been developing and designing innovative bags for years. They are not a brand that creates fast-fashion. All of the products that are designed by Osprey are made from high-quality materials that won’t break through the usual wear and tear. Having this kind of durability is one way that Osprey is tackling to help the environment, with fewer bags having to be produced. Osprey is committed to sustainability producing minimum waste, and uses recycled materials as much as they can.

Another great fact about Osprey is that in 1993 they were the first brand to design a backpack that fits more comfortably to the shape of a women’s body. Showing how innovative they have and always will be.

Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee

One thing that you will love, and we surely did, was the all mighty guarantee given from Osprey. Osprey’s commitment to repair products rather than replace them is a commitment, helping more towards sustainability. If you feel that your pack has any problems or defects in the craftmanship leading to damage, then Osprey will repair it free of charge.

The durability will probably mean that you won’t ever find yourself in the position that you’ll have to use this amazing guarantee, but it’s nice to have that safety net knowing if you need a repair, they are there to lend a hand.

Back panel made from ventilated spacer mesh

Just because you have a lightweight pack doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go without using a rear panel that can breathe. This bag has a ventilated rear panel that has been made from spacer mesh. This spacer mesh design helps to keep your back cool on a hot and humid day. Not only can it be uncomfortable to have a sweaty back from holding your backpack, but it could also lead to chafing, which can be pretty nasty if you’re on a long hike. There is a removable hip belt that helps to keep your bag securely fixed in place on your back to prioritizing comfort. This is another feature that has your comfort in the very front of its design.

  • Internal sleeve and two mesh side pockets

As all good travelers know, we know that organization is key to having a good bag, and the organization is having lots of pockets. There is an internal sleeve at the back of the Osprey Daylite, perfect for holding your tablet or laptop. Beware that this sleeve isn’t padded, so it may be a good idea to have your laptop in a dedicated case for extra safety but having space it won’t be floating around the bottom of your pack is a great feature in our eyes. The two sides mesh pockets are perfect for holding one or two water bottles or maybe snacks like fruit.

  • Hydration sleeve

Having the option to fill up a hydration pouch is great; it is a convenient way to get your quench for thirst fulfilled. Holding a reservoir means you can carry more water too! These reservoirs are sold separately but help to cut down on plastic water bottles. The external sleeve for your hydration pouch isn’t advertised but is behind the panel on the back of the pack.

Only the newer versions of the Daylite bag contain the slot for a hydration pouch, and these sit in an external pocket on the outside of the main compartment. This is a great feature and placement as it stops any of your belongings from getting wet if there happens to be a leak. Having the slot on the outside also makes your backpack comfier, with a dedicated slot being specially designed for these pouches. If you are looking for an Osprey backpack with this extra slot for a hydration pouch, always look for the H20 sign that sits above the panel on the bag’s back.

Front zip with key clip

The front pocket featured on the pack is great; it contains a zipper for extra security and an internal slip pocket and an optional key clip. The perfect place for keeping all of your smaller items, knowing they are in a place you can always find them. Having a front zip is essential for your own security, especially when you’re in a cramped space such as a bus, train, or even through busy market streets. Having extra peace of mind, you can have an ordinary padlock through the sip loops. This is a handy tip if you’re staying in a hostel with lots of strangers.

Option to attach to other Osprey packs

We think the final perk is amazing because you can attach additional packs if the 13 liters isn’t enough for you. They all compliment each other perfectly. The extra packs attached are the Osprey Aether AG, Ariel AG, Sojourn, and Farpoint 80 packs. The great thing about this feature is you don’t have to choose between your favorite designs. Add both to one pack for all over the better experience.

Versatility and durability are the main two features that we see in the Osprey Daylite. Ready for any challenge you want to face, and if you do have any problems, you are safe in knowing that your bag is under the Osprey guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Osprey Daylite Waterproof?

The dual side pocket that sits on either end of the backpack for water bottles, plus the slot for a hydro-bladder on your back, show you that the Osprey Daylite has been designed with hikers people who love everything outdoors.

These features are great and really accommodate people who love the outdoor life, but that is as far as the weatherproofing goes on the Daylite day pack. Although the material isn’t waterproof, it is very water-resistant. Easily this bag will keep all of its contents dry, even after hours of heavy rainfall.

How many liters is the Osprey Daylite?

The Osprey Daylite has a maximum liter capacity of 13, great for carrying all of your gear when you are out hiking. Some additional storage solutions with the straps outside if you find the 13 liters just aren’t cutting it for you.

What is the difference between Osprey Daylite and Daylite plus?

There are a few key differences when it comes to the Osprey Daylite and the Daylite plus. Here is a rundown of all the main points that you may want to consider:

Notable Differences

  • Daylite – The backpack does have the space to hold small laptops, but the slot isn’t the most practical due to the lack of padding.
  • Daylite Plus – There is a little more padding featured on the harness compared to the regular Daylite. The sleeve is padded and also a little bigger. Perfect for holding a 15-inch laptop with nor problems

Interior Volume

  • Daylite – This pack can hold up to 13 Liters
  • Daylite Plus – The plus version of the Daylite can hold 7 liters more at 20 Liters


  • Daylite – 0.94 lbs/0.42 kg
  • Daylite Plus – 1.19 lbs/ 0.54 kg


  • Daylite – 18 x 9 x 9-inches/ 46 x 24 x 22 cm.
  • Daylite Plus – 18 x 10 x 9-inches/ 46 x 26 x 24 cm.

Pocket Scenario

  • Daylite – The Daylite has a good amount of pockets with enough room to hold a lot of your gear. The pocket set up is the main compartment, a front pocket with a mesh organizer inside and a clip for your keys. There are 2 side pockets made from a mesh material perfect for holding water bottles. A sleeve sits on the interior of the pack, great for a tablet or hydration pouch. An exterior sleeve is also featured, although it is not advertised. This sleeve has been designed to hold a hydration pouch, making it easy to get a drink of water when you’re on the move.
  • Daylite Plus – With the Osprey Daylite Plus, there are a few extra pocket department components. The main compartment sits in the usual place with a front pocket with a mesh organizer and a key clip. There are side mesh water bottle pockets and an interior sleeve that can hold your tablet easily, and a hydration pouch if you wish. There is a second interior sleeve with a little extra padding perfect for a small/medium laptop, a hydration pouch, or a tablet. On the exterior sits another sleeve just behind the straps. This is perfect for an exterior hydration patch keeping it away from any potential leaks inside your bag’s main compartment. A ‘Shove it pocket’ is quick and easy to access on the front flap. The front flap also features a zippered pocket for a little added security.

Built-in Safety Whistle

  • Daylite – Yes
  • Daylite Plus – Yes

Hip Belt

  • Daylite – Yes, although it is skinny and doesn’t have any padding
  • Daylite Plus – Yes, and just the like original, it is skinny and doesn’t have any padding.


  • When it comes to materials, both the Osprey Daylite and the Daylite plus use the same. The main compartment is made from 210D nylon double diamond ripstop • Main compartment: 210D nylon double diamond ripstop while the accent and the bottom all feature a 400HD nylon packcloth.


  • The compatibility, just like the materials, is the same on both backpacks. They can both be attached easily to the Aether/Ariel series, the Fairview/Farpoint Wheeled series, Farpoint 80, the Porter series, the Sojourn series, and Volt/Viva series.


  • Like all Osprey products, the Osprey Daylite and the Osprey Daylite Plus include an excellent lifetime warranty with a great history.

How do I attach Osprey Daylite pack?

To attach the Osprey Daylite pack, there are a few things you need to do. Unlike the integrated packs, you can only clip on the extra attachment to the Osprey Daylite, but don’t let this deter you. The clips are strong and can be tightly fastened in place.

To start with, you will need to locate the TriGlide slider buckles on both sides of your pack. When you’ve located these, find the 4 attachment points fitted onto your extra storage space. To attach, push the 4 buckles through the corresponding attachment points. Ensure that the buckle is fixed, so there is no room for slipping when the attachment is fixed.

If you want to use the space between the two packs as even more storage, you can loosen the straps to hold jackets or other equipment in between the two bags. Remember that the lining of the bags will not protect this area, so if it does start to rain, this area is vulnerable to getting wet.

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