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Survival Tabs Emergency Food Rations Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image of four orange pouches containing ready to eat survival tabs.

Today we’re going to talk about the Survival Tabs Emergency Food Rations.

When it comes to survival you don’t really get the option to grab a gourmet-style meal with a glass of champagne. In fact, you’d be lucky to grab a slice of bread and butter. The reality is you’re not even thinking about food but that doesn’t mean you can’t take in any nutrition.

Nutrition is what will give you the energy to survive this thing, it’s essential.

These Survival Tabs offer you an alternative to freeze-dried food.

They are easy to consume tablets that don’t require any mixing with water or any preparation.


Image of four orange pouches containing ready to eat survival tabs/

With this purchase, you’ll be getting 96 tablets that can be used to provide some form of nutrition while you’re in a sticky situation.

Each tablet has 20 calories in them and the instructions recommend that you eat one per hour. So you’re going to get 240 calories per day from 12 pills. This obviously isn’t enough but it will buy you vital time and take away a distracting appetite.

Spouts of hunger can be really distracting and could cause you to make some poor decisions that could ultimately lead to injury or even death. Nutrition and eating food is essential.

It’s worth noting that these Survival Tabs will not keep the hunger away for long.

There really only vitamins with some carbs, protein and fat in them to ensure you don’t become dangerously malnourished.

The human body needs potassium (for the heart) and you need 100g of carbs a day. These only have 30g if you take a day’s supply.

Do not use these as a meal replacement.


The flavours offered are actually ok. There is Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch and Vanilla. I’ve tried them all and honestly, they weren’t that bad. They’re not chalky like I expected and are actually pretty ok on the teeth.

Chocolate is my personal favourite. I know in an emergency flavour aren’t really that important but it can be a nice morale boost when you’re at your worst moment.

Shelf Life

Okay so you’re prepping, you don’t know when a disaster will strike. Luckily this product has an amazing shelf life of 25 years! I’m not so sure how they will be (Tastewise) in 25 years but hey!

Other Notable Points

The tablets are a bit hard to chew through, so we would only recommend using them with adults or kids who won’t choke on them.


These tabs should be used alongside another product. Personally we find them a nice supplement to our kit but wouldn’t solely rely on them if we didn’t need to. Another option to look at would be the Tac-Bar Tactical Food Rations.


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