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Best Car Jump Starters Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The booster cables and discharged battery,Charging battery car with electricity trough booster jumper cables.

Everybody that drives has car issues. Particularly individuals who have purchased older cars for economic reasons. When I was in my first year of college, I had an old Nissan Micra and driving there every morning was always a gamble.

I used to dread getting up in the morning and facing my routine of getting ready and hoping that my car would just start on that day.

Sometimes, it did without a problem; whilst a lot of the time it would struggle or not start at all. This daily dilemma would leave me searching for the nearest bus or the dreaded phoning a friend to jump-start your car.

So What’s The Solution?

For some people whose cars will not start, jump-starting the car can be a remedy. This method of starting a car involves using another battery.

It temporarily connects two power sources which will start the battery and subsequently the engine.

This problem is usually attributed to a discharge in electricity which is normally recharged when the driver simply drives their car after the jump start has taken place.

When you need to jump-start your vehicle you will, first of all, require jumper cables.

Your vehicle should have its engine switched off with both vehicles’ handbrakes on to ensure safety.

The clamps should be attached to their appropriate terminals and the jump-starting can begin.

It is recommended that if the jump start is successful then the beneficiary of the jump start should drive their vehicles around for approximately fifteen minutes in order to fully recharge the battery.

If the car starts again after the battery recharges then that is the ideal outcome with the problem being solved.

However, sometimes this is not the case and the car will not start again. This usually means that the battery is no longer holding a charge and that it most likely will need replaced.

How Useful Are They?

Drivers around the world have jumper cables to enact this very method of fixing their car.

These are cables that are made of insulted wiring with clips on the end of them to connect the corresponding car batteries together.

However, despite this they do have limitations such as not being able to connect different levels of voltage e.g. twelve volts and six volts together may cause damage.

Also, if the battery that’s being jump-started happens to be frozen, damaged or has a low electrolyte level; or is decayed then the battery can potentially explode.

Besides from the technical issues presented the most glaringly obvious problem is that aside from owning jumper cables you will need another car to actually jumpstart the vehicle.

While some individuals may have colleagues, friends or family etc that are willing to do this most people are in a rush when trying to start their car and don’t have the luxury of waiting around.

This is where portable batteries shine.

The Top 5 Best Car Jumpstarters


If it is either your car battery, phone or tablet there is nothing more annoying than the battery being dead.

The BATTERY RESQ is an enormous power reserve which powers USB devices. The BATTERY RESQ is the ultimate portable battery station for any device that needs charged. It hosts a powerful 12,000 mAh, 12V charger.

The device will retain power for over six months and a built in LED flashlight so it can be utilised in the dark. This is great for the next time that anybody needs power and would make a fantastic gift for friends and family alike. It’s so powerful that it can even power trucks and boats.

If you want to feel confident that you, your friends or loved ones will not find themselves in a bad situation where power is urgently required; then this is the product that will prevent that.

It is easy to use and requires no previous knowledge of cars which is great for the likes of teenage drivers who are just starting out and even individuals who might be a bit hesitant to ask a stranger for help.

It will prevent situations such as the dead phone and car battery; and even avoiding a blunder in the dark.

The BATTERY RESQ can be purchased on a limited time offer (at the time of this article) for:

  • Buy x1 for £63.92 previously priced at £119.88.
  • Buy x3 (and get 40% off) for £39.93 previously priced at £119.90.
  • Buy x2 (and get 33% off) for £47.93 previously priced at £95.85.

This product also features a thirty-day money back guarantee, which is great because if an individual does not wish to keep the device they can return it within that allocated time slot.

This is ideally the number one product due to its versatility and general affordability, we will see later how expensive the jump starters can end up.

The BATTERY RESQ bolsters several features which will be useful to new drivers, old drivers and even individuals just looking for a power bank.

It happens quite often that people’s personal devices run out of power quickly which can prove troublesome for not only people who rely on their phones for work but also for people using their devices for recreational purposes.

2. NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB70 2000A (NOCO)

Image of a battery starter in rugged rectangular shape, with black and red terminal clips. Front label; has four different color on upper right side as battery indicator.

Lithium-based batteries are very common these days. However, the NOCO generates some of the best units around.

The GB70 is one of the more costly units but does pack a punch in regard to its optics.

It bolsters a whopping 2000 amps which enables it to start up a diesel engine (up to six litres) and petrol engines (up to eight litres).

Along with the aforementioned specs it harbours USB connections for powering other devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops etc.

The GB70 is a great device which can be purchasedhere on Amazon for £170. The item sits with a 78%-star rating for 5 stars on Amazon and has received mostly positive feedback.

Some of the feedback includes individuals who have verified purchases on Amazon asserting that it has started up their cars with absolutely no problem, is capable of charging multiple devices and that its simplicity is an admirable trait amongst consumers.

It is more expensive than what some may be willing to pay and while it does face some criticism online; such as the top critical reviewer on Amazon which claims the device capped at 25% battery and simply would not work. The product is generally considered to be good value for money.

3. Ring High Power Micro Jump Starter (Ring RPPL300)

Photo of a jump starter in black color with blue outlines, beside it are the red and black clips for terminals.

This lithium jump starter can start vehicles which have 12v engines and up to 3 litres.

The Ring RPPL300 is a jump starter but aside from that it hosts two USB ports.

These can be used for various things such as to charge your mobile phone, your laptop or even your e-pen if you happen to smoke. It also hosts a built-in LED torch.

The device will be completely charged within 3 hours and hosts a micro USB charging cable alongside a screen which will display the battery charge percentage.

Don’t worry about size, it’s made quite small and can easily fit into smaller areas such as your glovebox, bag, or even kept in your office desk at work.

The Ring High Power Micro Jump Starter is specifically built to be safe while using it with a safe connect system that protects the individual using it, the vehicle itself, and the jump starter when it is being used.

The clamps on the device manage power between the vehicle and the device.

It is a neatly compact device which is not big and bulky. It comes with the charger required to power it up which is a micro USB charger which will take approximately three hours to fully charge the device.

The Ring RPPL300 is a great product which is quite compact. It hosts a number of quality of life upgrades such as rubber covers to prevent dirt from getting in, 2 USB ports instead of just the one.

Overall, the product is great due to a number of features such as it being quite small in design, the ability to retain its charge over long periods of time, and that it includes two USB ports which means that it can be utilised as a power bank.

One of its setbacks is that it does not come with a carrying case.

4. Sealey RS13112HV Roadstart Emergency Power Pack

A photo of a jump starter in red and black color, with LED on front and a knob on one side for power.

This compact device comes in a green or red casing with rubber protection with the cable stored internally and a handle on the top. It is around 6.24 Kg.

The brand is Sealey which has an extensive history of developing these types of products and they also have numerous other selections.

The RS1312HV is cost-efficient and can be bought from Amazon at £64.78 previously priced at £108.54 which means you will save 40%.

It features as number 447 in Automotive and number 3 in Car Battery Jump Starters on Amazon’s bestsellers ranking system.

The Sealey RS13112HV has received mostly positive feedback amongst consumers with individuals asserting that it is both a robust power system and hosts a long battery life.

It has also received criticism from consumers online with individuals stating that the device itself is very fragile and will break quite easily.

The RS1312HV has an output of 900A which effectively enables it to take on bigger engines with more ease.

It also hosts two 12v sockets and a USB port which can be used to power other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, etc.

Despite criticism, the device is generally considered to be quite durable particularly in comparison with its lithium alternatives which are considered to be trickier to operate and less aesthetically pleasing.

5. NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000A


Image of a battery starter in rugged rectangular shape, with black and red terminal clips. Front label; has four different color on upper right side as battery indicator. This one is the 4000A variant.

This device will enable you to safely start your vehicle’s battery.

The device is quite compact but bolsters a whopping 4000-amps which will start both diesel and petrol engines up to ten litres.

It is a safe product to use and the individual using it will not have to be concerned with incorrectly connecting it or getting shocked.

The product can safely be connected to any twelve-volt car battery due to the device being spark-proof and hosting a reverse polarity protection.

The NOCO Genius Boost Pro is multi-functional: meaning that as well as being able to jump-start vehicles it is also an LED flashlight and a portable power bank.

It can be used to charge various devices such as mobiles, laptops, and tablets, etc. The device takes approximately six hours to be fully charged at 2.1 amps.

The NOCO Genius is considered to be one of the best products available by the company.

It features lithium technology and is also water-resistant. It is encased in rubber to prevent scratches and is generally small and compact meaning it can be stored easily.

The NOCO Genius has received much praise amongst customers who believe it to be one of the best investments they have ever made.

It has helped numerous people in situations which require a jump start as well as charging personal devices.

However, despite the praise the NOCO Genius has received it still has the standard negative feedback such as it simply does not work, arrived broken and does not charge etc.

Arguably, the biggest setback with the NOCO Genius Boost is its price.

The NOCO Genius comes in at £269.99 and two-year accidental damage cover can be purchased for £52.92.

In total, provided you purchased the two-year accidental damage cover, the price comes to £322.91.

This amount of money is simply not a viable option for a lot of people.

Due to this a lot of people may abstain from ever getting to use the NOCO Genius, but the price is justified in that it is a great product.

Now we will cover some FAQs. This is so that any technical terms covered can be understood alongside any queries which a potential consumer may have or should be made aware of at the very minimum.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some FAQs that appear frequently regarding jump starters.


What is it I should look for if I decide to purchase a car jump starter?

Cranking amp rating

This is contingent on the engine’s size; however, the general rule of thumb is that the higher the amp rating the better the jump starter will usually be.


A lot of cars will have the standard twelve volts, but this does vary as with heavier vehicles such as lorries the voltage can be as high as twenty-two.

Length of cable

There are normally standard lengths with cars. However, this should be watched out for by individuals who have bigger vehicles in which the cable length might not be sufficient for the task at hand.

Reverse-polarity protection

This is quite a useful feature for jump starters to have as individuals who might not be familiar with which cable corresponds to what battery.

The device will then indicate that the user has incorrectly attached the clamps as to not damage their vehicle.


I’m a bit nervous about using it, is it completely safe?

It goes without saying that if you decide to purchase one of these devices for your vehicle then you should read the instructions given to you and meticulously follow them.

Some of these jump starts have a recommended way of operating which can vary and it is always safer to follow the preferred instructions of the product that you decide to use.

Generally speaking, when using one of these jump starters the positive lead should be connected first followed by the negative lead.

The correct leads should be connecting to their corresponding terminals.

What is reverse polarity, and do I really need to have it?

Reverse polarity as noted above is a feature that is used to notify the individual using the device if they have wrongly attached the cables to their terminals

This gives the individual time to correct their mistake and can prevent them from doing damage to their vehicle.

This will be especially handy for drivers who are not accustomed to the general issues that face motorists.

It gives them the opportunity to learn in practice while mitigating any damage they would have done to their batteries had their jump starter kit not possessed any reverse polarity.

It is not an essential feature but is a highly recommended one.

Even the most skilled and experienced motorists can make mistakes simply down to human error.

Can a jump starter only power car batteries?

No! These jump starters can be utilised in various ways such as charging personal devices like phones, computers or tablets, etc.

They have standard USB ports and some of the jump starters even have multiple ports which will allow you to charge multiple things at once.

This means that as well as being able to kick start your dead battery you can also charge your personal or family devices while on a long road trip somewhere.

What is the best portable jump starter?

This is a frequent and obvious question that will arise in this context.

Jump starters now have a lot more utility in their functions in that they can serve as a power bank to charge devices.

They can have built-in LED lights to be able to see in the dark to prevent any blunders at night-time.

Some will have multiple USB ports which will serve as a battery for any device plugged into it.

They vary in size with some being small and compact while others can be quite large.

Finding the ‘best’ portable jump starter while trying to get your money’s worth as well can prove challenging as some of them can range anywhere from £30 to £300.

With such an influx in price, it can be hard to distinguish what is the best portable jump starter, particularly when faced with so many different brands which come in various shapes and sizes.

It is understandable that someone would not wish to spend a couple of hundred on something they are not absolutely sure of purchasing.

This is why we have composed below a non-exhaustive list of our top 5 jump starters.

This list features notable car jump starters which can be utilised beyond simply jump-starting your vehicle.

It will cover the basics of the jump starters in question as well as describing physical features and various other features that it has such as the device’s optics and features


In conclusion, we can observe that car batteries dying can happen to anyone. It can happen to new cars, albeit less often than older cars.

This ordeal can leave motorists unable to get to work, get their shopping done or even pick up their friends and family, etc.

This almost always ends up having to jump-start the car which not everybody can do meaning they will have to find other means of transport e.g. public transport.

This can inevitably prove to be quite costly and ultimately ruin a person’s day which could potentially have more long term effects.

It is precisely due to this reason that jump starters have become so popular worldwide and are so commercialized nowadays.

They will prevent these types of situations from ever happening again allowing motorists to go about their day-to-day activities without the hindrance of a dead battery. With all the various features that jump starters have nowadays it also gives the consumer the safety net of their phones not dying as well which is another hindrance faced by people.

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