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Best Winter Tents with Stove Jacks Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Photo of a man making food in front of his tent in a snow field.

Camping in the winter can be full of trials and tribulations, from freezing temperatures to snowstorms which can make camping difficult. Trying to replicate that cozy cottage feeling inside a tent can be difficult but thankfully tent manufacturers have heard our pleas.

There has been a recent influx in tents being produced with stove jacks suited for a wood-burning stove that can be used safely inside a tent. Wrapping up in 5 layers is a thing of the past, simply set up your stove pipe through the jack and you have got yourself a cozy fire to fight off the snow.

Today we have gone through the thousands of tents with a stove jack that you can find for purchase online and filed it down to our top 10 picks. We have also answered any questions you may have and offered you a guide to help you save money and understand all the camping jargon you will find online.

Settle down with a hot drink and brace for a snowstorm as here are our top 10 tents with stove jacks!

The Top 10 Winter Tents with Stove Jacks

1. PlayDo 4 Season Tent –

Image of a canvas tent with smoke chimney sticking out of it.

Weight: 42.4 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Dimensions: 118 x 118 x 98 in

First on our list of the top 10 stove jack tents, we have the incredible PlayDo 4 season tent which is, as the name might suggest, a tent for all seasons. This cotton canvas tent is extremely durable and can withstand all but the most extreme cold weather thrown at it. The 300 GSM cotton fabric has been waterproof treated and will easily endure constant rain throughout the night.

Alongside the side walls and towards the top of the tent you will find nifty air vents and sealable windows that offer a breathable shelter. The wall itself can also be rolled up during summer offering an extra level of functionality and providing you an all-year tent. The stove jack itself is surrounded by fire-resistant material as expected and is suited for any wood stove you may want to use.

Ideally, this tent is suited for one to two campers, but there are a selection of sizes to choose from if you are after a larger option. Fewer tents offer such an impressive design as this PlayDo tent does, if you after a cheap but durable canvas tent with stove jack, then this could be the one for you.

  • PlayDo offer different tent sizes
  • 300 GSM cotton has been weatherproof treated
  • This tent is in high demand

2. Russian Bear Stove Tent –

Photo of a tent resembling a pile of hay, with smoke chimney sticking out, rectangular-shaped door.

Weight: 102.5 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Season: Four Seasons

Easily one of the most unique looking designs featured today, the Russian Bear Stove Tent has a birds nest aesthetic that is both incredible to look at and highly functional. The umbrella esque design can fit 3 people inside easily and the tent itself is easy to set up on any terrain.

Winter and fall are the main seasons that were taking into consideration with this tent, however, the internal awning can be removed with ease. This provides a cool interior during summer and adds an additional layer to this already incredible structure. Although it isn’t referred to as a 4 season tent, the Russian Bear stove tent definitely should be.

Alongside its unique design this tent comes with a stainless steel stove and chimney that can be used to negate harsh winter conditions. The heat resistant fabric used works perfectly alongside this as it can endure temperatures up to 1200 degrees so even the hottest stoves can be used safely. If this heavy-duty, great quality Russian Bear winter tent isn’t already at the top of your wish list, it should be!

  • Unique Russian Bear Winter Tent aesthetic
  • Comes with a stainless steel stove and chimney
  • 3 man capacity not suited to larger families

3. Stout Bell Tent-

Photo of a canvas tent in a meadow, triangle-shaped door is opened, inside of the tent are a bed, comforter, a chair and on a ground is a mat.

Diameter: 3.96 meters | Closure Type: Zipper | Material: Canvas

This Stout Bell Tent is built to last, whether it’s enduring heavy rain or standing strong during storms, this tent can withstand it all. Durable but natural cotton fabric used throughout its construction is both waterproof and mold resistant. This is reinforced by a side bug wall that can be rolled up that features special netting to prevent gnats and other pests from getting inside your tent.

A professionally installed stove jack adorns the canvas roof of this waterproof tent offering all you will need to set up a wood stove inside the tent itself. An added flap covers the jack when not in use to prevent cold temperatures and water from seeping inside your winter stove tent.

Each stitch of this high-quality tent has been double sewn providing a firm structure and stopping any potential rips or tears from creating a large hole in the side of the frame. You can also use rest inside the tent peacefully as this tent comes with a 5-year money-back guarantee, which just show’s how confident the manufacturers are. When it comes to high durability as well as stellar comfort, the Stout Bell Tent excels in both.

  • Canvas material used is 100% natural
  • Additional bug wall for added protection
  • The simple and traditional aesthetic may not suit some campers

4. Danchel Cotton Bell Tent –

Photo of a whitr canvas tent resembling a cone with triangular-shaped door. With chimney hole.

Weight: 42.8 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 4 persons

A more traditionally looking tent that still offers contemporary features, the Danchel Cotton Bell Tent is a familiar face in the camping market. This windproof khaki tent has an instantly recognizable frame that is large enough to accommodate multiple people within. An internal pole keeps the roof held up and provides more room than initially presumed.

On either side of this tent, you will find a stove jack, meaning you can use two stoves at once if needed to provide you with a hot tent during the winter season. The jacks themselves utilize flaps when not in use to prevent rain dripping within and to help keep the hot air trapped inside. They are also lined with fire resistance strips as required to lower the risk caused by using a hot stove constantly.

These tents are also run through a strict testing regime, with each element being tested under heats of up to 500 degrees. You are also covered by a 5-year guarantee that covers extreme damage so every person can purchase this with ease of mind. If you are a fan of more traditional styles but you still want a product that offers contemporary quality, then this is the winter tent with stove jack for you!

  • Two stove jacks for multiple wood stoves
  • Each tent is individually tested
  • Danchel cotton bell tent sells out quite frequently

5. Whiteduck Regatta Tent –

Image of a brown canvass tent, triangle-shaped, door with zipper closure with protective screen for bugs

Weight: 8.5 ounces | Closure Type: Zipper | Material: Cotton Canvas | Max. Occupancy: 3 persons

If you can appreciate a yurt style tent that is consistently excellent and can enhance any winter camping trip, then this Whiteduck Regatta Tent is an ideal choice. This extremely spacious structure has been crafted using the highest quality canvas which is both waterproof and polished off by a fire retardant finish. The cotton fabric used is also entirely breathable so you will no longer have to worry about feeling trapped in a clammy tent.

The roof has been hoisted up by an internal pool giving you the freedom to stand and walk around that few tents at this price can offer. This also means you will have more than enough room for your whole family which can save your wallet as there is no need to purchase multiple camping tents.

A 5-inch stove jack can be found on one side of the tent, giving you the means to set up your wood stove inside and keep your tent warm no matter the outdoor conditions. You can also find a space for an electric cable outlet, if you need electricity on your camping trips then this waterproof cotton tent has you covered – in more ways than one!

  • Not a wide selection of hooks to hold internal equipment

6. Robens Klondike Tent –

An image of an assembled brown tent on a white background, cone-shaped, with door open and ropes holding it in place.

Weight: 35.49 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Dimensions: 157 x 157 x 106 in

Roomy and cozy are the two words that come to mind when it comes to the Roben Klondike Tent and you would be right to think so. Most tents at this price are suited for one person but this mammoth will easily accommodate up to 6 people which is ideal for social gatherings and outdoor adventures.

A unique internal apex ventilation system can be operated from within the tent providing a great way to keep the air fresh. Tents are prone to getting pretty clammy and humid, especially during summer seasons, so this is an exceptional addition.

This tent also comes with additional features such as a decent mosquito net and a mildew-resistant waterproof cotton fabric throughout. Bell tents of this quality are few and far between so be sure to snag this amazing deal while it is still available!

  • Unique internal ventilation system
  • Comes with its own mosquito net
  • Lack of aesthetic choices

7. Unistrength 4 Season Tent –

Image of a canvass tent with smoke chimney sticking out of it.

Weight: 300 grams | Closure Type: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 3-5 persons

Cotton bell tents are some of the best in terms of both quality and size and the Unistrength 4 Season Tent is no different. The extremely durable and safe 300 GSM canvas provides a double layer of comfort that is UV repellent as well as maintaining a storm-resistant design throughout.

This is more than a one-person tent, expect capacities of up to 8 people at a time when purchasing the largest size available. You can also wake up to the sun rising thanks in part to a cross-ventilation front porch door that prevents bugs from getting in without obstructing the picturesque views. This works in conjunction with two side windows offering an all-encompassing view of the countryside.

The tent itself is crafted in one of 3 us states, so shipping is typically fast depending on where in the US you reside. This is great news if you have a camping trip coming up soon but you still haven’t had time to purchase yourself a decent tent yet. With quick delivery and an extremely robust design, this tent is ideal for the busy camper.

  • Multiple tent sizes to choose from
  • Perfect size tent for multiple people without being too large
  • Not as available as some others on this list

8. WhiteDuck Outdoors Tent –

A photo f a triangular-shaped tent with a pole standing at the center.

Weight: 76 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Seasons: Four Seasons | Dimensions:39 x 14 x 11 inches

Whiteduck tents are featured in this article multiple times, and with tents such as this Whiteduck Outdoor Tent, it is no wonder why. One of the most premium looking canvas tents on the market today, this heavy-duty offering is incredible for lovers of camping.

Comprising of high-quality features throughout such as YKK zippers and a high-density PVC ground sheet, this tent is without a doubt worth it’s asking price. The front entrance is large enough for people of all heights and comes with a bug net that prevents pests from accessing the inner tent. That’s not all however as the door can be opened and closed with ease thanks to a highly functional tension cord.

When it comes to setting up this tent with stove jack, only one person is required as Whiteduck has negated the usual fuss associated with setting up a tent of this size. But that’s not the only thing they have considered. Most campers appreciate a nice view, which is exactly what this cotton canvas wall tent can provide. With a whopping 8 windows on offer, even the pickiest of campers will find the right window for them.

Convenience alongside functionality is the name of the game when it comes to this canvas structure. If you are the sort of person that can appreciate an easy to set up design, then this could be the tent with stove jack you have been looking for!

  • Can be constructed by a single person
  • A superb anti-bug screen door
  • This tent might not be suited for less serious campers

9. Preself 3 Person Tent –

An image of a tent triangle in shape, green color, chimney pole sticking out of it.

Weight: 3.4 pounds | Closure Type: Zipper | Max. Occupancy: 3 persons | Water Resistance: 2000 mm.

Finding the right tent to fit all your camping team can be a pain, especially if there are only a few of you. If you are sick of trying to find a decent 3 person tent, then this tipi tent offering from Preself might be the tent with stove jack you need. With 2 doors on either side and room for even the largest winter camping stove, this is an ideal option for a 3 person team.

Being the only polyester option on this list, if you aren’t a personal fan of waterproof cotton then perhaps consider this tipi tent. Due to its compact size, you can strap this onto the back of your backpack and take it with you anywhere, as long as one of your team members is a willing participant.

Putting up this tent is fairly easy, with the average user taking around 10 minutes. If you are looking for minimal fuss, then this is an ideal choice. On each side, you will find a stove vent that will keep the inner tent well ventilated and give people enough air to breathe comfortably. Decent size and cold weather resistance, if canvas tents aren’t for you then this winter tent with stove surely will be!

  • The polyester material is suited for people with an aversion to canvas
  • Small enough to be carried on a backpack
  • Requires an additional floor purchase if wanted

10. Whiteduck 4 Season Tent –

An image of a white tent in square shape with ropes holding the roof in place. Max. Occupancy: 12 persons | Closure Type: Zipper | Dimensions: 45 x 15 x 14 in

Last but by no means least, we have this 4 season tent from Whiteduck, another exceptional canvas structure that will please any hiker out there. Not many tents come with their own groundsheet, but the PVC one supplied with this canvas wall tent is exceptional. Suited for regular use in all terrains, you will struggle to find a more durable groundsheet.

Inside the tent, you will find enough room for your entire family as well as a well-crafted stove jack that is large enough for any wood stove you may own. The canvas frame itself is held up by an aluminum skeleton which will easily withstand any storm that is thrown at it. Your inner tent belongings will also be safe as the triple-layered canvas is both weather and UV proof.

The outside doors are extremely secure and come with an additional buckle fastening system that will keep people out and your belongings inside. Each seam consists of a double layer to offer the most protection that a canvas material can. Few tents are as safe and offer as much shelter as this one does. Whiteduck has set an extremely high standard in the stove jack tent world, a standard that this option surpasses.

  • Requires multiple people to set up easily

Considerations for Buying Tents with Stove Jacks


As with all purchases, you want to set yourself a rough budget that you should stick to to help you rifle through the many products available online much more efficiently. Setting yourself a budget will help you save money and can also provide an easier way to sort through products. Most online retailers such as Amazon will have a setting where you can set a price range, which can narrow down your search results massively.

When deciding on a specific budget, you want to take a bunch of factors into consideration to ensure your stove jack tent includes everything you are looking for. Whether it’s the material used in your tents side wall or the features that come with it. Before you start browsing the many amazing products available, be sure to write a brief checklist. This will help you navigate through the cut down search results and will ensure that you find the stove jack tent you are looking for.


Your tent may have to endure fairly severe storms which means it will have to be both durable and weather resistant. When sleeping in your new stove jack tent you don’t want to wake up drenched due to your tent lacking any water-resistant features. The biggest way in which a tent will offer a durable design is through the materials used during construction. There are a variety of different materials you will find within a tents structure, so we have included an entire section breaking down the best materials in stove tents.

Ideally, you also want your tent to be able to endure heavy gales and wind that is commonly associated with extreme weather. Whether it’s using durable guy lines or an internal post that can hold the tent in place, a blown away tent is a fast way to ruin any camping trip.

Ensuring that your tent can endure most weather conditions is a vital part of any tent purchase and should definitely be at the top of your considerations. Be sure to check things such as the user reviews and the water resistance rating of the high-quality materials in your stove tent. It can be hard to deduce how durable a tent is going to be before purchasing it, but as long as you know what to look for you should be fine!

When it comes to the price of your tent, the durability will have a role to play in how much you should expect to pay for it. Higher quality materials tend to be more durable than their cheaper counterparts but will also be more expensive. The price difference won’t be phenomenal but it should definitely be something you should watch out for.


In the world of tents, there is a vast amount of different materials that are used to construct a tents frame. They all have their own benefits and drawbacks so it can be difficult to say one is better than the other. Below you will find a brief breakdown of some of the best materials you will find and how they will alter price and a tents quality.

Canvas (Waterproof Cotton): The only material listed here that isn’t entirely man-made, Canvas is an extremely durable cotton that is an ideal tent material. Canvas tents provide excellent insulation which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the autumn. Considering cotton canvas may sound like a soft material, it is surprisingly durable and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Be sure to check that it is waterproof however as some cotton can sadly be porous. If a tent is made using canvas then be prepared to pay a slightly higher price than nylon or polyester, but it is worth the extra cost. Be sure to weather the material before use for an all-weather tent!

Nylon: This is an extremely common material when it comes to more lightweight tents. nylon is extremely flexible and light and is thus perfectly suited for tents that can fold up and be stored in compact areas. As it is man-made it is typically covered in a water-resistant coating that will prevent rain from passing through it and help keep you dry inside your tent. Although it is prone to tearing, higher-quality variants feature a ‘ripstop’ mesh that can help prevent this. If you are looking for a fairly cheap and lightweight option, then nylon is an ideal choice.

Polyester: Perhaps the most frequently used material when it comes to larger tents, polyester is both durable and fairly cheap. It is fairly similar to nylon but is less prone to stretching due to it being cheaper to implement a “ripstop” mesh within it. Expect most tents you come across to be made using polyester due to just how suited for tent making it is!

In terms of choosing the right tent for a stove jack, however, you will predominantly want to use a canvas tent. This is simply due to them being far more fireproof than other materials commonly used. Although there are some occurrences where a nylon or polyester tent do use a stove jack, these are extremely rare and can be dangerous.


Before purchasing a tent you want to deduce how many people you expect to be staying inside the tend at once. If you are looking for a single person tent then this shouldn’t be an issue. If, however, you are wanting to take your entire family on your camping trip then you will need a far larger tent to accommodate everyone.

Size should also be considered in terms of portability as a large tent will be far harder to carry than a small one. This means if you are planning on a mountainous trek or a long hike, you will need to consider whether or not it’s feasible that you can take a large tent with you.

A tent with a stove will tend to be far larger than your regular camping tent as it will need space to safely use the stove without risking a fire. As they tend to be on the larger size it may be a good idea to figure out if what you plan on doing can accommodate a large-sized tent.

This also plays a role in the price of your tent and how much you should expect to pay. Typically, the larger your tent is then the more you should expect to pay for it. As more materials will be used in its construction, how much it will cost you as a consumer to purchase it will increase. Before deciding on a final purchase, figure out whether a large tent suits your needs, or if you can sacrifice some room and save yourself money in the long run.

Extra Features

If you are willing to pay a premium price then you will be able to find tents with bespoke features such as a tailored stove that will help reduce heat loss. Some high-quality tent will feature two stove pipe jacks to offer an extra utility method. Other options will be extremely easy to set up as the manufacturer has included pop up features that are more commonly associated with smaller tent designs.

There are a whole host of extra features and bonuses you will find in the world of stove jack tents as long as you are willing to pay a higher price. From added convenience to more utility, try to gauge what you need and what you could do without to ensure your chosen product stays within budget.


As all the tents featured in this article today have been designed with the expectation that you will be using a stove alongside them. Ensure you are checking that the tent you are looking at purchasing features fire-resistant material as this is required for any jack stove tent.

Your stove jack tent should also feature a chimney or some other method of dispelling any fumes emitted by the fire. Most stove jack tents will feature an air vent to allow smoke to pass through, but when using the stove, try to keep your tent door open at all times. This will offer an extra way of reducing smoke build-up that is caused by wood burning.

Using a stove inside an enclosed area can be extremely risky, but as long as you are taking the necessary precautions and your tent is fire resistant, you will be safe. As mentioned in the materials section, you really want to be using a canvas tent for your stove jack as these offer the safest fire-proof design.


What are stove jacks?

A stove jack is a hole, usually found at the top of your tent, that is used to hold a stove pipe that can perform tasks such as wood burning. This will allow you to set up a stove inside the tent and can offer both heat output and a method of cooking food when in the wilderness. The side walls of a stove jack must be heat proof as the pipe can reach extraordinarily high temperatures during use.

Stove pipes are an incredible addition to any tent set up and can offer a comfortable cozy feeling that is sometimes missing with a lot of canvas tents. Be sure to check out our pick for the top 10 tents that feature a stove jack if you are wanting to a premium camping experience!

Can you use stove jacks with any tent?

In essence, a stove jack can be used in any tent, however, it just isn’t recommended. Firstly, your chosen tent should be a cotton canvas tent due to its resistance to extreme heat. A stove jack will constantly have hot temperatures and smoke passing through it so you will need a durable and safe tent to withstand this constant heat. Some manufacturers do provide additional cloth that can be used in nylon and polyester tents to surround the stove jack, but it is far safer to stick with a cotton canvas design.

What are the best tents with stove jacks?

Trying to decide on a singular best tent with stove jack out of such an incredible roster is extremely difficult. Each tent comes with its own benefits that different people will appreciate such as a double layer door or room for multiple stove pipes. There are however certain features and additions the best tents have in common.

Ideally, your cold season tent should be crafted using canvas or a similar material. Canvas offers the highest durable and fire-proof design that makes it an ideal for a tent with a stove jack. You also want enough room inside the tent for all your family members or the hiking team. The best shape tent styles are perhaps a bell tent or a tipi tent.

Before you start browsing through the many wonderful tents that are out there, be sure to make yourself a brief checklist listing the features you want from your tent. If you plan ahead and ensure you know what you are looking for then you will easily find the best tent for you. Be sure to check out our list of considerations and our choice for the best tents with a stove jack if you are at a loss!

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