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When are Mosquitoes most active?

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Mosquitoes are a massive problem around the world, some think mosquitoes just swarm and bite. But mosquitoes are actually very dangerous because of the diseases they carry, including Yellow fever and West Nile virus.

Being active in the fight against mosquitoes is very important to protect yourself. It is most important to be careful when you are outside and being active. Only by being careful can you ensure the best chance of not getting bitten more than you need to and avoiding these diseases.

The best way to protect yourself is to know about mosquitoes. When they are active, where they are active and how to avoid them.

Where you are in the United States means a lot, mosquitoes are different everywhere. Learning about mosquitoes that are where you are will let you know what times are safer.
Different places have different mosquitoes and different temperatures. Temperature is very important when learning about mosquitoes.

The simplest way to avoid mosquitoes is by not letting them near you. This means not going outside sadly, especially when they are going to be most active. Mosquitoes are not going to bite you if you don’t go outside. The hottest months of the year are the worst, mosquitoes are everywhere in summer.

1. When are mosquitos active?

There are hundreds of types of mosquitoes in the United States. Every species is different and has different habits. The time of day mosquitoes are active will change from type to type, but most are active during the day.

The most active times of day are in the afternoon and in the early morning. Some mosquitoes are awake at night, especially in the hotter areas of the country.Cool, wet and shaded places are the worst for mosquito activity, here mosquitoes are active all day and night. This is because it is safe for them and they are unlikely to overheat. It is best to stay away from places like this in mosquito season.

If you have to go outside during peak activity hours, then you should carry extra bug spray. This will make sure you are best protected against bites.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito and the Common House Mosquito are the two most likely to find in The United States. The Asian Tiger is actually called Aedes Aegypti in the scientific world, but everyone calls it the Asian Tiger. While the Common House Mosquito is the Culex Pipiens.

The Asian Tigers are active in the morning and before it gets too hot for them around mid-day. Common House Mosquitoes however are active later in the evening and into the night.
The Anopheles is another common type of mosquito. These much prefer humans to any other type of mammal. Anopheles spreads malaria and lay their eggs on top of stagnant water. This makes swamp like areas even more active with Anopheles.

Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya, yellow fever and dengue are all life-threatening diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. The bugs alone are not dangerous, but these diseases are extremely dangerous.

Mosquitoes all tend to avoid the higher temperatures of the day, around mid-day. This is because if it is too hot the mosquitoes will die. They will run out of water and their body will be too dry. This Means that the hottest hours of the day are when you are safest from mosquitoes.

At mid-day they will stay in the dark and cool areas outside. So, it is always best to stay away from these areas outside. If it is too hot, they will try to get in your house.

If Mosquitoes get inside your home, then they will be active the entire day. They are more active because they are safe and cool. If mosquitoes get inside, you will be bitten if you don’t get them out or kill them.

Screens and traps are great to use in your home. Screens reduce the chances of mosquitoes getting inside. Traps kill the mosquitoes if they do get inside. If you combine both and are careful, then you have nothing to worry about.

2. Mosquitos at night-time?

This is an image of an incandescent bulb lit on a dark room with insects flying around it

Common House Mosquitoes are one of the types of mosquitoes that are active in the evening and at night. It is cooler and safer at night for them and this means they are more active.

The Common House Mosquito will be far less active during the day and will stay near a water source. Ponds, lakes, streams are all likely places to find large swarms during the day.

The later in the day and the safer it is for them to come out, then they will be more active. The afternoon is very dangerous if you want to avoid mosquitoes as they have rested most of the day. This makes them more active at night.

If mosquitoes get inside your home then they are very likely to bite you, mostly at night as you are not moving. If you are from somewhere with a high level of mosquito activity, then you should get a net. Nets cover your bed and protect you when you are sleeping. If you have screens protecting your home and nets covering your bed you should be fine.

3. Mosquito season

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Mosquito season means mosquitoes are going to be more active during certain times of year. But the real thing that controls the levels of mosquitoes is temperature. Mosquitoes will not be out and about if it is not warm enough for them.

If you are from the hotter states your mosquito season will last longer, and if you are from colder states you are lucky as your mosquito season is shorter.
During mosquito season, the number of mosquitoes will boom, and they will be far more active.

The magic number is 50oF, this is the temperature that mosquitoes will boom. If you are in a state like Texas then this could be early in the year. The bugs will come out of hibernation and their eggs will begin to hatch. This means that later in the year there will be an extra layer of mosquitoes as the eggs hatch.

The hotter states will have a longer mosquito season because they stay about this temperature for longer. Cooler states will have shorter mosquito seasons for the opposite reason. This means winter is the safest time of the year, as mosquitoes are all hibernating.

4. When and where are mosquitos most active?

The activity levels will be very different in different places during the year. If you are in a hot state, then mosquitoes will feel like just a part of life. Many of the hotter states will experience mosquitoes all year round.

Many states will have mosquito season start around May; this is most common. If you are more south, then you will start seeing mosquitoes in February. The entire country will have their mosquito season start between February and May. Alaska being the only exception to this, where it will begin in June.

Southern states have over 100 types of mosquito alone, this is because of the perfect conditions. Hot and humid, these are perfect for mosquitoes. The more types of mosquitoes mean that all times of the day you will find some type being active.

Florida is the worst as it has the best conditions for mosquitoes, it is moister than other southern states. Florida can have an endless mosquito season if the temperature says hot enough. Up towards Utah and Virginia the season will begin in April and any cooler it will start in may.

5. Where are Mosquitos most active?

Understanding what types of mosquitoes are near you and how they behave is also very important. Know what kinds are where you are, and you will be able to learn when they are active.

There is a big difference in the habits of different mosquitoes, some are active at different times and in different places. Meaning where you live in the united states is very important to understanding the best times to be outside. If you don’t know about your own types of mosquitoes, you will not be best protected.

An easy way to know if a place is likely to have a swarm is if it is dark and damp. Mosquitoes love these kinds of places no matter what type they are.

Hotter areas of the country, where it is drier are unlikely to encounter swarms. If it is too hot then the mosquitoes will die, so if you go for walks aim for the hottest times of the day.

Cooler and damper areas where mosquitoes feel safe are going to be a hive of activity all day and night. There are very few exceptions to this.

6. What to do Before and during mosquito season

A photo of a man holding a screen net trying to fit it on a window pane.

You can find lots of ways to lower your risk of being bitten. The one best defence against the real risk is making sure you are vaccinated. Millions of people are killed each year due to the diseases mosquitoes spread. One man from Australia contracted 3 diseases at once when on holiday in Bali. This later led the Australian government to warn people to be vaccinated.

Before the season begins put up your screens so as to protect your house. If you do this before mosquito season starts, then you will not be caught off guard. Screens stop mosquitoes getting into your home and hugely reduce the risk of bites. Protecting your home lets you stay inside when mosquitoes are most active, and you will be safe.

Be sure to have good stocks of bug repellent all year round and being using it in the weeks leading up to the start of mosquito season.

This image contains two little girls playing outside with a bug repellant at the center

Use the BuzzBGone Insect Zapper to help keep mosquito populations down in your garden.

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Close-up image of a black bug zapper with mosquitoes lured into it

Alternatively, check out our detailed article on bug zappers here. If you go outside during the most active hours of the day then use extra repellent to be as protected as you can be. There are some natural solutions for relief, that you can find out more about here.

The CDC says you should follow the 3-step process, Inspection, Prevention and Protection.

Inspection, checking where you are and how active mosquitoes are near you.

Prevention, knowing the mosquitoes near you, types and habits. This can help you find breeding sites and stop eggs from hatching. You can massively reduce the populations by doing this.
Finally protection, use all the necessary protections to reduce the risk of mosquitoes biting you.

Visit the Ecolab website and the CDC for more information on these steps and help reduce the mosquito populations near you.
Planning to go on holiday to places that are high risk? Then why not go in the cooler months, this means mosquitoes will be less active and you are less likely to be bitten. This means anywhere around the equator. Again, if you leave the US get Vaccinated.

Mosquitoes are very dangerous if you do not protect yourself. Stay inside if you must, get vaccinated, wear repellent and use screens to protect your home. Traps are another amazing way to protect yourself from mosquitoes. They kill the bugs and attract them away from you. Lowering the population means less mosquitoes, which means you are less likely to be bitten.

Should I stay inside when mosquitos are most active?

It is difficult to argue that the best way to avoid mosquitoes is to not go outside. But we all want to go out and enjoy the weather in the summer. If you have been told by your Doctor to stay inside to avoid mosquitoes, then you should definitely take that advice.

Most of us don’t need to stay inside if you are healthy then being bitten is not an issue. It is annoying and sore, but it isn’t a big risk. There are a few products you can use to be safer while enjoying the summer.
Mosquitoes should not stop you from going outside.

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