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Best Canvas Tents Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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As a wise man once said, ‘life is better by the campfire.’ But after a long evening of S’mores and spooky stories, what kind of tent is best to hunker down in?

Over the years, canvas tents have been less popular than their synthetic neighbors. Lately, however, the canvas tent has been gaining traction on the camping scene – and it’s no wonder!

Canvas tents are uber breathable, making them ideal for summer and winter use.

Canvas tents are also known for their impressive sound isolation capability, guaranteeing you some shut-eye (even in the wilderness).

Better yet, their lifespan is years longer than polyester tents. If well cared for, the right canvas tent could bring you decades of healthy, sustainable fun.

This article brings together the ten best canvas tents on the market. Whether you’re looking to take that romantic getaway, family camping trip, or friends vacation, this list has something to fit the bill.

So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck into natures best-kept secret with the ten best canvas tents available:

The Top 10 Best Canvas Tents

1) Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

Dimensions: 14 ft W x 10 ft D x 6’6″ H | Pack weight: 79 pounds | Ceiling height: 6 feet 6 inches

If you’re serious about camping, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent is an investment you won’t regret. Born in the fierceness of the Rockies, Kodiak Canvas is the #1 bestselling canvas tent brand in the USA.

The tent is made with hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas. The tight weave and silicone finish make the canvas watertight, yet breathable. Unlike the synthetic fabrics used for nylon tents, or paraffin/ oil-treated canvas, Kodiak’s high-quality hydra-shield allows water vapor to escape, eliminating condensation and mugginess. Even better, you’ll rarely – if ever – have to retreat Kodiak canvas tents.

Double-stitched seams and reinforced corners guarantee stability, whilst the heavy-duty and puncture-resistant groundsheet can be pitched on damp, soft, or rocky ground. Kodiak Canvas tents have the capacity for 4 campers, and the lofty 6”6 ceiling height offers stand-up comfort. The two large D-shaped doors (front and back) close from the inside with YKK zippers and the four large windows with no-see-um mesh make it easy to watch the world go by from the comfort of your tent.

The Flex-Bow frame, made from solid spring steel ensures maximum stability and keeps the tent taut. Set up is easy, and requires only one person. The strap and cinch storage bag also makes packing up this tent a piece of cake: just roll, clip and go!

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new outdoors enthusiast, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent is guaranteed to deliver on quality.

  • The Kodiak Canvas comes complete with a customizable gear loft and organizer pockets. The loft can be used in attic or sling mode, meaning you can keep your tent tidy whilst ensuring your kit is still in easy reach. The pockets are good for small items such as appliance chargers and kitchen utensils, reducing clutter and maximizing functionality.
  • Two funnel flow vents promote airflow and help you manage the tents temperature.
  • Though the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow tent is great for 3-4 campers, you’re going to need something a little bigger if you want to accommodate the whole family or a large group of friends.

2) Springbar Highline 6 Canvas Tent

Dimensions: 48 x 13 x 13 inches | Pack weight: 76 pounds

Cut and sewn by hand in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Springbar Highline 6 Canvas Tent is based on Jack Kirkham’s iconic 1961 design. Prompted by customer demands for tents that were spacious, sturdy and easy to pitch, Kirkham created the Springbar Highline.

A patented design – refined over decades – the Springbar Highline is made with 100% cotton duck canvas and finished with HardyDuck™ treatment making it moisture and mildew repellent. Watertight in the rain, yet breathable in the heat, this is an all-weather tent that can take you from the mountains to the desert. Better yet, heavy-duty seamless laminated vinyl flooring keeps your kit dry in all conditions.

Galvanized steel poles, solid steel zinc plated spring rods and 12-inch steel nail stakes provide legendary strength and durability in heavy wind and rain. The kit includes one tent with shade awning, poles, stakes, guy ropes, and carry bags and promises simple, one person set up.

The Springbar Highline 6 is spacious as a 2 person tent, comfortable for 4, and full at 6. With a 6.5 ft standing height and 100 square feet of interior living space, Springbar canvas tents rival the comfort of a hotel room (without the hefty price tag).

  • Floor to ceiling windows give the tent a spacious feel and flood the room with natural light – perfect for catching those wild sunsets and sunrises.
  • Looking as comfortable in the outback as it does on Instagram, the Springbar Highline tents chic, timeless design will delight car-camping families, professional outfitters, and DIY glampers alike.

3) White Duck Premium Canvas Bell Tent

Dimensions: 13′ | Pack weight: 34.4 kgs

Matching traditional design with modern functionality, the White Duck Premium Bell Tent is a take on the traditional bell tent design that was popular in the early 19th century.

Made from premium double fill army duck canvas, and using weightless water and mildew treatment, White Duck tents maintain the natural breathability of 100% cotton. White Duck promise this silicone-based chemical achieves much higher water repellency than the traditional wax treatment.

This kit includes a zipped-in 16oz high-density PVC groundsheet and a 5” stove jack opening made from fire retardant vinyl material, as well as a center pole and huge A-Frame door. The standard bug mesh door and four large windows feature long-wearing military-grade YKK zippers, and the galvanized steel poles and door frame make your safety certain in all weathers.

Double-stitched seams and reinforced corners make for added strength, whilst the four utility pockets and four large top vents complete with No-See-Um mesh ensure organization as well as ventilation.

The White Duck Bell Tent can spaciously sleep 6 campers. Despite their size, however, these tents can be pitched by one person and come packed in an 100% polyester waterproof bag with a carry strap.

  • Quirky design: the retro style of the White Duck Premium Canvas Bell Tent is the best option for campers who want to create a beautiful, exotic stay area. You can add accessories like hanging decorations, sumptuous rugs, cushions, and even roof décor to produce a chic, festival-themed camp.
  • Generous footprint: the White Duck Bell Tent’s 16.5ft diameter means you can use your tent to host the party, as well as to retire from it. Perfect for music festivals or those bigger group trips. Let the good times roll!
  • The large footprint means you need a decent piece of land to pitch this tent on. These tents are no problem out in the wilds, but could be a squeeze in your backyard.

4) Springbar Classic Jack 100 Canvas Tent

Floor Width: 10 feet | Floor Height: 10 feet | Weight: 40 lbs

Another Springbar model, the Classic Jack 100 Canvas Tent features many of the same great properties as other Springbar brand tents (like the Highline 6).

With 100% duck cotton canvas and a HardyDuck™ finish, this tent is water repellent and fights mildew. Durable, breathable, and watertight in the rain; the Classic Jack 100 tent comes complete with a seamless laminated Vinyl floor.

The kit includes one tent, a set of galvanized steel poles, solid steel zinc plated spring rods, and 12-inch steel nail stakes. Like the Highline 6, the Classic Jack 100 has large windows, doors, and ventilation zones finished with No-See-Um mesh. With it’s 10′ x 10′ footprint, the tent sleeps 2 spaciously, 4 comfortably, and 6 at capacity.

Unlike the Highline 6, however (which uses 10oz canvas for the roof panels and 8oz canvas for the side walls) this tent is made with 10oz canvas throughout (thicker than any of the other Springbar models). This extra weight ensures higher quality and heat retention, as well as a longer product life.

Coming in at just under $700 – $100 dollars more than the Highline 6 tent – customers pay for high quality with the Classic Jack 100. If you’re a seasoned camper, or you plan to camp in particularly harsh conditions, we think this tent is well worth the extra cash.

  • Stretch interior pockets: the Classic Jack 100 provides ample storage space, meaning you can keep luggage out of the way and maximize floorspace for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • 10oz canvas carry bags are included in the kit, making it easy to move this tent in style.
  • Though high quality, the Classic Jack 100 tent is pricey. This tent is an investment piece, rather than a beginner’s kit.

5) Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent

Dimensions: 12’x12′ tent is 113 square feet | Capacity: 6 – 10 persons| Item Weight: 56 lbs

If you’re looking for a family tent, then look no further – this 10 berth Teton Sport Sierra Canvas Bell Tent is the perfect option.

Strong treated cotton canvas fibers repel moisture and provide the best blend of protection and airflow. The extra-wide door makes unloading gear quick and easy, whilst the carbon steel stakes will drive through the harshest terrain.

With a two-pole assembly system, one person set up is fast and easy. The Teton Sport Sierra Canvas Bell Tent has a single center pole, and the guylines (complete with metal friction locks) run the whole perimeter of the tent, ensuring it holds up even in high winds or storms.

The 113 square foot footprint provides ample space for comfortable sleep, campfire meals, and family games nights – perfect for reunions, festivals, weddings, and wild getaways. Even better, Teton offer free shipping on tents over $149 in the U.S.

  • Exceptional customer service: Teton Sports extend a lifetime warranty to their customers, no matter where you purchased your tent (providing you are the original owner). Their website promises that if products are determined to be defective in workmanship or materials, Teton offers to repair or replace them at their own cost. Strong warranties make happy campers!
  • Canopy option: with the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent, the floor can be removed to turn the tent into a huge canopy, perfect for those hot summer days.
  • The Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Bell Tent sells out often – so be sure to start shopping well in advance of when you need it shipping.

6) Trek Tents Canvas Cabin Tent

Center Height: 96″ | Wall Height: 48″| Item weight: 64 lbs

Founded in the late 1980s by the president of Leisure Life USA, the Trek Tent brand delivers high-quality construction and high-end features for a modest price.

Able to sleep 9 spaciously, the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin Tent is one of the larger tents on this list. With 100% cotton heavy-duty canvas walls and roofing as well as a durable vinyl coated canvas floor, this tent is sustainable as well as long-wearing.

Its powder-coated steel frame ensures maximum stability no matter the weather, whilst interior sews in pockets make storage a cinch.

Not only is the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin Tent functional, but it also looks smart. The center ridge has a sleeve pole tunnel for ‘no-sag’ appearance, and the wide front screen door with zip rain flaps and No-See-Um mesh guarantee ventilation and privacy.

For the safety-conscious consumer, it’s good to know that the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin meets CPAI fire retardant regulations – great if you’re camping in dry areas like desert or scrubland.

  • Capacity: the stand-out feature of the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin is its capacity. Ideal for group hunting or fishing trips!
  • The lofty center height of 7”6 ensures comfort, even for the tallest of campers.
  • Although the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin comes complete with chain-linked poles for easy-setup, it’s size makes it a little harder to set up if you’re on your own.

7) Danchel Cotton Bell Tent

Dimensions: 44.4 x 11.4 x 10.6 inches | Pack weight: 42.8 Pounds

The third bell tent to appear on our list, the Danchel Cotton Bell Tent is a fantastic blend of quality, ease, and value.

This reliable rain, wind, and snow proof canvas tent comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10-20ft in diameter.

Supported by one center pole, one door pole, and fixed by pegs and stakes, this camping tent is simple to set up. The A-frame door and windows are finished with durable SBS zips and Danchel branded zippers.

So, what makes the Danchel Bell Tent unique? This cotton canvas tent has two stove jackets integrated into its design (one on the roof and one on the sidewall). Whilst it may be tempting to try and DIY a stove jack into the wall or roof of your own tent, it is much safer and simpler to get one that has a stovepipe hole pre-installed.

This design feature allows campers to achieve incredible warmth inside the tent no matter the conditions outdoors. The stove jacks both have outer flaps that can be sealed for rain-protection when not in use.

Better yet, the stove jackets are lined with fire-resistant strips to prevent any melting or burning of the outer canvas. Danchel tests their stove jackets in 500-degree heat, ensuring that you can enjoy this feature safely.

If you don’t have a stove, this vent can also be used for running a powerline, air conditioning tube, or solar panel line into your tent.

  • The two integrated stove jackets make the Danchell Bell Tent the ideal choice for camping in cold weather or harsh conditions.
  • Danchel offers a 5-year quality warranty on their tents. Their website even promises to propose an ‘optimal solve plan’ within 24hrs of your complaint!
  • The tent inner-room (complete with windows and doors) for the Danchel canvas tent must be purchased separately.

8) Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo Bow Tent

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 96 inches | Item weight: 89.35 Pounds | Max Occupancy: 6 persons

Bushtec Adventure, engineered in South Africa, pride themselves on providing exceptional quality camping tents to weather all storms – and the Alpha Kilo Bow Tent is no exception.

Created with 17oz military-grade canvas and double roofing for added ventilation, the Alpha Kilo tent can survive winds of up to 60mph and is resistant to UV rays.

This canvas tent includes built-in floors, 6 inches of wall reinforcement to prevent flooding and a solid canvas closure finished with YKK #10 zippers. The Alpha Kilo is the perfect tent for a spacious two-man trip but can sleep up to 6 in the main room.

Offering unrivaled quality, this premium camping tent will allow you to live through any climate in comfort and luxury.

  • Integrated socket pockets allow the feeding of electric cables through the tent walls whilst retaining heat.
  • Bushtec Adventure offers free shipping to the Continental US.
  • Price: Bushtec Aventure make serious tents for serious campers. The Alpha Kilo Bow Tent is a premium piece of kit.

9) Elk Mountain Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent

Material: polyester | Max Occupancy: 8-10 persons

Elk tents is an Idaho company run by a camping enthusiast just like you.

If you’re looking for a quality tent to sleep a large bunch of people on a budget, the Elk Mountain Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent ticks all boxes.

Elk Tents use a unique polyester 11oz canvas that has a breaking strength of 449 lbs – significantly stronger than traditional canvas. It’s more resistant to UV rays, it’ll outlast pure cotton canvas, and it won’t shrink.

Better yet, this tent won’t absorb moisture, and its sealed seams and reinforced corners make the Elk Mountain Canvas Tent especially moisture resistant.

  • Immense sleeping capacity: if you’re on a hunting trip and every adult has their own cot, this tent can sleep 6 people spaciously. However, if you’re on a boy scout or family trip and everyone’s happy to cozy up, this can even work as a 10 person tent.
  • Comes with one uncut stove jack and cover.
  • Setup: this tent does require two or three people to pitch it – so make sure you’re not alone on the first day of the trip!

10) Dream House Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

Material: Cotton Canvas| Water Resistance: 3000 mm

The Dream House Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is the ideal retro shelter for wild camping or backyard retreats.

Available in a variety of sizes (3 to 6 meters in diameter), this tent is made with 10.08oz cotton canvas in a 3000mm waterproof PU coating and has sealed seams.

The doors and windows are equipped with screen meshes to help keep bugs out, and the set packs down into a matching cloth bag. Better yet, this kit comes complete with a removable PVC khaki groundsheet and durable, anti UV stakes and guy lines.

  • Price: the Dream House Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is the cheapest bell tent on the list. If you’re hankering for the exotic, luxurious feel of a bell tent without a hefty price tag, this is the tent for you.
  • Easy returns: simply send your return request to the Dream House customer service team within 30 days of delivery.
  • Though the Dream House Bell Tent is the ideal choice for leisure camping, it’s not suitable for excessively wild or harsh conditions (e.g. snowstorms). If you’re camping on rocky terrain or hiking in the wilderness, a cabin tent like the Trek Tents Canvas Cabin tent could be a wiser choice.

Buyers Guide: Canvas Tents


When looking for the perfect canvas tent, it’s worth considering how many people you’ll need fit in it. The choices on this list range from 2 person tents like the Springsbar Highline 6, to ginormous 10 berth tents like the Teton Sport Sierra Canvas Bell Tent or Elk Mountain Large Canvas Waterproof Wall Tent.

As well as doing a headcount, you should also work out how much kit your trip necessitates. Leisure camping on a site or in someone’s back yard requires less luggage than a fishing expedition, so choose a tent accordingly (and look for nifty storage features like the customizable gear loft in the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent).


Canvas wall tents can be heavier than nylon, meaning it’s important to consider how far you’ll need to carry your kit without the aid of vehicles. The larger the tent, the heavier the kit – so consider the logistics of your trip carefully before purchasing.


Though canvas tents are often more expensive than nylon tents, if you’re planning on camping regularly they’re well worth the extra bucks.

What really sets canvas tents apart in terms of value is their long-lasting nature. The right canvas tent – if cared for correctly – can last a lifetime. You may even end up passing it down to your kids!

This list has something to suit every budget – from the affordable Dream House Cotton Canvas Bell tent to the premium Bushtec Alpha Kilo Bow Tent.

Extra Features

Although canvas tents already possess better breathability than their nylon counterparts, if you’re camping in notoriously hot or dry conditions it’s worth looking for extra features that promote ventilation, like the two funnel flow vents in the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe.

If you’re hunting, fishing, or have lots of kids around, storage solutions like the stretch interior pockets in the Springbar Classic Jack 100 are a great way to store things like kitchen utensils or sleeping bags safely, and maximize space in your canvas tent.


1. Are canvas tents any good?

To put it simply, yes! The canvas camping tent has seen a surge in popularity owing to their long life and breathability.

Although making the investment may seem daunting, converts to the canvas tent never look back.

The advantages of canvas tents far outweigh those of nylon tents.

2. Is a canvas tent waterproof?

First off, the tight weave of cotton canvas naturally makes the fabric water-resistant.

Secondly, all good canvas tent companies – such as the ones listed here – finish their canvas tents with waterproofing treatments, like the silicon finish on the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe or the HardyDuck™ treatment used on the Springbar Highline 6.

Canvas tents are remarkably moisture-proof and are suitable for wet or dry weather conditions.

3. How much does a canvas tent cost?

Good canvas tents range from just over $400 to around $900, depending on capacity, quality, and premium features.

It’s worth looking for canvas tents with free shipping to keep costs down, like the Bushtec Alpha Kilo Bow Tent, or keeping your eye out for a sale on canvas tents during the winter season.

No matter the size of your wallet, you’ll find tents to tick your boxes here.

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